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My greatest happiness was meeting you.
Set in the Edo Period. Ichi, who works at a freak show, meets Bena who was captured as a monster. Ichi escapes with Bena to return him to his hometown.
The two slowly create happy memories while huddled in a small room. However, Bena is not human. Rather, the “child of a demon”.
The realistic story of the two lonely people in the Edo period, written by a new author with an overwhelming art style.

Obey Me
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Obey Me

 “Kikuma, kneel.”

I don’t want to obey his orders, but somehow my body moved on its own. He fingered me, put a cock ring on me…I want to come, but I can’t!

After violating school regulations, the number one delinquent in his year – Teranishi Kikuma – is forced to change dorm rooms. Reluctantly accepting his fate, he heads for his new room, where he meets Uryuu Takasumi, the dorm leader. A strange feeling he has never experienced before overtakes him. His body tingles and he feels an urge to fight Takasumi…what the hell is this?

When he breaks the rules again, Takasumi sets up a few conditions, and their master-slave relationship begins. “If you follow the rules, you’ll get a reward. If you break them, you’ll be punished.” 

Shinai Naru Omega he
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Shinai Naru Omega he

Mio Kano, who works as a secretary, hides the fact that he is an omega under the young master, Nagao Keisei, who dislikes omegas. Although he was embarrassed by Keisei, who does not believe in people, Keisei also devotes his heart to Kano. However, he was told that Kano was an omega, and he ordered him to leave. There is a circumstance where he cannot return, and he uses drugs to forcefully return to Keisei!

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