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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Guan Jin was sitting next to the old man’s tombstone, drinking a cup of coffee as he let his thoughts drift.

“Hey brat, you should bring back a girl with a nice ass and make a bunch of babies so I can have some amusement!

“What? You like men? …Then bring back a man with a nice ass, ahaha…”

Guan Jin couldn’t help but laugh out loud; that damn old man hadn’t waited long enough for him to bring back anyone.

Guan Jin took another sip of his coffee and spotted a red figure out of the corner of his eye. The person stopped next to some stone steps on the other side of the graveyard and was gazing in his direction. Guan Jin looked away and didn’t seem to intend on greeting them.

The person slowly walked over and sat down next to him. “Is this the Collector’s tombstone?”

Guan Jin nodded.

“He must be very happy in another world right now.” Elena brushed away some dead leaves that had fallen onto the tombstone.

“Your clothes are so bright, did you come to anger him?”

“If I wore dull colors, he would definitely say, ‘little girl, your clothes are too lackluster’.” Elena’s expression became wistful.

“You don’t seem to have inherited someone’s identity to join,” said Guan Jin.

“When I met them, I was still in high school, and it was by coincidence. Later, I went into this line of work because of them. I was infected by the charm of human nature.”

“Well, that’s true, analyzing people so thoroughly that you can then easily control and manipulate them.”

Elena chuckled. “Guan, you haven’t seen how many pitiful people who were struggling internally that we have saved.”

“I’m also pitiful, but it seems that someone’s only kicked me while I’m down.” Guan Jin laughed mirthlessly.

“Are you still mad at him? Actually, always prying about other people’s inner thoughts isn’t easy. Sometimes, drifting along in confusion would perhaps be a lot happier. Lu YunYang just sees and thinks too clearly, which is why both sides suffered. However, you have to admit, this indeed was his most desired result.”

“His most desired?” Guan Jin raised an eyebrow.

“I think that it’s also what you most desired. If it weren’t for this obstacle between the two of you, you would have really wanted to be with him for the rest of your life, right? Actually, in the end, dead people are already dead, and people who are alive only live for themselves. No matter how much you do, it’s not for the deceased person, it’s just so you can live with yourself. As long as your heart believes it is right, you don’t need to consider so much.” Elena stood up. “A lot of people only begin to regret their decisions and the opportunities they missed near the end of their lives, but so what? As people, we only get one life, and once it’s over, it’s over. We don’t get a do-over.”

When her red back faded in the distance, Guan Jin stood up and patted the dirt. “Old man, I’ll show him to you. He’s a scummy person, but his ass… seems to be quite nice…”

People only had one life, but as someone who had two, did coming to the graveyard so often count as showing off?


“Cousin! Good news, Guan Jin bought plane tickets back to Country C!” Mu QianHe dashed into the hospital room.

Lu YunYang felt ecstatic, but his expression was calm and smug, as if he had expected this. “I know he’s softhearted, and since he’ll be concerned about my injury, he’s definitely going to come back very soon.”

Mu QianHe opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything else.


Two days later, Lu YunYang was restless and asked Mu QianHe, “Guan Jin should be back by now, right? Has he not settled down yet?” Nor did he come to see me, though of course he only silently said this to himself.

“He already settled down and has even gone back to work.”

Lu YunYang slowly turned and stared at Mu QianHe.

As the almighty contact person of the Gods, Mu QianHe had to muster up all of her courage to say weakly, “He returned directly to City S, went to pick up his dog, and the third day, he went to the police station to work in high spirits…”

Lu YunYang’s face fell, and his heart seemed to shatter into a million pieces.


When Guan Jin went to Chen QiaoYu’s house to pick up A-Gua, he was standing next to Chen QiaoYu as he looked at Guan Jin silently and calmly. Only when the corner of Guan Jin’s mouth started twitching as he was about to rush up and scold him for being so ungrateful, A-Gua scurried to Guan Jin and rubbed his head against his calves.

At least he still had some conscience, and Guan Jin felt a little better. He ignored Chen QiaoYu’s expression that seemed like she was looking forward to gossip and went home with his dog.

He hadn’t seen A-Gua for a month, and he had grown even more, looking a little mighty now. When Guan Jin carried him, he was actually quite heavy, and he gave him a bath with great difficulty. For the first time ever, he allowed A-Gua to sleep in his room. As for Guan Jin, he unexpectedly slept soundly the entire night.


When Guan Jin showed up at the police station, he was immediately surrounded and placed at the center of attention.

“Hey, what are you guys doing? It’s not like I grew an extra nose or eye, what are you looking at me for?”

“I heard you went on a cruise, how come you aren’t tan?” Zheng Fei looked him up and down. “You seem to have gotten buffer.”

“Little Jinjin, did you meet any beautiful women? Like a foreign blonde or something?” Lin Bai eagerly jumped up and down.

“I heard you got sick after you came back?” Ding Ding felt that Guan Jin looked rosy and as healthy as ever.

“Who said I was sick?” Guan Jin frowned.

“The boss. He said that you were taking sick leave.”

…Couldn’t he have found a better excuse? thought Guan Jin.

“I brought gifts for you guys——” Before Guan Jin could finish, the bags in his hands were already snatched away.

Everyone stopped caring about whether he had been sick or not and began to split up the gifts.

What kind of coworkers are they?!

 “I knew you were going to come back. However, there haven’t been any major cases lately, so if you have time, you can take care of your own business.” Wen JingHan smiled when he saw Guan Jin.

“I don’t have anything to take care of. As for you, you have to cope with such a big figure when you go home everyday. It must be very difficult,” Guan Jin purposely said.

“My humble abode can’t accommodate him, he already flew back home,” Wen JingHan said casually. He thought inwardly, Go, and don’t come back, my waist is so sore…

The two of them tacitly understood not to bring up the events that had occurred on the cruise, and everything went back to normal——the “good” leader and his subordinate who didn’t like him very much.


“Ah, you finally got yourself back into the hospital.” Jiang Tong grinned unsympathetically.

Lu YunYang, who was leaning against a pillow, glanced at him. “A doctor should have a benevolent and righteous heart, but it looks like yours has been eaten by the dogs.”

“Tsk tsk, how can you say such a thing? Say, what did you do, did you get so addicted to being on the police team that you decided to take a bullet for someone?” Jiang Tong knew that Lu YunYang had been transferred from another hospital back to this one in City S, so he had visited him and learned that it was a gunshot wound.

“Don’t stimulate your patient’s fragile heart, lest he relapses.”

“Fragile? Anyway, how come I haven’t seen those police coworkers of yours? Where’s that small one? And where’s JingHan?”

Lu YunYang’s expression froze, and he said lightly, “I haven’t told them that I transferred hospitals yet. They’re probably very busy, so I didn’t want to disturb them.”

Jiang Tong was also very keen, and he frowned. “I’ve been planning on calling JingHan, since I wasn’t able to get in touch with him for a while.”


“Is that so? Give him my regards.”


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July 5, 2021 12:07 pm

If I were Guan Jin, I wouldn’t have come back. Not for at least a couple of months just to let Lu YunYang suffer a bit more.

July 6, 2021 12:57 am

Is this going to be a forgive and forget in the end? Pfft 🤣
Can’t fathom the ending
Anyways, thank you for the chapter

July 6, 2021 1:48 am

Guan Jin, let this scheming sham of a psychic stew some more, but I guess Elena is right. As for whether Lu YunYung has a nice ass, I hope we’ll get to see that.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 6, 2021 1:45 pm

I can see Guan Jin really making Lu YunYang suffer for a bit longer yet.
I really can’t work Wen JingHan out at all, or his relationship, mainly because he often appears quite disdainful about it.
Thank you for the chapter and looking forward tothe next.

December 1, 2021 4:52 am

LYY, you’re gonna have to suffer a lot more before GJ comes near you. You still don’t know how bad you’ve messed up.

Sadistic Senpai
Sadistic Senpai
December 24, 2021 12:09 am

So his calculations and manipulations worked, and outcome is in his desired expected results that’s why he isn’t very bothered because he know in the end Guan Jin gonna come back.

He’s underworld intel boss + psychologist, Having info on others and knowing their secrets have given him an illusion of god. he gets ‘triggered’ when things are not under his control and his goals couldn’t be reached. Calculative, controlling, manipulative, stalker, two-faced etc. Sigh. Poor Guan Jin, good luck.

August 1, 2023 8:49 am

Why does everyone have to always manipulate GJ, Elena adding to it, LYY always manipulating him. It’s not cute now that he’s the one behind is murder, living a second life doesn’t r mean forgiving him blindly.

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