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Translated by lickNick of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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After the incident, Xia Yi no longer thought about it. He was pregnant anyway. What could he do about it? Let alone the fact that everytime he made a fuss about something, Gu Wen Zhu got to suffer at the end, making him feel bad for him.

He had stopped vomiting recently and was getting a better appetite. He was having fish balls and eggs, and he was even searching for snacks. He was blown up just like a balloon.

On the other hand, Gu Wen Zhu was getting slimmer as if he was the one who was pregnant. Although he had not talked about it, he still showed his care and happiness through every little thing, showing his love for the child everywhere.

Xia Yi did not ever think about abortion anymore. He did not know if this was caused by pregnancy, but whenever he saw those kids jumping around, he would feel soft and touched his lower belly with his hand.

With the first fetal movement, with the first time he felt those little hands and feet, he felt more and more excited about the new life that was going to come to this world in his belly.

Plus, those cute girls in his home world were all giving birth bravely. Why should a man like me be afraid? It’s only giving birth to a child. Nothing big.

Gu Wen Zhu came to the farmland these days and sensed changes in the house. Looking closely, there was a new teapot on the table. There was a bunch of flowers with water drops on it in the new vase beside the bed.

At the place where Xia Yi had torn off the paper on the window with the fat baby pattern, there were two more little guys with hands holding. One of them clearly had an unusually large arm. Zooming in, there was another layer on that arm, cutting into a shape of a baby wrapping cloth.

That was cut very badly. One of the guys legs were different lengths. The other guy’s body was curved just like having a hunched back.

Gu Wen Zhu looked carefully and walked into the house. When he came back, there was a bowl of paste in his hand. He carefully stuck that part that was not properly placed back in place.

He walked back two steps to look, touching his chin, the ends of his lips lifted up.

179 was talking a lot lately. Everyday, when he was free, he would play some soothing light music in his mind, or read him some pregnant woman guides.

One day, when he was asleep, he was woken by Peppa Pig’s dialogue. 179 explained that he was playing that for the baby.

At night, Xia Yi half-leaned on the head board, looking at Gu Wen Zhu who was caressing and kissing his slightly curved up belly. Xia Yi began to dream about the look of his child. He (She), whether a boy or a girl, must have eyes like Gu Wen Zhu’s. The ends of his peachy eyes slightly lifted, his eyes as dark and black as a deep pool of water…

Right, Gu Wen Zhu’s eyes looked like Jie Shang’s. He only knew that he looked like Ciang Yi before. But viewing him now, he was the mix of the two. His nose was straight, shadowing the side of his face under the candlelight. The outline of his face was sharp. His face looked cool when he was not smiling.

Gu Wen Zhu was murmuring something to Xia Yi’s belly. He suddenly raised his head, finding Xia Yi staring at him and thinking about something with his eyes sparkling.

“What are you thinking about?” Gu Wen Zhu found this a little funny.

“I am thinking about your fathers.” Xia Yi spoke without thinking.

Then he regretted it.

Gu Wen Zhu’s smile froze on his face. Then, he turned as if nothing happened and continued to talk to the belly. However, Xia Yi could feel that his mind was wandering.

“Sorry. I just did not think about it and spoke.” Xia Yi explained anxiously, “I think that you look like both of them. I was thinking that our baby would be better looking if they looked more like you.”

“It’s nothing. I am okay.” Gu Wen Zhu laughed, stretching his hand to caress his head, “As for the baby, if it looks like you, it will be prettier. With round and big eyes, small nose, pointy…”

Gu Wen Zhu’s finger, following his words, sliding on different parts of Xia Yi’s face.

Then, his voice became lower, until no sounds could be heard. His eyes looked more dangerous, with a familiar kind of meaning to Xia Yi.

“Don’t. The baby is still little.” Xia Yi, alert, stretched out a finger to stop his lips which were closing in.

Gu Wen Zhu was moving forward, said in a hoarse and lowered voice, “I asked Mr. Li. It’s okay after three months.”

“Really?” Xia Yi’s mouth had already been blocked, but he still struggled to make a few noises to ask with the last bit of logical thinking.

Gu Wen Zhu did not stop with his hands, but his movements were gentle, “Really. I will be careful. Leave everything to me.”


With the weather warming up, Xia Yi’s body became heavier and heavier and his belly grew bigger and bigger. Seeing that he was going to give birth in no time, Xia Yi began to prepare little clothes and shoes, and the wrapping cloth for the baby.

Of course, these were all sewed by Gu Wen Zhu.

Gu Wen Zhu did not have a lot of time farming nowadays. He went early and came back early. He would cook for Xia Yi after getting home, or sit in the yard to make clothes for the baby. Those little trousers and clothes were cute, making Xia Yi want to give birth quickly to let it try them on.

They heard it from the ladies in the village and made some soft old bed sheets into stripes, cleaned them with boiled water, put those under the bright big sun for a few days, and prepared to have those as the baby’s diapers.

Apart from these, Gu Wen Zhu had found some good wood from somewhere to make a little bed for the baby.

“Didn’t we use up all the wood for furniture last time? Where are these from?” Xia Yi kicked the few strands of round wood in the yard.

Gu Wen Zhu smiled, “I have saved us some wood for the child’s bed in the first place. The left ones were used to make furniture.”

He had been telling Xia Yi that he was making a small dog bed for Kirin when he was practicing. I knew it. You are a dirty liar.

179 quited urging Xia Yi to do farming missions. His focus was completely taken away by the baby. He was studying all the pregnant woman guides, urging Xia Yi to do maternity exercises.

“Host. You have to move more. You only lie in the yard everyday, sleeping after eating, eating after sleeping. If Gu Wen Zhu begins feeding food into your mouth directly, it would be even worse. You are going to have a hard time giving birth if you keep on like this.”

“Host. Would you like to massage your chest, or do some chest exercises. The baby will get stronger if it was fed by breast milk. But look at you. You don’t look fit to provide milk for a baby.”

179 was worried and very anxious.

I am a f**king man. Giving birth to a child is already weird for me. You are now telling me to feed breast milk?

However, during the night, Xia Yi could not suppress his curiosity and asked, haltingly, “Zhu. What do the kids of the gers eat after they are born?”

“Milk.” Gu Wen Zhu answered without hesitation, rubbing Xia Yi’s calf without looking up. It might be caused by the lack of calcium, Xia Yi’s calf had been cramping a lot lately. He could not buy calcium supplements in this world, so Xia Yi could only follow 179’s instructions to ask Gu Wen Zhu to cook him more calcium-rich food. But his calves were still getting sore, so every night, Gu Wen Zhu would massage his legs for him, easing the soreness of the muscles.

Xia Yi was not satisfied with Gu Wen Zhu’s answer. He thought a little, then asked, “Then what kind of milk would that be?”

“Whatever milk we can get.” Gu Wen Zhu continued to massage his calf wholeheartedly.

Xia Yi could not hold off anymore. He made a few kicks to step onto his hand, “I am asking you, in my case, what kind of milk do I give the baby?”

Seeing Gu Wen Zhu looking up at him, Xia Yi even used his hands to signal in front of his own chest. Gu Wen Zhu suddenly came to a realization, “So you are asking about this. Of course the baby can have milk. Although you don’t seem to have it now, after giving birth, you will have it.”

After saying so, he peeked at Xia Yi’s chest, “I think from now, I can suck them every night.”

Xia Yi’s face became gloomy. Gu Wen Zhu immediately said, “You can choose not to feed on breast milk if you don’t want to. I will go to the neighboring village tomorrow to see if there are any goats which have given birth lately. We can let the baby have goat milk. Gers tend not to have enough milk in the first place–”

Not even waiting for him to finish, Xia Yi’s eyes cut him like cold knives, making Gu Wen Zhu close his mouth.

The very next morning, Gu Wen Zhu made breakfast and warmed them in the pot for Xia Yi, then he went out to search for goat milk. Before noon, he was back with two fat and strong goats. There were three other soft little goats in his arms.

“I haven’t bought the goats. But the people in the village lend me two. Let us feed them for some days at our place. We will send the little ones back when they don’t need the milk anymore. We will let the baby have some goat milk then we will return the goats.”

Gu Wen zhu took the goats to the barn in the yard, saying, “I will go and buy some at that time. Don’t worry.”

If you haven’t prepared this goat well for providing nutrients for the baby, I will really worry.

Kirin had been good for all these times, as if it knew that Xia Yi was having a baby, and it did not dash around headlessly and bumped into Xia Yi’s arms like before anymore. It carefully followed him around. And the most he did was rub against his leg.

Since those goats had been brought home, the baby had been moving more rapidly in his belly. Xia Yi’s body was growing heavier. He did not want to move, but he still managed to walk around the village everyday.

There were no surgeries in this world, let alone surgeries for difficult births. The ones who were giving birth were on their own. Xia Yi thought of this and felt tense. He felt nervous even without 179’s urging.

If Gu Wen Zhu would let him, he would have been swinging the hoe around to farm three acres of land everyday. He could only feel better if he was strong like that. Therefore, he would take Kirin and the three little goats to walk around in the village every night after dinner.

Sometimes Qi Zhou would go with him. Due to the fact that they were never having good conversations, both of them had chosen not to talk. They would just walk slowly along the path and it was quite nice.

It was just that because of some reasons, Qi Zhou had not been coming for him for a few days. Xia Yi even went to look for him at the old house and saw that the door was tightly closed. He called a few times, no one answered, Er Niu was not here either.

Since Qi Zhou had been talking about going to the city to play for a few days, Xia Yi was wondering if the two had gone to the city. Qi Zhou had been here for long enough. He knew about gers by now. After some hard times of learning all the basic biology again, he could now calmly face it. It was just that whenever Qi Zhou saw Xia Yi’s belly, he would adjust his eyes to look elsewhere.

Xia Yi gave him the Herba Aqua Effugio which he had never used before.

When Qi Zhou began to have questions about it, taking the herbs, Xia Yi could not tell him directly, so he just said vaguely, “You just keep it. Speaking of the effects, you will know when the time comes. When you feel heat all over you and that it was strange, you quickly eat this.”

Qi Zhou did not fully understand, but one thing he knew about this world was that it was weird. So he did not ask further, he just placed it carefully in his clothes after taking it from Xia Yi.

The weather was fine. After a nap, Xia Yi brought Kirin out. He was embarrassed to go out when his belly started to show at first. If he had to go out, he would hold his breath to make himself look slimmer.

Although he knew that pregnancies were normal in this world, he was still not used to it. Then his figure became larger and larger, and could not be hidden anymore. There were a few times he got caught and surrounded by a few women in the village. After those women guessing the gender of the baby, Xia Yi had freed his mind not to be embarrassed by this.

With his enlarged belly, he passed by the entrance of the village, greeting everyone. Then he passed by the stream, he caught a cucumber being thrown to him by one of the women washing clothes, and he kept walking, eating the cucumber.

He looked at the front casually, humming sounds which could not form a song.

Suddenly, two tall figures entered his vision. They were walking this way from afar along the path and there was a big black dog with them.

Seeing that big black dog, Kirin dashed forward like an arrow. Xia Yi could not stop him in time.

“179. These villagers look quite nice. Apart from me and Zhu, those two in front look good too. That one looks like Ciang Yi and the other one looks like Jie Shang.”

179 was wholeheartedly reading a pregnant women remote-learning science module and did not notice what Xia Yi had just said. He only made a few noises to respond.

With the two getting closer, Xia Yi slowly halted his steps. A mouthful of cucumber stayed in his mouth and he forgot to swallow.

One of the guys, that Qi Shan uniform, that elegant quality, this could only be Ciang Yi. And the other guy beside him, sharp red clothes, fair skin, peachy eyes tilting upwards and those dark black eyes, it was Jie Shang.

179 finally made his way out from the sea of knowledge. He screamed, “Host. Your father-in-law and mother-in-law are here.”

Xia Yi was stunned.

Transmigrating here was alright, they were from the Qi Shan Sect after all. They transmigrated here all the time. But how were Ciang Yi and Jie Shang coming here as well? Together? Didn’t they fight each other to death before? Before he left, wasn’t Jie Shang’s sword pointing in front of Ciang Yi’s chest?

Are we having a happy ending this early?

They were closing in. CIang Yi and Jie Shang recognised Xia Yi as well.

“Wang Lan?” Jie Shang still remembered this handsome big belly person in farmer’s clothes. This was the person that his son was crazy about, Wang Lan. Seeing him goofily having his jaw dropped and some cucumber not swallowed in his mouth, Jie Shang could not hold off his disgust which was showing on his face.

They slowed down. Not even waiting for Xia Yi to open his mouth, two pairs of eyes stared at his curved up belly.

“Oh. My, my name is Xia Yi.” Xia Yi did not know why one of them called him Wang Lan, but they were his father and mother-in-law, so it was fine. It was like the son-in-law seeing the father and mother-in-law for the first time, making him nervous and uneasy, and beginning to stagger with his words.

“This, this is?” Jie Shang’s eyes fixed on his belly, he began to stammer, “Are, are you having a baby?”

Xia Yi felt embarrassed, but he still nodded.

I don’t care. Didn’t you give birth to Zhu? We are both the same.

Jie Shang looked astonished, he grabbed Ciang Yi who was beside him, but asked Xia Yi, “Is this Ze Yuan’s?”

Ciang Yi did not speak a word from the get go, but his eyes were glowing, with some hope on his face.

Hesitating, Xia Yi continued to nod.

Yes. You are going to be a grandmother. Ah, no. No. No.

“179. Am I seeing this wrong? Why does Ciang Yi have a red spot on his forehead, whereas Jie Shang does not?”

179 seemed to be in shock as well. He murmured after a long while, “Host. So it seems that Ciang Yi is your mother-in-law and Jie Shang is your father-in-law.”

F**k f**k f**k. I feel so bad. Ahhh. The CP in my mind has been violated.


Oh my.


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Once Gu Wen Zhu/Xue Yuan was born, did they all transmigrate back together, CY then abandoning them?
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Xia Yi in the beginning of the chapter saved from becoming another Su Jingyang by virtue of being halfway there already.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
Blizzard passing by said hey~
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