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Koakuma Cover

The Small Devil Does as I Say
Artist:  Saiki Emika
Language: English
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Note: Permission has already been granted for re-translation to a Spanish, and Vietnamese groups.


Kuroya Rui is a talented porn star who does not care how many partners he has on a daily basis or how many he has in bed at the same time. One night, after his filming, he meets Eak who claims to be a incubus wanting to seduce Rui. What will happen when Rui decides to play Eak’s game?

Samenai Yume Nara Nando Demo

College student Hayato wanted to try something different, so he became a porn star. Little did he know that he would be monopolized by his very own porn star teacher.

Catch up

High school student Rintarou lets men do whatever to his body for money. But what happens when he meets runaway Yuuma from another famous rich school?

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