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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Chinese New Year’s Eve, night.

“It’s so noisy, why doesn’t it end already?!” Guan Jin frowned as he looked at the sky that alternated between bright and dark.

Bang! A dazzling firework exploded in the sky. A-Gua was sitting on the balcony, wagging his tail as he looked up at this peculiar view.

“Okay, New Year’s Eve dinner is done!” Lu YunYang called from the living room, “Little Jin, wash your hands, let’s eat!”

Guan Jin suddenly felt at ease and peaceful like never before; across from him was a person who kept adding food to his plate, and next to his leg was his dog with his own small bowl. Although he had never been one to settle for a dull life, at this moment, Guan Jin felt satisfied.

“The food’s going to get cold soon, what are you thinking about?” Lu YunYang couldn’t help but ask when he noticed Guan Jin lost in thought.

“…You made dumplings?” Guan Jin changed the subject.

“Yes, aren’t I very capable?” A certain person was proudly waiting for praise.

“It won’t turn into soup in the pot, will it?” Guan JIn was hesitant.

“I spent the entire afternoon wrapping them, it’ll definitely be fine.”

That afternoon, Guan Jin had been on the phone with Tony, but he reckoned Lu YunYang had made the dumpling skin practically as firm as iron.

“We’ll eat the dumplings at midnight, so don’t eat too many snacks later,” reminded Lu YunYang as he cleared the table.

“A wealthy family like yours still watches the Spring Gala?” asked Guan Jin as he munched on some fruits.

Lu YunYang took the plate from him. “My grandpa liked to watch it, so we kept the tradition. It’s not so much about the content, but more about everyone sitting together and chatting. It’s mostly background noise, but without it, it doesn’t seem as lively.”

Having grown up in another country, Guan Jin was indifferent and turned his attention onto the dried fruits.

“Are you still going to have room for dumplings?” Lu YunYang wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to cry as he moved the dried fruit out of reach. “You can always eat more some other time.”

“What are you nagging for…” Guan Jin wasn’t actually hungry, he just wanted to find something to focus on so he wouldn’t think too much about nonsensical things.

Lu YunYang stared at the television for a while before suddenly turning to Guan Jin and saying, “Little Jin, come with me next year to spend the New Year’s at my parent’s place.”

Guan Jin stopped what he was doing, but he didn’t look at the person next to him. “Is that a statement?”

“It’s my New Year’s wish, my only wish.”

Guan Jin was silent.

Lu YunYang inched closer and kissed Guan Jin gently.

Guan Jin still didn’t move, and merely looked up to meet Lu YunYang’s gaze. Lu YunYang was enchanted by those deep yet clear pupils, and he lunged toward Guan Jin, pinning him down on the sofa. His hands wandered around Guan Jin’s body freely, and the light kiss became a passionate one. When the person under him was distracted, he took the opportunity to squeeze his tongue in and intertwine it with his.

Guan Jin grabbed a disobedient hand and lifted his head up with difficulty, panting. “D-Don’t be so fucking insatiable…” Kissing indeed wasn’t his strong suit, but being kissed by a man so hard he couldn’t even breathe was a little unbearable.

Lu YunYang was also panting slightly, and he gently caressed Guan Jin’s hair with one hand, while the other stroked his waist. “I like this word, insatiable. One’s territory should be occupied like this, taking more and more at a time, and not letting any of it go.”

“Territory? Are you a dog? Why don’t you fight A-Gua for territory then.”

“Even if I was a dog, I’d only want the bone that is you.” Lu YunYang smiled sweetly.

“…Where are you touching…”

“Your waist is so smooth and delicate and firm…” breathed Lu YunYang.

“Enough!” Guan Jin tried to push him away.

Unfortunately, the difference in their strengths was too obvious, and Guan Jin remained pinned where he was.

“Don’t waste your energy, I won’t relinquish control.”

“Lu YunYang, you’re just a tiger who can’t change its stripes. That little bit of vulnerability you showed before was all an act, and you’re still just as overbearing as ever!” huffed Guan Jin.

“I said I definitely wouldn’t deceive you ever again, and I want you, right here and right now. I’ve said it loud and clear, so I haven’t gone back on my promise.” 

You still owe me a life. Guan Jin reckoned that if he said this, even if he wanted it, Lu YunYang wouldn’t make another move. However, he didn’t want to say it, because this was too close to home. He didn’t want Lu YunYang to reveal the pain and guilt he was concealing in his heart.

Guan Jin’s expression was confused and conflicted, and he forgot about his current situation for a moment.

Lu YunYang sighed softly and kissed Guan Jin’s neck before burying his head into his shoulder. He murmured, “You really are my undoing… Don’t worry, I promise I won’t go all the way today.”

Guan Jin lifted his hand, paused briefly midair, and slowly slid it across Lu YunYang’s muscular back.

The two of them were intertwined as they made their way to the bedroom and onto the bed.

Guan Jin shivered as he suddenly felt a chill on his body, and he slowly realized that he had fallen into a trap. Lu YunYang had never planned to do him today; he had only been pretending, and then made a concession. Fuck your not going all the way, I shouldn’t have even agreed to going anywhere at all!

However, it was becoming increasingly clear that it was too late for him to go back.

Their clothes were already scattered across the floor, and their bodies were pressed together.

“Little Jin, you’re so cute…” whispered Lu YunYang as he nibbled on Guan Jin’s chest.

“Go to hell——ah…” Guan Jin shivered. “Stop licking…”

“Babe, help me.” Lu YunYang grasped Guan Jin’s hand as he climaxed.

Guan Jin shrunk back and inadvertently looked down…

“Your color is so alluring….” Lu YunYang smirked and pinched him gently.

“Dammit!” Guan Jin was aroused and with a burst of strength, he flipped Lu YunYang over so that he was now on top of him. Guan Jin kissed him fiercely, overwhelming his senses.

The two of them remained intertwined like this, their bodies pressed together.

“Mn, ah——” Guan Jin couldn’t help but cry out softly as his body trembled and he slowly went weak.

“I can’t hold back anymore.” Lu YunYang wiped his sticky hand on Guan Jin’s thigh and smiled teasingly.

“Go die!” Guan Jin practically wished he could bury himself.

The two of them laid on the messy bed, their breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Where are you going?” When he saw Guan Jin get up, Lu YunYang pulled him back.

“It’s all sticky, I’m going to take a shower!” Guan Jin kicked him.

After Guan Jin came out of the shower, he discovered that the bedsheets had already been changed, and that Lu YunYang seemed to have gone into the kitchen.

“We have to eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve, so eat some while they’re still hot.” Lu YunYang gave Guan Jin a bowl of dumplings and ate one himself before going to shower.

“Aren’t you going to eat some more?” Guan Jin was lying under the blankets, watching as Lu YunYang blow-dried his hair.

“I’m not hungry, I already ate just now.” He winked.

“…Shameless!” Guan Jin glared at him.

Lu YunYang put down the blow dryer and pecked Guan Jin on the cheek, smiling gently. “I’m being serious.”

Guan Jin humphed and looked away.

“So, did you agree?” Lu YunYang slid under the covers and cuddled up to him.

“Agree to what?”

“To come spend the New Years next year with me at my parents’ place.”

“If that brother-in-law of yours is still alive by then, I’ll consider it.”

Lu YunYang was pleasantly surprised. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he is. Moreover, my parents already like him, and they’ll definitely like you more!”

“No need, I could care less.”

After a bit, Guan Jin suddenly asked, “Are you sure you want to be with me for the rest of your life?”

“I never doubted it.”

“Then would you be willing to change yourself because of me?”

“I have to admit that changing oneself’s personality is very hard. Moreover, I don’t want to change you or myself, I just want to work hard to improve the relationship between us so we can understand and trust each other even more,” Lu YunYang said sincerely.

Guan Jin turned to look at Lu YunYang for a while, and under his calm gaze, he could detect a hint of apprehension and unease.

Guan Jin sat up and smiled a little smugly. “I have a little something to increase the New Year’s atmosphere.”

Lu YunYang also straightened up, and his expression was a little grim. He seemed to sense a judgment awaiting him. Although Guan Jin’s tone was casual, he understood him too well; with those deep questions at the beginning, there definitely wouldn’t be an easy conclusion.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll tell you a story, a slightly scary ghost story. How about it, are you interested in hearing it?” Guan Jin patted his shoulder and smiled enticingly.

“It’s impossible for me to resist your requests.” Lu YunYang hugged him and rocked back and forth in resignation.

Guan Jin swatted at him and frowned. “Where shall I begin? Once upon a time, there was a street in the most chaotic and impoverished part of a city. A child lived there. His very first memory was living there, and he would stay with a group of kids of varying ages and rely on stealing things to survive. One day, some strange people came along, and the child tried to steal some of their things, but was caught. However, those people didn’t get angry and instead asked him if he wanted to come with them. The child thought about it for a moment and realized that there was nothing worth staying for in his current life, so he agreed. Seven or eight years later, the child returned, but this time, he was followed by an annoying old man who kept wanting to be his guardian, and he had also met a Golden Retriever who kept insisting on being friends with him. Later, the child grew up, his old man died, and a young assassin appeared in the underworld. His marksmanship was extremely accurate, and he was ruthless and cold. A while later, he became well-known and took on a big target. Unluckily, before he could do anything, he was killed by the target’s people and became a sad cannon fodder.” Here, Guan Jin paused and took a sip of water.

He didn’t look at Lu YunYang’s expression, but the breaths of the person next to him were very soft, as if he was holding his breath.

Guan Jin pursed his lips and continued. “This story doesn’t seem very scary so far. However, since it’s a ghost story, it obviously can’t end just like this. The assassin opened his eyes again and discovered that he was in a completely unfamiliar environment, and that there were completely unfamiliar people beside him. Even his body was completely unfamiliar. It turned out that his life wasn’t over yet, and his soul had transmigrated into another person’s body. He stole this person’s identity and began a new life, all the while still searching for an opportunity to avenge himself. Unfortunately, a big pervert took a liking to him and insisted on being friends with the assassin. The assassin felt that his current life actually didn’t seem to be too terrible, so why not give it a try? However, the heavens were always playing cruel jokes on him, and in the end, he found out that the pervert was actually his enemy.” The breathing of the person next to him suddenly sped up, but he still didn’t do anything.

Guan Jin continued to speak. “Later, the pervert desperately pleaded for forgiveness and continued to hover around the assassin. The assassin is a little annoyed, and he is about to make a decision.” He stopped and finally turned around to look at Lu YunYang.

Lu YunYang seemed to look very calm, and his tone was casual when he said, “Before, I went to the United States and heard a little about Hei Xiao. I guessed that perhaps you were Hei Xiao, and the person that had died was just a person pretending to be Hei Xiao. I also guessed that perhaps Hei Xiao was two people who covered for each other… But I never thought of the possibility of such an unimaginable situation.”

Guan Jin looked away and smiled in self-ridicule. “So I’m already a supernatural entity now? We already had a lot of obstacles between us, so you don’t need to be too disappointed——”

Suddenly, Guan Jin’s shoulder struck the nightstand, and it went numb for a bit. Lu YunYang had pounced on him and was securely pinning him down. His eyes seemed to practically be on fire, as if the calmness from just then had only been an illusion.

“You——” Guan Jin was startled by his reaction at first, and then felt angry.

“Little Jin, since you still stumbled into my arms even after death, there is no way I can let you go. I’m definitely going to go all the way tonight!”

Lu YunYang’s chest was heaving up and down, and the expression in his eyes was a mixture of fear, sympathy, ecstasy, and desire, surging so violently that they instantly overwhelmed all of Guan Jin’s senses.


Guan Jin, whose clothes had been stripped off again, couldn’t help but ask himself how he had foreseen the beginning but hadn’t guessed the ending. And besides, hadn’t that bastard said that he wouldn’t go all the way?!


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Sue R
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