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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


When Guan Jin opened his eyes, he once again saw the white ceiling, and then the white walls and blanket, as well as Wen JingHan.

Could he have transmigrated again?

When Wen JingHan, who had been dozing off with his eyes closed, heard movement on the bed, he quickly opened his eyes.

Guan Jin was rubbing his neck and sitting up. “Why does my neck hurt so much?”

“You fainted on the ship. You probably got hurt when you fell,” replied Wen JingHan.

“Fell? I fell on my neck?” Guan Jin rolled his eyes. “I must be very skilled at falling.” Besides, why would he have fainted…

His muddled brain suddenly cleared, and Guan Jin forgot about his neck as he abruptly sat bolt upright. “Is he dead?”

Wen JingHan blinked and looked at Guan Jin’s calm expression, then at his hands that were clutching the bed sheets tightly. He couldn’t help but smile. “How straightforward. Do you want him to be dead or not?”

“I shot him in the heart. No one can recover from that.” Guan Jin’s face was a little pale.

“Hmph, his heart? Does that guy even have one? Anyway, he’s in the neighboring room, and he still has a pulse. You still have time to shoot him again.”

Guan Jin suddenly let out a breath he didn’t realize he had been holding. He wasn’t dead, he really wasn’t dead… He lifted the blanket, got off the bed, and walked out. Wen JingHan watched him leave and shook his head, muttering to himself, They’re both idiots.

Guan Jin pressed his face against the glass and saw the motionless person lying in the bed of the intensive care unit. There were various instruments beside him, and he was wearing an oxygen mask. Only the slight rise and fall of his chest indicated that he was still alive.

“Um, the doctor said that they still need to observe for two days before being sure that he’s in a stable condition,” Lu YunChi said cautiously.

Guan Jin slowly turned. “It was clearly me who did this to him, shouldn’t you have thrown me into the ocean and fed me to the fish at the time or beat me up right now?”

“…” Lu YunChi and Qin Se shrunk backwards.

“How come it feels like it was you guys who messed things up?” Guan Jin’s mind was surprisingly clear. He quickly understood that he had been tricked again, and the culprit was currently lying inside that room.

“We didn’t do anything, and we didn’t know anything either. It was all him!” Lu YunChi resolutely betrayed his brother; it wasn’t like he could beat him up right now.

“As expected. Everyone in the Lu family is so good at acting, why don’t you develop your skills in Min Yan’s company?” Guan Jin narrowed his eyes.

“No need, haha…” The two of them shook their heads vigorously.

“I clearly shot him in the heart. Normal people would definitely have died immediately. How come he’s still alive? Did he hide a bag of blood in his shirt? Is he still acting right now?” Guan Jin seemed to intend on barging into the room.

“Don’t, my brother really did take a stroll around hell’s gate!” Lu YunChi pulled him back. “It’s just that he’s slightly more special than normal people…”

“Special?” Guan Jin’s mind whirled, and he suddenly thought of a possibility. “He has——situs inversus 1?”

Lu YunChi froze and forced a weak laugh.

Guan Jin nodded. “Well, what a spectacular show.”

“Don’t blame my brother. He didn’t lie to you on purpose. On the ship, he was shot in the lung at such a close distance. If it weren’t for help arriving in time and his strong willpower, he would’ve died already. He’s already received his punishment…”

“Help arrived in time? That must be thanks to him arranging a helicopter and first-aid equipment ahead of time.” Guan Jin turned his back on the speechless Lu YunChi and walked back to his room.

Wen JingHan had already left, and Min Yan was now there.

“What, did you come to admit your mistake? No need. Go outside, kill yourself, and I’ll consider forgiving you.” Guan Jin glanced at him once before sitting back on his bed and wrapping the blanket around himself. “It looks like partners aren’t reliable either.”

“I was moved by his persistence. Besides, you were never in any danger. Although I haven’t given up, I also don’t want you two to become strangers, which was why I agreed after he suggested a cooperation. No matter what, he was the unlucky one in the end, and he——”

“So you two don’t need to consider my feelings after I fired the gun?”

“…I originally just thought he wanted to get injured in the arm or leg to obtain your sympathy, but who knew, he really is crazy and put his life at stake.” Min Yan smiled bitterly.

“So you were both just doing the right thing, and I was in the wrong.”


“You’d better start from the beginning.”

Min Yan immediately began to explain, hoping for clemency.


Back on the ship:

“Elena will work with you guys, and she’s sure that Fang Mo has already taken the bait,” said Min Yan.

Lu YunYang nodded. “Thank you.”

“We’re not doing this for you.”

“I know, which is why I must further request your help.”

“What now?” Min Yan frowned.

“I’ve been exposed. Little Jin knows everything. Don’t ask me how he knows, you just need to help me do something.”


“Find an excuse to approach him, I think that he’s already getting ready to confront me. Look at his gun, he keeps it inside his pillow on the right. If there are bullets in it, then forget it, but if there aren’t any, then help me put one in. Just one, or else he’ll notice the change in weight.”

Min Yan raised an eyebrow. “What do you want to do? If there aren’t any bullets in there, doesn’t that mean that he can’t bear shooting you? Isn’t that a good thing?”

“No. I’m his irreconcilable enemy, and if he’s willing to let go of his revenge, I would go and kowtow to the heavens. However, this doesn’t come without consequences. Do you really think he’ll carry his inner condemnation and continue to be with me? I can already guess what he would say: Lu YunYang, don’t let me see you ever again, or else I won’t let you off the hook a second time.” Lu YunYang narrowed his eyes, which were flashing with a dangerous light. “I definitely cannot accept him walking out of my life.”

“Which is why you want him to shoot you to vent his anger? Lu YunYang, you sure are a bastard, have you ever considered his feelings?”

“I’ve never been a good person, don’t you know that very well? Min Yan, I want to be with him, no matter the cost. Little Jin appears very indifferent on the outside, but his heart is actually a soft mess. He always remembers the kindness other people show him, and he repays them in twofold. Only a death can end this, and I’ll give my life to him in hopes that he’ll have a little pity and give me a chance.” Lu YunYang drew a deep breath. “It’s the same whether you’re willing to help me or not, I have many ways.”

“Lu YunYang, Guan Jin won’t forgive you.”

“Then I’ll repay him with the rest of my life.”


“So you were moved by that idiot and worked together to trick me?” Guan Jin still looked very calm.

“I swear, I really didn’t think things would get to this point. At the time, you really scared me. I thought, if Lu YunYang really died, then that would be retribution for his nonsense.”

“He’s not dead. Not only did he arrange help ahead of time, he also calculated the right time to irritate me so I would aim away from his heart.”

“Guan, he’s not a fool. He knew that you would understand everything afterwards, and that you might hate him even more. It’s just that he was desperate and was forced to fight poison with poison.” Min Yan walked to the door and opened it. He turned back and said, “He indeed is a bastard, but you should know, in the process of saving him, his heart stopped twice. I have to admit defeat to him, his crazy paranoia to achieve his goals is scary. Consider it carefully, it’s best to keep your distance from psychologists with mental illnesses. My embrace will always be reserved for you.” Min Yan blew him a kiss and closed the door.

Guan Jin slumped on the bed and let his thoughts whirl around his head… Wasn’t this just him killing an enemy? How could it have become such a clusterfuck? If he had known this earlier, he would’ve just fired another shot to end it. Bastard!


Five days later, Lu YunYang woke up.

He said his first word with difficulty, “He…”

“He’s in the room next door,” Lu YunChi immediately reported. “I kept him well-fed and comfortable, don’t worry.”

Lu YunYang smiled weakly. “He didn’t leave… That’s good.”

“He said that he was waiting for you to wake up so he could come see you.” Actually, Guan Jin had said, I’m waiting for him to wake up so I can stomp on his wound to see if he can still be saved.

“Brother, how could you do this, don’t you know how scared we were?!” complained Lu YunChi.

“YunShen and the others…”

“He already knows, nothing can get past him. However, mom and dad still don’t know, don’t worry.”

“Did YunShen say anything?”

“He said… that when the doctors do the surgery they should also open your brain to clean it…”

“My head hurts, how could they do this?” Lu YunYang said in self-ridicule.

“You just need to relax and get well soon, I’ll go notify everyone.”


The result of notifying everyone was that no one came to see him, since they all didn’t dare to. Guan Jin sat in front of the door for a long while before finally opening it and going in.

Lu YunYang swept his gaze over Guan Jin at once. His face was rosy and his chin was a little rounder, and Lu YunYang was finally able to sigh in relief.

“Is committing suicide fun? Is using other people to commit suicide fun?” Guan Jin asked slowly as he stood next to the bed.

Lu YunYang’s smile froze. “Little Jin, I didn’t die. Are you disappointed?”

“That’s right, which is why I came to see how I can kill you.”

“As long as you turn around, leave, and never see me again, the rest of my life would be living hell.”

“You sure are tenacious, still lying and deceiving, even now,” Guan Jin scoffed coldly.

“Back on the ship, that was the last time I’ll ever deceive you, mark my words.” Lu YunYang struggled to grasp Guan Jin’s hand. “Little Jin, I know that I’ve already obtained your trust and feelings before, but I messed up. I want you to get revenge, but I don’t want to die, because if I do, then I’ll never be able to miss you, see you, or touch you. But if you give up on your revenge, you would leave me. Now, I have paid him half of my life, and the remaining half is yours. I can take care of you for the rest of my life in lieu of that person, even if you can’t requite my feelings.”

“Don’t you know that you’re a bastard?” Guan Jin remained unmoved.

“I know. If you want to vent your anger, wait for me to recover and you can send me to the hospital again.” As Lu YunYang said this, his breaths were shallow and uneven, and he didn’t look too well.

“I don’t like to use violence to resolve problems. After thinking about it, I feel that it is safest if I stay far away from you. I don’t cherish that half of your life, you should keep it and go find someone else to scourge. Right, there’s one more thing. Your guess was very accurate, and I’ve decided to say it again: Lu YunYang, don’t let me see you ever again, or else I won’t let you off the hook a second time.” Then, Guan Jin walked out of the room without even looking back. Lu YunYang seemed to want to say something, but he found himself unable to breathe for a few seconds and nearly passed out.


Guan Jin quickly packed his suitcase, bought a plane ticket, and flew to New York.

When Tony saw him at the airport, he rushed over. “Ah, my little Guan, you’ve finally come back in one piece~”

“Get out of the way!” Guan Jin pushed him aside. “When I was on the edge of life and death, you were probably just having fun here.”

“How so, I was paying attention to the news the entire time. I had a small informant on the ship, but unfortunately, the phone was monitored closely, so they couldn’t send me any messages.” Tony spread his hands. “Anyway, what do you mean? Did that guy die or not?”

“He wants to die, but he didn’t.” Guan Jin lugged his suitcase with him as he walked forward.

Tony rubbed his chin; how come his tone sounded so plaintive?

Since he couldn’t stand Tony’s constant pestering, Guan Jin gave him a rough summary of what had happened, and after Tony heard it, he was stunned.

“Damn! Wait for me to get a notebook, I have to write this down to write it as a script and send it to Hollywood directors!”

“Fuck off!”

“I really didn’t expect that Hermes is him. I just knew that that person was dangerous. Anyway, he actually exposed himself, haha, I know what Hermes really looks like.”

“What are you so happy for, he might send people to take care of you soon.”

Tony shrunk back. “No way. He likes you so much, he must also like the people and things around you.”

“You really think he likes you?”

“…Haha, never mind. That Lu YunYang really is even more insidious than a snake. He usually doesn’t make a move, but when he does, he gets straight to the crucial point.” Tony looked at Guan Jin. “Hey, what are you planning to do? Let him off the hook? He is the culprit that killed you.”

“Aren’t I still alive?”

“…That’s true.” Tony scratched his head. “Then do you plan on giving up? After all, his injury wasn’t mild, I reckon there will be aftereffects.”



“What has Little Jin been doing recently?” Lu YunYang could already sit up now.

“He visits the museum, drinks coffee, and sometimes sits in the graveyard. I didn’t dare to get my people to get too close to him.” Mu QianHe handed him a cup of water.

“I wonder when he’ll be able to cool off…”

“Boss, will he be willing to forgive you?”

“He will, he’s softhearted.”

“That’s only because you’re even more scummy,” Mu QianHe said quietly.

“Which is why, in the future, I’ll definitely cherish him and let him live a peaceful and happy life.”

“With you there, how can he be happy, he gets angry just upon seeing you.”

“…Do you think that it’s a pity that I didn’t die, so you want to anger me to death?!” Lu YunYang coughed.

“Boss, calm down… I was just kidding, ah! Boss, you’re coughing up blood!”

“What are you shouting for, I can’t die!”


The author has something to say:

Everyone, think about it this way. Lu YunYang owes Little Jin for the rest of his life, so he can only be ordered around by Little Jin and be a loyal dog~

Actually, he’s quite pitiful right now. There will definitely be aftereffects and such, and he’s still anxiously waiting.


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Translator Notes:

  1. A congenital condition in which the major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions.


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I actually knew someone who had something similar to this condition. The organs in their torso were jumbled up and in a different location than where they should have been. Their growth was stunted and they didn’t live a long, full life.

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