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Zolei didn’t finish the rest of his sentence before a soldier gagged him with a glove. Zolei shook his head violently, trying to dislodge the glove. “Uh-uh…” 

The soldier who took off the glove, sharply took off his right glove as well, and gagged Zolei even more. He glared at Zolei, “You knew he was a natural female and you dared to hurt him, are you still a male?”

The rest of the soldiers also looked furious.

Their anger had nothing to do with Cyno, but was because Gu Yu was a natural female. Natural females should be loved and cared for by all, and anyone who tried to hurt them should be punished severely!

Hong and Li stood frozen in place.

When they saw Gu Yu and heard Gu Yu’s voice, they began to suspect Gu Yu’s identity, but they only suspected it. After all, natural females were too rare, not even one for nearly sixty years.

Zolei’s words turned the suspicion into reality and gave them a great shock.

Cyno swept his eyes over them, and then gave Zolei a cold look and demanded, “Someone please drive.” He left with Gu Yu in his arms.

The soldiers fought with their eyes for a moment, and the one who won immediately followed Cyno with joy and speed.

The adjutant smiled warmly as he looked at Li, Hong and the camera brother, “You three, let’s talk.”


Cyno hugged Gu Yu in the back seat of the car. Gu Yu was hot so he rubbed against his shoulder and pushed away his uniform jacket, “Hot.”

His voice seemed to be hot, vague and soft, which was inexplicably sweet to the ears. Cyno’s body was tense, Gu Yu was sitting on his lap at this time, even a slight movement was a great test for him.

The air was getting thick with pheromones. He took a deep breath, complied with Gu Yu’s wishes, and removed his jacket. 

Gu Yu was satisfied, but saw Cyno’s face turn ugly and reached out to touch Cyno’s brow, however his hand was captured.

His fingertips had abrasions, slightly red and swollen, and because of the white skin, they were particularly obvious. Cyno lowered his head and kissed the pale hand. Gu Yu’s fingers curled up and his face turned red, “It’s okay.”

Cyno blamed himself, “I’m sorry for not protecting you.”

Gu Yu frowned, “It’s not your fault,” he said catching his breath, “It’s really not your fault.”

“Marshal, we’re here.” The soldier who acted as the driver was sweating profusely and smelling the sweet scent of pheromone was sweet torture.

The window on the passenger side was knocked on. Qin Sheng had been waiting in the parking lot for a long time, and when he saw Cyno’s car, he immediately approached.

“Open the door.” Cyno said.

The soldier opened the door, and Qin Sheng quickly sat down in the passenger side. The scent of female glands that came to him made his breath hitch, “Close the door!”

The soldier hurriedly pressed the close door button to isolate the smell in the car in case it was smelled by people passing by. Although the car’s purifier was on all the way, the manufacturing source was inside the car so the smell was difficult to eliminate completely.

Qin Sheng steadied his breathing and turned his head to hand an inhibitor to Cyno, “Wait until he’s stable before going to the hospital, it’s too noticeable to go out now.”

Cyno took it and fed it to Gu Yu.

Gu Yu dutifully swallowed the inhibitor, and soon the heat that seemed to be burning him dissipated. At the same time, the pain from his wounds became more pronounced, and he imperceptibly pursed his lips.

Qin Sheng saw him finish swallowing and handed the healing instrument to Cyno, “Take care of the external wounds first.”

Cyno finished treating Gu Yu’s fingertips and wrist, and looked at Gu Yu’s knee. Gu Yu was wearing linen-colored casual pants today, and the fabric at the knee was faintly stained with blood.

Cyno’s face was distressed, his tone was soft, “It may hurt a little, bear with it.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and nodded. His body was weak when he knelt down, so his knee took the weight of his whole body and hit it quite hard. Later, he was dragged by Zolei and that abraded the skin. The injury was not very serious, but it had bled a little and the blood stuck to the fabric.

He leaned forward to try to pull up his pants when he saw Cyno take the scissors Qin Sheng handed over and move his hand to his knee.

He froze, then hastily held Cyno’s wrist, “Don’t cut.”

These pants, bought by Da Yuan, were almost two thousand!

Cyno, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu whispered, “They’re very expensive, just pull up the trouser legs.”

Cyno was more heartbroken. His little mate, in his previous life, must have been very poor.

Qin Sheng could not help but speak, “Marshal, so you are so cheap! In that store, this is the cheapest set, right?”

Gu Yu hurriedly said, “Cyno is very good! The clothes were chosen by me.”

Qin Sheng’s expression did not change at all, but his tone naturally changed, “You have a good eye, this set is cheap, but the style is particularly good.” He complimented and reassured, “It’s okay. We’ll cut it and buy some that are better. You can buy whatever you want, no need to save money!” He laughed, “All the single males in the empire are willing to spend money for you.”

Gu Yu couldn’t understand at all why just because of one’s gender, he could have privileges.

Cyno gave Qin Sheng a look and said in a cold voice, “He won’t spend other people’s money.” He continued, looking down at Gu Yu, his voice soft, “I have more money, I’m not afraid.”

As he said, he moved sharply to cut the fabric by Gu Yu’s knee.

After treating the knee wound, Gu Yu exhaled lightly and long. The swelling of the knee was obvious but the broken skin had healed, and although the pain was still there, it was much lessened. After a while, his arms and legs had strength and he reached out to push Cyno’s shoulder, “I’m okay.”

Cyno did not let go, “Don’t move, I’ll hold you.”

Qin Sheng took out a flat metal piece the size of his thumb and handed it to Cyno, “Stick it to the gland, I’ll check the concentration.”

Cyno took it and put the metal piece to the gland on the side of Gu Yu’s neck, the slightly cool touch made Gu Yu subconsciously shrink his neck. The metal tablet was so small that Cyno’s fingers inevitably touched the skin of Gu Yu’s neck. When Gu Yu’s neck shrank, it pinned Cyno’s hand down.

Cyno’s eyes darkened as the delicate skin brushed against his hand, making him feel the urge to caress it carefully. Gu Yu’s eyes rounded, he froze for a moment, then hurriedly tilted his neck sideways, trying to avoid Cyno’s hand. However, unbeknownst to him, this action made his thin white neck look extra long and slender, and more delicate skin was exposed to Cyno’s eyes.

Cyno’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down a bit. His little mate was testing his self-control.

He couldn’t help but lower his head and try to give Gu Yu a kiss on the nape of his neck.

“Cyno!” Qin Sheng’s tone was not kind, “You want him to take another inhibitor?”

Gu Yu’s eyelashes fluttered slightly, and Cyno’s breath spread to his neck, making him shy and nervous, as if his heart could jump out in the next second.

Cyno moved to sit upright, shoved his hair back, and let out a long breath. Once he slowed his breathing, he looked at Gu Yu, “Sorry.”

Gu Yu shook his head in embarrassment.

Qin Sheng looked at the display of the pheromone tester, “It was just about to drop to a stable value, but now it’s rising again, so wait a bit.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips in embarrassment.

Although this was the first time he’d seen this kind of equipment, he could guess what it was used for from Qin Sheng’s words and actions. He again gently pushed Cyno’s shoulder. He was already embarrassed, and now Qin Sheng turned around to face them, which made him feel even more at a loss.

Cyno inquired, “Have strength?”

Gu Yu nodded his head.

Cyno lifted Gu Yu and put him on the seat beside him. He had a deep understanding, at this point, that his self-control was 0 in front of his little mate. He had just had too much stimulation, and if he had a little more, he might not be able to control himself. He was afraid he would tease his little mate, he had to choose the safest course of action, to move Gu Yu to sit beside him.

As Gu Yu regained his strength his thoughts cleared up. He remembered Zolei’s last shouted words and felt uneasy. He looked at Cyno and was about to ask, when he saw Cyno raise his hand and lightly rub his finger on the ring.

The next moment, a screen of light rose, and His Majesty appeared.

His Majesty had a calm and gentle temperament, but at this moment, he could not hide his anger, and there was a helplessness between his eyebrows.

“Just now the First Military Training Area Officer reported that you forcefully took away the new warship without any formalities. What are you trying to do?”

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “It’s just to get somewhere. I’ve already let someone drive it back, and I’ll make up for the formalities.”

“To get somewhere?” His Majesty gritted his teeth, “What is so urgent? This is a time of peace, there is no military emergency!”

Cyno’s face was slightly cold as he thought of his purpose for rushing. He should have been faster!

His Majesty saw this look on his face, and surprise flashed in his eyes. He knew Cyno well, and this reaction meant that something was really wrong. His Majesty was about to ask, when his eyes swept to Gu Yu beside Cyno.

His tone sank, he said, sizing up Gu Yu, “You were in a hurry, but it was not just for this transgender female, was it?”

This was the second time he saw Gu Yu. The first time he thought he was an artificial female and didn’t care, so he didn’t look closely. Only now did he realize that this transgender female was really good looking. If he didn’t know his identity, he might have mistaken him for a transgender female, not to mention a natural female.

He sighed slightly in his heart, no wonder Cyno was so fascinated.

If he had known, he would have chosen a more ordinary looking artificial female, but it didn’t matter to Cyno what he looked like anyway. Gu Yu uncomfortably moved towards the door, slightly lowering his head to avoid the sight of his Majesty.

Cyno blushed unpleasantly, “Your Majesty, this is my mate, please behave yourself.”

His Majesty was almost laughing, “Do you think anyone is as interested in a transgender female as you are? Not to mention, I have a mate!”

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “Remember your words, I wish you and your mate a hundred years of good luck and a baby soon.”

His Majesty’s face was black, “You get the paperwork done as soon as possible, I don’t want to clean up your mess.”

Cyno nodded, “Got it.”


His Majesty watched the communication hang up and sighed, his brother, even after he got married, still made him worry! As he was thinking, the secretary general walked quickly to his side, his tone was very excited.

“Your Majesty, Marshal’s mate may not be a transgender female, but a natural female!”

His Majesty froze for a moment and his voice rose abruptly, “What did you say?”

The secretary-general repeated the words, then said, “The relevant news has already made headlines, and there are rumors of ‘Marshal harboring a natural female’ flowing out.”

His Majesty gritted his teeth, “That bastard!”

He quickly read through the news and dialed the communication again.

When he got through to Cyno, he questioned, “Your mate is a natural female?”


Cyno frowned. He had realized something was wrong when he received the garbled message Gu Yu had inadvertently sent. He sent several consecutive communication requests, but did not get through to Gu Yu. So he immediately contacted his adjutant and then moved his warship to Shu Xin.

When he was almost there, the adjutant sent him a message that there was a music interview program that was being broadcast live at that time. When he arrived, he also saw the two people from the program, and he had recognized the host named Hong.

He had a very famous music interview program, with the slogan of finding folk music masters. It was then that he knew that the identity of his little mate might not be able to be hidden.

The audience was not stupid, someone must have noticed the clues.

He pondered for a moment and looked at His Majesty, “Brother, contact the Ministry of Information for me and forbid the dissemination of my little mate’s photos and related videos.”

The corners of His Majesty’s mouth twitched, the speed of changing names was really fast. He glanced toward Gu Yu, “He is Little Yu? He’s really a natural female?”

Cyno nodded and reminded, “He’s my mate!”

His Majesty didn’t give him a good look, “You’d better think of how to respond to the questioning of the citizens of the Empire as soon as possible, Lord Marshal who is harboring a natural female.”

Gu Yu bit his lips and spoke, “Cyno didn’t choose to hide me. I was the one who didn’t want to reveal my identity. It’s none of his business.”

Cyno had merely agreed to his request and was very faithful. He didn’t want to bring trouble to Cyno.

His Majesty’s eyes changed slightly. Males have sensitive five senses and were extremely discerning of voices. Hearing Gu Yu’s voice, a phrase came to his mind, a fake is a fake. Even the most realistic artificial female voice couldn’t compare to one-tenth of a natural female.

So natural! So good!

Cyno voiced a reminder, “Lord Brother, where is my sister-in-law?”

His Majesty averted his gaze with a breathless expression and met Cyno’s.

“I will contact the Ministry of Information. This is just to keep the natural female safe! You need to be prepared to deal with it, although the masses are only suspicious at the moment, you can’t hide it.”

Cyno grunted coldly and didn’t say anything. He was not happy about it, but he also knew that it really couldn’t be concealed.

His Majesty saw his thoughts at a glance and looked at Gu Yu, “He is not looking well, you take care of him first and then contact me.”

Cyno hung up the communication, and not long after, Qin Sheng said, “The concentration is stable, let’s get out.”

Cyno nodded and said to Gu Yu, “Wait a moment.”

He got out of the car first, went around the rear of the car to Gu Yu’s side, and bent down to carry him.

Gu Yu leaned back and shyly pursed his lips, “I can walk by myself.”

The hospital was full of people, and now that he had regained his strength, how could he let Cyno carry him?!

Cyno looked at his knee. Knowing that Cyno was worried, he stretched his leg to show that he was fine. The moment he stretched his leg, the pain came, his fingers curled slightly but he raised a smile, “It’s fine.”

Although it hurt, it was only strained. No bones were broken, and he could walk on his own.

Cyno saw his insistence and knew he was shy, so he moved aside slightly, “I’ll hold you up, tell me if you’re uncomfortable.”

Gu Yu nodded and slowly moved to the outside of the car, his lips twitched as his feet stood on the ground. At the same time he drew a sharp breath, halfway through, he bit his lip and swallowed.

Cyno’s face changed and he directly swept him into his arms. Gu Yu was about to refuse when he heard Cyno say in a deep voice, “Don’t try to be strong.”

Qin Sheng saw Gu Yu blushing, smiled and comforted, “It’s okay, come with me to the emergency passage. There are few people there.”

Gu Yu smiled gratefully, raised his eyes to look at Cyno, and obediently let him hold him, his hand gently resting on Cyno’s shoulder. Cyno looked at his appearance and his heart went soft, so he gently said, “I worry about you.”

Gu Yu nodded his head in a small way, “Yeah, I know.”

He bit his lip lightly and blinked his eyes with his head bowed. He had been hurt many times, and when people knew about it, except for Grandpa Dean, the result was often not comfort, but bullying. When he was younger, he would be ridiculed even more if he showed a pained or hurt look and showed weakness.

‘Look, girly looking and girly character.’

‘Not manly at all!’

When he was injured, he used to hide the pain and make himself look like he was fine. He didn’t want to be ridiculed and knew that even if he showed his troubled feelings, no one would comfort him.

But now, he deeply felt Cyno’s care and love, as well as pity. This moment was extraordinarily moving for him. He had looked forward to this scene for a long time. Cyno heard the slight muffled sound in his voice and, in a rare moment of nervousness, explained himself, “I really didn’t mean to be mean to you, don’t be angry. I promise, I’ll watch my tone from now on!”

He spoke quickly, and his hands unconsciously pulled Gu Yu tighter.

Gu Yu looked up at him and gave him a bright smile, “I’m not angry. Thank you, I know you care about me.” He paused and avoided Cyno’s gaze, “It’s good that you’re like this.”

Cyno’s heart was a soft mess, his little mate was the best!

Qin Sheng brought the two to a large ward, pointing to the examination pod against the wall, “Put him in the examination pod, I’ll give him a full body checkup.”

Cyno put Gu Yu down gently. Having previously experienced this type of examination, Gu Yu was not afraid and was in a relaxed mood, turning his eyes to survey the instruments around him.

Qin Sheng read the examination data and sighed with relief, “His body is fine, just affected by outside pheromones, and was not injected with illegal drugs.”

Cyno expression turned slightly relieved. Thinking of Zolei, he said in a deep voice, “That person, I saw him here the last time.”

Qin Sheng was surprised, “You mean the person who hurt Xiao Yu?”

“Yes, the redhead.”

Gu Yu sat up and added, “Zolei.”

Qin Sheng froze and opened the terminal to find relevant information. “He’s a transgender female. He’s recovering well physically, but he has mental-emotional problems and is currently receiving daily treatment.” He looked at Gu Yu, “How did you meet?”

Gu Yu, “He works at Shu Xin.”

“What?” Qin Sheng frowned, “I’ve seen the treatment records, he’s come to the hospital every day.”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “He’s in the food area, and he’s only busy at noon.”

Cyno asked, “When did he go to Shu Xin?”


As he was talking, Cyno received a message from his adjutant, an interrogation profile of Zolei. When he saw the browsing history on Zolei’s terminal, a coldness flashed in his eyes. He opened the light screen, so that both Gu Yu and Qin Sheng could see the message sent by the adjutant.

His voice was slightly deep, “He approached you on purpose.”

Gu Yu looked at the light screen and immediately recognized that Zolei was looking at the post that included a picture of him playing the flute and talked about him.

Qin Sheng scanned the post quickly, “No wonder, he himself is a transgender female and knows the most about transgender females. After reading the post, he must have noticed that something was wrong with you.” He finished asking, “You’re on a live stream?”

Gu Yu nodded, “Mn, flute playing.”

Qin Sheng immediately asked for his anchor name and room number and promised to watch the show with KiKi.

Gu Yu smiled, “Thank you.”

Cyno closed the light screen and sent a message to the adjutant so that he would tally all the transgender female information.

Qin Sheng took a box of ointment and handed it to Gu Yu, “This medicine is very effective for activating blood stasis. Just rub it into the wound and hold it for a few minutes.”

After saying that, he reminded, “Don’t stand often for the next three days, do not put pressure on the knee, and walk slower.”

When Gu Yu nodded, Qin Sheng added, “The injury on your fingertips is not serious, but it’s best not to play the flute today.”

“Mm.” Gu Yu answered.

He had recorded a lot of songs in the past few days, and he could play the cut recordings during the live broadcast. His voice was better, he didn’t need to type to chat with the audience, and his fingers could rest completely.

After getting the medicine and listening to the notes, Cyno and Gu Yu returned to the house. On the way, Cyno’s phone kept ringing, but he only looked at it and didn’t answer any of them. When they arrived at the house, Cyno got out of the car, went around to Gu Yu’s side and picked him up.

Cyno had just walked to the living room when he heard a stomach growl, “Goo…” 

Gu Yu covered his stomach and blushed.

Cyno’s footsteps halted, “You haven’t eaten lunch?”

Gu Yu nodded, “Yeah.”

Cyno was annoyed and said, “I was careless.” He walked towards the dining room.

Gu Yu gently tugged on his sleeve, “I want to take a shower.”

Cyno’s eyes darkened, looking into Gu Yu’s clear eyes, his tone deepened, “Such words, don’t say them in front of others.”

He walked towards the guest room with long strides. Gu Yu froze and pursed his lips awkwardly after realizing what he meant. As he was in Brilliant Splendor, in Cyno’s eyes, the two were of the opposite sex. In front of the opposite sex, especially in front of the opposite sex who had ulterior motives for him, mentioning bathing was indeed easy to make people think wrong.

He explained in a small voice, “I…I just want to clean up a little, nothing else.”

Cyno looked down, saw his red ears, and let out a light laugh, “I know, if you meant something else, I…” His breath stalled slightly at the thought in his head, and after a pause, he laughed low and hoarse, “I will act immediately.”

Gu Yu blinked and blushed scarlet.

Cyno carried him straight into the bathroom, and he hurriedly said, “I didn’t bring a change of clothes!”

Cyno, “Don’t worry, I’ll put them at the door for you later. I’ll go out after you’re done, don’t worry.”

Gu Yu bit his lip, “I’m not worried,” he looked at Cyno and smiled, “Thank you.”

Cyno’s heart was defenseless and he sighed deeply. His little mate actually believed in his endurance so much. But he didn’t even believe it himself!

He turned on the water for Gu Yu and left the bathroom. He walked to the closet and skipped straight past the formal wear to look at the pajamas.

Anyway, his little mate didn’t have to go out today, and he had to rest after dinner, so of course he had to wear pajamas. There were rows of pajamas hanging in the closet, all of which he ordered Da Yuan to buy, and considering Gu Yu’s shy personality, he chose a very conservative style. But he also had selfishness in his heart, so among the many conservative models, there were a few that were more revealing.

The battlefield ready, decisive marshal, facing a closet of pajamas, looked torn.

In the end, he chose a moderate nightgown, with a large v-neck, a belt around the waist, and the hem stopped about ten centimeters above the knee. The hemline did not touch the knee of the little one, it was perfect!

Gu Yu showered, stepped out and got the nightgown, put it on and was very satisfied. The robes he wore before were all in Cyno’s size and were too big for him. He did not think about whether it was conservative, in his eyes, these pajamas were very ordinary.

After all, there were a lot of guys in the dorm wearing tank tops and shorts after showering, and he could see such things regularly in school.

He slowly walked out of the guest room and saw Cyno standing by the door, he froze, “You’ve been standing here?”

Cyno’s eyes darted from his collar to his face and his voice was slightly muffled, “Mn, I was worried you’d fall.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, touched and overwhelmed. No one had ever been so kind to him.

Cyno bent down to pick him up and walked to the dining room, “The meal is ready. Finish eating and rest.”

Gu Yu’s eyes were round and he didn’t say anything, his face turned red. He began to regret the nightgown. If he had known he’d be carried, he would have put on his clothes. He originally didn’t feel wrong, but after being picked up by Cyno, the hem moved up and his bare legs touched Cyno’s bare arms.

He forgot that he was not the same as before, he would never be hugged like this before, but now he was!

Cyno didn’t expect the situation to turn out like this either, it was more than he expected. He was just going to enjoy it. He hurriedly glanced at Gu Yu, his little mate wouldn’t think he was deliberately playing a rascal, right?!

Seeing that Gu Yu only tilted his head shyly and didn’t look angry, he breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a flash of laughter in his eyes.

His little mate had such a good temper!

The two of them had dinner together, and just after eating it was not suitable for napping, so they sat side by side on the couch and watched Star Network.

Gu Yu clicked into a hot post “Is it really a natural female?”

The owner, who was a viewer of Hong’s show, said what he saw on the show and uploaded a video of the show. “I think it’s a natural female, what do you think?”


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