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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo’s heart is a little broken, but this chapter still cute ㅠㅠ


When the countdown reached one, the floor below the passengers compartment slid open from the middle and all the students on board felt a strong sense of weightlessness at the same time.



Excitement and screams rang in their ears as Yu Ze unfolded his wings and quickly stabilized himself and dove toward the direction Long Yuan had fallen. Various non-flying beast Awakened ones quickly descended downward, bestializing in mid-air, looking like a rain of animals to Yu Ze.

Yu Ze had not yet reached the ground when he heard a chilling, mournful cry; the sound of a zombie beast. He looked over. A half-face rotten zombie beast in a hollow; he only saw its reflection on the water stains when the zombie beast disappeared.

At the same time, his bracelet lightly sounded; it was the prompt for receiving points.

Yu Ze landed on the ground, Long Yuan raised his eyebrows at him, “Killed one.”

Yu Ze smiled, “You’re really good.”

Someone landed not far away, saw them and moved in another direction. With these big guys around, how could they get ahead? Avoidance was the best policy.

Soon, Bai Yan, Xuan Miao and Xiao Lu rendezvoused with them.

The five people fought superbly, and their journey was very smooth. Other teams encountered them and almost all of them turned away, doing their best to avoid them.

By the third day, Yu Ze scouted the location of a zombie group, while the zombie group detected the breath of the living.

Bai Yan pointed to the red dot marked on the map, “They’re surrounded.”

Long Yuan said, “Just take care of all the zombie beasts.”

Bai Yan agreed, “Mn, our speed must be fast, or they won’t survive long and we will have a lot less points.”

One zombie beast was one point, and one hostage was two points.

Xiao Lu proposed, “Feng Ze and I are fast. We can go distract them. You guys go save the people. After the people are saved, we can kill them all together.”

Xiao Lu was a deer Awakened and could run fast, and Yu Ze could fly, making him the fastest in the group.

Yu Ze nodded, “Okay.”

Long Yuan reminded them, “Run around and don’t get too far away from us.”

The plan of battle was set and Yu Ze and Xiao Lu appeared behind the group of zombies with a big smile. As soon as the breath of the living got closer, the zombie beasts sensed it and the outermost ones turned and lunged at them.

Yu Ze and Xiao Lu quickly ran forward, but the two controlled their speed. If the zombie beasts were too far away, they slowed down slightly and kept fishing for them.

The sound of beasts howling also came from the race communicator as Long Yuan said, “This side is finished. Xiao Lu, lead some of them towards us first, A’Ze continue to go forward and kill them in batches.”

Yu Ze sighed, so fast. He replied, “Okay.”

Xiao Lu turned around, some of the zombie beasts followed him, and some of them followed Yu Ze. Yu Ze flew in mid-air, keeping a distance from the zombie beasts. After flying for a while, his heart fluttered. He sensed that something was wrong; it was too quiet.

“Long Yuan? Bai Yan?” He called out to his teammates.

A soft laugh reached his ears, although it was a laugh, but a chill, “This time, you can not escape.”

Yu Ze’s back was cold and he flapped his wings. His body quickly pulled up, and a black shadow scurried past below him, to where he was originally staying.

The black shadow missed and turned back to stare at Yu Ze, his silver eyes full of malice, “Come here, be honest, I will let you die a painful death.”

Yu Ze immediately recognized that this was the zombie beast that attacked him at the hospital, still dressed in black.

A zombie beast behind Yu Ze said, “Don’t talk nonsense, do it.” 

Yu Ze froze, the voice was exactly the same as Long Yuan.


When Long Yuan saw Xiao Lu, he paused in his attack, “Where is A’Ze?”

Xiao Lu replied, “Still fishing for the rest of the zombie beasts,” he wondered, “you said to solve them in batches.”

Long Yuan’s heart skipped a beat, “I didn’t say that.”

He quickly finished off the zombie beasts in front of him and opened his communicator, only to find that the location belonging to Yu Ze was missing.

“Something’s wrong,” he said in a deep voice, “I’ll go find A’Ze.”

Bai Yan pressed the communicator and frowned, “I can’t contact the outside world, the communicator has been tampered with.”

Long Yuan’s face sank even deeper, asking where Xiao Lu had last separated from Yu Ze. Bai Yan and the other three helped him stall the zombie beasts as he rushed in that direction.


Yu Ze heard the exact same voice as Long Yuan and quickly turned his head. It was a bird-like zombie beast with a pale face and a baleful look at him, waving its wings towards him. He hastily dodged it. Seeing this, the black-clad zombie beast also moved, and two of them attacked Yu Ze, one after the other.

Both of them were very strong, and Yu Ze was soon in a declining position. His wings were clawed by the beast, and he cried out in pain and fell to the ground. The wound was corrosive and painful, and heat swept through his body.

Seeing the bird-like zombie beast swooping towards him, with its claws less than half a meter away, his heart pounded wildly. His throat ached, he opened his mouth and a beam of flame sprang out.

“Chirp!!!” A harsh chirp came from the bird zombie beast. Its clothes were on fire and the feathers of its wings were burnt to a charred black. It screamed in anger and rolled on the ground to put out the fire.

Yu Ze’s throat ripped with pain and he inclined his head and coughed, a bit of blood falling on the back of his hand.

“Kill him now!” The bird zombie beast’s tone was cold to the core.

The black-clothed zombie beast’s black nails lunged straight towards Yu Ze’s heart.

Yu Ze rolled on the ground, dodging a blow, and the second attack followed close behind.

In the nick of time, a bunch of water arrows hit the wrist of the zombie beast, breaking it and removing the force.

Long Yuan quickly ran closer and attacked the beast with water arrows to keep it away from Yu Ze, while asking, “A’Ze, how are you?”

Yu Ze got up from the ground, his voice hoarse, “I’m fine.”

Long Yuan’s eyes fell on his bloodstained right wing, his light golden eyes darkened. He tilted his head and let out a dragon whistle, the skin of his arm was gradually covered with green scales.

The black-clad zombie beast grinned to reveal its sharp canine teeth, and its eyes looked greedily at Long Yuan, as if it had found some supreme delicacy. Long Yuan’s energy was so strong that he directly attacked the black-clad zombie beast.

A man and zombie beast quickly tangled.

Yu Ze saw the bird zombie beast attacking Long Yuan. He did not care about the pain in his wings, and fought with it. His wing was injured and his balance was difficult to control, so he was hit by a wing of the beast and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Long Yuan smelled the blood and his eyes grew darker; the scales on his arms spread to his neck and soon to his face.

Yu Ze put away his wings, rolled on the ground to avoid the attack of the bird zombie beast, and coughed.

Suddenly, a strong deterrent spread from Long Yuan’s body. Yu Ze hurriedly looked over and saw a green dragon coiled on the ground, its tail heavily thrown at the bird-like zombie beast. The bird zombie beast waved its wings to avoid it, its eyes full of greed.

Long Yuan, with the inertia of waving the tail, dropped his head. The dragon’s head was directed at Yu Ze, biting the back of Yu Ze’s collar and soaring up into the air.

Yu Ze’s throat was strangled and inflicted with more pain. With a muffled cough he said, “Let go, let go.”

Long Yuan lowered his head, and Yu Ze swayed after him, his clothes were tugged and his whole body almost slipped out of his clothes.

Long Yuan seemed to realize that this was dangerous and let go.

Yu Ze fell straight down. He was about to release his wings when he fell onto the back of the dragon.

How could the two zombie beasts give up and chase after them?

The dragon’s tail swept across and turned back to shoot water arrows continuously, forcing them to retreat one after another.

The dragon was very fast and soon left the two far behind.

Yu Ze was lying on the back of the dragon, hands and feet gripping hard to avoid being thrown off.

After a while, he noticed that Long Yuan didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. He felt something was wrong, “Long Yuan?”

Long Yuan didn’t respond. After about ten minutes, Long Yuan turned into human form and the two of them fell straight down.

Yu Ze was shocked. He hugged Long Yuan tightly and released his wings. However, his wings were injured and the pressure of their weight together was so great that his wings barely acted as a cushion and they fell to the ground.

Yu Ze’s whole body was burning. All parts of his body hurt, and the impact of the landing was so strong that his mind swam and he fell into a coma.

When he woke up again, Yu Ze found his vision extremely strange. His eyes were much clearer than usual, but the feeling was very different from usual. He raised his hand to rub his eyes, when a red flash came before his eyes, and fiery red wings reached out in front of him.

He froze and looked down. His chest was plush and also a fiery red. He stretched his feet forward, obviously a simple action, but at this point it was extremely difficult. He tossed and turned and finally realized that his feet were now phoenix claws.

He was completely bestialized!

He immediately thought of Long Yuan, who had also been completely bestialized before!

He used his phoenix form and looked around for a while before finding the unconscious Long Yuan.

Long Yuan’s face was particularly white, with a porcelain coldness and no blood at all.

Yu Ze couldn’t help but get worried. He opened his mouth to call out to Long Yuan, but it was only the soft chirping of the phoenix. He was a little anxious and picked up Long Yuan clothes. He gently tugged at them, but Long Yuan did not have any response.

Yu Ze deeply felt that the phoenix form was inconvenient. He silently felt for a while, and after some trying, finally returned to human form. He sat on his knees beside Long Yuan and leaned down to call out, “Long Yuan, Long Yuan.”

Long Yuan did not respond, so he tapped Long Yuan on the right side of his face and called out again, “Wake up.”

He shouted for several minutes and was about to give up when Long Yuan’s eyes suddenly opened. Yu Ze was delighted, then stunned. Long Yuan’s light golden eyes had turned silver.

Silver eyes that were the unique eye color of zombie beasts.

How could this happen!?

Yu Ze’s face turned white and he hurried to lift Long Yuan’s clothes, “Where are you hurt?”

The moment his hand touched it, he froze. His body was too cold, not belonging to the regular human temperature.

His eyes were red, and before he could recover from the blow, his whole body was suddenly pounced on by Long Yuan.

Long Yuan lowered his head and sniffed at the side of his neck, then licked at his aorta, “My food storage?”

Yu Ze, “… No, I’m not.” He hurriedly pushed Long Yuan.

Long Yuan stepped back a bit and his silver eyes looked extraordinarily innocent, “You are, and you’re still delicious.” He licked his lips, “I want to eat, but I’m not hungry yet.”

Yu Ze’s lips trembled, “Don’t you remember anything?”

Long Yuan looked at him, “Eat.” He said, suddenly tilted his head, looking towards the north, then abruptly got up, picked up Yu Ze and started to run.

Yu Ze hurriedly pulled his arm, “Where are you going?!”

Long Yuan said, “There are kindred spirits calling me.”

Yu Ze’s heart trembled, “Don’t go.”

The zombie beasts were sensing each other, and there was a strong sense of hierarchy among the species. With Long Yuan’s form and intelligence, he became a senior zombie beast directly; the one who could call him must also be a senior zombie beast.

Long Yuan stopped, “Why?”

Yu Ze froze and came up with a reason, “I only have enough for you to eat.”

Long Yuan thought for a moment, sat down cross-legged and put Yu Ze on his lap, “You’re right.” He hugged Yu Ze in a protective pose, “You’re so delicious, I can’t let anyone steal you.”


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January 20, 2022 4:31 pm

I can’t believe it, I’m shocked, I want Long Yuan back to the way it was before, very sad, what will happen now! Thanks for the chapter!

Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim
January 20, 2022 5:53 pm

Thank you for updating!!!!

January 20, 2022 8:13 pm

Nooooo! Not Long Yuan. I’m gutted.
Wait; Yu Ze isn’t dreaming is he? 🤞🤞
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 20, 2022 10:12 pm

For zombie-ing their son the Long family will surely destroy Feng Sheng and his little plot that caused it. But it’s still sad. I thought he talked about different kind of eating but I guess didn’t.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

January 26, 2022 9:00 pm

OMG NOOOOO! NOT LONG YUAN!!! He’s too good for this. I can’t deal 🤧😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧

I hope pheonix tears can heal all wounds ala HP.

March 1, 2022 4:32 pm

Hmm… Well, with the direction in which the beast zombies have high intelligent and even can negotiate with human, I think it make a sense if they eventually live side by side. Like live with different kind of race. Still, they have a lot to do before that can happened

November 23, 2022 5:47 pm

How did the ml turn to a zombie faster than the mc who was wounded first??

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