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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Jiang ChengLi came into Shi Yu’s room at three o’clock in the middle of the night, when the omega was sleeping drowsily and carefully drew him into his arms.

Shi Yu hummed dazedly. Jiang ChengLi gently rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and smoothed his backbone with the other. The omega mumbled and fell asleep again.

The big-tailed dragon slept until dawn with the sweet-smelling omega in his arms, then was kicked out of his nest early the next morning.

Shi Yu woke up to find himself being cradled in Jiang ChengLi’s arms. First, he counted to three, then, in one breath, rolled away with the quilt and wrapped it around himself.

Jiang ChengLi opened his eyes. The pupils of his pure-colored eyes were dark and warm, and he looked fixedly at the omega wrapped in the quilt for a long time.

Shi Yu’s prepared script suddenly scattered. His pursed lips changed to a more soft tone, “Who let you use your human form to hold me to sleep?”

“Who else would you expect to be sleeping with you in human form?”

Shi Yu paused. He suddenly realized that he couldn’t beat Jiang ChengLi at being unreasonable.

“Before I went to bed last night, didn’t I say that no one was allowed to come near my bedroom except for the other form?”

“Don’t remember.” Jiang ChengLi focused his drowsy eyes, then slowly waited a second until Shi Yu’s eyes changed. “Yesterday my soul was hooked by the phrase ‘gege.’”

“…” Shame on you.

Shi Yu stretched out his hand to push him, felt it wasn’t quite right, pulled back his hand and used a foot.

Jiang ChengLi looked at his little expression and gently took his foot in his hand.

Shi Yu, “Let go.”

“No, you threw yourself in the net.”

Shi Yu puffed up and glared at him from under the covers.

Jiang ChengLi was calm. “Come out and fight with me if you can.”

Shi Yu had just begun to consider it, when he was curbed by a knock on the door.

The two sounds weren’t clear or heavy. Shi Yu was like a scared little rabbit. For a moment, he wasn’t sure whether to put the quilt over himself, or Jiang ChengLi. Jiang ChengLi looked at his panic and lost his smile. He was just about to speak, when he was covered by the blanket.

The omega, in his anxiety, was straddling his body through the quilt, his right hand still pressed in front of his lips.

Shi Yu felt it as Jiang ChengLi’s hand gently held his waist. The voice through the blanket was still husky as it drifted into his ear. “Careful.”

It was as if they were doing something unimaginable.

He took Jiang ChengLi’s wrist and forced it under the covers, made sure he was fully covered, then climbed out of bed and opened the door as if he had just woken up.

Alice stood in the doorway. When she saw him, she said, “Go down and have breakfast.” After that, she wanted to go back to the guest room to call the pretty gege from last night.

Shi Yu took two steps in front of her and blocked the way. “I’ll just go get him, you go down first.”

If Alice knew that Jiang ChengLi wasn’t in the bedroom, it would be difficult to explain later.

Alice stood in the same place for a while, aggrieved. “I want to call.”

Shi Yu looked at her for two seconds, and rubbed his brow in distress. “Alice, girls aren’t free to knock on boys’ doors, you know?”

“But I wake up my geges every morning.”

“He’s not your gege,” Shi Yu explained patiently. “Girls should be more reserved.”

Alice still wanted to retort, but the cleaned up Jiang ChengLi was already standing behind her. He smiled diffidently and gently. “Looking for me?”

Alice was young and easily charmed by Jiang ChengLi. With her hands behind her back, her speech stumbled. She hadn’t realized that he came out of nowhere.

Shi Yu sighed and shoved Jiang ChengLi. “You take her. I’ll go wash up.”

Shi Lan and Tang Yi weren’t in the habit of eating breakfast, so only the offspring were at the table. Shi Yu and Jiang ChengLi rightfully sat on the side.

Tang Chuan and Tang Ye sat across from each other, and they looked at Jiang ChengLi for a long time before they spoke. “Are you…President Jiang?”

They hadn’t gone downstairs last night, so they hadn’t known that such a special guest had come to the house. Shi Lan also hadn’t told them much about Shi Yu, just that he had a mate, an alpha.

It was only now, when they saw Jiang ChengLi, that they both felt the invisible pressure from their kind. Both of them were dominant alphas, and their pheromones weren’t bad, but the person in front of them wasn’t just the same kind, but also ranked much higher than them.

Jiang ChengLi politely introduced himself and added at the end of his sentence, “Shi Yu is under your care.”

Tang Chuan paused and muttered in a low voice, “Shi Yu didn’t ask us to take care of him either.”

Alice’s curiosity about Jiang ChengLi was overwhelming. “Are you a President? Are you very good?”

Jiang ChengLi shook his head. “I’m not great.”

Alice asked, and Jiang ChengLi gave a variety of answers. Such as, he doesn’t eat chili, doesn’t like summer, isn’t good at high jump…Anyway, it was all just to coax the child.

Shi Yu had almost finished eating when he realized that he’d received a message on his phone which was sitting on the table.

[Not great. The sweet omega I’m chasing after won’t say yes to me until now].

So, when exactly did this person take the time to send him a message?

Jiang ChengLi wasn’t staying long at Shi Yu’s house. Shi Lan prepared a gift at noon for Shi Yu to take with him to the Jiangs’ house. A gift should be reciprocated, and meeting the parents was even more important.

Jiang ChengLi used one hand to help Shi Yu carry the gift, the other hand to hold him. They got into the subway together, concerned about getting separated.

There weren’t many people at noon on a day off. Shi Yu and he sat side by side in the subway. “When did aunt and uncle come back?”

“A few days ago. They came back and said they wanted to see you, but you weren’t there.” Jiang ChengLi’s fingertips rubbed along his own slender fingertips. “They both told me to hurry up and take you back.”

Shi Yu wasn’t too nervous and turned back to ask Jiang ChengLi, “Now? Would it be appropriate? I haven’t–“

“It’s just meeting your future. What are you afraid of?” Jiang ChengLi gave a husky laugh. “They’re also dragons. You don’t need to be afraid.”

When the words came out, Shi Yu instinctively asked, “Are they all dragons?”

Jiang ChengLi gently tickled his palm and responded, “You can only touch my tail. Other dragons aren’t allowed.”

Shi Yu, “…” He hadn’t thought about anything yet.

When he arrived at Jiang’s house at 3:40 p.m., the housekeeper greeted him at the door. Jiang ChengLi had just brought him in, when a brisk wind, laced with cold ice, quickly brushed his face. It softened as it approached Shi Yu’s brow, and the moisture in the air condensed into a tiny piece of frost that fell in his hand.

“This is a gift from my mother, to greet you.” Jiang ChengLi smiled and looked at the crystals. “Our ice dragon’s totem is the ice flower. Isn’t it beautiful?”

The snowflakes were shining in the palm of his hand, and Shi Yu carefully curled in his fingers.

At the staircase, a plainly dressed woman was holding the handrail. She was smiling and looking at the two in the foyer. “Hello, Shi Yu.”

Shi Yu looked up. There was a pair of beautiful dragon horns right in the middle of Mrs. Jiang’s well-tied hair.

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Sue R
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The dragon family, wow….

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A family of dragons—cool! I wonder if they fly together…. Will Shi Yu give birth to an adorable baby dragon? Fun! Thanks for the chapter! 👍🏼

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I was actually wondering about his parents being dragons or not, good to know. So next chapter, will we see Jiang ChengLi playing a vinegar jar to his partner fan boying?

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