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Chapter 70: Auguste: You hurt me 

Auguste’s face was sideways, his skin was fine, there was no blemishes on his face, his nose was tall, his eyes were deep, his eyelashes were long and thick, his eyes were low, his lips were slightly raised, and his mouth was full of words that made Hai’an want to beat him.

“You can bite me, too.” Auguste’s deep and magnetic voice had a strong laugh interlaced within it, but Hai’an’s teeth itched.

Hai’an began to think that Auguste was not as serious as he seemed on the surface, but hid a belly of bad water. Now he laughed so gently even though he was thinking about how to bully him.

Don’t let him go! So Hai’an chewed and chewed, swallowed the sweet potato in three or two mouthfuls, then opened his mouth and bit Auguste on the face. But just as Hai’an was about to meet Auguste’s face, Auguste suddenly turned his head. As a result, Hai’an bit into Auguste’s lips.

Auguste’s lips were flexible and soft, but they were not the same as his lips. He couldn’t bite through Augustes skin at all, but if he bit his lips, Hai’an would taste rust.

The salty taste of blood made Hai’an feel a little confused.

Hai’an’s pupils shrank rapidly when he looked into Auguste’s eyes. Goosebumps exploded along his arms because, at that moment, he clearly saw that Auguste’s eyes had turned into vertical pupils.

So Auguste’s crimson eyes stared at him, like a beasts staring at prey, with a strong sense of aggression, so that Hai’an had no doubt that Auguste really wanted to eat him.

For the first time, Hai’an clearly realized that the man holding him was not a man, but a giant interstellar beast. He was a dragon, standing at the top of the food chain of the universe.

“You hurt me.”

Hai’an was stunned to hear Auguste’s words for a moment, then loosened his teeth, and Auguste licked his lips, where there was a little blood bead on his tongue.

Lydney was dazed. Not only Lydney, but also Jamie and Carl.

The image of Auguste’s formerly solemn captain image had now completely collapsed and been crushed to pieces.

“Well, Auguste, your nature has finally been revealed.” Jamie immediately berated Auguste. “Put down JianJian, or I’ll call the police!!”

Colin and Corson were more calm than Jamie and Lydney.

Colin stepped forward and patted Jamie on the shoulder. “JianJian is 50 years old. He’s older than Lydney, that’s…” Colin roughly compared his hand size. “He’s a little miniature. Besides, JianJian didn’t respond very much. You have to learn to understand Auguste.” He also glanced at Carl and Lydney.

Hai’an was holding Auguste’s neck with one hand, an innocent face, and baked sweet potato in the other, as if there was no reaction.

“Oh.” Jamie nodded. “I see.”

As JianJian was there, Auguste could only play as the hooligan and do nothing.

“Ah, what a pity.” Jamie shook his head, grabbed a baked sweet potato and stuffed it into his mouth, sighing.

Auguste: “…”

After a while, Hai’an retreated into Auguste’s arms, put his arms around Auguste’s neck, put his face on his shoulder, and took a small bite of baked sweet potato in his other hand, without any precautions. In fact, Hai’an just suddenly thought that Auguste was a meat eater, but he was actually grass. What was he afraid of?

I’ve never heard of dragons eating grass.

Auguste’s next place to take them was the Lantern Lake, the largest lake on Flower Street. Every winter, most of the people of Flower Street came here to put floating paper lanterns together. They would write down their expectations for the new year on the lantern, and, when the moon in the eastern hemisphere climbed to the top of the sky, they would release them.

At that time, ten thousand lanterns were lifted up together, leaving the sky shining bright and the stars sinking into the night.

“Here we are.” Auguste put Hai’an on the ground and took his little hand.

Because it was late winter, the lake had frozen, and the ice was very slippery, so when walking on it, they needed to be careful not to fall down.

Auguste was so bad!

Hai’an felt that he was still too young. Auguste would not eat him, but he could bully him. Auguste refused to let him down when he was on the flat ground, and now he put him down without saying a word on the ice.

Hai’an couldn’t walk even if he held his hand. In order to prevent himself from falling down, Hai’an broke his hand away that was being held by Auguste and held Auguste’s calf tightly.

As long as Auguste took a step forward, Hai’an would follow Auguste’s movements for a short distance.

“JianJian,” Auguste sighed, bent down and touched Hai’an’s hair. “I can’t walk like this.”

Hai’an let go of Auguste’s legs, raised his hands and said, “Hold me!”

But Auguste relentlessly refused Hai’an’s request, “You have to learn to walk.”

Hai’an was about cry because of Auguste and looked around with a bewildered look – Colin was clinging to Corson’s thighs tightly, and he could not walk. Jamie and Lydney were helping Carl figure out how to get his leg out of the ice because when Carl stepped on the ice, he had broken through a hole, one leg stuck and could not get out.

It seemed that he could only rely on himself… Hai’an thought silently for a while, and suddenly remembered that he could still use magic. Hai’an’s eyes were bright, and he meditated on the vine technique in his heart. He slowly mobilized the wood elements. Soon some vines spread from his feet. Where Hai’an went, the vines grew. There was no need to worry about falling on the ice.

“JianJian is smart.” Auguste followed Hai’an and looked at him tenderly.

Hai’an looked back at Auguste and smiled brilliantly with his little white teeth.

Then Auguste raised his head to let Carl know to walk faster. Otherwise they might not be able to catch the lanterns. Hai’an followed Auguste and looked back at Carl. But Hai’an could not see anything. Auguste suddenly took him and pressed him under his body.

“Carl, you really need to lose weight.” Jamie looked at Carl with disgust. He and Lydney had a hard time pulling Carl’s foot out of the hole. Because Carl could not move freely, he would crack the ice. “I think you can climb forward, reduce the pressure, or everyone will be finished.”

“Fuck off!”

Lydney patted Carl’s wrinkled clothes. “Carl, you can walk slowly and be careful.”

Jamie felt that since Carl and Lydney broke away from each other on the bridge, they had been in love all the time, and they hardly noticed it themselves.

“Have you two considered my feelings, I… Cedar?” Jamie put his hands across his chest and was making fun of Carl when he suddenly saw a woman wearing a long blue water skirt. He was stunned at once. “Cedar!! Cedar!!”

Carl stood up and saw Jamie running forward, shouting the name of his deceased wife. “Jamie, where are you going?”

“Carl! Lydney! Get down!!!!” Auguste’s roar came from behind them, and before Carl could look back, he heard a piercing crack in the back of his head, but he had no time to push Lydney away, and then a high-explosive bomb hit him in the chest.

The strong impact made Carl fall immediately, hit the ice hard, broke a big hole in the ice and fall into the water.

But it was only the beginning. Carl was not the first person to be shot. The noise of gunfire and explosion was accompanied by screams and cries from others.



Fire flashed around, and the shock waves caused by the bombs broke cracks in the ice. People ran around in panic, trying to get out of the center.

Colin and Corson, who had traveled farther, ran back as soon as they heard Auguste’s roar. As a result, Colin slipped on his feet and almost did not stay standing. They could hardly stand still, but were pushed by the chaotic crowd and unable to move.

Lydney, who was stunned for a moment, got up from the ground and limped to the edge of the ice cave, ignoring his twisted ankle. “Carl! Carl!”

There was a ripple on the surface of the water. After a while, Carl came out of the water. He wiped his face and brushed his wet hair. “I’m all right, Lydney. Run!”

“Give me your hand!” The artillery was so loud that Lydney could hardly hear what Carl was saying.

“Run fast!” Carl hit his hand on the surface of the water, splashed and shouted hoarsely.

“What did you say…” Lydney stared suddenly and his voice stopped abruptly.

Warm liquid splashed on Carl’s face with a few pieces of skin. It was Lydney’s blood.

A grenade hit Lydney, the kind that exploded Cedar into meat paste a hundred years ago.

Carl saw for himself that the protective shield he had put on Lydney shattered after a burst of intense electronic blue light, followed by a dull explosion. Even with the cushioning of the protective shield, Lydney’s chest had a fist-sized hole blown through it.

Lydney opened his mouth and made the motion of the name “Carl”, but his mouth kept pouring out bright red blood. His body shook a few times, and then he fell head first into the water, dying the lake red. The scene gradually spread to Carl’s eyes.

“No, no, no… Lydney!” Carl’s eyes soon turned red and tears flowed uncontrollably. He dived into the water and swam to Lydney. The temperature of the water was very low, with a biting cold.

Lydney was floating in the water, his eyes closed quietly, and a great deal of blood was still pouring out of the hole in his chest.

Carl spit out a bunch of bubbles, held Lydney, and kicked his legs up to the surface.

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Floating lanterns are always so festive. Didn’t expect such a shocking ending
( ̄□ ̄;)

I believe Lydney would be okay. Hopefully soon (maybe with the white elves’ healing power) or this event would further the quest for moonlight flowers.

Thanks for the updates! Never thought that the action would be so soon~

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