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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


At night, Tian QingLin quietly slipped into the ship cabin and entered the cold room. He called softly, “I’m here, are you there?”

“Hey, I’m here…”

A person creeped out from behind a pipe and stood behind Tian QingLin, raising a baton in his hand.

Tian QingLin felt that there seemed to be a breeze behind him, and he abruptly turned around. “Ahh——”


Elena turned off the lamp on top of her nightstand and was just about to fall asleep when someone knocked on her door.

“Who’s there? This late at night?” She wrapped her night robe around herself and walked to the door to open it.

“Oh, it’s you, come in. Did something happen?” Elena let Fang Lin, who looked panicked, into her room.


A waiter couldn’t fall asleep, so he got up in the middle of the night and took a stroll. When he looked up, he saw that there seemed to be a dim light near the railing on the second floor. Surprised, he tiptoed up the stairs and quietly moved towards the source of the light.

There was a thick carpet over the stairs and corridor, so his footsteps were silent.

When he approached, he saw that there seemed to be someone crouching in front of a door, and there was something on the ground that emanated a faint light. The waiter began to regret coming here, since he shouldn’t have done anything alone. Thus, he was about to secretly turn around and leave. However, the person seemed to notice him and quickly stood up to face him.

The waiter was startled. “Ah, it’s you. It’s so late, do you need my help with anything?”

The person smiled. “Yes, I do.” He walked closer to the waiter as he said, “I lost something.”

As the waiter saw the person approach him with an increasing speed, he subconsciously wanted to turn and run away. Unfortunately, he sensed the danger too late. The person grabbed his neck and pinned him against the railing.

The waiter could only think, I-I’m going to die. I can’t breathe…

At this time, there was a quiet flurry of movement in a nearby room; someone seemed to have woken up. The person frowned and twisted the waiter’s neck before pushing him over the railing.


Min Yan put a hand over his churning stomach and decided to get some warm water. Suddenly, he froze and listened attentively. There seemed to have been a muffled thud, but when he listened closer, there was only the faint sound of the waves lapping against the sides of the ship.

He couldn’t have misheard that, could he? Min Yan walked to the door, pushed it open lightly, and walked out. Indeed, everything was still, and everyone seemed to be asleep except his unlucky self who was seasick. He subconsciously looked down at the lower deck; under the dim light, a person was lying there.

Sure enough, he hadn’t misheard. Min Yan hooked up the corner of his mouth. Exactly how many secrets was this ship hiding?


“How could this have happened?!” The other waiters who had rushed over and seen their companion couldn’t help but exclaim.

Guan Jin, who had been woken up by a knocking at his door in the middle of the night, had a dark expression. Ever since he had boarded this ship, he hadn’t had a single good night of sleep. “Did he fall from the second floor?”

“It seems so. I heard a thud, as if a heavy object had fallen.” Min Yan pressed his hand over his poor stomach.

Guan Jin glared at him. Min Yan could have knocked on anyone’s door, yet he had come to knock on his first. He had opened the door, but before he could even say anything, Lu YunYang had walked out from behind him in his night robe and ambiguously, “Darling, who was knocking?” Great, I won’t be able to clear my name even if I jumped into the Pacific Ocean! [You already weren’t able to clear your name a long time ago, don’t you have any self-awareness?]

“His neck is broken, there’s no saving him.” Wen JingHan said after inspecting the body for a moment.

Guan Jin thought of a different problem and quietly asked Min Yan, “Were you the one who went to wake Wen JingHan up?”

Min Yan nodded proudly as if this was a grand contribution.

Guan Jin gave him a thumbs-up: Nice one, the Duke didn’t even throw you into the ocean.

Min Yan grinned and gladly accepted.

Lu YunYang suddenly squeezed in between Guan Jin and Min Yan. “He was perfectly fine before, why did he appear on the second floor in the middle of the night and fall over the railing?”

“He fell from here,” Qin Xiao called from the second floor. “The carpet here is wrinkled, as if someone dug their feet into it.”

“Which room is closest?” asked Lu YunYang.

“Uh, Mr. Min’s room seems to be closest.”

Min Yan shrugged. “Which is why I heard it.” He paused and then added, “I don’t have the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and pushing people over the railing.”

Suddenly, a crewman ran out from the lower deck, panicked, and shouted, “M-Mr. Tian is dead in the cold room!”


When the body was moved onto the deck, Qin Se also moved closer to inspect it. “He was also drowned, and time of death was no more than two hours ago. There is still water on the body. However, there are marks on the head from impact with a heavy object, though it probably wasn’t fatal.”

“There is a pool in the cold room, and there was water splashed everywhere. It probably happened there,” said Wen JingHan after looking at the scene.

The others stood to the side, already a little numb from the shock.

Fang Sen seemed to instantly age by a lot, and he said tiredly, “Things have gotten to this point, partially because of my carelessness and lack of attention. Officers, you both are very experienced, so I’ll hand the reins to you two. I’ll provide assistance with anything you need.”

Wen JingHan looked at Guan Jin. He didn’t seem to care too much about Tian QingLin, and he was staring at the deceased waiter.

“Based on our current location, the time it’ll take for us to get to Hawaii is about the same as if we turned back. Let’s ask the captain to contact marine affairs so we can apply for a return trip.”

“But didn’t the murderer threaten…”

“They seem to have increased the speed at which they commit crimes, so it appears that their threat for us not to turn back isn’t because they want to escape in Hawaii, but instead because they need more time. Right now, we’re around the middle of the two sides, so turning back or not wouldn’t have that much of an impact on them. However, don’t contact the helicopter, since the killer might resort to desperate means.” Wen JingHan said, “The killer is among us right now, which I’m sure everyone knows well. For safety reasons, no one should go anywhere alone. At night, lock the doors and windows of your rooms, and don’t open the door for anyone. During the day, do your best to stay in public areas. I won’t enforce these rules, but again, these are for your own safety, so I advise that everyone follow them.”

“Tao Yu, why don’t we stay together?” Fang Mo was very pale, and he had looked around for a long time before asking Tao Yu for help.

Tao Yu stuck his hands into his pockets and said impassively, “I’m not used to living in the same room with another person.”

“…” Fang Mo’s face became red and then green after having been rejected.

“Qin Xiao, we’re still alone, let’s stay together?” Min Yan suddenly said to Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao was surprised. He said, smiling, “I’m already staying with my brother-in-law, sorry about that.”

Min Yan said pitifully, “I was also rejected. Fang Mo, why don’t we stay together?”

Fang Mo seemed to be a little flattered, but he hastily shook his head. “No, I don’t dare to disturb President Min.” He would only lose sleep by staying with a person like that.

“Sister Fang Lin can stay with me.” Elena said to Fang Sen, “This way, you can rest assured, right?”

“Of course, thanks.”

Fang Lin didn’t say anything, since she didn’t seem to have any opinions on the matter.

“That’s all for now, if you see anything suspicious, don’t do anything and come find me first,” said Wen JingHan.

Guan Jin frowned and walked back towards his room. Lu YunYang watched him for a while before reaching out and grabbing Lu YunChi, who was practically nodding off. “Let’s go to your room.”

“Huh? Brother, it’s so late at night, it’s best if we go back to our own rooms and sleep.”

“Stop chattering!”

“Ah, I’m so tired…”


Lu YunYang didn’t show up for the later half of the night, and Guan Jin unexpectedly couldn’t fall asleep. Of course it wasn’t because Lu YunYang hadn’t shown up, it was because too many things had happened tonight, making the situation even more confusing, so he had had too many thoughts. However, this was only what Guan Jin believed.

The result of sleep deprivation was a grumpy mood and a bad appetite. Guan Jin ate a few bites of breakfast before pacing back and forth in his room, finally making a decision. He hid the gun in which he had loaded with bullets in the fold of his clothes and stepped outside.

There was a weird and ominous atmosphere on the ship, and the expressions of the waiters that were coming and going were a little stiff. Guan Jin walked across the deck and arrived at the smallest lounge.

When the person inside saw someone come in, they were shocked and stood up from the couch.

Guan Jin closed the door, and it locked by itself with a click.

“You…” Tao Yu looked at him and took a step backwards.

“I know who you are, and I also know your goal. I don’t mean anything else, I just want to talk about cooperating.” Guan Jin walked closer to him.

Various emotions flashed on Tao Yu’s face, and in the end, he asked calmly, “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“We are the same type of person, though I’m confused as to why I can’t catch any that whiff from you. Perhaps it’s because we had different starting points and different routes, but whatever, we have the same goal.”

“What goal?”

“To kill someone.”

Tao Yu’s expression changed drastically. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

“You shouldn’t be someone who likes to beat around the bush. It’s best if we just get straight to the point,” Guan Jin said, a little impatiently.

“I don’t understand what you mean. If you suspect I killed someone, then show me the evidence. Trying to bait me like this is a complete waste of time,” Tao Yu said disdainfully.

Guan Jin tilted his head and examined him for a while. He discovered that under Tao Yu’s calm expression, cracks seemed to be forming. Even his body was trembling slightly.

If it wasn’t that his acting skills were so good, then that meant… Guan Jin suddenly felt a little vexed, and he felt his head heat up as he pulled out his gun, pointing it directly at Tao Yu’s head. “I’m asking you one last time. It would not be a wise decision if you keep up your act!”

Tao Yu was frightened and took another step backwards. “W-what are you doing? Are you crazy?”

“I didn’t sleep well last night, so my temper isn’t very good.”

“Y-you can’t kill me. I can’t die, can’t die…” repeated Tao Yu as he retreated to a corner.

“There is nobody that can’t die,” Guan Jin said angrily through gritted teeth, becoming more and more certain of what he was thinking. Dammit, how could I have made such a rookie mistake. If Lu YunYang found out, he would definitely die of laughter…

With nowhere to vent his anger, Guan Jin disengaged the gun’s safety, swore, and pulled the trigger.

With a thud, the bullet whizzed past Tao Yu’s face and lodged itself into the wall. At the same time, someone opened the door. When Lu YunYang saw the scene in the room, he didn’t look surprised and quickly closed the door.

Guan Jin ignored Tao Yu, who was sitting on the floor in shock, and turned around to look at Lu YunYang. “You already knew he was the murderer?”

“I learned of it just now, since Wen JingHan just told me his inference.” Lu YunYang raised his hands to show his innocence.

“But you knew that he’s not Spider a long time ago!”

“I tried to dissuade you from acting on impulse.”

“But you didn’t tell me your inference! Since you knew he’s not Spider, why didn’t you tell me?” 

“I don’t have any definitive proof, I can only say that I’ve seen many personalities, so I have an inexplicable sixth sense or instinct.” Lu YunYang hastily soothed, “Actually, you probably also sensed that he’s not an assassin, as someone who was acting in the heat of the moment, you couldn’t see the entire situation as clearly as a spectator would. Since you were too eager for success, you ignored your own instinct and chose to believe your inference.”

Guan Jin’s expression cleared a little.

“Actually, the facts that you used in your inference might not have been accurate, which is why it was wrong. You don’t have to be anxious, we’re already eliminating people on the suspect list one by one, so everything will come to light very soon.”

Guan Jin put his gun away and looked at Tao Yu, who was staring blankly at them. 

“Don’t be scared.” Lu YunYang walked in front of Tao Yu and crouched down to make eye contact. “I know that you already did what you wanted to do. This is enough, enough…”

“What I wanted to do…” Tao Yu’s gaze became a little dazed.

“Right, you did it, and everything is over now… This is enough.”


“Right, enough. In a bit, we’re going to explain everything to everyone, and nothing at all happened in this room. You never came here, you never saw him, you never saw me, and you never saw the gun. Okay?” Lu YunYang’s tone was very gentle, yet it contained a very alluring and unquestionable force.


“Good. You’re tired now, so rest. We’ll take you outside. When you hear me say ‘sleep’, you will fall asleep, and when I tell you to wake up, you will open your eyes again. Sleep…” Right after he said this, Tao Yu’s gaze became unfocused, and his head slowly drooped down.

Lu YunYang stood up slowly and closed his eyes briefly before turning around and smiling. “Okay, he won’t——”

Guan Jin pointed at him, astonished. “You really are a sham of a psychic!”

“I only hypnotized him.” Lu YunYang wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry.

“Hypnosis? Don’t you need to play music, swing a pocket watch back and forth in front of their eyes, and then snap your fingers or something to perform hypnosis?” Guan Jin said doubtfully.

“Not only can hypnosis be performed through visual stimulations, it can also be done through verbal implications.”

“You can hypnotize someone just by saying some random things?”

“I first used maternal hypnosis to break through his psychological defenses, and then used paternal hypnosis to order him to listen to me. The most important part was that he was shocked by you and was in a trancelike state, so I seized the opportunity.”

Guan Jin suddenly moved closer to him and stared into his eyes carefully. “You don’t have some high-tech equipment installed in your eyes, do you?”

Lu YunYang couldn’t help but laugh, and he wrapped his arms around Guan Jin’s waist. “Why are you so cute?”

“Fuck off!” Guan Jin pushed him away. “What do we do now?”

“We’ll take him away from here in case he receives visual stimulation that will cause him to recall what just happened after he wakes up. Wen JingHan already caught many flaws, which he’s going to explain to everyone soon.”

“The bullet in the wall…”

“I’ll tell YunChi and the others to figure out how to take care of it.”

Only then did Guan Jin feel that this sudden rage he had felt today was very strange, and he had nearly messed everything up. He lightly scuffed the heel of his shoe on the ground and said awkwardly, “Um, in the future, don’t hide anything, who would know if you don’t say anything! You made me come here and do this for nothing…”

“Yes, yes, it’s all my fault. As your consultant, I was too incompetent.” Lu YunYang firmly upheld the fine traditions of the Lu family: their partners were never wrong, and even if they were, it was the husband’s fault for not fulfilling their responsibilities.



The author has something to say:


Regarding the hypnosis, please don’t nitpick, all novels tweak things to fit their needs [sweat] but the theories I mentioned are all somewhat true~


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Sue R
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LYY is appearing more like The Psychologist. Still need Street Artist to reveal themselves too.
Thank you for translating.

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