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Chapter 82: Pork and Radish Dumplings

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After New Year’s Eve, the two hurried back to S City because they had to go back to open the restaurant. Due to this, Old Master Shen didn’t make them stay. However, once they left, it did feel a little empty at home. Luckily the house was done by then, so they could go and stay whenever. At that thought, Old Master Shen wasn’t as reluctant to let them go.

Lin ShuYi had closed the restaurant down for two days. When they got back, everyone else was already there, cleaning the place up. Amongst the three new hires, one was a middle-aged woman in charge of cleaning. The other two were young ladies, though they weren’t really that young, they were quite a bit older than Lin ShuYi, being twenty-two, twenty-three years old.

At first, people didn’t believe he was the boss here. They all thought he was the boss’ son or something.

Now though, anything Lin ShuYi said, went.

They also had some idea of Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu’s relationship. Apart from the older lady who was shocked and unable to really accept it, the other two accepted it pretty quickly. After all, they were doing this to put bread on the table. Their salary was higher than in other places and the restaurant was close to home. Where else were they going to find a job like this? So, though the older lady wasn’t able to accept it at first, she didn’t say anything. They didn’t act any differently in front of her, so she waved away all her doubts and uncertainties, focusing on doing her best at work.

Seeing the two return, they were all happy to see them. They had finished cleaning, just waiting for Lin ShuYi to come back so they could open.

This was when Lin ShuYi truly experienced the benefits of having more people. He put down the things he was holding and asked, “Where’s Tang Shuang?”

“He’s in the back doing inventory.”

Lin ShuYi nodded in acknowledgement and headed to the back.

Shen Fu dug out a couple of gift boxes from the pile of items in the truck and placed them on the counter, smiling as he announced, “These are local specialties from H City. They’re for you guys, happy New Year’s Eve.”

The three exchanged looks and the two young ladies could help their excitement. “Thank you, Shen-ge!”

The older lady was happy too. After all, the places around here were all small shops, and she had yet to see a restaurant that would give their employees gifts for New Year’s Eve.

Actually, the two young ladies were a little afraid of getting close to Shen Fu at first. When he wasn’t smiling, he had an air of untouchable aristocracy, which had them a little apprehensive. However, it didn’t take them long to realize that Shen Fu loved to smile, especially in front of Lin ShuYi. His smile was gentle and joyful, almost reawakening the young naivety of the two young ladies’ hearts.

Unfortunately, he was already taken, so the two of them banished such ideas. As the saying goes, it was best to know and respect one’s position. They were in no position to taint a high class man like him. In their hearts, the only one who was worthy of Shen Fu was Lin ShuYi. He was handsome, well-postured, an outstanding and handsome man like Xiao BaiYang, with god-like culinary skills. He was more than worthy of Shen Fu.

Though they didn’t have much experience with love, they could tell from the way Shen Fu looked at Lin ShuYi that Shen-ge wouldn’t even look at anyone who tried to flirt with him. It didn’t matter how many fish were in the sea, this was the only scale that could catch his eye. Their inner romantics bloomed with life.

Now, seeing Shen Fu smiling as he gave him New Year’s Eve gifts, they liked him all the more. With these two absolutely wonderful bosses, they were willing to sell themselves to the establishment for ten years, never mind just work here for a measly year.

Thus, they became even more diligent.

After helping Lin ShuYi gain the undying loyalty of his workers, Shen Fu headed to the back. Hands in pockets. Lin ShuYi was putting away the new ingredients they had purchased. Those that were to be frozen to the freezer, those needing to be refrigerated into the fridge. Shen Fu rolled up his sleeves and went to help.

After a moment, Tang Shuang moved the fish tofu from the freezer to the fridge, wanting to cry, before turning to look at Lin ShuYi with despair on his face.

Lin ShuYi couldn’t help but laugh and grabbed Shen Fu’s arm. “Never mind helping, the more you help the more we have to do.” Someone who couldn’t tell the difference between fish tofu and frozen tofu really wouldn’t be able to help at all.

Shen Fu’s face didn’t hold a trace of the guilt someone who couldn’t tell apart frozen tofu and fish tofu should have, instead grabbing onto the hand Lin ShuYi had used to grab him and leaning forward, whispering into his ear, “Then how about I boil some dumplings for you? You haven’t eaten yet this morning.”

Lin ShuYi glanced at Tang Shuang, who wasn’t paying attention to what was going on over here before whispering back. “Alright. Make some more for the others, too. They probably haven’t eaten yet either.”

Originally, Old Master Shen was going to have them stay for breakfast, but the restaurant was opening in the morning. They left early, not having the time to eat, only able to drink some milk to tide themselves over.

Though Shen Fu couldn’t tell apart frozen and fish tofu, he was fine with making dumplings and cutting things. He even made a dip with chili oil and vinegar. Then, he set the pork and radish dumplings they had wrapped before to boil. After boiling, he drained them and placed them on a plate, putting a small dish of the vinegar dip in the center and bringing it out excitedly with a triumphant feeling of being able to cook for himself.

In reality, the chili oil had been Lin ShuYi’s work, adding spices and sesame seeds, while the vinegar and dumplings came store bought, so where Shen Fu’s triumph came from was a mystery.

By the time Shen Fu was finished with the dumplings, Tang Shuang and Lin ShuYi were done as well. Everyone washed their hands and sat down to eat.

Though they knew the dumplings were bought frozen from the store, they were still rather pleasantly surprised at this young master boiling dumplings for them. By the time they finished the dumplings, it was already past ten and customers were about to start pouring in.

When they had arrived in the morning, it was still early, so they didn’t go to Old Man Yang’s, heading directly to the restaurant instead. At around almost eleven, Old Man Yang arrived with Xiao Wan’s grandmother.

They two strolled over, smiling and talking as they did. Seeing Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu, Xiao Wan’s grandmother, usually very open and boisterous, was a little shy. Old Man Yang was still very straight forward, not feeling any embarrassment or awkwardness at all. Lin ShuYi went up to greet the two happily.

In reality, the others hadn’t expected that these two would end up together. Old Man Yang was quiet and introverted while Xiao Wan’s grandmother was the complete opposite, energetic with a firecracker temper. She was also ten years younger. Thus, Lin ShuYi really hadn’t expected the two to get together at all. However, thinking back on it, it hadn’t been completely out of the blue. Xiao Wan’s grandmother had always been very good to Old Man Yang, and after what happened with Yang Xiao, Xiao Wan’s grandmother was his main source of comfort, afraid he wouldn’t be able to get over it.

So, did Xiao Wan’s grandmother like Old Man Yang before? Lin ShuYi wondered with a smile. It seemed very like her.

Old Man Yang had already told the two, so he wasn’t afraid of the two reacting oddly. He had prepared to live out the rest of his life alone, but he hadn’t expected that someone might be willing to share this time with him.

“Grandpa Yang, have you eaten yet?”

“We have. Go and do what you need to. We just came to see if you had come back or not.”

Lin ShuYi nodded and suddenly asked, “Grandpa Yang, are you two not planning on hosting some sort of celebration?”

At this question, Old Man Yang looked a little embarrassed though he tried to keep his cool. Meanwhile, Xiao Wan’s grandmother practically hid herself behind Old Man Yang. “Celebration? We’re already old. That’s just embarrassing. How about we call Old Chen and the others over and have a dinner or something? You lot knowing is good enough. There’s no need to make it big at our age.”

Shen Fu had one hand in his pocket, the other arm wrapped around Lin ShuYi’s shoulders as he grinned. “What’s to be embarrassed about?”

Their situation had gone hugely public after all.

Old Man Yang shook his head. “There’s nothing to show off about this. We’re old already.” He glanced at Xiao Wan’s grandmother as he spoke. “It’s good enough to have someone to spend the rest of my life with. We’ll live our life; there’s no need to live on the opinions of others.”

Perhaps it was because they were older, so the way they viewed the world was different. Shen Fu loved Lin ShuYi and would want nothing more than for the whole world to know how much he loved the other. Meanwhile, things were different for Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandmother. They just wanted to live their lives peacefully. There was no need for others to know.

However, with this settled, Lin ShuYi was relieved. In the past, Old Man Yang was all alone. He was afraid that Old Man Yang would have to live alone and would be lonely. Even if he had Lin ShuYi to talk to, there were some problems and thoughts Old Man Yang wouldn’t tell him. Now it was different with Xiao Wan’s grandmother. The two would have each other and wouldn’t feel lonely anymore.

“That’s right, there’s something else I came here for.”

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi straightened. “Yes?”

“We discussed among ourselves and decided we feel that it would be better if everyone was together. Originally we were thinking of having Xiao Wan’s grandmother come and live with me, but Xiao Wan said that she wanted to stay with her grandmother and wanted me to go move to their place. That idea is fine with me, so I was hoping you could help with moving on Sunday.”

So that’s what he was here about? Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi immediately agreed. It was no problem for them.

Though, they were going to live together? That was good. With Xiao Wan’s energetic self, they would be happier as well. Old Man Yang had gone through many hardships, but thankfully things were looking up now.

Old Man Yang and Xiao Wan’s grandmother strolled off once more, looking happy and content. Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi exchanged a look, imagining themselves in the same position when they got older, before turning their head and seeing Tang Shuang with a faceful of tears.

Even Old Man Yang came to show off his relationship. This single dog wanted to die!

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