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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


“Mr. Yan, it seems you’re interested in our lab.” The handle of the wheelchair was gripped, and the gentle hand struck a heavy chord in Xie Quan’s heart.

The voice was a voice he had not heard before, a voice that was heavy and mellow, with a smell of alpha pheromones, and an age that must have been in the 40s or 50s.

“Who are you?”

The automatic movement of the wheelchair was stopped, and instead the person behind it slowly pushed forward. The low temperature in the ice-like laboratory made Xie Quan feel naked. Xie Quan’s exposed skin quickly shivered.

Xie Quan heard a subtle and even sound of engines running, which was the result of a lot of precision laboratory equipment working. Behind him was the sound of the footsteps of a crowd, followed by Sofia’s frightened plea, “Please, Lord Oha, let me go, I won’t dare again.”


In the face of the miserable and sincere pleas behind him, the alpha named Oha was unmoved, and he replied to Xie Quan in that hard tone of voice, “I am the butler of this house, my name is Oha, and I am in charge of all matters in this house when the young master is away, including the disposal of misbehaving guests.”

“Oh? And what do you want to do with me?”

The wheelchair stopped, and Oha’s voice was eerily cold, like a venomous snake spraying out its toxins, “I think that a naughty guest like Mr. Yan would have to be taught the rules—we are very familiar with them.”

This seemed like something a person in the dark world would say. However, for Xie Quan, these words were far less alarming than the discovery that Xiao Bai had betrayed him, and he had calmed down from that moment of panic.

That “Rod” had anticipated his actions today.

From the beginning, he promised to hold an auction the next day, “Rod” did not fear that someone would learn of the wind to save him. He even wanted someone to come to his door so that he could wipe out the people around him and leave him completely alone.

“Rod” was familiar with the identity of “Yan Bai”, so he knew that he would design his own artificial intelligence. The mansion’s network was blocked tightly from the beginning, and at that moment, they were prepared for Xiao Bai to hack into the network.

But how did they hack into Xiao Bai and tamper with Xiao Bai’s program…

Was it a virus?

The virus was planted in advance in all the smart systems around him.

As soon as Xiao Bai managed to connect with any of the smart systems, the virus would invade Xiao Bai’s system.

With a bang, Xie Quan, who was sitting in a wheelchair, was lifted and then slammed into a body on the floor. Xie Quan braced himself, but his hands felt a cold moist liquid.

Xie Quan raised his hand and subconsciously placed it in front of his nose and sniffed it.

A smell of rust.

It was blood.

“It’s just that the young master thinks quite highly of you, so naturally we can’t use rough methods on you, and we’ll handle this uninvited rat directly for you.”

Probably because of the bump, Xie Quan heard a faint wail. But even if there was no sound, he probably had a good idea of who was lying there.

It was Anna.

At that moment, another scream came from outside the door, and then a person was thrown in, as casually as if disposing of a scrap.

“Since this beta likes to accompany Mr. Yan so much, let her stay here.” Oha calmly said, “Mr. Yan likes the laboratory, why not have a nice visit inside? Only medical laboratories are always cold, Mr. Yan, so please pay attention to keep warm.”

After saying that, the tens of pounds of steel door in Xie Quan’s eyes closed with a bang, and Oha directly shut Xie Quan inside.

The temperature in this room was less than ten degrees, not to mention his mobility, even if he moved smoothly, without warm clothing, staying in such a temperature, not eating or drinking, just one night would cause him to lose most of his energy.

What’s more, it may not only be a night.

If he was that Rod, he would not immediately release the people after knowing this matter. He would wait, watch outside, watch the people inside die before opening the door, and then be sympathetic, pretend not to know anything, say a few words of apology, show a tender and caring attitude, and then severely punish the housekeeper, and be rendered into a savior.

After that, he could effortlessly clean up their previous behavior and pull people in completely. Maybe that’s what that person was planning to do from the beginning. That’s why the invaded Xiao Bai led them all the way here.

Xie Quan thought, while touching the nostrils of Anna and Sofia, he could not see, and did not know how she was injured, but thought it should not be very optimistic. Otherwise, the man would not allow her to be locked up here with him.

Medical laboratory…

This hypothermia may kill him, but at the moment, it was somewhat helpful.


Hovering in the sky above the Lu family mansion were three black and gold mecha from the imperial army and five military crafts. They were all escorts of Emperor Hea when he was out. And currently, they were also performing their duties without the slightest amount of slack.

At this moment, although the banquet hall had not yet restored the communication signal, the people inside through various channels had been aware of the commotion in the outside world. However, regardless of their inner thoughts, the surface still pretended to continue to participate in the banquet as if nothing had happened. After all, now Emperor Hea was sitting on the main seat, resting his chin and coldly looking at all the people below.

No matter why they came to this banquet, now this act could only continue.

Lu Wu leaned behind the pillar in the unoccupied corner of the banquet hall, lazily shaking the wine in his hand. Looking at the people in the room through the reflection on that glass, he gave a soft laugh.

“Your Highness Lu, as the host of the banquet, how come you are here alone?”

Lu Wu didn’t need to look to know who the person who came was. As an omega, even if he worked out diligently, his figure was always slimmer and thinner compared to alphas, and Ji Shanhong stood next to him, which set off his slimness even more.

“The play can only be seen clearly when standing outside.” He said without a straight face, “Marshal, how many people do you think can sleep peacefully tonight?”

Ji Shanhong smiled faintly. “I only hope that Your Highness will be one of those who sleep peacefully.”

“I heard that someone has made a move against the marshal.”


“Did the marshal anticipate this?”

Faced with the fact that his wings had been cut off, Ji Shanhong showed extraordinary calmness and aplomb, saying helplessly, “I am only an ordinary man, how can I be sure of everything?”

Lu Wu’s expression did not change, but his tone added a few doubts. “The only one who can make a move against you is His Majesty, but why would His Majesty make a move against you? Could it be that he found out about the alliance between you and me?”

“His Majesty has always been far-sighted, it is not impossible that he has noticed.”

Lu Wu pondered for a moment, his tone was frivolous but his words were unambiguous. “No matter whether he has noticed or not, the play must be finished, have the people been arranged?”


“Then do it according to the original plan.”

No one in the room could have imagined that this carefree prince would be the mastermind behind this drama tonight. Saroyan and Amelia only saw each other as opponents, but they did not have the slightest defense against Lu Wu. The two royals, even if they had a tacit understanding, how could they have coincidentally thought of the same plan and executed it at the same time?

This was all Lu Wu’s plan. He planted people among the two royals and then presented a plan to both of them at the same time. In this way, the snipe and the clam were fighting each other, and the fisherman was profiting.1

Of course, Ji Shanhong also played an important role in this. On the surface, the marshal who did not look like he was siding with any of the royals had already secretly reached cooperation with Lu Wu. Even the plan to use the birthday party to get the two royals into the whirlpool of public opinion was also proposed by Ji Shanhong.

And this plan was still far from over.


A sharp gas explosion sounded, smoke rose everywhere, and the service robots in the field suddenly threw the things they were holding on the floor in unison, and began to run around the field waving their arms wildly—

“The robots are out of control—!” Someone shouted in alarm.

The Royal Guard immediately reacted and surrounded the prince as well as Emperor Hea, protecting them tightly. The captain of the Royal Guard also immediately contacted the imperial army hovering in the sky to inform them of the situation, however, the communication had not yet been restored.

In this way, they decided even more that this was an enemy attack against Emperor Hea. However, they misunderstood. The target of this attack would only be one person.

Lu Wu stood by the window, waiting for the expected attack—

Yes, it was all self-directed by him as well.

After all, at a birthday party, two crown prince candidates had been attacked, he, a prince, if something did not happen, would it not be too obvious? When three crown royals were in trouble, then everyone would focus on the only crown princess who was spared, Erica.

Yes, he was trying to take advantage of this assassination to remove himself from this strife. A distant gun aimed at Lu Wu in front of the window.

With a bang

The bullet crossed the distant distance and hit Lu Wu in the abdomen.

Lu Wu grunted and then fell to the ground.

The person next to him screamed in terror, ”Ah! Assassin! His Highness Lu has been attacked!”

The crowd became more and more panic-stricken, and the scene was instantly like a chaotic mess, and also like a boiling pot, noisy. Lu Wu listened to the panicked voices in the pain and secretly laughed in his heart.

Everything was as he had planned. However, just at this time, in the depths of the mansion came the sound of explosions that were not in the plan. And it was like a series of cannons, several shots, and even lit up the sky.

Lu Wu heard the explosion when his consciousness was blurred, and he stared hard.

Why was there an explosion? Who was it?

The imperial troops up in the air finally noticed the situation in the party after the gunshot, but just as they sent someone to check the situation, the explosion drew their attention away again…

One of the pilots in the mecha frowned as he gave orders to the other two mecha, “You guys go protect His Majesty while I check out the situation.”


The black and gold mecha flew towards the depths of the mansion, where the explosion had sounded, and in a thick fog, he saw a huge figure.

That figure, compared to people, was like a giant but compared to the mecha, it was also like a small child. The smoke dispersed slightly and the dark blue metal body flew over the roof of the mansion, where the roof had been smashed open.


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Translator Notes:

  1. A Chinese proverb that means when two sides fight, both sides lose, letting a third party take advantage of the situation.


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Hope Anna and Sofia is still alive.
And im wrong in my previous comment,, i thought it’s already JC..
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