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Wagamama Basic
Wagamama Basic


Basic Selfishness

Artist: Fuuki Mame
Language: English


Salaryman Aizawa Haruomi hates human beings because of that, he has never gotten along with those in his company. One day, Haruomi goes to the hair salon run by his brother, but there was only Yasa, a happy go lucky, ignorant youth.  Yasa is troubled because he cannot find a hairstyle model and has to practice cutting and styling real hair somehow. Since styling Harumoi’s hair, he has become his friend and they go out to eat together. It’s Haruomi who gradually opens up his heart to him.

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Number of pages:  Page 163
Release date: 2014/04/23
Original Magazine: B’s-LOVEY COMICS
Tanko Publisher: KADOKAWA
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November 17, 2019 7:22 pm

thank you for your hardwork!!! its my first time leaving a comment I’ll leaving more in the future. >_

November 18, 2019 5:35 am

Thank you very much for completing this project, it was great, I really enjoyed it (=^w^=)

November 18, 2019 10:30 pm

thank you so much for all the hard works!!! congrats for completing another great series!! oh, just wondering, there’s no page 81 in both chapter 3 and the complete volume ver, was it just a mis-numbering? hope i’m not being too overbearing.. thanks a lot! ^^

November 24, 2019 5:00 pm

Thank you for your hard work!! It was adorable!! I loved all the couples <3

November 26, 2019 8:11 am

Thank you for working in this project!
Since it is many days past the release…could you please free the latest releases from the password…
I understand why you do it …but I suck at solving the mystery of the password…I don’t mind waiting to download the file so do it when you think it’s right…

December 8, 2019 9:59 pm

Thanks for all your hard work! Such a great series <3 I wish I could read the last couple chapters, but after literal hours all over the site trying to figure out how to puzzle out passwords, I just had to give up. Screw all the morons breaking your simple, frankly generous rules and wrecking it for the rest of us!!

December 31, 2019 6:44 pm

thank you always for the hardwork!😘Looking forward for another year with this awesome site 😍

Is this still password protected? I’m bad at solving this..can anyone clue me in like the format or anything? thank you in advance 😊

January 17, 2020 8:14 am

Thank you for all the chapters & complete volume!

March 2, 2020 9:48 pm

Thank you!!

June 8, 2020 8:07 am

Thank you for the all of the hard work!
I really enjoyed it <3

July 29, 2020 9:56 am

i am sorry i can solve the password. can anyone share it please?

August 10, 2021 8:11 am

Thank you very much for your work!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

April 2, 2022 11:03 am

Until now..i still cant solve the password😭

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