Ayakashi wa Shousetsuka ni Koi wo Suru

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Artist: TANNO Chikuwabu
Language: English

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A novelist, Aka, has been able to see ayakashi since he was little. Because of all of the ayakashi around him, Aka did not get along with any human beings. The only one who stayed around him was his dog, Shiro. Then he meets an ayakashi that looks similar to his old dog, Shiro.  Rintaro is a mysterious being who likes human beings and is engaged in social life as a person. Moved by the bright sun-like Rintaro, Aka’s awareness changes little by little. However, one day, Aka was suddenly told by Rintaro that he loves him-!?

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21 thoughts on “Ayakashi wa Shousetsuka ni Koi wo Suru

  1. Oh, I like it! If I could read Kanji I would buy the book! But I can’t and so I hope you are going to upload the next chapter soon. 🙂

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