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Chapter 102: Eggs on Toast

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end they managed to hold back from doing anything in the car. After the alcohol wore off a bit for Shen Fu, they got someone to come and get them.

When the two got back, Shen Fu’s parents hadn’t returned with XiaoYu and TaoTao yet, Old Master Shen was taking an afternoon nap and Aunt Shen and Alan had left as well because Alan was going to leave for Los Angeles soon, so the two had been stuck together like glue.

Shen Yan was left alone at home.

Upon seeing him, Shen Fu was shocked. “Yo, you aren’t out on a date?”

Shen Yan: …

Seeing that Shen Yan didn’t reply, Shen Fu sat next to him, smiling. Lin ShuYi went to the kitchen to make Shen Fu some soup to sober him up, letting the two brothers talk.

“You know about what’s going on with me?” Brother Shen asked.

Shen Fu raised an eyebrow. “What what’s going on? If you’re talking about your love life, I think everyone knows.”

Shen Yan: …

Shen Fu smiled and said, “But you’re too good with secrecy, I haven’t even seen this mysterious lover of yours once yet.”

Shen Yan fell silent for a moment before suddenly smiling. “You want to meet them?”

Shen Fu immediately replied, “Of course! I want to know which young la…”

“It’s Jiang Cheng.”

It took Shen Fu a full two minutes to remember who Jiang Cheng was, and once he did, he didn’t feel so good anymore. “Jiang Cheng?!! The Jiang Cheng we met at Old Master Wen’s??!!”

Shen Yan nodded. Shen Fu had already been drunk, now he felt like his brain had turned to mush.

“Didn’t he leave the country years ago?”

Shen Fu nodded. “He returned a while back.”

“But…” Shen Fu suddenly cut himself off before asking, “Wait, so it was him you were talking about before?”

So, when he had asked if a person who was attracted to women might suddenly start liking men, he was talking about Jiang Cheng?

Shen Yan nodded again. It seemed like he didn’t know how else to express himself apart from nodding.

Shen Fu fell completely silent. He couldn’t believe it was Jiang Cheng. He knew that his brother and Jiang Cheng had quite a chaotic history with each other, to the point where words even reached their grandfather’s ears. In the end, Shen Yan had denied it vehemently, yet in the end, it was still Jiang Cheng, huh?

Shen Yan glanced up at Shen Fu, feeling a little moved. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell our parents and grandpa myself.”

Shen Fu ran a hand through his hair before asking, expression serious, “Brother, have you made up your mind?”

Brother Shen smiled. “Yes, I have.”

Shen Fu sighed. He couldn’t make any judgements without understanding the full situation. But he believed that his brother had his own reasons. After all, if he smiled like that when thinking of the other, it must truly be love.

“Then don’t worry too much and go for it. If grandfather does anything, I’ll help you beg for his mercy.”

Shen Yan: …

After a moment, he bowed his head and smiled, saying, “Thank you, then.”

Shen Fu’s entire body flinched back. Did love really change people so much? Was this really his brother? Someone who didn’t respond to his teasing?

“You’re welcome… Oh, last thing, which of you, hm, bottoms?” Seeing storm clouds immediately gathering on his brother’s face, Shen Fu’s entire body went into shock. Holy crap, Jiang Cheng topped his brother??!!! Jesus Christ…

However, when considering how Jiang Cheng was half a head taller than him, closing in on 190cm tall… Jiang Cheng was probably the only one who could do it.

Lin ShuYi just so happened to come out with his soup. Shen Fu stood and said, “Brother, I wish you a blissful future.”

Shen Yan knew there was something strange about what Shen Fu just said from his rather odd smile, but he didn’t manage to react.

By the time his brain processed it, Shen Fu was already upstairs with Lin ShuYi.

It took quite a while for Shen Fu to recover from the shock of his brother bottoming, but after some consideration, it seemed legit. That nephew of Old Master Wen’s, Jiang Cheng, was quite the character, even more black bellied than an ultimate evil boss. There wasn’t much to hesitate over guessing who’d be on top.

If you were being technical about it, Shen Fu and Shen Yan should have to call him uncle, since he was a part of their parents’ generation. Yet in the end, Shen Yan and him ended up together.

It wasn’t until the sky was almost completely dark that Mama and Papa Shen returned. By the time Shen Fu came down the stairs, his brother had left. Xiao Yu ran over to him, giggling, as soon as he saw him, telling him all about where they had gone with grandpa and grandma, and what they had seen.

TaoTao greeted Shen Fu all soft and sweet before he looked behind Shen Fu. As soon as Lin ShuYi came down, he called out for Lin ShuYi to pick him up. These two kids were each closer to the parent they didn’t share a name with. It was rather amusing.

It was Monday tomorrow, and Xiao Yu had to go to school, so they had to return tonight. Shen Fu knew this, too, but he was also reluctant to part, telling them to wait a bit, he’d take them back before returning to H City.

However, this would be exhausting for Shen Fu, so Lin ShuYi refused, saying that it was fine if he got someone else to take them back. Shen Fu still had to go to work the following morning, and Lin ShuYi was unwilling to make things so taxing for Shen Fu.

The two hadn’t even finished being lovey-dovey when Mama Shen spoke up. “How about you take two days off, XiaoFu. If anything happens and your brother doesn’t have time, your dad can take care of it.”

Papa Shen didn’t even get a chance to complain before Shen Yan came down the stairs, phone in hand. He said a few indistinguishable words before hanging up and saying to Shen Fu, “Go ahead, take a few days off and come back next week.”

Shen Fu glanced at him inquisitively, meaning: don’t you need time to go on dates and convince our parents?

Shen Yan frowned at him in response and huffed, saying, “You don’t want to? Then you can come to work tomorrow.”

The boss had spoken, so Shen Fu was naturally not at all reluctant and hurriedly agreed.

Shen Fu’s parents exchanged a look, looking like they wanted to sit Shen Yan down for a long talk. Having Shen Fu stay at Shen Conglomerate was an idea the family agreed on together. Though they didn’t want the little family to be split up like this, Shen Fu settling down and learning to manage the Shen Conglomerate with his brother was a necessary experience for him. Plus, the two brothers had made some sort of agreement, resulting in Shen Fu staying at the Shen Conglomerate instead of running right back to S City and slacking his duties despite being reluctant. The two brothers didn’t say anything about it and Mama Shen didn’t ask, but now it seemed that there really was something they were hiding from everyone.

In the end, though, if they said anything to Shen Yan or not, Shen Fu wouldn’t know, because he was already on his way to S City with his little family and the approval of his “boss”.

It was midnight by the time they arrived, and the three at the back of the car were all asleep by then. Shen Fu took the two little ones inside without waking Lin ShuYi. When he picked up Xiao Yu, Xiao Yu had woken up, but he just opened his eyes and looked at Shen Fu before falling asleep again.

Then he picked up Lin ShuYi bridal style as well and carried him inside carefully.

Perhaps it was because he was too exhausted, but Lin ShuYi didn’t wake up at all. Shen Fu had originally wanted to do something before bed, but this suppressed that desire for him, and he took a shower before getting into bed and hugging his lover to his chest.

Lin ShuYi snuggled closer to Shen Fu’s chest out of habit. This delighted Shen Fu and he closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.

Waking in the morning and seeing the familiar ceiling, Shen Fu was stunned for a moment. He turned his head and, seeing the sleeping person next to him, couldn’t help but smile.

No matter if it was waking up next to the person you loved or watching the person you loved waking up next to you, it was a blissful experience.

When they arrived at XiQin Restaurant to open it for the day, everyone clearly hadn’t expected Shen Fu to have returned with Lin ShuYi, all gathering around and asking if Shen Fu had brought them gifts. Shen Fu smiled, taking out the desserts and gift boxes he had gotten from H City, saying, “Quite the sharp eyes there.”

Tang Shuang said in triumph, “Of course, Shen-ge is always generous, you don’t even need to think to know.”

The two girls laughingly pushed him aside. “Stop making idle chatter and go work!” Then they turned to Lin ShuYi, “What about TaoTao? He came back, too, right?”

Lin ShuYi nodded. “He’s still sleeping.” Xiao Yu had gone to school already, with a breakfast of eggs on toast and a large cup of milk, a balanced and nutritious meal. They hadn’t eaten yet though, preparing to deal with that in the restaurant.

After returning to S City, Shen Fu had nothing much to do, apart from occasionally helping Lin ShuYi out.

He couldn’t really leave all his work to his brother, after all, he was managing plenty of projects himself, so he took the chance while Lin ShuYi was busy and TaoTao was asleep during the day to open his thin laptop and deal with his emails before forwarding them to his secretary, Anna. That basically counted as doing his work and helping out his brother.

When the two were both finally free from their duties, Xiao Yu’s school was just finishing up for the day, too. The family would sit together and enjoy a delicious meal made by Lin ShuYi. After dinner, Shen Fu would help Xiao Yu with his homework while Lin ShuYi played with TaoTao, and then, when both kids were put to bed, they had their personal time. Honestly speaking, this personal time of theirs was too short for Shen Fu’s liking, especially when Lin ShuYi had things to do the following day. They had less and less time to spend on physically affirming their relationship, but Shen Fu was content. They had their whole lives ahead of them; there was no rush. Even if they just lay down side by side, not doing anything, Shen Fu’s happiness would still swell and spill over.

However, peaceful days never lasted long.

On the fifth day after Shen Fu returned to S City, he received a call from his mother. Her tone wasn’t the best, and what she said implied that something had happened pertaining to Shen Yan. Shen Fu raised an eyebrow. He could imagine, even through the telephone, how the atmosphere must be in the Shen Family right now.

Now Shen Fu understood why his brother sent him off; it was because he was going to take the chance to come out to Old Master Shen.

Was it because he was afraid that this might spill over onto him? Shen Fu smiled silently. They were brothers, after all.

Thus, Shen Fu left that afternoon, driving back to H City. He didn’t tell Lin ShuYi the details, afraid he might worry. Once Lin ShuYi nodded, saying he’d wait for Shen Fu to come back, Shen Fu smiled, kissing the other’s forehead, and then TaoTao’s. Xiao Yu wasn’t there at that moment, so he was going to call Xiao Yu later.

Then Shen Fu returned to H City alone. He had promised Shen Yan, so long as Shen Yan’s feelings were true, he’d support his brother, and he wasn’t planning on breaking his word.

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