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Chapter 113: Milky Oatmeal

Translated by Karcessel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The next day, a guest arrived. A white person with blond hair, wearing a slim, ironed suit and a formal smile, and carrying a small brown suitcase by his side.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were called in front of him, but Lin ShuYi’s head was still full of fog, and he wasn’t quite clear what was going on. Shen Fu, on the other hand, understood what was going on as soon as the guest opened his suitcase.

“He’s probably the tailor mom hired to make our wedding outfits, here to take our measurements.”

Sure enough, as the tailor opened his suitcase, the majority of the items within were professional tools used for recording measurements. The tailor pulled out a measuring tape and started with Shen Fu, asking him to raise his arms, and began measuring and taking down notes as he went.

Lin ShuYi watched with interest, and thought that the current process of handmade clothing wasn’t much different from his previous life.

After all the measurements were recorded, there were still a lot of things to do. From selecting the style and material to the small details they wanted included and all the steps in between, every request from the customers were respected. It was no wonder this was such a popular brand. Among bespoke tailoring brands, this company put the most time and effort into their manufacturing, and thus the price was much higher as well, but this didn’t hinder their popularity at all. Rather, because of the meticulous attention they paid to their customers, this brand was considered high above any other of it’s profession, and was thus the go-to bespoke brand for the rich and famous.

Shen Fu was actually quite curious because he knew this brand wasn’t the type just money could buy. They didn’t care what you did or how short on time you were, if you didn’t reserve well in advance, all the money in the world couldn’t move you up their queue.

Although their trip to Los Angeles wasn’t a sudden decision, he had only briefly mentioned it to his mother before. For her to have booked a reservation in such a short amount of time was no small miracle, and left Shen Fu in awe.

Mama Shen could read Shen Fu’s bewilderment, and laughed. “Oh this wasn’t my work. Your brother made this reservation for you. The moment you mentioned coming to Los Angeles, your brother had already given them a call and made the reservation.”

Shen Fu turned back to look at Brother Shen with wide eyes, but Brother Shen had his head tilted to the side, keeping his eyes on JC. His posture read that there was no need to thank him, it wasn’t a big deal.

Shen Fu laughed, Shen Yan really was his brother after all.

The measurements were recorded, style and material chosen, and the rest could be done over the next few days. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi could discuss the details with the tailor at any time and the tailor would keep note, adding all the finishing touches at the end, making these outfits one of a kind and just for them.

With the clothing situation settled, all that was left was to choose the chapel. There were many chapels around Los Angeles, but the ones that were famous enough and suitable for them to have their wedding in were only a few.

Shen Fu and Shen Fu unanimously decided to leave this choice to Lin ShuYi. After all, this was there they would swear their eternal loyalty to each other in front of the eyes of God.

Shen Fu handed over the pictures and introductions of several churches over for Lin ShuYi to see, and Lin ShuYi was immediately drawn to a “crystal chapel” with glass walls, as beautiful as heaven on earth.

Lin ShuYi picked up the picture of the crystal chapel and showed it to Shen Fu. “Where is this?”

WIth one glance at the picture, Shen Fu and Brother Shen shared a look, before Shen Fu said, “I actually had a feeling that you would pick this one, because I really like it too.”

This chapel was located on the precipice of a peninsula south of Los Angeles and west of Long Beach. It wasn’t too big, with a wooden frame and glass walls. During the day, mottled sunlight shone through the glass walls from the forest outside, making the entire place look like a fairytale wonderland.

Brother Shen rolled his eyes and said, “We all know you two are on the same wavelength. Could we please book a chapel sometime in between all that PDA? It needs to be reserved at least a few days in advance.”

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi, still looking at each other, said, “We’ll go with this one.”

Mama Shen jotted down the name and location of the chapel, and one more matter was settled.

With every step they complete, it felt as if they were taking a step closer to the wedding, which made Lin ShuYi feel ever more nervous.

In order to alleviate some of Lin ShuYi’s nervousness, Shen Fu prepared to take Lin ShuYi and the two kids on a trip to Disneyland the next day. Because of this, Xiao Yu was so excited the night before that he couldn’t sleep, turning around and around in his sheets with his eyes wide open. Finally, he got up and went to knock lightly on Lin ShuYi’s door.

Lin ShuYi was pressed against the wall, both arms pinned above his head, kissed so breathless that his legs felt weak. With a sudden knock on the door, he was still in a bit of a daze, unable to move his body, but then he recovered and evaded Shen Fu, dodging another kiss. “Did you hear a knock at the door?”

Shen Fu’s eyes were dark and voice was hoarse, his body so hot that he almost abandoned all reason, no way could he have heard any other sounds. Leaning down for another kiss, he said, “Don’t worry about it.”

Xiao Yu knocked on the door again, but received no response. Did his dads already fall asleep? He wanted to go back to sleep, but was still so excited that he didn’t feel tired at all, and he knocked again and asked, “Dads, did you fall asleep?”

This time it wasn’t just Lin ShuYi, Shen Fu heard too. Before he could react, Lin ShuYi pushed Shen Fu away and straightened his clothes, took a few deep breaths, and went to open the door for Xiao Yu on his still weak legs.

Shen Fu looked down at the tent in his pants, and with extreme difficulty, left for the bathroom. There was no way he could let Xiao Yu see him like this.

Xiao Yu was wearing a soft set of T-shirt and shorts, standing in the doorway. Seeing Lin ShuYi open the door, his eyes lit up immediately, but then he caught himself and asked shyly, “Papa, did I disturb your sleep?”

“Not at all. Can’t sleep? Come in.” The blush on Lin ShuYi’s face still hadn’t completely faded. He was grateful that they hadn’t really gotten started yet, or else it would have taken much longer for him to straighten up.

Xiao Yu followed Lin ShuYi into the room, looking left and right, but didn’t spot Shen Fu. But then he heard the pitter patter of the shower running and suddenly felt much better. It turned out that his dads were just showering, and hadn’t gone to bed yet. Good thing he arrived at the right time.

Xiao Yu took off his slippers and curled up on their bed. “Papa, I couldn’t fall asleep.”

Lin ShuYi thought for a second. “Is it because we’re going out to play tomorrow?”

Nodding, Xiao Yu turned his bright eyes to look at Lin ShuYi. “Papa, can I sleep with the two of you tonight?”

Lin ShuYi was surprised. He never expected that Xiao Yu would say this. He thought that because of Xiao Yu’s age, he might like sleeping alone, and never thought that he might want to sleep with them.

Of course Lin ShuYi indulged him, and said, “Alright, but just for tonight. However you have to decide whether you want to sleep with me or papa Shen.”

Xiao Yu had been fully prepared to be refused, he didn’t expect Lin ShuYi to agree instead. He was so happy he was about to start jumping on the bed, “Great, but why can I only sleep with one of you?”

It was difficult for Lin ShuYi to find the words to explain. After all, the reason was that if he and Shen Fu slept together and tried not to do anything, it would be harder than ascending to heaven. In order to prevent anything unsuitable for children from happening, his only choice was to let Xiao Yu sleep with only one of them.

Xiao Yu however didn’t care that much, and didn’t wait for Lin ShuYi to explain. He thought about it for a moment, then asked, “Can I sleep with you?”

Lin ShuYi nodded. “Of course.”

Shen Fu had only gone to take a short shower, but exited to find that his place in bed had been taken over by a small bump under the blankets. Xiao Yu hugged the blankets, with only two round eyes exposed, looking at Shen Fu. “Goodnight papa, I’m sleeping with papa Lin today.”

Shen Fu was stunned, his wife taken over by his own son, but even if he felt jealous there was no place to say it. This was Xiao Yu’s first time asking for anything, and he was getting closer to Lin ShuYi, the most Shen Fu thought about it the more he felt like there were no possible excuses in this situation. So in the end, he said awkwardly, “Then goodnight to the two of you, I’ll go check on TaoTao.”

Although Xiao Yu’s bed wasn’t small, it was still a challenge to fit an adult like Shen Fu on it. Still, Shen Fu stubbornly laid there, thinking about the absurdity of this situation.

That night, Lin ShuYi and Xiao Yu chatted for a long while. Compared with when he first arrived in the Shen family, Xiao Yu was opening up more and more, acting more like a child of his age. Though he sometimes threw tantrums or acted cute, it was all under the sincerity and feelings that Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi were his parents.

Lin ShuYi told Xiao Yu bedtime stories, taking his previous experiences and things he’s read, spinning them into tales and fantasies for Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu listened intently, and the more stories he heard, the less he wanted to sleep. Spirited in the beginning, it took Lin ShuYi great effort in the end to wait for Xiao Yu to finally fall asleep. He felt that he wasn’t suited for telling stories, especially children’s stories.

After Xiao Yu fell asleep, Lin ShuYi got up and went to take a look at the children’s bedroom. The blanket on top of TaoTao was placed neatly, and Shen Fu was sleeping squeezed on Xiao Yu’s small bed. It reminded of the time what Shen Fu first arrived in his home. Thinking of this, Lin ShuYi suddenly broke out a giggle, and leaned down to place a kiss on Shen Fu’s forehead.

Before he even touched Shen Fu, Shen Fu’s eyes snapped open and a hand flew out to hook around Lin ShuYi’s neck, pulling him down to press their lips together.

“Trying to kiss me secretly? Mn?” Shen Fu laughed quietly, and fit his hand comfortably around the back of Lin ShuYi’s neck, deepening the kiss that should have just been a light forehead peck. At the end of the kiss, both of them were a bit out of breath, and Shen Fu asked. “Did Xiao Yu fall asleep?”

Lin ShuYi nodded, and Shen Fu hooked up the corners of his lips, smiling a meaningful smile. “So does that mean we can do something now?”

Without speaking, Lin ShuYi stood up and walked away, leaving Shen Fu behind all alone to say miserably, “This bed is so small.”

Lin ShuYi laughed while walking away. “Then lay down a futon and sleep on the floor.”

Shen Fu, “…”

Shen Fu did not lay down a futon, but when he woke the next morning, he discovered that he had ended up on the floor anyway.

Fortunately the floor was carpeted, and there was a blanket haphazardly strewn across him so he didn’t catch a cold in Los Angeles’s vastly different temperature. But even like this, Shen Fu was still wasn’t comfortable. At breakfast, all he ate was a bowl of oatmeal, looking at Lin ShuYi pitifully.

“Are you very uncomfortable?”

Shen Fu shook his head and smiled, “Not really, just a little dizzy. It’s not a big deal.”

Xiao Yu felt a little guilty, and reached out to rub Shen Fu’s forehead. “Papa, I’ll never switch beds with you again.”

Shen Fu was only trying to fake a headache and get some sympathy from Lin ShuYi, but didn’t expect his words to fall upon Xiao Yu’s ears too. And he couldn’t even admit that he was lying either, so he said quickly, “It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a little stiff.”

Xiao Yu insisted stubbornly. “Papa, you have to get better quickly. When you’re better, I’ll never switch beds with you again.”

The ill-faking Shen Fu suddenly felt a wave of warmth wash across his heart, and suddenly felt that he was being way too petty last night being jealous of his son. So he said. “It’s alright, you can keep sleeping with papa Lin in the future.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up in a flash, and he threw himself at Shen Fu, kissing his face. “Really?! Papa I love you so much.”

Shen Fu, “…”

Oh hell, could he take last night back?

Being jealous of his own son was way too awful of him.

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