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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


When the boy opened his eyes, he was dazed for a moment before instantly snapping awake.

He had been on a ship for two days before someone fed him some drug, rendering him completely unconscious. It seemed that he was now already on land.

He stood up shakily and propped himself up on the wall as he walked to the door. He turned the door handle, but it didn’t budge. Before he could even frown, the door was suddenly opened, and two large men who looked like thugs appeared in the doorway. When they saw him standing there, they seemed to be shocked.

“Didn’t he say it would still be a few hours until the boy wakes up?” One of them was confused.

“When has he ever said anything reliable?! Let’s bring the boy out first!”

The two of them dragged the boy to another room at the end of the corridor.

“Take off his pants!” Someone came forward and tugged the waistband of his pants.

The boy started struggling, panicked. “Stop! Who are you guys? What are you doing?!”

“Be quiet! Or else you’ll regret it!”

“Ah—— Don’t!” The boy started screaming and crying. Suddenly, he noticed that there was another room connected to this one, and he inadvertently looked over.

The room was covered in soft quilts, and some black belts hung from the roof. A boy around his age was naked, and he was hanging from the belts in the center of the room, his legs spread. A muscular man was holding his legs with one hand and he held something with his other hand as he seemed to be repeatedly thrusting it in and out.

…The boy forgot to resist, and he seemed to be appalled by such a scene.

“Tsk tsk, look at these long legs and this skin, if these legs were around my waist… hehe…”

While he was frozen in shock, his pants had been pulled off, and the two thugs sneered as they reached out to touch him.

“Ow!” One of them was caught off guard, and was hit by a small flower vase the boy had picked up, drawing blood. While the other was dazed, the boy kicked his crotch, causing him to fall down to the ground in pain.

“Quick, catch that kid!”

There was a commotion in the corridor, and a lot of people ran out to chase the escaped boy.

“Boss, look, the people who came today are all businessmen who do transportation from Sri Lanka and Thailand, and they’re having so much fun.” JiaMan’s manager, Tuka, smiled ambiguously.

Ou Chen merely nodded indifferently. Tuka was used to this lack of reaction from his boss, but he remained in high spirits and continued to talk about other things.

At this time, there was tumult in front of them, and a boy staggered as he sprinted around a corner, barreling toward Ou Chen and a group of people. When he saw people blocking the path ahead of him, the boy looked back, panicked, and saw that the people chasing him were catching up. He kept running, but he tripped on the carpet and fell down, landing in front of Ou Chen’s bodyguards.

Ou Chen stopped his bodyguard from making a move and slowly walked in front of the boy, who had climbed up and was sitting on his knees. Several buttons had already fallen off of his long white shirt, and his legs could be seen from under the shirt, fair and slender.

“Look up,” Ou Chen said indifferently.

The boy subconsciously looked up at him, and Ou Chen’s gaze flickered. “What’s your name?”

The boy’s mouth trembled, and he said quietly, “JinHan, My name is Wen JinHan.” Suddenly, he inched closer. “Help me, those people want t-to…”

“Boss, we were distracted and this brat tried to run away.” A thug who was still clutching his forehead bowed in apology.

When Wen JinHan heard what he called him, he alertly straightened up.

Ou Chen suddenly felt very interested. “Useless, is it very glorious to get your head cracked open by a kid?”

“…I was careless…”

“You two, show him the party downstairs.” Ou Chen motioned to his bodyguards.

Two men in black dragged him to the railing and let him look down.

Was this hell on earth? But then why did so many of the people there look like they were revelling in heaven? After taking off their civil exterior, were people really this depraved?

“Have you gotten a good look?” Ou Chen pinched Wen JinHan’s chin and turned him so he was looking at him.

“You’re very beautiful, and there’s something special about you, so I’m a little interested. Don’t even think about ever leaving this place, you won’t be able to. Now, I’ll give you two choices: come with me, and as long as you’re to my satisfaction, I can ensure that you won’t be harmed here. If you don’t want this, then you can go with them and learn how to entertain guests. In the future, you would be working down there.” Ou Chen added cruelly, “I’ll give you one minute to decide.”

Wen JinHan bit his lips, and in his peripheral vision, he glanced downstairs again; everyone was like uncivilized animals, two, three, or even more all tangled together…

Ou Chen glanced at his watch and turned without a second thought.

“Don’t go!” Wen JinHan reached out and grabbed his sleeve.

Ou Chen stopped and looked back. Wen JinHan closed his eyes, his face pale, and said hoarsely, “I’ll go with you.”

Ou Chen didn’t seem to be surprised, and he directly picked him up. “You’re quite heavy.” Then, he carried Wen JinHan into an elevator going up.


The next morning, Ou Chen woke up half an hour later than usual. The moment he opened his eyes, he noticed the person next to him.

Wen JinHan’s peaceful sleeping face was right next to his pillow, and the rim of the boy’s eyes still seemed to be a little red.

Ou Chen sat up lightly and scoffed at himself. He had never been very lustful, and although he ran a place like this, he wasn’t interested in experiencing it himself. However, this person had broken his habit of many years, and not only did he give him two chances, he had also let him sleep next to him. Safety was a part of it, but more importantly, he couldn’t even fall asleep without someone beside him.

Ou Chen’s thumb gently brushed across the side of Win JinHan’s pretty, young face. He tucked the blankets for him before leaving the room.

Three seconds after the door closed, Wen JinHan’s eyes flew open, alert and clear.

Wen JinHan struggled to sit up; ever since he had been abducted, he hadn’t eaten much, and after being messed around with last night, it was a wonder he could even sit up.

This was quite the predicament; he had even had to use his body in exchange for a little breathing space, so he only had himself to blame. Wen JinHan sighed, and he thought about how if his father knew that he had contacted Ou Chen’s organization without his permission, he would definitely be extremely angry. Since he didn’t have any support, it would be hard to even get a message out, and it would be quite difficult to even get out alive now.

However, he didn’t regret it; this had been his own decision, and since the higher-ups didn’t agree with trying to take out Ou Chen’s operation, he could only do it himself. He would definitely get revenge for them; this was the oath he had sworn to his friends in front of their graves. Even if it was only him, he still had to do it. Although it was a huge organization, as long as he found the heart, a small dagger would be enough to kill it instantly. In this world, there was nothing that could make Wen JingHan back out.

He hadn’t expected that the inside of these types of operations were this rotten. He had seen a lot of things throughout the years, but he was still shocked. Moreover, from the beginning, he could see that the structure of this organization was very rigorous, and the ranks were clear, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to destroy it. If he hadn’t overheard the people guarding him talking about how Ou Chen was going to visit last night, he would have caused some chaos to get his attention. Now, he was afraid that he would actually be treated as a new product and be ravaged by those people until he was barely alive. However, it was a little frustrating that he would have a fighting chance only because of his face and his body. For an agent like him, his body was also a type of tool, to be used in order to survive and achieve his goals. After weighing the odds, he had decided that going with Ou Chen was his best choice, with the most benefits and the least losses. He had never felt any regret, and he wouldn’t allow himself to.

He had originally thought that Ou Chen might be very perverted and callous, but unexpectedly, he had been relatively gentle in bed and hadn’t injured him.

Wen JinHan took a sip of water and got out of the bed. This was Ou Chen’s private room, so there definitely wouldn’t be any security cameras. He was relaxed as he walked to the window.

He first had to observe the building’s structure and security; in case his life was in danger, he would have to give himself a way to escape. Wen JinHan pulled open the curtains and pressed his face against the glass to look——

Fuck! This was the only comment he could think of.

He was on a floor at least twenty-five stories high! The elevator only had buttons for floors one, two, and three, so he had thought this was only a villa with three floors, not a huge building. Moreover, when he looked around, there were rows of commercial buildings not too far away. 

Wen JinHan sighed, almost in admiration. Ou Chen really was quite the character; he had really put this type of business in a high-end office building in a business district, hiding in plain sight. This building must be one of his many estates, since in order to cover this up, he had to have set up escape routes everywhere.

With a click, the door opened.

“You’re up?” Ou Chen was standing in the doorway, holding a tray. He frowned slightly.

Wen JinHan slowly turned around. The moment he saw Ou Chen’s face, he trembled like a frightened animal, pressing himself against the wall.


…Perhaps it could be said that James Bond was an even better actor than those in the acting industry.


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Sue R
Sue R
September 6, 2021 6:57 pm

Oh… sacrifice….. sacrifice….

September 6, 2021 8:25 pm

WJH past is so dark😨😨

September 7, 2021 12:36 am

… I think I shouldn’t have read this just before work.

September 7, 2021 5:35 pm

Oh my WJH!! You sacrificed your body?! It’s sad what happened to his friends! But him being by himself with no back up is…… wow! So looking forward to more!

September 7, 2021 8:20 pm

Oh God, it looks like WJH lost friends due to Ou Chen’s drugs & sex slavery business.
To go undercover like that, at such a young age, took real guts.
What a terrifying prospect.
Might be the reason he comes off as detached in his current relationship, but also someone powerful offers protection/security.
Thanks for translating & editing.

Aeanbelle Frost
Aeanbelle Frost
October 2, 2022 2:41 am

That’s actually scary… Imagine just being by yourself no back up and even using your body… 🙁 and he’s young

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