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Chapter 38: I have a flower on my head.

“Red Shield sent a total of 200,000 mechanical fighters, of which about 80,000 were killed by Black Raven, and all the other fighters fell on the blockade wall.” Alia stood in front of the round table in the lobby and called out a simulated holographic projection of the black market war.

Light blue speckle particles showed Black Raven’s high-energy particle gun’s firing route in the air. “From this data,” Alia said, pointing to the deformed wing behind Black Raven, “Ivan equipped him with at least three waking stones, so that at least half of the waking stones sold by Cessie were in Ivan’s hands.”

Auguste interlaced his fingers, put his chin gently on them and listened to Alia’s report. Hai’an stayed under his hand, twisting his vines. Alia looked at Hai’an and thought that Hai’an was funny. She particularized a butterfly with light spots and put it on Hai’an’s head.

Hai’an reached out with his vine and touched the butterfly. The butterfly was scattered and fantasized again. He flew to the other side to tease Hai’an.

In fact, Hai’an just felt itchy today, as if something had to be drilled out of his body. Would he have to grow new leaves?

“We don’t have the technology to break through the blockade wall at present. We can only rely on the strong burst of explosive bombs. If we go against Ivan, we will lose a lot.”

Colin reached for a grape from a fruit tray on the table, threw it up into the air, and then opened his mouth. The grape fell into his mouth. Hai’an was shocked. “Ivan can’t win against us by himself.”

“That’s why people want to pick a fight with you. If he likes to fight with you, he won’t unite the legion.” Corson was helpless at how his little brother ate his food without any image. Then he squeezed a grape and stuffed it directly into his mouth. It’s only tasty to eat like this.

“Ivan is at least 10 times as powerful as we are now.” Auguste also plucked a grape, peeled it and stuffed it towards Hai’an, who circled it carefully with his vines, but he found that he could not eat it.

When Lydney saw it, he got up and went to the kitchen to squeeze a glass of grape juice for Hai’an. He put it by Auguste’s hand. Hai’an immediately tied the vine to the cup and dragged it to his side.

As Auguste reached out to help Hai’an move the cup, he continued, “How long can Alia, Red Shield and Black Raven last?”

“If Red Shield had my operation to fight Raven directly, it would last half an hour, but,” Alia said, “if Ivan operated Raven and fought with me, I would lose in no more than a minute.”

“What about me? If I fight Ivan, can I fight him?” Carl suddenly made a noise.

Alia listened, stunned. “In theory, you can, but only if you fight individually, and you have to be in a closed space.”

Carl complained, “Why can you fight alone?”

“Because your IQ and Ivan’s are at least 200 years apart.” Jamie mocked Carl mercilessly on one side.

“May I ask about Dean?” Lydney raised his hand, hearing his voice, everyone looked up at him. “He used to be on Vagrant, so how did he turn out to be like that?”

“Dean is a genius,” Auguste put down his hand, took the teapot and poured a cup of tea for himself, the slowly rising steam blocked his eyes. “After the pirate attack, with his ability, even if he could not go to the battlefield, he could still work in the army. He broke away from us because Carl accepted the transformation experiment.”

“Carl and I are both Ayulons, but because Carl lost his eggshell, he did not get the inheritance of Ayulon. Human’s age very unstably, in order to prevent him from returning to his embryo stage, he had to conserve his energy and stay in the form of a child most of the time.”

All the inheritance information of Ayulon’s were stored in the eggshell. Their eggshell was almost one of the hardest substances in the universe. It would change with the growth of the Ayulon. When they grew up, they would become small warships. It can be said that Ayulon’s eggshell were their home.

Auguste’s Vagrant was built on the basis of his eggshell. That little Ayulon egg was crushed so easily because the inside Ayulon had already died, the knowledge had not been inherited and it had become a common calcium carbonate shell.

Carl had no eggshell, no inheritance, and it was too late to grow up. The interstellar war was too cruel, and the ability of Ayulon’s to be human was something that their race had evolved over the past tens of thousands of years, but few people knew it. Before they could tell Dean the secret, the pirate incident happened. After Dean was injured, Carl went to Auguste and asked for an experiment. Otherwise, he might not be able to grow up all his life.

Auguste made the mechanical skeleton for Carl and replaced it with tungsten steel scales. The light blue liquid hood they saw at the black market that day was a shield that needed tungsten steel as a conductor to cover a wide area. Dean opposed the experiment all the time. On the night of the day of the experiment, he submitted a retirement application to the headquarters of the Emperor Regiment. The headquarters saw that he was a disabled pure human being and passed the retirement application directly.

Dean left Vagrant overnight, and they never saw Dean after that.

“He wasn’t so hostile to evolutionary humans before. Maybe he was stimulated after he left the ship.”

“But that’s not his reason.” Lydney frowned and felt sick at the thought of what Dean had done at the black market.

Hai’an saw Auguste pour a cup of tea. Smelling it waft fragrantly toward him, he also wanted to taste it. But the cup was very hot, and as he reached half of his vine out, he was blocked by the heat of the cup. Auguste raised the cup, and Hai’an’s vines moved up with it, trying to drink a little, and then they all retracted after being scalded.

“Dean has Nightmare, we can’t kill him, otherwise Nightmare will absorb the vitality of everyone around him to treat Dean.” Auguste touched Hai’an and told him not to touch the cup. “The cup is hot. Don’t touch it.”

“I’ve only seen some brief introductions about primitive mechanical fighters in books before, but I don’t really understand them.” Lydney didn’t understand.

Alia also held a cup of tea as she explained to Lydney, “The original mechanical fighters have different abilities because they have a certain core, unlike ordinary mechanical fighters. Nightmare’s ability is to repair. Before he left our ship, he may have already had Nightmare, otherwise it can not explain how long he has lived as a pure human being.”

Hai’an listened to Alia, and felt that Nightmare’s ability was like black magic, taking others lives to repair their looks and wounds. Hai’an was a white elf and could use white magic to heal, but white magic can not prolong human life. But Hai’an felt he could teach Lydney magic, and if Lydney’s magic talent was good enough, he could also gain a longer life through advanced magician ranks.

But now, I don’t even have a figure, I’m a pot of grass, and I can’t speak.

There was no use for him. It was so sad. Hai’an became melancholy, as if the exhaustion in his heart suddenly surged up, making his whole body go soft, and the leaves that had been shaking spiritually dropped.

Carl, who was drinking milk, glanced at Auguste’s side. Then he opened his eyes, took a mouthful of milk, and pointed shockedly at Hai’an: “What the fuck!”

Auguste looked down at Hai’an as he watched Carl’s exaggerated expression.

Hai’an had a bud on his head. A small, pointed mass, too tender to see the color of the bud, but tightly wrapped by green calyx.

“Is this JianJian’s flower?” Colin’s eyesight was very good. It was he who found Hai’an drinking milk secretly. Now he saw a flower bud growing on Hai’an’s head, he rushed to look at Hai’an carefully.

Lydney drew up a little closer. “No, it’s a bud. It’s a long way from blossoming. JianJian blossoms really fast.”

Was it going to blossom? Hai’an reached out the vine and touched the bud on his head, which was hard.

At that moment, spot particles suddenly appeared on the round table. After several frames of flickering, Leston’s holographic projection appeared on the round table. He was staying in the command room to control the ship’s route. “It was detected that the Emperor appeared 10,000 kilometers away. It is expected that he will catch up with us in 15 minutes. The Tracking Legion has an army surrounded by iron hammers. It belongs to Legion No. 4. Please give instructions when the report is finished.”

The Hammer Army was originally the Fourth Army of the Empire. Unlike the mechanical warriors under Auguste, the Hammer Army was mainly fighting warships. It was good at blockade warfare. The inspiration of the research and development of the blockade wall came from the Hammer Army.

Unlike the rigidity of the blockade wall, the Hammer Legion was more flexible and free. It was difficult for the Hammer Legion to break through its surroundings without the help of the Surge Army.

“Is Ivan so charming that he sent Hammers to catch us?” Carl did not understand why Ivan had to put so much effort into catching them, since Auguste had made it clear that he was not involved in the struggle between the Empire and the Freedom Alliance.

“Leston, get the map out.” Auguste intends to see where the nearest meteorite belt is now.

The Hammer Army was an intensive battle unit. In the open universe, they couldn’t get rid of the pursuit of the Hammer Army. Only when they entered the meteorite belt, the Hammer Army couldn’t follow because then they couldn’t maintain their formation, and the Hammer Army without their formation couldn’t blockade at all.

Leston quickly pulled out the nearby star map, and the projection instantly extended through the entire hall. Spot particles floated around everyone, forming a miniature cosmic map.

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