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Translated by JayQue of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Editor: Gwyndolyn


For an explosive type manipulator, especially someone with SSS-rank mental manipulation like Heinz, their consciousness would revert back to normal as soon as the interference technique disappeared. The hitmen in the underground basement were no match for him, even if their numbers were multiplied.

After he swiftly dealt with these bunch of people, Heinz turned around and found that the originally closed door behind him was opened by someone. The door was still swinging gently from force, so the person who opened it likely had not gone far.

But Heinz couldn’t pursue. He turned back and glanced at the row of explosives setup near his leg. His gaze darkened, and reached out a hand to wipe the sweat beads that formed over his forehead after his loss of control over his mental energy. 

“Heinz?” Ray Ming listened to his subordinate’s report from the third floor, his face turning ugly. Although he had initially thought that Rat might have made mistakes when setting up layers of defence within the meeting hall, he never imagined that Rat did not keep an eye on Heinz at all. Though his face was dark, Ray Ming did not forget to ask, “There’s only him?”

“We, we only saw him alone.” The subordinate looked like a sorry figure as he carefully replied.

That’s impossible.

As someone who was also very skilled in mental manipulation, Ray Ming knew very well that with Heinz’ explosive manipulation, Heinz would never be able to break through the magnetic interference array, not to mention his own special arrangement in the basement. If it was Heinz, he would have lost control within it.

To break through all of these, they would not have been weak in their mental manipulation energy. But he had not heard of such a talent in the military from his intelligence. Did this important piece of information not get picked up by his informants? Or…


“Mike?” After finishing the outside arrangements according to the Marshal’s order, Kureya couldn’t find Mike, so she went back to the coordinate the Marshal sent earlier and found him.

When she reached there, Mike was looking down at something on his screen. “What are you doing?” Kureya, who didn’t get an answer after asking, just went up and hit him on the head.

Mike just gathered his wits and replied, “Ah, Vice Marshal!”

Kureya glanced at him suspiciously. Mike became confused with her look, until she asked, “Was it just you alone?”

“No,” Mike answered subconsciously. But at this moment, his mind hasn’t caught up, and he kept thinking that he’s forgetting something, “There’s…”

“Hello.” Halfway through Mike’s reply, someone stepped out from behind him, a gentle smile on his average face.

Kureya was immediately stunned after seeing his face, even the hand that was going to retract from hitting Mike’s head was frozen in midair. 

This face had appeared far too many times in the Alliance recently. Many netizens who were not afraid to make things big had used it to make memes, photoshopping various short quotes on his expressionless “dead fish” face taken from Aldia’s system. 

Quotes like “You talk too much”, “I’ll just watch you brag”, and “Do you know who I am?” were everywhere. Even people within Kureya and Marshal’s Frame group often use them.

Frame (Kuangkuang) was a very famous befriending software¹ in the Alliance. The Marshal was the first to use it, and not long after all of them were added in.

Her mind was going off topic. That’s why, Kureya immediately realized who the person standing in front of her was. She froze for a moment, then straightened up. When the hand hanging beside her leg was about to move, she heard Chen Bai speak in a kind and joking voice, “Are you going to salute?”

Kureya’s body froze as he hit the mark.

Chen Bai smiled a just perfect smile again, “A soldier’s salute should be used in more meaningful places.” He left it at that, as though it was just said casually, or he might be gently hinting at something. It made Kureya feel that it was not something to be easily put out of mind, and she was unable to raise her hand for a while.

Honestly speaking as a female, when she first heard that the Marshal was going to accept this sort of marriage, Kureya had objections in her mind as someone who had always been by the Marshal’s side, even if she had never had any untoward feelings towards him. But after that, the Marshal’s attitude had made her change her mind a lot. Then she finally met the legendary Chen YiBai face to face.

He was an unexpected person. Underneath that too mediocre face, whether it was his very soothing voice, his unwavering refinement in his actions, or even the depth of just the two sentences he uttered, Kureya saw something unexpected in him.

“I heard it’s noisy over there.” When Kureya’s mind was filled with various thoughts, her hand still wavering between raising or not raising, she heard Chen Bai’s voice again.

“Ah, yes,” Mike tried to dissolve the awkward atmosphere between them. “I have also received the news, it says that the Marshal has saved Miss Ellie.”

Eh? Miss Ellie had already been saved?

Mike was stunned after saying that. The news was updated a minute ago, and Kureya’s people were already there then. Why didn’t he go over there as well?

“Let’s go check it out.” Before Mike could clearly understand what was going on, his shoulder was patted once by Chen Bai. Just one pat, and all the thoughts in Mike’s mind just now were forgotten.


“I don’t want it!” When Chen Bai, Mike and Kureya reached the scene, they heard a sobbing tone travelling over.

That voice was too familiar. Chen Bai was so familiar with it, he immediately knew it was Ellie.

His gaze moved over and found Ellie sitting on top of a car. All around were the guests who had just woken up from the interference technique. And the person sitting in front of Ellie, their shirt obviously torn in some places, was Heinz.

From Chen Bai’s angle he could see Heinz trying to give a small box to Ellie. From the look of its wrapping, it must have been a present. 

“I don’t want it! I want to be with Jenas, I don’t want any of these!” Ellie shrieked. “I don’t want you!”

Chen Bai stared blankly. Jenas? That… bodyguard that Mike mentioned?

Kureya seemed to have noticed his expression, and tilted her head to say “Apologies, when the Marshal was looking for Ellie just now, one of the criminals was thinking of… making advances towards Miss Ellie. Mr. Jenas rushed to block a knife for her, and took a critical injury. He’s on the way to the hospital now, but Miss Ellie saw the whole thing with her own eyes, so she might be a bit high strung right now.”

As though fearing Chen Bai might misunderstood, Kureya added, “The Marshal and Miss Ellie had known each other since young. The Marshal had always seen her as a little sister, and now is just trying to comfort her emotions.”

It was said to be like that, and Heinz did actually think like that, but there was something Kureya didn’t mention.

As much as Heinz treated Ellie like a younger sister, Ellie had always been unfriendly towards him. When she was younger, at most she wouldn’t smile when she saw him. But after the Century War three years ago, she started to behave more and more terribly towards Heinz. Before, she only didn’t like to see him; now, it had evolved into her throwing a temper whenever she saw Heinz. 

So honestly speaking, Kureya also didn’t see the use of Marshal trying to coax Miss Ellie.

But Heinz went and coaxed her anyway. Not only that, he was also doing it very seriously, while the injuries on his arm from his earlier loss of control were still left untreated. Heinz just sat there by Ellie’s side to accompany her.

The blood from when Jenas was stabbed was still on Ellie’s face and clothes. Her emotional state was agitated and her whole body was trembling.

Most of everyone around them actually knew that Ellie and the Marshal didn’t get along. But what they didn’t know was that wedged between the pair in a place not easily seen, Ellie’s hand was tightly grasping onto one of Heinz’ fingers. Her eyes were wide, like a highly frightened animal. If Heinz wasn’t there, she might have fainted at any moment.

“Do you not like this?” When Ellie’s whole body was shaking like a leaf, and Heinz could almost do nothing, a voice suddenly appeared.

It was Chen Bai.

And it was strange how the moment she heard this voice, Ellie’s body froze.The next second, her gaze slowly turned over, even the hand that was gripping onto Heinz was slowly loosening. 

Brother… Xiao Bai.

She didn’t get the chance to utter that name before her immature and not-fully-formed brian region was easily infiltrated by Chen Bai. The next second, she slowly fainted.

When Chen Bai swiftly caught her leaning body, another hand grabbed his wrist. It was Heinz.

“I’m a bit dizzy…” Heinz said, his face showing pain, and the hand holding onto Chen Bai was trembling slightly. Just now he was pushing himself to coax Ellie, but now that Chen Bai was here, he could finally relax slightly. He added hoarsely, “I don’t want to go to the hospital. Baibai, remember to–”

Take me home.


Editor’s Notes:

[1] Frame: Social media


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July 2, 2021 5:48 pm

I’m relieved they’re all ok and hope Jenas will be.
Thank you for the chapter.

July 2, 2021 7:36 pm

I don’t understand what’s going on with Ellie. Why was she holding Heinz’s finger if she doesn’t like him? Or is she a tsundere who actually loves him? 🤔🤯💀⚰️

July 2, 2021 9:03 pm

Okay… they saved the people and fortunately Miss Elly is not after the Marshal (I hope Jenas will be fine), but what about the group of bad guys? Were they caught, killed or run away?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 3, 2021 12:08 am


July 5, 2021 1:29 pm

I hope Jenas will be fine!! Miss Ellie recognizes CB! Heinz was in pain and I’m glad he was able to rely on CB in the end. I do wonder what happened to the rest of the bad folk as well!

July 6, 2021 8:47 pm

So Ellie knows the real Chen Bai before this..? I’m wondering if chen bai and heinz go a long way back and this seems to be the case. Gonna continue reading to find out! It’s getting super interesting now~

October 25, 2021 8:21 am

Oh… Chen Bai’s original identity seems really wide(?… could he have also known Ellie from before? Could Ellie and Heinz not getting along related to Chen Bai? >.>

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