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Chapter 117: Wedding Prelude


Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


On the second day before the wedding, the guests from China finally arrived in Los Angeles one after another. They stayed at Uncle Alan’s hotel. In fact, the number of guests was not very large. The total number of guests was not more than one hundred. Although the Shen family had high prestige in H city, Shen Fu did not plan to invite everyone, only the important people. If the people were here just to cater to the horse, it was better that they did not come. 

Papa Shen was busy receiving guests. After all, most people were close friends of the Shen family. As for Shen Fu’s friends, they were all given to Chen Fang, and Chen Fang was finally put to use. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi had nothing to do, so they waited for the day of their marriage where they would take the oath hand in hand under the witness of everyone.

Lin ShuYi had been a little impatient in recent days. The specific symptoms of restlessness were waking up early in the morning, staying up late in the evening and being distracted from time to time, even when others were talking in his ear.

As a person who was closest to Lin SuYi and would be closer to him in the future, Shen Fu naturally saw everything. He knew that Lin ShuYi must be worried about something, but he did not know exactly what it was.

He had wanted to wait for Lin ShuYi to tell him himself, but now that it was almost the time of marriage and Lin ShuYi still had no intention of telling him, Shen Fu thought about it and decided he should ask himself.

After dinner with Old Master Wen, who came to Los Angeles in the evening, they all went home together.

After getting out of the car, Mama Shen went upstairs with Tao Tao in one arm and Xiao Yu in the other, saying that she was looking at the toys everyone had bought for them. The two little guys left happily. Shen Fu took Lin ShuYi’s hand and walked to the room.

Lin ShuYi looked back at Xiao Yu and asked, “What do you want to say?”

Shen Fu drew him closer to the room, closed the door, pressed the man against the door and whispered in his ear, “I should ask you if there is anything you want to say to me?”

While Shen Fu was talking, he rubbed his lips along Lin ShuYi’s ear. His ears burned up instantly, but he knew what Shen Fu was talking about. He had been too obvious as his spirits were mixed, in these last two days. Everyone could see it.

He thought it over and over in his mind for a long time. He did not know whether to tell Shen Fu or not. After all, this matter was related to gods and ghosts. In China, he knew that they did not believe in gods and ghosts.

He began to think distractedly again. Shen Fu raised his eyebrows and sucked heavily on his neck. “Is that what distracts you?”

Lin ShuYi subconsciously hummed for a while, which made Shen Fu more agitated.

Lin ShuYi reached out and pushed him away. “Wait a minute… don’t you want to listen to me?”

He could feel Shen Fu’s love and know how much this man took his family seriously. He believed that what he wanted to say would not change his life. So he wanted Shen Fu, who he loved, to know all about himself.

He used to think that these words would probably be buried in his heart forever and would not be heard by anyone, but now he felt that he could say them to Shen Fu, even if Shen Fu listened to them, it would be incredible.

He gave Shen Fu a gentle push, but did not push him completely away.

Shen Fu lowered his head, drew closer to him, and half-squinted his eyes as he found Lin ShuYi’s lips, and kissed them gently. “Now I’ve changed my mind. I can hear it later.”

Lin Shuyi tried hard to be frank and forthwright, but his lips were stuck to Shen Fu’s mouth. When the turbulent tide faded, Lin ShuYi kneaded Shen Fu’s shoulder and calmed down. Then he opened his mouth.

Before he spoke, Shen Fu leaned over him and opened his mouth first. “Now can you tell me what you are thinking these two days?”

Lin ShuYi laughed. “Well, before that, let me ask you, do you believe in ghosts and gods?”

Shen Fu did not guess that Lin ShuYi would ask him about this, but he thought about it seriously and said, “In fact, frankly speaking, no, I am not a complete materialist, but God and ghosts only exists in stories, I still can’t believe it.” Lin ShuYi smiled, and it was like what Shen Fu would say. Shen Fu squinted his eyes and looked at the crystal chandelier in the middle of the room. Because only the middle light was turned on, the light of the crystal chandelier was very dim. He said in a trance, “Actually, I don’t believe in gods or ghosts. If ghosts are only souls, there is probably a little credibility. But I do not believe in God at all. The reason why there is even a God in the world is so that people will always have hope for heaven. When they are eager to get something or can’t solve something, they give themselves comfort and confidence with the help of this non-existent creature. Because I don’t have anything I want or can’t solve, I don’t believe in God.” After Shen Fu finished, he realized that the topic was far away. He looked at Lin ShuYi and asked, “Wait a minute. You’ve been distracted for so long. Is that what you’ve been thinking about?”

Lin ShuYi shook his head. “Of course not. I want to tell you more, although it sounds more like nonsense.”

Shen Fu was stunned again, and then lay down on the bed. Lin ShuYi laid his head on Shen Fu’s chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. He felt inexplicably comfortable.

Shen Fu reached out and touched Lin ShuYi’s hair. “I know something about it. What do you want to tell me?”

Lin ShuYi looked up at him in surprise. “You know?”

Shen Fu laughed. “If I guess correctly, it should be about your own life.”

Lin ShuYi’s eyes grew bigger and he thought it was unbelievable. “How do you know…”

Shen Fu lowered his eyelids and his eyelashes cast a gentle shadow on his cheeks. He laughed, “Well, I know a lot, but it’s not all. I’ve been waiting for you to tell me, although I’ve also had an intuition that it doesn’t matter.”

Lin ShuYi didn’t know what expression he should use to express his surprise. He could only look at Shen Fu in a daze and he almost forgot what he was going to say.

Shen Fu laughed. “Don’t you want to tell me? Where will you start?”

Lin ShuYi thought about it for a while, but he really didn’t know where to start. Then he thought again and said, “If you don’t believe in ghosts, I’m really worried that you’ll think I’m telling ghost stories.”

Shen Fu: … “That’s all right, you say it.”

“Actually, I come from another world. In that world, my name was Lin ShuYi. It’s exactly the same as it is now. I was born in ancient China and I from childhood, I…”

Shen Fu:…

Lin ShuYi only spoke a few words, but Shen Fu’s expression made him unable to speak any more. “What’s with your expression?”

Shen Fu, expressionless, said shortly, “Actually, I am a native of Qin Dynasty. My real name is Qin ShiHuang.”

Lin ShuYi:…

He did not know who Qin ShiHuang was, but he also knew Shen Fu was playing with him in a serious way.

Lin ShuYi was annoyed. “You don’t want to listen, and don’t want to know about it?”

Shen Fu raised his eyebrows. “You know, that’s right, but what I know and what you want to say does not matter at all. I didn’t expect that… you’d still play such a joke on me…”

Lin ShuYi: …

He suddenly repented, because he was not so sure that after hearing his series of stories how Shen Fu would feel.. He thought Shen Fu would think he was mentally ill.

Shen Fu was a materialist, but he tried to tell him that he was a lonely soul from another world. Lin ShuYi was so frustrated that he turned his back on Shen Fu and forgot his hard-made determination. “Forget it, I won’t tell you.”

Shen Fu laughed and embraced Lin ShuYi from behind.

“Actually, I should say sorry to you. Since I planned to be with you, I’ve been quietly checking your life history. So I know what you want to tell me. I don’t care about your life as much as you think, and I’ve already talked to my father about it. Otherwise, why would you never say a word about your parents?”

Lin ShuYi was stunned, and it was clear that what Shen Fu said was not the same thing as what he wanted to say. He breathed a sigh of relief and looked back into Shen Fu’s eyes. “I… if I say it, you would think I am telling a story, but Shen Fu, I really want to tell you.”

Lin ShuYi’s face was so serious that Shen Fu stopped joking. He looked at Lin ShuYi and said, “Okay, I’ll believe it.”

Lin ShuYi sighed, and finally decided to use a less straightforward way. “You know that my education is very low, but I can write good calligraphy. My family was very ordinary, but proficient in equestrian things, and many other things that you would not be able to understand. Shen Fu, I do not believe you have no doubts. At that time, when you saw me inscribe the inscription on Master Wen’s fan, you had already shown a surprised expression.”

Shen Fu looked at him with a serious look.

“Now, I tell you, the reason why I can write good calligraphy is because I have had much more time using brushes than ballpoint pens. I am good with equestrians because my master was a great horseman, and I know so much about archaic styles because I used to live in a house like that before. My name may be the same, but the soul inside is different. I came from another Dynasty. I was adopted by my teacher when I was six months old. I lived in seclusion in the mountains until I was nineteen years old. When I was twenty years old, I took part in the imperial examinations. I took the first prize with one stroke. Then, in just two years, I went to Shangshu. Finally, I was given a cup of poisoned wine by the emperor because I was falsely accused of setting up a party for private corruption and bribery. When I opened my eyes again, I came to this body. Although the name is the same, the soul is different. Shen Fu, can you say that you believe me now?”

Lin ShuYi opened his eyes wide and showed a worried expression. He was not sure whether Shen Fu would believe it or not. He hoped that he would believe it, but that meant that he had to admit that the person he liked was crazy. In this way, Lin ShuYi hoped that Shen Fu was only joking when he said what he wanted to say, if Shen Fu did not, he would be regarded as a joke himself.

Shen Fu was stunned for a long time, and then jumped forward and threw Lin ShuYi at the **. 

(TN ** is original, idk what it is supposed to be.)

Lin ShuYi was stunned and then turned black. Even Shen Fu thought he was joking, he could not do anything else when he was serious.

Shen Fu, however, laughed. “So, you travelled over such a long period of time just to find me? Lin ShuYi, what if I told you I suddenly love you more?”

Lin ShuYi looked up at Shen Fu’s expression in a daze. Shen Fu’s face was not lit. He could not see clearly. Shen Fu lowered his head slightly, and gently printed a kiss on his head. He was attentive and affectionate. “Love through time? I never thought it was ridiculous, but because this person is you, I can only believe that it is true.”

Lin ShuYi :… “It’s true.”

“Well, really, I believe you came here because you wanted to be with me.”

Lin ShuYi was confused. He did not know whether Shen Fu believed such a situation or whether he was talking nonsense to him.

Then he heard Shen Fu say, “I’m just a little sorry that I didn’t meet you and fall in love with you at that time, so you wouldn’t have had to die alone in that situation.”

Lin ShuYi could not speak. He knew Shen Fu believed it and was not joking.

“Actually, I’ve thought about the questions you asked for a long time. I investigated your life, but I still couldn’t figure out the key point. If you hadn’t told me, I would never have thought of it. I never believed in ghosts and gods, but I didn’t expect it to be so magical.”

Lin ShuYi did not speak. He felt that he had nothing to say. He could only bury himself in his man’s arms and gently grasp his waist. “Shen Fu, I never thought about telling anyone about it, nor did I ever think that you would believe it.”

Every word was so incredible.

Shen Fu smiled, “If the person was not you, then I would not believe it.” He would not believe it if he didn’t get along with Lin ShuYi and love him deeply into the marrow. His man came from such a remote and untouchable age. “Can you tell me everything?”

“Well, where should I start?”


They stayed awake all night until the next morning, when Lin ShuYi finished all the things, he finally fell asleep and slept in Shen Fu’s arms.

Shen Fu looked down at the man in front of him for a long time.

It was incredible that there was a totally different soul in this body, and this soul had come to him from so long ago. But what did it matter? Every aspect of Lin ShuYi’s love was his most sincere and original appearance. He was also very happy Lin ShuYi was willing to tell him all this, because he knew that if he did not love him enough, he would choose to let it rot in his heart for  his entire life.

With this in mind, Shen Fu began to feel that his love for this man began to grow crazily again.

Tomorrow was the day when they would swear to each other in front of God. He thought that he would never swear in front of God he didn’t believe in, but now he could so that he could love and care for this person for the rest of their lives.

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Adriana Feraru
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