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Chapter 118: Wedding March

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Early the next morning, the entire villa was in uproar.

Old Master Shen and Shen Fu’s parents had disappeared without a trace, Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng were eating breakfast. Their suits had been sent over last night and they were to hurry to the church after breakfast.

Everyone was rushing about without a moment’s rest while, on the other hand, the two main stars of the night had nothing to do. That was, until Shen Yan came knocking on the door of their room before he left. “We’re all ready, you two best get up quickly and get ready.”

Shen Fu gave a noncommittal response then Shen Yan and Jiang Cheng left.

The whole villa was empty apart from Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi, even XiaoYu and Tao Tao had gotten up long ago and left with Mama Shen for the church.

The wedding was set to start at eleven o’clock in the morning, and then there would be a buffet luncheon at one o’clock. Since only close friends and family were coming, the wedding was grand but not too solemn. The lunch buffet would take place in a different garden hotel of Alan’s, not too far from the church.

In the room, Lin ShuYi had his mouth covered with one hand, his front on the bed as Shen Fu thrust deeply inside him, swallowing back his moans. Shen Fu panted, sweat dripping down his tanned skin onto the white expanse of Lin ShuYi’s back, creating a sensual contrast.

It wasn’t until the footsteps outside the door faded that Shen Fu finally came. The sheets under Lin ShuYi’s body had long since become a mess. When Shen Fu let go of him, his legs gave out, causing him to pitch forward, but he was quickly caught by Shen Fu’s arm.

Shen Fu carried Lin ShuYi off the bed, letting Lin ShuYii lean on his shoulder, and then reached out to pull the sheets off the bed and throw them aside before gentling settling Lin ShuYi on the bed.

Lin ShuYi was wrung out; he didn’t even want to open his eyes.

“I’ll get up first. Get some more sleep.” Shen Fu smiled and kissed Lin ShuYi on the lips, his doting tone making Lin ShuYi resist the desire to roll his eyes.

In reality, Shen Fu woke up a little earlier than everyone else, but he didn’t get up, instead holding Lin ShuYi’s sleeping form close and teasing him non-stop, kissing his eyelids and then kissing his lips until lust bloomed.

Lin ShuYi had still been asleep when Shen Fu pushed inside, and it didn’t take him long to go from confused, bleary resistance to doing his best to open himself up to Shen Fu’s thrusting. In the end, they didn’t stop until everyone had gotten up and left. Only then, was Shen Fu fully satisfied and ready to get up.

Poor Lin ShuYi was exhausted and drowsy, but he couldn’t sleep anymore.

Today was the most important day of his life, nothing was allowed to go wrong.

However, he had gotten plenty of pleasure out of their activities that morning as well, so he didn’t feel Shen Fu deserved an eye roll from him. Because today was special, Shen Fu didn’t come inside, so Lin ShuYi didn’t have to clean up. He buried himself in the soft quilt and waved a hand at Shen Fu, motioning for him to go ahead. He couldn’t sleep, but still closed his eyes to rest for a while, lest he look sleep deprived later.

Shen Fu threw away the condom, naked as he headed to the bathroom to shower.

To Shen Fu, this wedding was huge, yet at the same time, it made no difference. This wedding would be important proof of his and Lin ShuYi’s intentions to be together, but even if there was no wedding Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi wouldn’t change, so this wedding that was of utmost importance to Lin ShuYi wasn’t anything to be nervous about in Shen Fu’s eyes.

On the contrary, the thought that Lin ShuYi would be his lover in the eyes of the law had Shen Fu’s adrenaline and desire surging, which was why he devoured Lin ShuYi despite knowing that they had important business to attend to.

When Shen Fu came out after taking a shower, he found that Lin ShuYi was looking through his cell phone. “Why don’t you get some more sleep?”

Lin ShuYi flipped through the photos in the phone, answering without even looking up, “Can’t. We have to get going soon.”

Shen Fu dried his hair with a towel as he leaned over to look and saw that Lin ShuYi was browsing through a series of photos taken of their family of four. In addition to the one on the electronic invitation they sent, the rest were framed, hanging in their home in Los Angeles or sent back to S City in TianChao.

The two shared a kiss in this position and Lin ShuYi put down the phone, kneading his waist and getting up.

After washing, Lin ShuYi peeked out from the bathroom. “Are we getting dressed in our suits now? ”

Shen Fu nodded, “Eat breakfast first, then we’ll change and go straight to the church.”

Lin ShuYi nodded, and then put on his pajamas and walked out the door.

Shen Fu followed with a towel and helped dry Lin ShuYi hair.

Breakfast was very rich, because from now on until two o’clock they would be too busy to have time to eat. They tried to get as full as possible. There wouldn’t be such a thing as eating too much to fit into their suits, so Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu both enjoyed a fulfilling breakfast.

The suits had been sent in advance, ironed and hung in the closet.

The dark red suit was Shen Fu’s, it looked like a normal suit, but the style of the collar and unusual color differentiated it from normal suits. The exquisite single buckle made it a little more casual, and paired with a pure white shirt, and matching pants, it was both formal and not too rigid. The cufflinks were red gemstones of the same color, and when twisted, they shone brightly under the light.

Lin ShuYi’s suit wasn’t the usual suit style, but a tailcoat style suit vest of the same color as Shen Fu’s suit. There was no blazer, instead exposing the peculiar shirt underneath. The shirt he wore was the essence of Lin ShuYi’s outfit. The collar had vertical folded patterns, not much, just a few, so that it wasn’t too feminine, but paired with Lin ShuYi’s clean, handsome face, it was perfect. It was just on the side of charming, like a prince from a fairytale. The cuffs were also patterned the same way. Since the top half was elegant and antique in style, his pants were finely patterned as well, slim, hugging his long, shapely legs.

Since they didn’t have much time, the two went about their business separately to avoid any detours. After changing in their own rooms, they came out and were immediately stunned by how the other looked.

Lin ShuYi’s shirt had to be fastened all the way to the top to reveal the delicate patterning on his collar, encasing his fine collarbones and neck. The vest had a total of four buttons, and after they were all fastened neatly, the collar of his shirt remained exposed. His cuffs had to be buttoned as well. Lin ShuYi was tightly wrapped in his suit from head to toe, not revealing anything and giving him a chaste, pure look, making Shen Fu’s eyes darken. He wanted nothing more than to tear off that suit and have Lin ShuYi under him, moaning in pleasure.

Lin ShuYi knew what Shen Fu was thinking with one look and stepped back, warning him, “We don’t have any time.“

Shen Fu understood, of course, so he could only repress his desire and then take out the tie inside the box, heading towards Lin ShuYi. “I won’t do anything. Come on, let me tie your tie for you.”

Lin ShuYi’s suit naturally wasn’t suited for the usual windsor knot, so by tying his tie, Shen Fu merely placed the long, thin piece of fabric loosely around Lin ShuYi’s neck, making a few loose loops before tightening it into an elegant bow.

While tying the tie, Shen Fu’s gaze was fixed on Lin ShuYi’s neck, practically burning into him. Lin ShuYi knew what Shen Fu was thinking, and didn’t dare say anything, afraid that Shen Fu might just snap.

Luckily, Shen Fu knew it wasn’t the time for this, so he didn’t end up doing anything, just handed his own tie to Lin ShuYi and bending slightly, offering his neck to Lin ShuYi to get the other to tie his tie for him as well.

It was like a ceremony of some sort of exchange, you tie mine and I tie yours. Lin ShuYi’s eyes shone with amusement, and took the tie, carefully tying it.

Then the two headed to the church together.

They weren’t like usual couples about to marry, there was no need for not seeing each other before the wedding or anything like that, so they took the same car to the church.

It was ten am.

Shen Yan and Alan took the role of standing at the door to welcome guests inside. Jiang Cheng was also at the church doors, to be with Shen Yan. Shen Yan mentioned for him to go inside, but it was as if he couldn’t hear the other, standing beside Shen Yan with a wide smile. Alan glanced between them, with a face of “ah, I understand”.

Shen Yan immediately spotted Shen Fu’s car as it approached. He said something to Jiang Cheng, who nodded in response, and went over to guide the driver, inconspicuously having them park in another area.

Then Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi got out of the car together and went to the waiting area behind the church.

Everyone else was settled here rather chaotically, waiting, but upon seeing the two, they all fell silent.

Mama Shen gazed at Shen Fu for a moment before looking to Lin ShuYi and saying admiringly, “So handsome, both of you.”

Upon seeing Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu, TaoTao immediately started calling out for them, wanting to get off the sofa. He didn’t even want his milk bottle anymore, running to the two and raising his arms to be picked up.

TaoTao was wearing a more formal short sleeved shirt and shorts with a pair of little back leather shoes, handsome and cute.

However, before TaoTao could get to them, Papa Shen caught him and picked him up. “Daddy can’t carry TaoTao today, okay?”

TaoTao looked towards Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi, not really understanding why with his eyes wide.

”Dad, it’s fine.” Shen Fu smiled and reached over for TaoTao. Seeing this, TaoTao’s eyes lit up and stretched out his arms, letting Shen Fu carry him in his arms and kissing Shen Fu on the cheek before happily hugging Shen Fu around the neck.

Lin ShuYi looked around. “Where’s XiaoYu?”

”XiaoYu is the ringbearer today, so he’s off to change with the other flowerchild.” Mama Shen replied before reaching out to take TaoTao back and then saying, “You two should hurry up and get ready, too. we’re about to start.”

After she finished speaking, a stylist came over from the back and had the two sit in front of the dressing tables, starting to work on their hair.

At half past ten, the guests officially entered the main venue and Mama and Papa Shen headed out. They had gotten ready, just waiting for them to make their entrance.

Now that the wedding was actually about to begin, Lin ShuYi’s nerves disappeared. Gazing at Shen Fu’s profile, he couldn’t help but smile.

As time passed, guests filled the small church, discussing amongst themselves in hushed tones all the way until the string quartet began to play a light and happy classical piece, signalling the beginning of the wedding.

Once the piece ended, a priest dressed head to toe in white walked onto the stage. He smiled amidst the background of flowers and spoke in fluent English, “Welcome, everyone, to Los Angeles and thank you for coming to celebrate this important event in the lives of this couple.”

The priest was a westerner with blonde hair and green eyes, and after welcoming everyone in English, he then repeated himself in fluent Chinese, causing the gathered guests to break out into light applause.

At the same time, Shen Yan knocked on the waiting room door and entered, looking to Shen Fu. “Time for your entrance.”

Shen Fu turned his head and pecked Lin ShuYi on the lips before getting up and following Shen Yan out.

Lin ShuYi’s heart began to thud loudly in his chest.

Old Man Yang then came in. Perhaps it was because this was a special, joyous day, but Old Man Yang looked much more energetic than usual. He had even dyed his hair dark, though his suit made him feel awkward. He had never worn a suit before in his entire life. Today, he had put one on for Lin ShuYi and it made him seem much younger.

Lin ShuYi stood and greeted him, “Grandpa Yang.”

Old Man Yang smiled comfortingly at him, “Are you nervous? Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”

Lin ShuYi nodded and said, “Can grandpa go inside with me later?”

Old Man Yang was stunned for a moment before he smiled nodded. “Of course, I can.”

On the other side, Shen Fu was already preparing to make his entrance when Chen Fang came over with a champagne pink rose. The two exchanged a look and smiled and Chen Fang helped pin the rose onto Shen Fu’s suit, sighing, “I can’t believe you’re getting married so soon. I really never expected it.”

Shen Fu: …

”Stop pretending. I told you ages ago.”

Chen Fang choked. “I’m just saying. Plus, I might’ve known ages ago, but those people only just found out. Though you might’ve set the feast to lunch, but do you really think you can escape the fate of getting smashed?”

Shen Fu glanced at him coldly. ”Why do you think I made you my best man?”

Chen Fang screeched, “I refuse to be your human shield!!! They clearly want to make you suffer; there’s no way you can make me get into that mess.”

Shen Fu decided to show mercy since he was in a good mood and said, “Fine if you don’t want to then.”

Chen Fang was surprised before he suddenly remembered that Lin ShuYi was like a blackhole when it came to alcohol, there was no way to get him drunk… He didn’t know how many people they had roped into this, but he’d light them a candle in advance.

The priest inside finally said, “Now, let’s welcome the groom,” and the two exchanged a look before Shen Fu straightened his suit and entered the room. Chen Fang followed half a step behind as his best man, donned in a steel silver suit.

Shen Fu walked over to stand next to his parents and gave them each a hug before standing on the left side of the priest.

This wedding was a little special because there was only one best man and no bridesmaids, so that meant the time for the bridesmaids entering was cut out, instead Shen Yan walked up to Shen Fu’s side amidst the gentle music, sharing a smile with Shen Fu before heading to the priest’s right side and leaving a space between them. Afterwards, it was the entrance of the flower girl and ringbearer.

The flower girl was a cute little girl, who had dimples when she smiled. She wore a puffy, ruffled dress and a flower crown, holding a small basket of petals and scattering the petals as she walked. Shen Fu didn’t have much of an impression of the flower girl. She was probably the daughter of one of their guests. Meanwhile, the ringbearer was XiaoYu, wearing a formal tailcoat suit, his black hair gently brushing over his forehead as he carried a cushion with two intricate rings. XiaoYu kept his gaze on Shen Fu, feeling a little nervous, but mostly excited.

Shen Fu gazed back at him encouragingly as the two cute children crossed the red carpet and came to stand on the stage, one beside Shen Yan and the other beside Chen Fang.

Then, with the priest calling to “welcome the groom’s lover”, the Wedding March started playing and the flower patterned doored were pushed open, revealing Lin ShuYi, handsome and smart, on the other end of the carpet, gazing at Shen Fu from afar.

Old Man Yang nervously straightened his suit, standing half a step behind Lin ShuYi. The two headed to the altar step by step as the cheerful music was played. Shen Fu gazed at Lin ShuYi, who gazed back, like the only ones that existed were each other. Lin ShuYi could hear his heart thudding like a drum in his chest over the loud music. It wasn’t until they reached the altar that Lin ShuYi snapped back to the present and turned to take Old Man Yang’s arm, guiding him to his seat in the front row. He gave the other a hug before heading up.

Shen Yan and Chen Fang took the two children’s hands and stepped back with them, letting Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi stand right in front of the priest together.

The two gazed into each other’s eyes and then the priest spoke solemnly.

”I’m going to ask the two of you the same question, a long question, so please reply after I’ve finished. First, place your hands on the bible to swear your vows before God and show that you will speak only the truth .”

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi placed their hands on the bible together and then the priest looked to Shen Fu.

“Shen Fu, do you take Lin ShuYi to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you apart?”

Shen Fu didn’t turn his head, dark eyes staring into Lin ShuYi’s as he replied, “I do.”

Lin ShuYi also kept his eyes on Shen Fu, waiting for the priest to finish before replying without hesitation, “I do.”

The priest then continued, “Now please take your rings, as a sign of your faithfulness to one another.”

XiaoYu stepped up with the wedding ring cushion and handed Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi each other’s rings.

”Rings are the most valuable of gifts. Now you will give each other your rings, as a symbol of your most precious faithfulness and love. The rings will never rust or fade, making your love last for eternity. The round shape of the ring symbolizes that your love will never crack or end. Now please exchange rings.”

Lin ShuYi offered his hand, allowing Shen Fu to place the ring symbolizing eternity onto his finger, then he placed the ring in his own hand on Shen Fu’s finger. Though this wasn’t the first time, this time was even more impactful than the first time.

After exchanging the rings, the priest looked at Shen Fu again. “Shen Fu, please repeat after me.”

”From now until forever, we are united in holy matrimony. I will love you, protect you, and stay forever faithful to you, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. I will always be your most loyal lover, until death do us apart.”

Shen Fu gazed at Lin ShuYi, his voice low. “From now until forever, we are united in holy matrimony. I will love you, protect you, and stay forever faithful to you, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. I will always be your most loyal lover, until death do us apart.”

The priest then looked to Lin ShuYi. “Lin ShuYi, please repeat after me.”

Lin ShuYi repeated the vows sentence by sentence, and with every sentence, his heart would beat a little faster.

With the rings and vows exchanged, the wedding reached its climax.

The priest slowly closed the bible, saying, “With the power vested within me, I pronounce you husbands under the eyes of God, never to part!”

Before the altar, applause broke out.

Shen Fu watched as Lin ShuYi leaned closer and closer before closing his eyes and the two kissed solemnly under the eyes of God and their friends and family.

”Now, you’re finally indisputably mine.”



Addis note: Now don’t think this is the end everyone! We still have 6 extra chapters of Shen Fu’s story as well as the final, epilogue chapter 125. You’re still stuck with CME for 7 more days. 🙂

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