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Chapter 59: Continuous Snapping

Hai’an held up his underwear and looked up at Auguste with questioning eyes.

“This is… underwear for everyday use in the future.” Auguste’s face was wooden and he spoke solemnly.

Underwear? I haven’t heard of them before. Where should I wear it?

Hai’an tugged his underwear and pulled at the elastic band for a few moments, playing with the snapping sound.

As an underwear-educated Ayulon, Auguste could hardly bear to look straight at this scene. He grabbed Hai’an’s underwear and separated it with two fingers. “JianJian, stand up and put your legs in the two holes.”

Hai’an’s lower body was still huddled in the quilt, showing only two cherry points on his chest. But Hai’an was almost used to being naked in front of Auguste. It wasn’t the first time anyway. He was used to it.

So when he heard Auguste’s words, Hai’an got out of the quilt, held Auguste’s hand, and stepped into the leg holes of his underwear.

Auguste brought Hai’an’s underwear up as he went along. When he let go of his underwear, the elastic band slapped on Hai’an’s waist. Hai’an felt funny. He pulled his underwear and let it go again. The snap continued.

Auguste: “…”

Hai’an was having a good time, but he suddenly remembered that he had slept, but Auguste hadn’t rested yet. So Hai’an gave up on his underwear, scrambled into the bed, pulled the quilt, patted the space next to him, blinked at Auguste and looked forward.

Come in and sleep.

Auguste looked at Hai’an’s humble appearance. Suddenly, his heart softened. He raised his hand and turned off the warm yellow wall lamp beside the bed. He leaned over his pillow, bent down and kissed Hai’an’s head. 

Since Hai’an was so small, he felt only the darkness before his eyes, and then the feeling of Auguste’s warm and soft lips covering his face. Not only did he kiss his mouth, but Hai’an even felt that Auguste could eat his whole body with one bite.

The kiss lasted a short time, about a second. Auguste was afraid that he would press on Hai’an and make Hai’an unable to breathe. So he got up very quickly. Then he rolled over in his position, opened the quilt and went to bed. He smoothly put Hai’an in his arms and closed his eyes.

Hai’an blushed badly, and pressed his hot cheeks against Auguste’s chest. Fortunately, Auguste had turned off the light and could see nothing in the dark. Hai’an hugged the soul stone in his arms and leaned quietly against Auguste, listening to Auguste’s steady and powerful heartbeat, his eyelids drooping gradually.

A moment before falling asleep, Hai’an was still thinking about a question: Why didn’t he kiss Auguste before he gave him the bracelet?

When Auguste woke up the next day, Hai’an was still asleep, and the quilt had slipped to Hai’an’s leg. So Auguste saw the soul stone in Hai’an’s arms at a glance. The room’s temperature was controlled by a thermostat, making it not very cold in the room.

Auguste’s vision blurred for a moment and he poked at the soul stone with his hand.

Hai’an was holding the soul stone in both hands. So he was also poked by Auguste and the stone tumbled out of his arms. Hai’an rubbed his eyes and woke up. He found that the soul stone was missing. He started to scramble around looking for it.

Auguste grabbed Hai’an in his hand, dressed him, got out of bed with the Soul Stone, made a small hole in the Soul Stone, and tied the rope around Hai’an’s neck. Then Hai’an was dragged into the bathroom by Auguste, teeth brushed and face washed before he was taken to the hall.

Every time, Hai’an thought the process of brushing teeth was strangely wonderful. So when Hai’an appeared in the hall with red eyes and a swollen mouth, everyone was silent for a moment.

“Auguste, you…” Tanamo pointed his shocked insect foot at Auguste. Although there was no expression on his insect face, Tanamo’s panicked voice came from the translator, but expressed the voice of people in the place.


“What’s wrong?” Auguste was also surprised. Did he do anything? 

Hai’an heard Auguste’s name called and looked up at Tanamo. Hai’an felt that he was interested in everything about Auguste. Is that what the book says about being shot by the arrow of love?

Tanamo’s neck shrank and he shook his head quickly. “Nothing much.”

Only Carl raised his head and looked at the soul stone around Hai’an’s neck, but he did not speak.

Lydney, sitting next to him, was unusually silent today, stirring his bowl of porridge with his head down and saying nothing.

Auguste and Alia had not yet discussed a perfect solution to the problem of leaving the Mu 1892 meteorite belt.

Jamie was a little upset. “Well, we can’t go out at all. Now that you’ve closed the field of gravity for the Expeditionary Army, it’s estimated that in a few days, the Hammers will be able to fly in.” He sighed and shook his head.

“You can’t say that either,” Colin said vaguely after taking a sip of porridge. “The Hammers can’t form a barricade around us. They can’t beat us.”

While Colin and Jamie were still arguing, Lydney suddenly said a word that drew everyone’s attention to him. “I can get us out of here.”

Colin patted the table. “Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

As soon as Colin spoke, Corson gave him a quick elbow and motioned him to shut up.

“I’m sorry, but I also realized that the Emperor’s regiment may not be after you, but me.” Lydney lowered his eyes, agitated the porridge in the bowl uneasily, and pinched the spoon with slowly whitening fingertips.

“You?” Jamie did not understand, “Why?”

Even Auguste turned around and looked at Lydney.

“I…” Lydney was so nervous that he was almost speechless.

Carl suddenly reached out and held Lydney’s other hand on the table. Auguste lifted his cup and drank it calmly, as if he hadn’t seen Carl’s movements. The others coughed a few times, but didn’t stare openly. Only Lydney was a little shocked, but he kept his head down, so he didn’t find anyone else looking at them.

Lydney frowned, apologized and said incoherently, “My major in study was space jumps. Later, I went to DiduXing to study the blockade wall, but the people of DiduXing seemed to reject me. After graduation, I planned to find a research center in Freeport to continue my research work, but…”

“Wait, what did you say you learned? Spatial Jumping Technology?” Colin stared at him. “Shit, that’s one of the most difficult subjects in Starcraft. It’s said that all the people who can graduate smoothly are geniuses. And the DiduXing people didn’t want you? Are they sick?”

“Then it makes sense why the Empire sent people to chase you.” Jamie lamented that the subject of space jumping had always been a hot topic among the stars, but few students graduated every year. Every student who graduated smoothly would eventually be hired by Emperor Duxing at a high salary. “But why did nobody come for you in Freeport?”

“This… I’m not sure.” Lydney closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble.”

“That’s all right. You’ve helped us a lot, and…” Auguste looked at Carl, who still held Lydney’s hand and refused to let go, and went quiet meaningfully.

The Ayulon’s vision for choosing people was never wrong and they would only choose the person that fit them the most.

Auguste didn’t finish, and Lydney thought he hadn’t heard him. Just as he was about to ask, Carl suddenly said, “Lydney, can you let us know about your research theory?”

“Certainly.” Lydney quickly agreed. Then told them that he had worked out a preliminary formula for this technology before graduation, but after graduation he had no money or equipment to continue his research, so he put it on hold for a while. “But according to my final research results before graduation, space jumping consumes a lot of energy, requiring all the energy of a wakening stone at all times.”

Awakening stones were very expensive, and according to Auguste’s wealth, they couldn’t afford them.

“Awakening Stone? There’s some here.” Tanamo made a noise.

“Where is it? Why didn’t I see it?”

“It’s on this planet.” Tanamo fished for the apple on the fruit tray. “Didn’t I tell you that?”

“You never mentioned it at all.” Colin looked at Tanamo in silence. “Why can you find it, and we can’t find it?”

“Oh, probably because you don’t have thick fur.”

Colin: “…”

In fact, Tanamo was right. There were very few waking stones in the interstellar space. One of the reasons waking stones were very difficult to find was because they could occur randomly on any planet, but only evolutionary humans mixed with insects or Zerg people could find waking stones. And where there were waking stones, there were often a lot of insects. It was through the abnormal number of worms on a planet that people could judge whether there were waking stones on the planet.

“Yes, how did we not expect that since this planet is full of worms!” Colin gave himself a hard pat on the head.

“Maybe it’s because there are too many insects that they blindfolded our bright eyes…” Corson muttered.

Yes, even Auguste did not respond for a moment, because the planet’s insects were so exotic and incredible, and now it seemed that only the existence of waking stones could explain why it was full of insects.

Colin’s face was dull. “My dear, how many waking stones must be here to have so many insects?”

Tanamo raised his insect feet and made a human shrug. “Who knows? But I guess it’s enough for you to jump at least a few hundred times.”

“What are we doing sitting here?! Let’s go and dig!”

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July 25, 2019 12:57 pm

So there was a bright side to the existence of writhing worms on the pink meaty planet~ How convenient for the Vagrant hehe

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July 25, 2019 10:18 pm

Beautiful misunderstanding.


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Aparently, we aren’t the only ones with our minds in a gutter! Auguste’s crew is the same! That misunderstanding was hilarious! Rofl!

OK, so it wasn’t the technology for enclosure wall but for space jumps that caused Randal to want to kill Lydney. Well, too bad, Carl got him first and he will not let go, never! Lydney you are truly a gem! I bet Carl will find a way to lengthen Lydney’s life! Because they are absolutely perfect together!

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Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep
Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep
July 26, 2019 1:24 am

Why am I somehow imagining a shiny black spandex underwear…. _(:3」∠)_

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July 27, 2019 9:20 pm

Carl, protect Lidney!!! He has good eye, it seems. I thought He got lucky while searching for a chef, but it seems his Ayulon’s instict was at work in that moment.

Thanks for the chapter!

August 18, 2019 1:54 am

Isnt the crew too laidback even when they think their boss is molesting a baby they didn’t say anything

September 22, 2021 11:37 am

On the move thanks to Lydney and Tanamo.
The additional info they’ll have access to once Hai’an can talk, will be incredible!
Has it been mentioned before, that the Ayulons’ vision for choosing people was never wrong and they only choose a person that fits them most? That must include plant people with elvish souls 🧝‍♂️
Thanks for translating.

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