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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Guan Jin stayed in the hall for a while, since he wanted to observe these people more carefully, but for some reason, it seemed that his chair had grown spikes, and he felt uncomfortable and uneasy.

Forget it, I’m already mentally exhausted today, I need to go back and get some sleep!

Guan Jin returned to the guest room area on the second floor by himself. When he walked past Lu YunYang’s room, which was right next to his, he peered into the window; there wasn’t a sliver of light.

Was he sleeping already? Tsk, how petty, a full-grown man getting angry just like that. But… why was he angry? Guan Jin was puzzled, and he gloomily returned to his room.

What kind of masks did the people he had seen today wear? Was there a bloody mouth or a friendly smile hiding behind them? That damned Lu YunYang had even dragged in his own family members, wasn’t it messy enough already?! He had practically begged Guan Jin to go on the cruise, and he had grudgingly come, so how could he dare to throw a fit? How unreasonable. Never mind, stop thinking about him, it makes my head hurt.

Where should he start? Should he search for his allies or enemy first? If he looked for his allies first, he would have to drop some hints, but if he looked for his enemy first, he would have to be as low-profile as possible. Luckily, he hadn’t used a fake identity to board the boat, or else he definitely would’ve been exposed by all of his acquaintances. However, the police was also a sensitive word, which was why he had pretended to be Lu YunYang’s lover as a reasonable excuse for attending. I sacrificed so much, Lu YunYang should be grateful!

Ahhh! How come I thought of him again?!


Meanwhile, Lu YunYang knocked on his younger brother’s door.

“Brother, why are you coming to someone else’s room so late at night? It’ll be troublesome if my wife sees!” exclaimed Lu YunChi, wrapping his bathrobe tighter around himself.

“Did I do anything that made her misunderstand?”

“You don’t need to do anything, she would very actively start imagining things. Women are too scary.”

“Then do you want to correct your mistakes and join me and our older brother?” Lu YunYang sat down.

Lu YunChi shook his head vigorously. “No need, I don’t want to die by my wife’s and mom’s hands.”

“I haven’t had a good talk with you in a long time. How’s your career going? I heard you created a huge sensation at the Paris Fashion Week?”

“It wasn’t too big of a deal. This year, the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks were nothing compared to the New York one. But you didn’t come to listen to these things, right? What, you had a quarrel with brother-in-law and was driven out?” 

“Stop it, you and your wife are a perfect match, no one questions it. I’ll take care of my own problems, you just give me an explanation of your deeds, our mom and dad are waiting for me to report to them.”

“Come on, they’re so leisurely, they don’t care about these things. If you want to know yourself, I’ll just tell you…”


Guan Jin pressed his throbbing forehead. He had had a series of nightmares, and sleeping was extremely agonizing. He was now irritable because of lack of sleep. He dug out a backpack from his suitcase and touched the cold items inside. He would be very happy if he could start killing. He buried the backpack in his messy blankets and kicked open the door. He stood next to the railing and looked at the endless ocean that glimmered from the moonlight, and he took a deep breath.

Ah… He was freezing. He went back to his room and put on his down jacket before coming back out mightily.

Sure enough, looking at the vast ocean could make someone relax a lot, and Guan Jin really wanted to roar out all the resentment in his chest. However, he didn’t want everyone in the ship to come out and see who was the idiot yelling, so he was forced to give up on this wonderful desire.

“Brother Guan, good morning.” Qin Se turned the corner and walked towards him.


“Ah, you’re so foresightful, I only brought a coat since I didn’t expect it to be so cold in the autumn here,” complained Qin Se.

Guan Jin uneasily clutched his down jacket. “It’ll get better once we go a little more south.”

“Let’s go eat breakfast!”

“Okay.” Guan Jin walked a few steps, but he couldn’t help but look back at Lu YunYang’s tightly shut door. He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still caught up to Qin Se.

That guy wouldn’t be so petty that he wouldn’t even eat breakfast, would he? However, Lu YunYang indeed didn’t show up in the dining hall, and Guan Jin ate a few random bites that were practically tasteless and left.


Lu YunYang went into Guan Jin’s room and looked around. It was messy, and it didn’t seem like his house at all. He shook his head helplessly and picked up and organized things. When Lu YunYang went to make the bed, he found a backpack there. He picked up the backpack.


Guan Jin wandered around the deck by himself for a while and returned to his room. When he opened the door, he was startled. Lu YunYang was sitting on his bed and staring directly at the door.

“How did you get in?!” The thread he had placed in the crack of the door was clearly still there.

“That’s not important.” Lu YunYang’s expression was very strange. “We need to talk about a more important problem.”

Guan Jin was most afraid of talking, but he closed the door and leaned against the wall. “Go ahead.”

“Do you know why I was angry last night?”

“Who knows, what does it have to do with me?” Guan Jin continued to insist that this matter had nothing to do with him.

Lu YunYang seemed to be a little exhausted, and he stood up. “Since you don’t care, then forget it. I won’t disturb you.”

Guan Jin watched him walk to the door with wide eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel a little irritable. “Hey, Lu YunYang, what was that for, if you’re going to say it then say it, and if you’re not, then don’t bring it up. What’s this supposed to mean?!”

Lu YunYang paused while opening the door and looked back at Guan Jin seriously. “Little Jin, do you really not care about my affairs at all?”

The phrase “of course not” spun around Guan Jin’s mind, but he couldn’t say it. He kicked the wall irritably. “What do you want?”

In the end, Lu YunYang sat back down on the bed.

“Ever since you were so eager for this trip, I was confused as to what was attracting you. Although I hoped it was me, I’m not that narcissistic. Your answers to my questions were all lies, but I didn’t ask or look into it, because I trust you and respect your privacy.”

“Who’s lying, do you have proof?” Guan Jin refused to admit anything.

“Little Jin, even if I was a dabbler in psychology, ordinary people shouldn’t even think about trying to escape my gaze. Although you’re not ordinary, you completely forgot to cover up.”

I knew I hated psychologists!

“Last night, I was very happy because I thought that you acquiesced in our relationship, but while your words approved it, your eyes never looked at me at all. The entire night, you were secretly sizing up every person, and the attraction of Wen JingHan and that green-eyed foreigner made you forget that there was someone next to you.” Lu YunYang frowned. “I don’t mind that you have secrets, but I do mind that you’ve regarded my feelings as a joke from start to finish, and that they’re something you can ridicule and use at any time.”

Guan Jin looked at Lu YunYang’s slightly hurt expression, and he was completely dumbfounded. Is-is it really this serious…

“Even more unexpectedly, you came this time to actually commit murder!”

Guan Jin was shocked. “Hey, stop talking so carelessly!”

“Careless? Last night, wasn’t it you whose pupils dilated, adrenaline soared, and was overwhelmed with a murderous aura?”

“Wh-when?” Guan Jin didn’t recall losing control like that.

“It was because you didn’t remember at all that you were leaning against me, and I could see every tiny change in you.”

“What kind of proof is this?” 

“You’re really obstinate.” Lu YunYang reached behind him and pulled out a black backpack.

Guan Jin jumped forward to grab it.

“You don’t need to hide it, I’ve already seen its contents.” Lu YunYang stood up, turned the backpack upside down, and shook it. With a clatter, a pile of components of a firearm fell onto the bed.

“These don’t have the police label on them. This pistol is used by the U.S. military.” Lu YunYang pointed. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

Guan Jin’s expression darkened. “This is my own business.”

“Your business? You’re prepared to do such a dangerous act, but have you considered other people? I don’t think you really used these guns to do anything, but there will be innocent people on this ship that won’t be able to stay out of it.”

Guan Jin irritably walked a few circles around the room, and he felt that his head was practically going to explode. “Lu YunYang, do I really fucking appear this cold-blooded to you? That’s right, I indeed am cold-blooded and vicious, but it’s not like I didn’t think about you. Besides, how could I have known your family and Wen JingHan would also come! I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to drag you into it, lives are at stake here.”

Lu YunYang grabbed the raging Guan Jin and pulled him into an embrace. “Little Jin, you still don’t understand. I’m not angry because you’re going to drag me into danger, I’m angry because you’re going to do something dangerous, yet you’re keeping me in the dark. If something went wrong, I would resent myself for the rest of my life for not helping you.”

Guan Jin instantly calmed down, and he obediently let himself be hugged. He muttered, “You’re talking like we’re in a romance novel, tch.” Fuck, why is my face heating up.

“You actually do care about me, right?” persisted Lu YunYang.

“Sure, sure, I care so much, I can’t help but make you my scapegoat,”

“The honor is mine.”

Guan Jin curled his lip. Tch, how sentimental.

He placed his chin on Guan Jin’s shoulder, and a triumphant smile that he had been holding back for a long time appeared on Lu YunYang’s face. It had really been difficult, but the two forces had finally met at the end of the Long March. His shameless, melodramatic, and bitter act hadn’t been in vain, since otherwise, this person never would’ve taken the initiative to reveal his feelings.

“If it’s possible, tell me about it,” Lu YunYang pulled Guan Jin into a sitting position on the bed and looked at him sincerely. 

Guan Jin gazed into Lu YunYang’s  black eyes, which were deep, mysterious, and made one really want to explore and get lost in them. Guan Jin was dazed for a bit before he noticed himself spacing out.

He covered it up with a cough and said slowly, “I want to avenge someone, and my enemy is on this ship.”

“Avenge who?” Lu YunYang focused on the part he cared most about.

“My most important person.” He couldn’t say himself, could he?

“Your… lover?” Lu YunYang asked tentatively.

Guan Jin scratched his head. “Sure.” I’m not narcissistic!

Lu YunYang wasn’t calm anymore. Guan Jin actually had a lover that was now dead? That Golden Retriever hadn’t been talking nonsense?

“Didn’t you lose your memory?”

“Actually, I gradually started to remember some things.” Guan Jin continued to blatantly lie.

Lu YunYang didn’t inquire further; after all, he had to respect the deceased.

Guan Jin was about to continue talking, but he suddenly heard a woman’s scream outside.

“What happened?”


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May 18, 2021 11:08 am

Okay! GJ face is hearing up? Dazing out looking at LYY’s mysterious eyes? And he still hasn’t admitted to himself! I like that GJ actually considered the people he cares about when he is there to avenge himself and doesn’t want to drag anyone with him I do like that LYY is honest with his feelings and inch by inch it’s working! Love it! ❤️❤️❤️

May 18, 2021 10:28 pm

I knew it, Lu YunYang found out about the gun. But he is not the Psychologist, otherwise he would know what was going on from the start. Looking forward to more. Will Guan Jin be honest or honest to some point?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Sue R
Sue R
May 19, 2021 8:07 am

How much truth GJ will share with LYY ?
I don’t like when people still lying to the person who care about yourself. GJ betrays LYY’s trust made me sad.

June 22, 2021 4:55 pm

Don’t tell me Spider’s struck!
LYY’s tantrum and cold shoulder seem to have made GJ reflect and realise he can’t use him so thoughtlessly.
Thank you for translating.

December 21, 2022 2:43 pm

It was going so well and then you mentioned you ‘lover’ no!

Thank you for the chapter!

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