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Tang Zhen is Tang Fan’s biological little brother, there is only a five years difference between them. During their younger days, you could say that both of them were the most talented people in the Tian Xin Sect. During Grand Master Yu’s reign, they caught his attention, and he personally trained them.

At that time, many people were guessing around to who would succeed the Grand Master, because both brothers were the best in the last three generations. Everyday people would discuss who was better between Tang Fan and Tang Zhen. Some people even believed that they would end up against each other.

However, the result was beyond everyone’s expectation, because Grand Master Yu had an accident.

Grand Master Yu’s strength was at Spiritual level seventh star rank, and he almost had a breakthrough into Emperor level.

But when he went out to do some work, he and other elder disciples encountered the demons attack, and died.

Losing a Spiritual level seventh star rank, and a Grand Master to boot, was a really big blow for the Tian Xin Sect. Luckily, according to the Tian Xin Sect’s inside information, there weren’t any other forces that were involved in this accident. During the critical moment, there was a great elder protecting the Tian Xin Sect using his enormous strength. He had incredible strength, and he fought back those who tried to provoke them.

A country should not be without a ruler even if it’s just for a day, and that included the Tian Xin Sect.

Later, that great elder became the one who made the decisions and arranged a new Grand Master. The candidates were Tang Fan and Tang Zhen.

Because of their good characters, innate talents that could only be found one in a hundred, and the fact that they were hardworking practitioners, this made them the best candidates to become a Grand Master. But if there were two candidates, of course they should compete with each other.

But the day before the competition, Tang Zhen decided to withdraw, giving up the position of Grand Master to his big brother, Tang Fan, and voluntarily went to protect Tian Xin Sect’s death prison. Nobody knew the reason he decided to withdrew, and the only thing they knew was from then on, Tang Fan had became the Grand Master for several hundred years.

This matter wasn’t really a secret, because all the predecessors who from the same period as Tang Fan, those from a few hundreds years ago, knew about this. Yang Yi only had to ask a little to know the story roughly.

A little brother who could sacrifice himself for his brother’s future, in the whole continent of Long Xiang, if there was somebody who could believe Tang Fan unconditionally, it was only his little brother Tang Zhen.

After he heard about this from Yang Yi, You XiaoMo felt that there was something wrong.

Tang Zhen gave up the Grand Master’s position to Tang Fan, it means that the two brothers’ relationship was very good. But then again, Tang Zhen didn’t really have to protect the death prison.

Staying in the death prison for too long would made you develop neuroticism, furthermore it wouldn’t be any help for a practitioner. The air at that place was very heavy, if the practitioner was not strong enough, the odds of being possessed by a devil was very high.

So if their relationship was really good,Tang Fan should have called Tang Zhen back after he succeeded the Grand Master title. But not only did he not he do it, he ignored it for a few hundred years. Could it be that there was a special place at the death prison?

You XiaoMo really wanted to go to Wan E forest and take a look, but the guards there are exceptionally strict, he might even get caught before he went near it.

He asked SheQiu, but SheQiu simply rolled his eyes, and said that he would only hinder Ling Xiao if he went there, and just told him to relax.

It’s not easy for him to worry about Ling Xiao, but once he did, he was told that he would only become a hindrance, someone is being really arrogant.

Three days later, You XiaoMo saw Fang ChenLe who he hasn’t seen for many days.

This time, Fang ChenLe didn’t look for him to chat around; a month ago, he promised You XiaoMo that he would give him some high level magic herb seeds, and not long ago, a small high level magic herb field recently dropped some seeds, so he finally had the opportunity to enter the seed house. After he got a hold of the seeds, Fang ChenLe especially came here running to give him the seeds, and after talked a bit, he hurriedly going back.

You XiaoMo brought the seeds and gave it to SheQiu and the others, let them soak the seeds in the spirit water until they became puffed up, set up the magic herb fields, and then planted them in the fields. Because these were high level magic herb seeds, the growth time for these seeds was much longer, so they needed to prepare them beforehand before they could plant them.

In the afternoon, You XiaoMo went out from the space, and then he went to met Zhao DaZhou who was in a rush looking for him.

When Zhao DaZhou saw him, the first thing that he said was, “Seventh-shidi, I’m really sorry.”

Saying that all of sudden, You XiaoMo didn’t know what he meant.

After he panted a few times, Zhao DaZhou began to explain, “Last time, didn’t you say that I shouldn’t let other people know about MengMeng’s existence? I wasn’t careful enough, and my dad found out, so I had to tell him about it.” MengMeng is the little Six Winged Divine Tiger.

You XiaoMo just wondered about what was he going to tell him, but it was actually about this matter. He already expected that Fifth-shixiong wouldn’t be able deceive Zhao-shibo, so he already expected that Zhao-shibo would find out.

Zhao DaZhou saw his flat expression and couldn’t help but be surprised, “Don’t tell me you already guessed it?”

You XiaoMo patted his shoulder, and said in an understanding tone, “Fifth-shixiong, to tell you the truth, I feel that with your IQ, it’s impossible for you to deceive Zhao-shibo.”

Zhao DaZhou twitched his mouth, “Should I thank you for being so understanding to me?”

It sounded like he was praising his father’s high IQ, but it clearly means that his own IQ is low.

You XiaoMo laughed, “You don’t have to.”

Zhao DaZhou rolled his eyes, while keeping his face close to him, but the worries in his heart had finally lifted. He was afraid that You XiaoMo would be mad at him.

You XiaoMo didn’t get angry at all, in fact he felt that it was better for Zhao-shibo to know the truth. Since he is much smarter than Fifth-shixiong, he knew that such a treasure shouldn’t be exposed to other people, and with his harsh language, he could help but keep the secret, so it would lessen the chance that MengMeng would be found out.

Zhao DaZhou said, “there’s still one other thing, have you heard about Xing Luo’s matter?”

You XiaoMo asked back, “I’ve heard about it, why did you ask?”

Zhao DaZhou said, “I heard my father say that Grand Master would go to the Yun Canyon tomorrow and meet with other forces, and afterwards they will go looking for the Xing Luo Sect. They estimated that this war would lasts for several days.”

You XiaoMo nodded his head, “I know about this, ah.

Zhao DaZhou rolled his eyes and said, “I know you do, what I want to say next is the thing that you don’t know, please listen until I finish talking.”

You XiaoMo rubbed his nose, he felt that recently he received so many eye rolls.

Zhao DaZhou said this in the mysterious way, “There is something that you absolutely don’t know. Actually, not everybody in Tian Xin Sect listens to what the grandmaster had said. My father said that inside the Tian Xin Sect, there is a group of strong people that can’t be controlled by the Grand Master, so he really wants to eliminate them as soon as possible. Sadly their strength is too strong, unless he breaks them one by one, it would be impossible even for grandmaster to remove them.

You XiaoMo, thought about it, “Don’t tell me they use to oppose the Grand Master to succeed the previous Grand Master?”

Zhao DaZhou praised him and said, “You’re correct, my father told me, actually, during the time when the current Grand Master succeeded the grandmaster title, there was a hidden story behind this, although it wasn’t very clear specifically.”

You XiaoMo wasn’t a fool, when he had heard Zhao DaZhou mention his dad a few times, he knew why he told him about this.

This kind of matter concerning Tang Fan was an absolute Tian Xin Sect secret, you couldn’t obtain it just from Yang Yi-shixiong’s gossip. Since Zhao-shibo asked Fifth-shixiong to tell him this, it was clearly his way of thanking him for the high level little demon beast that he gave to Fifth-shixiong.

Zhao-shibo couldn’t interfere with Ling Xiao’s matter, but the people who opposed Tang Fan could do it, so Zhao-shibo wanted to warn him that he could look for those people.

After sending Zhao DaZhou off, You XiaoMo stayed inside his room all afternoon.

When he got out of his room, apparently he already had some determination, his expression looked firm.

The next day, Tang Fan and others left Tian Xin Sect for Yun Canyon. The reason he could just leave the Tian Xin Sects was because the person who temporarily filled in his position was the great elder who helped him succeeded the Grand Master position. That great elder was already very old, and of course it’s been a long time since he handled things, so nobody know how strong he is now.

In You XiaoMo’s space, on the second day Tang Fan left, he gathered up all the Qiu team members to start a secret discussion. “You want me to infiltrate the death prison at Wang E Forest and look for boss? Only me?” SheQiu frowned while looking at him. He doesn’t understand this way of thinking, in the end, who’s the one who has to listen and do the work?

You XiaoMo nodded, “I didn’t ask you to bring me and look for Ling Xiao, but I want you to help me tell Ling Xiao about that matter. I think we can make use of it, who knows maybe we can even get Zhou Peng out.”

SheQiu made a complicated expression while looking at him for a long time, and then looked at Xiao Hei and the others.

Xiao Hei and the three others who were beside him turned their heads away, not looking at them.

The four beasts’ reactions immediately made You XiaoMo confused, he thought that his plan didn’t have any problems, he had confidence in this plan, even just a little, so why did they have those kind of reactions? Besides, it made him feel that somehow they were feeling somewhat guilty.

After a while, SheQiu made a coughing sound, and then took out a luminous stone from his chest and gave it to him.

You XiaoMo took the stone, “What is this?”

This whitish stone, the interior has milky white color, it is a very beautiful stone.

SheQiu’s eyes were sparkling, and then said “This is a transmitter stone.

You XiaoMo asked, “What is a transmitter stone?”

SheQiu mumbled, “It… can let two people to talk with each other even when they are not at the same place, as long as it’s not exceed ten thousand miles.”

You XiaoMo nodded, it’s similar to the 21st centuries telephone, but the distance is longer, and there’s no limit for the signal or particular place. Of course he knew that; and then, he asked in a very gentle tone, “Then, who are you usually talking to using this stone?”

SheQiu imitated Xiao Hei and the others, turning away his head, not daring to look at You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo “…”

Transmitter Stone, “Haha…”


Shibo (师伯) = Uncle (in teacher-master form). The ‘bo’(伯) literal meaning is ‘paternal older uncle’ — disciples call masters other than their own master as ‘uncle’, in this case, the other master is older/senior than your own master, or he is your senior’s master.

*in this case, momo calls Zhao DaZhou’s father as shibo because he is Zhao’s father (and Zhao is Momo’s senior)

(PPS, those of us at ExR call You XiaoMo (Momo) and Ling Xiao (Boss.))

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