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Chapter 112: Beef Steak Cheeseburger

Translated by Kollumceti Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When the sun rose completely and the golden light spread all over the land, Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi drove back when more and more people arrived at Santa Monica beach. They had bought two hamburgers for breakfast in the hamburger shop near the beach.

Though was not the first time Lin ShuYi had eaten a hamburger, he probably hadn’t eaten it more than five times including the few times he took Xiao Yu to KFC. While it looked the same, it tasted totally different.

The hamburger was very big and the meat was also plentiful. The beef steak sauce was rich and it was marinated deliciously, yet Lin ShuYi was a little absent-minded while eating it. He was itching to look at his left hand as though it was a habit. The ring on his ring finger was so shiny that it was hard for him to miss it even if he did not want to pay attention to it.

He also looked at Shen Fu’s hand that was on the steering wheel. a ring of the same design was placed on it in the same position. Someone with a discerning eye could see that it was a couple’s style with just one glance.

They had clearly spent many ordinary days together. Yet, it was only until now that Lin ShuYi discovered that he had begun to have some feelings of love.

Even Shen Fu’s side profile seemed more attractive.

Shen Fu finally couldn’t pretend anymore. He turned his head and gave a low laugh, “If you continue looking at me like that, I’ll stop the car and kiss you.”

Lin ShuYi quickly sat up straight and gazed fixedly ahead, “Quickly go back. We still have to take them out to play at noon.”

Shen Fu replied indifferently, “It’s okay. Besides, my parents are very familiar with this place.”

Lin ShuYi panicked upon seeing that Shen Fu was going to find a place to pull over, “Don’t play around, go back quickly.” It had been hard to restrain their passion when they were on the beach and it had attracted the attention of many people. He did not want to be surrounded by people while in the car again.

Shen Fu finally broke into laughter as he looked at Lin ShuYi’s nervous appearance, and stopped teasing him. In fact, he wanted to say that in this relatively open country, not to mention kissing in the car, nobody would care even if they just kissed in the street like what they did just now. The crowd would only badger them to kiss more passionately.

Everyone was having breakfast when Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi returned to the villa. They probably did not expect them to come back so soon Thus, Mother Shen intentionally asked, “Where did you go? Why did you come back so soon?

Lin ShuYi shoved his left hand into his pocket and pretended like he was not paying attention. Shen Fu snickered while saying, “We went to the Santa Monica Beach and watched the sunrise for a while.”

Mother Shen paid no mind, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

Shen Fu nodded, “We have.”

Tao Tao held up his feeding bottle while sitting in his chair and smiled at Lin ShuYi, “Daddy~”

He had finished the entire bottle. Tao Tao patted his stomach and touched the fastened seat belt to indicate that he was full and wanted to come down now.

Lin ShuYi went over and unfastened the seat belt. Big Brother Shen, who was sitting beside Tao Tao, immediately saw the ring on his hand and shot Shen Fu a glance. The corner of his lips curled up in a smile, he moved pretty fast. He knew that Shen Fu would pull this move as Big Brother Shen had participated in the search for the designer that made Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi’s rings. Seeing that Shen Fu had never taken them out, he thought they could see them during the wedding ceremony.

Jiang Cheng silently looked at Lin ShuYi’s hand before he looked at Big Brother Shen. A light flashed in his eyes before it dissipated and then he bowed his head as he drank coffee.

Everyone did not go out to have fun at noon. Tao Tao had gained an interest in the swimming pool at some unknown time. He was not the slightest bit scared when Shen Fu put a floaty ring on him and put him into the water. Instead, he excitedly paddled up and down while constantly asking his brother to come down and play with him.

Xiao Yu stood beside the swimming pool in his cartoon swimming trunks and wanted to go in, but he could not swim. Thus, Shen Fu found a larger floaty ring and asked him to go down and play first. He would teach Xiao Yu how to swim after he changed.

Lin ShuYi sat under the parasol and read a book. Shen Fu came up and asked, “Do you want to go into the water and play together?”

Lin ShuYi was about to shake his head when he saw Xiao Yu excitedly call from the swimming pool, “Daddy, join us, join us. Let’s play together.”

Shen Fu did not give Lin ShuYi the chance to speak as he pulled him up from his chair and walked into the room, “Let’s go and change your clothes.”

Lin ShuYi really did not want to say that he was not playing in the water because he refused to wear that pair of revealing swimming trunks. Maybe he still had some feudalism ingrained his bones. He could choose not to look at what explicit outfit others were wearing, but he was immediately terrified when it was his turn to wear it.

It seemed that Shen Fu could find anything. When Shen Fu pulled out the two swimming trunks, Lin ShuYi’s face was clearly like a 囧. The swimming trunks was absolutely childish, with a bright yellow background and an exaggerated nose, teeth and expression. It was exactly the same as the pattern on Xiao Yu’s swimming trunks and was an extremely childish SpongeBob SquarePants.

However, Lin ShuYi did not think the same after Shen Fu wore it.

The simple boxer shorts style exposed the solid abdominal muscles that Shen Fu maintained, and his hip line was plainly visible. His thin but powerful legs fell directly into Lin ShuYi’s line of sight.

“It is nice to see?”

Lin ShuYi turned his head. Whether it looked good was secondary, he absolutely did not want to walk out wearing this!

Shen Fu picked up the slightly smaller pair as he said with suspicion, “Quickly change into it.”

Lin ShuYi’s face was full refusal, “No.”

Shen Fu asked wickedly, “Do you want me to help you change?”

Lin ShuYi’s eyes widened as he remained silent.

Shen Fu did not know that Lin ShuYi was shy and thought that Lin ShuYi did not like the pattern on his swimming trunks. So he helplessly said, “There’s nothing that can be done if you don’t like this design. This was the parent-and-child outfit we bought before and it’s the only one. It seems that we forgot to bring the others along. Just change into it first. That kid, Xiao Yu, is waiting outside.”

Shen Fu hinted for Lin ShuYi to look downstairs. As expected, Xiao Yu had been lying on the edge of the pool and looking at the door, as if waiting for them to come out. Lin ShuYi had no choice but to slowly start undressing.

Not only was his skin color whiter than Shen Fu’s, his stomach also did not have the well-trained muscles like Shen Fu’s. Instead, he had the delicate bones unique to youngsters. Shen Fu’s eyes darkened a little when he looked at Lin ShuYi. As he had long taken into consideration the need to wear swimming trunks outside, Shen Fu had restrained himself these past two days and did not leave many obvious marks on Lin ShuYi’s body. However, he just did not leave a lot of marks. Looking closely, one could tell that there were still some light kiss marks on Lin ShuYi’s chest which became more attractive when contrasted against his white skin.

Lin ShuYi lifted his pants and began to roll his eyes at Shen Fu while he slowly took off his clothes. “You’re still not hurrying out? What are you waiting for?”

Shen Fu laughed, “Is there still some place where I haven’t seen? Quickly change. Just pretend that I don’t exist.”

Lin ShuYi glared at him several times. Yet, Shen Fu did not have the slightest intention to go out. Lin ShuYi became angry in the end. He became hopeless and recklessly took off his pants in front of Shen Fu.

Shen Fu witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end. At the last moment when Lin ShuYi pulled up the swimming trunks, Shen Fu pounced on him like a wolf and pressed Lin ShuYi under his body while kissing him fiercely. He probably would not be able to go out with the tent in his trousers without quenching the fire.

Xiao Yu was lying on the edge of the pool and waited so long that the flowers had withered, yet his two daddies still did not intend to come out. He kept looking at the door until Big Brother Shen asked him, “Xiao Yu, why are you not playing anymore?”

Xiao Yu asked, “Daddy Shen and Daddy Lin went to change their clothes. Why haven’t they come out yet?”

Big Brother Shen and Jiang Cheng exchanged glances of mutual understanding. They did not know how to explain to Xiao Yu that for such a thing like changing clothes, the time Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi took would be relatively longer as long as they went together.

Neither Jiang Cheng nor Big Brother Shen went into the pool. They sat on the reclining chair beside the swimming pool and watched Tao Tao constantly splashing his white tender little arms and legs in the water. An indescribable emotion grew in the both of them. Though the two did not really like children, now they felt that it was also rather good to have such a child in their relationship.

As they distractedly thought about this, Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi came out one after another.

Big Brother Shen was full of ridicule as he looked at his watch, “En? That’s quite fast.”

Xiao Yu pouted. He completely did not understand his uncle’s implication, “So much time has passed. It’s not fast at all!”

Lin ShuYi raised his hand to cover his red and swollen lips. He did not know where to place his awkward hands and feet.

Shen Fu did not care about Big Brother Shen’s ridicule. He jumped into the pool and swam to Xiao Yu, splashing water at him. Then Shen Fu suddenly lifted Xiao Yu from the water and laughed, “Didn’t you want to learn to swim? Come.”

Xiao Yu was surprised at first, then he laughed brightly as he hugged Shen Fu’s neck. He played until he was high.

Big Brother Shen and Jiang Cheng eyed each other and said at the same time, “Let’s raise a child, too.”

Lin ShuYi: “…”

Are you sure you are raising a child instead of a pet? First, please go find out who knows how to take care of the children between the two of you!

Lin ShuYi was not in a hurry to get into the pool. He still felt a little awkward and pulled one side of the bath towel to loosely wrap it around his waist, intending to untie it when he went into the water. Then he stood aside and watched the father and sons play in the water.

Tao Tao could not swim. He could only splash around randomly while wearing the floaty ring and was unable to move an inch for quite a while. So he waved his hands at Xiao Yu anxiously.

“Big Brother~”

Shen Fu laughed and swam over and pushed him over. He was so happy that he incessantly splashed around them.

Xiao Yu’s floaty ring was taken off. Shen Fu supported him and taught him how to paddle, how to kick and how to coordinate his hands and feet. Xiao Yu had always been very clever, but he was a little lost when it came to swimming. He would float when Shen Fu supported him, but sank straight down once Shen Fu released his hands. Xiao Yu was so frightened that he held onto Shen Fu’s neck and refused to loosen his grip no matter what.

Shen Fu fished him up and continued to patiently say, “Come on, relax. You can’t be tense. It’s easy to sink when you are tense.”

Lin ShuYi finally could not watch any longer and went into the pool. He swam to the two and took Xiao Yu, “Come, try lying on your back in the water.”

Xiao Yu was still a little scared. Lin ShuYi stared straight into his eyes, telling him that he did not need to be nervous as they were all beside him. Only then did Xiao Yu close his eyes and allow Lin ShuYi to support him while he lay on his back.

Lin ShuYi’s voice was beside his ear when he floated up gently, “Don’t be afraid, we are all beside you. Close your eyes and relax.”

Lin ShuYi had long taken back his hand but Xiao Yu did not know this. He did not dare to open his eyes as he whispered, “Daddy, don’t let go.”

Lin ShuYi smiled, “En, don’t be nervous.”

Xiao Yu floated on the water for a long time as if he had found the feeling all of a sudden, . Finally, he stopped being nervous and opened his eyes slowly. Only then did he find that both Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu were some distance away from him. He was shocked and the balance that he had maintained for quite a while was broken and he began to sink.

Before Xiao Yu could shout, he had already been supported by Shen Fu who had instantly swam over. Shen Fu smiled, “It’s all right. You don’t need to fear, we are all beside you.”

Xiao Yu hugged Shen Fu’s neck. He did not want to swim anymore.

Shen Fu obviously felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Xiao Yu. He put Xiao Yu on the edge of the swimming pool and asked, “Is Xiao Yu afraid of water?”

Xiao Yu shook his head. He was not afraid of water and he liked swimming very much. It was just… “I fell into the pond when I was in the welfare institution before, so I’m a little nervous when I go into the pool.”

He did not have a deep impression of the incident. He only remembered that he drank a lot of water. So although he liked swimming very much, he could not help being nervous in the swimming pool.

Shen Fu was stunned for a moment. Then he patted Xiao Yu’s head. “Then you don’t need to learn. Just take a floaty ring if you want to play in the water. It’s all right.”

Xiao Yu raised his head and nodded.

Thus, Shen Fu put on a floaty ring on him again. Xiao Yu seemed to instantly relax a lot and swam to Tao Tao to tease him.

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