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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


In the dark night sky, smoke filled the air. A completely out-of-spec dark blue mecha stood over the next house. Beneath its feet the white golden trading stones of the flat roof had been smashed, opening a large hole. The steel fracture at the hole collapsed, but was fused by the high temperature.

There was…

Colonel Li Wei drove the black mecha of the imperial army and raised his long knife towards the strange dark blue mecha. Then, he charged at the dark blue figure with all his might…

It didn’t matter where it was, or what the purpose of the dark blue mecha was. Any possibility of a threat to the emperor must be eliminated without hesitation! The long sword was about to strike, but the dark blue mecha suddenly disappeared.

It was as if it had merged into the deep night of the same color, like a ghost, like a real illusion.

The black mecha was in the air, and there was a momentary pause of confusion. Where did it go?

In this moment, a calm and powerful voice sounded in his head, like a sword: Don’t be fooled by the phenomenon in front of you, learn to think in battle.

This was what Major General Ji said when he came to instruct them a while ago, to think in battle. A man can never disappear, and if he were the opponent, he would have attacked him at his weakest point!

The next second, Colonel Li Wei suddenly reacted.

Not disappeared, but—

The black mecha moved to turn around, but it was too late. The dark blue mecha had already flashed behind him, and at the moment he was ready to strike, the short blade entered the mecha’s energy center control area, completing a precise destruction.

Colonel Li Wei’s mecha fell downward. Until then, he was still immersed in the shock of his opponent’s actions. Who was in this strange mecha?


A few minutes ago, the explosions around the house made some people scatter, but Oha was not stupid. He knew that the explosion was definitely to save the people in the laboratory, so he still made most of the staff stay outside the laboratory. He was confident that the materials used in the laboratory were high-density protective materials; the door was closed, and that was the safest fortress.

Heat-resistant, explosion-proof, an ion cannon could not penetrate—

In full view of him and the ten or so guards, the roof of the corridor caved in, boulders and steel collapsed, and then a few minutes later, a dark blue mecha appeared in the corridor, in front of them.

Oha subconsciously took a step back and then roared, “Attack! Quickly! Attack!”

The guards immediately grabbed their guns and launched an attack on the imposing mecha, but their unparalleled marksmanship was forced to become a master of tracing at this moment. The “petite” mecha was too fast and nimble, unharmed by the gunfire, and as elusive as a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, the blue mecha was already in front of them, and then a blast of air pressure burst in front of them, sending them flying in a flash.

Oha fell to the ground, his eyes narrowed into slits staring intently at the blue mecha that stood in front of them.

“What… are you?” He struggled to ask, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

The blue mecha’s eyes glittered with mechanical light as if it gave him a look, and as if it didn’t care about him at all, it just lifted its feet and crossed him, walking towards the laboratory. As if the darkness of the night mecha did not hurt anyone’s life, because its purpose was not here.

It walked up to the heavy door of the laboratory, then pressed against the door with the palm of its hand and ignited the air, causing the door to distort from the high temperature. A depression gradually appeared, revealing the inside of the latch structure. Tugging the lock and key mechanism with force, the door opened again with a bang, the cold air leaked out and condensed a water droplet on the door.

The youth inside was now sitting against the wall, his originally clean and tidy clothes were now full of wrinkles and blood. His once clean and cold, pale complexion was white as paper from the low temperature but he was still sweating. His pair of clear eyes were more radiant, even though he could not see anything now.

At this point, he was leaning against the wall, panting.

Around him, medical items were scattered and rolled on the floor, and bandages were spread out on the floor. The two injured women bleeding wounds were actually bandaged, although the bandages were not beautiful because the person who bandaged them could not see.

The things in the cabinet not far away were scattered all over the place, and at first glance, they had been searched.

Xie Quan could not walk at the moment, and could not see. It was unknown how he moved to the cabinet and found the medical items but it certainly wasn’t easy. Although Xie Quan could not see, he was not deaf. The sound insulation was good, and he could still hear the commotion outside. He knew someone was coming to his rescue, but he was a bit confused about who it could be.

After all, those people had sent Anna, it seemed unlikely that they would immediately send a second wave of people. It could be that they had been waiting outside for news, and when they saw that Anna hadn’t gone out, they sent someone in to help.

It could also be Henry, whose scent was concealed midway. Xie Quan felt his pheromones before, but it disappeared in the middle.

After the door was opened, Xie Quan thought for a moment and asked speculatively, “Is it…Colonel Henry?”

The crouching figure of the dark blue mecha came to a comical standstill. All of the mecha’s movements were controlled by the mecha pilot’s mental connection, which could also be interpreted as brainwave control.

When the mecha pilot’s mind was in disarray, he was naturally unable to control the mecha smoothly. So although it eventually crouched down, the hands hammered the ground in a very uncontrollable manner.

In a way, this also reflected the strength of the pilot’s mental power, the tight connection with the mecha, and the little thoughts in his mind, all being expressed without reservation. With this loud sound, Xie Quan’s forehead hair was shaken up, revealing his eyes looking blankly at the direction of the sound.

The pheromones burst out again in that instant, but were suddenly put away again in the next second. It was like an uncontrollable lamp flickering on and off.

Xie Quan stretched out his hand and touched the hard, smooth shell of the mecha, and he frowned, puzzled. “Mecha? Who are you?”

A sound came from the mecha as a healing capsule was pulled out and without waiting for Xie Quan, the healing capsule wrapped the three directly into it. Then in the next second, the mecha tugged on the capsule’s cord and flew off into the sky.

The warm light of the healing capsule shone on Xie Quan, dispelling his cold from the lab, but Xie Quan’s eyes, legs and feet did not recover, as it was not an external wound. The dark blue mecha strutted into the air and instantly attracted fire. However, the man sitting inside the dark blue mecha was clearly not a normal mecha fighter, his use of the mecha was far superior to the mecha fighters present. Even with two other mecha in the way, even with three more exhausted people, it still managed to get away from the attack, and did not fall into the darkness.

Due to this duty of protection to the emperor, they could not track it too far, and could only watch helplessly as the people went away. The mecha flew into high altitude and turned on its stealth mode, which could block out all detection.

It crossed the border of the Imperial Capital and stopped in the middle of a suburb outside the Imperial Capital. It was a house built underground.

The healing capsule was placed peacefully on the ground. Xie Quan felt the security lock of the capsule unlock, he opened it from the inside and sat up. “Who the hell are you? Where are we now?”

The mecha was just almost three meters, almost close to normal human height1, so leaving from the mecha was just like taking off a layer of armor.

Sweat had long soaked his clothes, and the pheromones on Ji Cheying were uncontrollably tightening and releasing. But even under such torturous circumstances, he piloted the mecha, which he had never manipulated before, and rescued the people from the Imperial Capital.

At this moment, he was still fighting to suppress his pheromones and resist his susceptible period. He squatted in front of Xie Quan, his face unpleasant. “Sorry, it’s not Henry, I let you down.”

Xie Quan froze. The overflowing pheromones when face-to-face as well as his voice shocked him a bit for a moment. So, that pheromone smell was Ji Cheying’s?

It seemed reasonable though. When he thought about it, why did he subconsciously think it was Henry? The place where the pheromones appeared was always related to Ji Cheying.

Yes, because at the beginning he thought Ji Cheying was beta, so he never connected the pheromones to him, so he was preconceived that it was Henry. Even later, even after he knew Ji Cheying was an alpha, he was misled by his initial thoughts and ignored the possibility.

That was not the most important thing though.

Xie Quan noticed Ji Cheying’s abnormality at present, he had many words inside him that he wanted to ask, but now, he was left with only one, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ji Cheying clenched his hand. It was previously just an act of bravado, he was exhausted, but in the face of Xie Quan’s question, he asked, “Your eyes…and legs, can’t be recovered?”

“It’s not an injury that can be solved by a treatment capsule, you need to find a special instrument.”

Ji Cheying’s voice had taken on a bit of a gasp by now, but he did his best to restrain himself. “So you know how to fix it, do you?” Even at this moment, his voice was not very heavy, instead, it seemed more gentle because of his weakness and low voice.


“Good.” After saying this, he stood up somewhat shakily, covering his head. “Someone will come to take care of you then… You, commiserate here for a while…”


“Don’t talk!” Ji Cheying yelled out in a low voice, then he left Xie Quan just like that behind him and walked out the door. As soon as the door closed, the overwhelming alpha pheromones burst out, and Xie Quan froze, realizing something under the agitation of the pheromones in his own body.

This situation was the alpha susceptible period.

Ji Cheying’s susceptibility period had arrived.


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is close to human height compared to much larger mecha in pop culture, which can be taller than skyscrapers and even planets. (3 meters is nearly 10 feet.) Video comparison: Link


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