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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Kirin was surrounding that big black dog merrily, and that dog just gently let it pounce around it. It even licked Kirin’s nose.

Do we have to even ask? That must be Kirin’s real father whose name was Big Black.

Due to the fact that his father-in-law and mother-in-law were both here, Xia Yi stopped wandering and led the two back to their house. He walked in the front swiftly, introducing everything on their way and searching for topics to discuss enthusiastically.

With his directions, Jie Shang looked around him and nodded from time to time. Ciang Yi stared at the front without saying one word. He did not even bother to glance elsewhere. As for Xia Yi, he could not help but have his eyes fall on that red mark on his forehead.

Whenever Ciang Yi turned to look, confused, Xia Yi would look away smoothly. Finally, finding that the only one who had been talking was him and he was like a real estate agent with his clients, Xia Yi shut himself up. 

A deadly silence spread in the air. The pressure was so so huge. His father-in-law and mother-in-law were looking very young and beautiful. Since he was too nervous, he slipped, making Jie Shang want to help him with his hand stretched out. Jie Shang wanted to say something but did not say it. He only followed closely.

They came to a split road. Jie Shang slowly halted. Following the road, his eyes looked far away.

“Does this road end at the other side of the mountain? Is there another valley there?” Jie Shang asked out of the blue.

Xia Yi looked, then nodded. “Correct. But I haven’t tried that road before. It’s too far away. I just heard that from Zhu. He said that this road leads to the other side of the mountain.”

“Yes. I didn’t remember it wrong.” Jie Shang murmured.

Then, a meaningful smile appeared on his face. He looked towards Ciang Yi, “Do you remember that valley? There were purple flowers all over the place. We were fighting, and suddenly everything spinned and the next thing we know was that we were in an unfamiliar place–”

“Are we arriving soon?” Ciang Yi spoke up suddenly to cut off Jie Shang’s topic abruptly. He sped up afterwards to pull the distance between him and the other two behind him. It was just that his steps were a little unsteady, causing him to almost get tripped by a small stone. Jie Shang dashed forward, trying to support him, but Ciang Yi swung his arm away effortlessly.

Shockingly, Xia Yi found that Ciang Yi’s ears and neck were flushing so red that it looked as if blood would drip out from him.

Something’s going on with them.

Analyzing closely would give him a lot of information.

There were no third gender people in the cultivation world. However, Zhu was their son. This was no mistake.

From what Jie Shang had said, both of them had transmigrated here before. What if, Ciang Yi was here and…

“Host. You are even gossiping about your father-in-law and mother-in-law.” 179’s voice suddenly rang, making Xia Yi jump.

Suck ass. I didn’t notice and let System know about it when I was thinking about something.

179 talked quickly and hurriedly just like popcorn popping. He also smirked excitedly, “But, you are right. I have just been searching for information about this. Your mother-in-law experienced his heat after a couple of days he arrived here. He looked cold and stern all the time but hey, it’s a pity that you can’t see how strong that heat was. Heehee. In that valley, your father-in-law–” 

“You stop talking.” Xia Yi quickly stopped him. He did not want to know the details about how his wife had been made by his father-in-law and mother-in-law. But after some afterthoughts, he did not feel right, “179. I remember that I had asked you when I found that ultraman if this bug existed long ago. What did you say at that time?”

Xia Yi’s tone was becoming cooler, “You said that according to your record, that bug has existed since I transmigrated to this farming world. But now you are describing with details to me that Jie Shang and Ciang Yi had transmigrated here once before?”

179 abruptly stopped talking with guilt.

For real. Now I know how unreliable this system is.

At this moment, Gu Wen Zhu was in the yard. He was making that little bed, using sandpaper to smoothen it to make sure that no burr could be found on the bars.

Upon hearing the sound created by the front door, he said without looking up, “You are back. Are you tired? I have made some hot plump juice in the kitchen. It is still warm. You get some rest and I will bring it to you after processing this thing.”

He finished his sentence but no response had been heard, Xia Yi did not come to him either. Gu Wen Zhu thus put down his job at hand and looked to check. Then he froze. He grabbed that sandpaper in his hand tightly with himself becoming a statue.

Jie Shang and Ciang Yi did not say a thing. They stared at him with all the swirling emotions in their eyes.

Xia Yi waited a bit longer, looking at this and that. Seeing that no one among the three was talking, he swiftly took a couple of steps forward, “Zhu. Your fathers came to visit you.”

Hence, Jie Shang took two steps further and called softly, “Ze Yuan. It’s daddy.”

Gu Wen Zhu shortly halted his breath. He silently tilted his head to one side to look at that ginkgo tree in the yard.

“Your father told me about what happened years before. Now I know everything. This time, we—”

Jie Shang did not even finish, Gu Wen Zhu turned all of a sudden and walked into the bedroom, followed by slamming the door behind him.

“H, hi. Why don’t you take a seat, have some rest? It must be hard for Zhu to respond in such a short period of time. Let me go and talk to him.” In view of the situation, Xia Yi immediately said something to stop the awkwardness.

Seeing Jie Shang standing at the same spot with his disappointed face, Ciang Yi became sad as well, and he moved two chairs this way. Jie Shang just turned and saw Xia Yi moving the chairs around without caring about his large belly. So Jie Shang hurried and stepped up to take those from him.

“Wang Lan. Don’t you know to do less of these things when your body’s like this now?”

Ciang Yi gave Xia Yi a disapproving look as well.

Xia Yi rubbed his hands embarrassingly, “I will go see Zhu. You can help yourselves.” Then, he quickly walked into the room. When he reached the door, he turned, “You must have made a mistake. I am not Wang Lan. My name is Xia Yi.”

With Xia Yi finishing his sentence and walking into the room, Jie Shang looked at Ciang Yi, puzzled, “Didn’t you say that he is that son of the flower fairies?”

Ciang Yi halted and sighed slightly, “His spirit had been smashed and died before, so he could not remember.”

“What about Ze Yuan?” Jie Shang asked hesitantly.

“Ze Yuan’s spirit is almost healed. Both of their spirits are one. When one of them remembers, the other one will also remember.”

Xia Yi pushed the door open to see Gu Wen Zhu sitting beside the desk. He was playing with an old cloth-made tiger toy with his hands.

Xia Yi knew this cloth tiger. They found it before their wedding when they were tidying the room.

At that time, Gu Wen Zhu looked at it closely, telling Xia Yi about it nostalgically, telling him that this was a toy of his when he was little. It was made by his daddy, Gu Da Shi, before he married his second wife, when he was doing both jobs as a father and as a mother.

Tears welled up in Gu Wen Zhu’s eyes at that time, but he was smiling warmly.

Xia Yi sat beside him and took that cloth tiger. He poked the belly of it with his finger. Suddenly, he stopped his motion, frowning, and pronounced a hissing sound.

Gu Wen Zhu finally showed some emotions on his face, he asked him with his hoarse voice, “What happened? Are you not feeling well?”

Xia Yi shook his head, pulling Gu’s hand to place it onto his belly, “He is moving around again. He is kicking vigorously. Feel it.”

Gu Wen Zhu’s huge hand silently touched his belly. His face became less gloomy and he frowned less, with the slightest smile showing.

“How’s that? Is it moving?” Xia Yi asked, laughing.

“Yes.” Gu Wen Zhu nodded.

Xia Yi put his hand on Gu Wen Zhu’s to feel it together. Then he turned to look at him seriously, “I know both of us love this baby. It will have two fathers who love it very much. However, if our baby had to leave us one day,” Xia Yi, seeing that Gu Wen Zhu was not looking good upon hearing this, quickly stated it again, “I am saying if, but this will never happen of course. Our baby is going to be with us forever. I am just saying what if. If our baby left us and was raised by a goodhearted couple, although he was not with us, it would not mean that we did not miss him. We would be grateful to the couple who raised him. At the same time, we would miss him very much. We would not force him to choose. It’s just that he would be receiving more love from more people.”

Gu Wen Zhu put away his hand in silence. Seeing this, Xia Yi moved his head to look at him, staring into his black eyes, saying seriously, “Accepting your parents does not mean you are betraying your parents who raised you. Because all of them loved you.” 

Standing in the yard, Ciang Yi’s eyes did not move away from that shut door. He seemed emotionless, but his fingers were holding onto a corner of his clothes, showing how nervous he was.

Suddenly, that hand was held by someone, opening his palm, finger by finger. Jie Shang gave a few pats on his slightly roughed clothes, then he held him in his arms.

Ciang Yi struggled a little but failed. Jie Shang lowered his voice and said beside his ears, “Don’t move.” Then, he pushed Ciang Yi’s head against his shoulder.

Ciang Yi, leaning onto Jie Shang’s shoulder, stopped struggling. But his body was still tense because of how nervous he was. Jie Shang carrassed his back, feeling that his muscles were relaxing, he turned his face sideways to kiss on his hair, “Do not worry. He will understand. And, you have me. No matter what we encounter from now on, I will never leave you again.”

With a squeaking sound, the door opened and Xia Yi came out.

Ciang Yi immediately stood straight from Jie Shang’s arms and moved two steps away, looking nervous. Jie Shang was smiling, looking calm with things under his control. Xia Yi pretended not to see what just happened. He only moved slightly sideways to let them see Gu Wen Zhu behind him.

Gu Wen Zhu slowly walked towards the two and stopped in front of them.

Jie Shang stopped smiling. Together with Ciang Yi, he looked at his son with a hopeful look.

“Dad.” Gu Wen Zhu finally spoke with difficulties. He called Jie Shang once. Then he turned to Ciang Yi, “Father.”


“Ze Yuan. It’s because of losing half of your spirit in the past, so your memories were lost as well. But your spirit is growing again. When it heals completely, your memories will come back to you. Wang Lan will remember by that time too.” Ciang Yi sat beside the table and told Gu Wen Zhu.

Jie Shang, on the other hand, was playing with that cloth tiger, thinking about something with a lowered head. A moment later, he looked up and said, “Would you bring me to see the grave of your parents who raised you sometime?”

After saying so, everyone fell into silence. After a while, Gu Wen Zhu nodded and answered, “Okay.”

Then, a squeaking sound echoed from the yard, and Mr. Wang’s loud voice rang at the same time.

“Wen Zhu. Wen Zhu. Yi. Is Yi here?”

“We are here. Mr. Wang.” Yi was about to go outside to see him.

At this moment, Mr. Wang had already entered. When he saw Jie Shang and Ciang Yi, he was flabbergasted, “You have guests?”

Then he saw the handsome faces and the manner of the two, knowing that they must not be ordinary people and seemed like some relatives of the king mentioned by the story-tellers. Mr. Wang halted his steps and stood there silently. He then asked carefully, “Wen Zhu. These two are?”

Gu Wen Zhu was preparing to introduce them as some relatives, then he heard Jie Shang smiling and saying, “Mr. Wang. You do not have to be too polite to us. Wen Zhu is our son. This is my wife beside me. He is the father of Wen Zhu as well.”

“Fa, father?” Mr. Wang was stunned, but he quickly responded and looked towards Gu Wen Zhu with a calm expression, “You’ve found your biological fathers?”

Xia Yi heard this and looked directly towards Gu Wen Zhu. Hearing Mr. Wang’s words and tone, he was guessing that everyone in the village knew that Gu Wen Zhu was not the biological son of Gu Da Shi and his wife?

Gu Wen Zhu, stupefied, nodded. Then he asked, “Mr. Wang. Can you tell me more about what happened years ago?”


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Omg….this cultivation and farming world has so many transmigration issues😲😲😲

January 22, 2022 3:46 pm

Oh Zhu. He’s such a good guy, really. I’m happy he’s at least given Ciang Yi and Jie Shang a small chance. And again, pregnant!Yi is cute.

p..s. I’d love to read that heartbreaking story between CY and JS. I hope the author does a small novel of them in the future. That angst would be a good read.

January 27, 2022 10:33 pm

These two worlds have been linked for a LONG time!!

So sad that Ciang Yi and Jie Shang had to give up their son! 😭

June 4, 2022 8:39 am

So there was no abandoning anyone.
If both automatically transmigrated back to the Cultivation World, leaving baby Wen Zhu alone, what could they do?
Perhaps they decided, he would be safer/better off in the farming world, with the couple that took him in.
Plus Ciang Yi seemed to know GWZ would have no memory of his previous life, for a long time.
Back in the CW, it seems JS may then have left CY, as here he said he’d never leave him again.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Matcha Au Lait
January 3, 2023 7:56 am

Thank you for this chapter!

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