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Chapter 90: Matcha Panda Biscuits

Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As Lin ShuYi expected, the trunk of the car ended up packed on their way back.

XiaoYu was much more energetic on the way back. They weren’t sure if it was because Lin ShuYi’s words had made an impact or if it was the three cakes. He pressed himself against the backseat glass window, looking outside with interest. Whenever he saw something interesting, he’d report it to Lin ShuYi. Then, when they passed by an elderly man manning a fruit stall, Lin ShuYi stopped to buy some fruit.

Not many fruits were in season in winter, but one of the most popular fruits at this time of year was the mandarin orange. Small, sweet and juicy with a thin peel and no seeds.

Seeing Lin ShuYi get out, Xiao Yu followed. Seeing such a beautiful child, the elderly man smiled. He didn’t even care if the two were planning on buying anything, handing Xiao Yu two mandarins. “Try some, child. These oranges are really sweet.”

Xiao Yu smiled and nodded politely. “Thank you, grandpa, but we haven’t paid, so I can’t take the oranges.” And then he looked up at Lin ShuYi, smiling widely when he saw Lin ShuYi’s approving gaze.

“Could we have a few kilos, please.”

The elderly man went to ruffle Xiao Yu’s hair, and Xiao Yu let him do so, making him smile even wider. “You’re such a well-mannered young man.”

They bought several kilos of oranges and apples, all relatively in season ones. They tasted good and weren’t too expensive either. Though there wasn’t as much of a variety in these roadside stalls compared to big supermarkets, what was sold here was usually fresher and more delicious than the ones in supermarkets, at a cheaper price, too. After weighing the fruits, the elderly man still ended up putting the two oranges he was going to gift Xiao Yu into the bags, saying, “You’re such a well-mannered child, so the oranges, I’ll gift to you, yes? Your brother here won’t scold you for it.”

Xiao Yu looked at Lin ShuYi before thanking the elderly man. “Than you, grandpa, but this isn’t my brother, he’s my dad.”

The elderly man’s eyes widened, clearly disbelieving that such a young man would be a father to a child this old.

Straightening the scarf around Xiao Yu’s neck, Lin ShuYi put the fruit into the car with a smile. “Say goodbye to grandpa.”

Xiao Yu grasped Lin ShuYi’s hand. “Bye, grandpa.”

Then he got into the car with Lin ShuYi, leaving the elderly man alone in his surprise. Dad? He hadn’t misheard had he? Then, as the car drove away, the elderly man finally noticed Shen Fu who had been watching the two with a loving expression from the front of the car. Wait, so who was the dad???

Once they got back to the Shen Family house, TaoTao had fallen asleep with Shen Fu’s mother’s help, butt in the air on the massive bed. With the quilt covering him, you couldn’t even find him anymore.

Shen Fu’s mother carefully tiptoed out, mumbling to herself, “We’ve got to buy him a smaller bed for himself.” Otherwise they would be constantly worried. Seeing the three return, she came down cheerfully. “Back already?”

Xiao Yu handed an orange to Shen Fu’s mother. “Grandma, have some oranges. There’re really sweet.”

Shen Mu took a bite and kissed Xiao Yu on the cheek. “YuYu is such a good child. It really is very sweet, delicious!”

Shen Fu and Lin ShuYi were putting their purchases away while Shen Fu’s mother watched, complimenting all their purchase decisions. “Oh yes, did you two buy TaoTao a smaller bed?”

Lin ShuYi nodded. “Yes, but it was a little too big so I had them deliver it in the morning.”

Their hourly worker (阿姨, as in the kind that comes and cleans and cooks and whatnot. Usually a middle aged lady) put the vegetables and fruits into the kitchen before taking the new clothes for Xiao Yu and Tao Tao. They’d be ready to wear after a wash and dry.

Shen Fu sighed in relief once the rest of the items were tidied away. “How come it still feels like we’re missing things after buying so much?”

Shen Fu’s mother laughed. “You didn’t have children before now, so nothing was prepared. You had quite a lot to buy in one go. There’ll definitely be things you’re still missing, but it’s fine if you buy them when you get there.”

Lin ShuYi looked around. “Where’s grandpa and the others?”

Shen Fu’s mother raised her head and glanced towards the study. “They’re in the study. Lemme see… hey, you bought so many fruits and cranberries, huh?”

Xiao Yu raised his head, eyes bright as he gazed at Shen Fu’s mother. “Dad said grandma knew how to make cupcakes. I want to eat grandma’s cupcakes.”

Shen Fu’s mother gave up trying to resist the adorableness and pinched Xiao Yu’s cheeks. “Xiao Yu likes to eat cupcakes? You’re just like your daddy Lin. With two sweetooths in the Shen Family, your grandma finally has a chance to use her talents. I’ll go and make some now.”

Xiao Yu rolled up his sleeves and grinned. “Thank you, grandma. I’ll come and help out.”

“Alright then.”

The two cheerfully headed off to the kitchen.

Lin ShuYi sat on the sofa. This day felt both fantastical yet satisfying. They suddenly had two children. This was a decision for life. A family of four, living happily together. Lin ShuYi couldn’t help but break out into a smile.

Shen Fu leaned over and stole a quick kiss from Lin ShuYi’s lips, smiling as he asked, “What are you thinking about that’s making you smile so widely?”

Lin ShuYi looked around wildly like he was afraid there might be someone peeping on them, unsure if he should hit the other or answer his question.

“Don’t worry. Grandfather is in the study and my mom is in the kitchen. Neither of them will come out any time soon.”

Lin ShuYi glared at him, but didn’t say anything to rebut him. “Shen Tao, Lin Yu.”

Shen Fu smiled lazily, arm placed on the back of the sofa and eyes narrowed. “From now on we’re a family of four. We haven’t even gotten married yet.”

Lin ShuYi took a sip of water calmly, ignoring him. “How are two men going to get married?”

“We definitely have to get married. Originally, I had planned for us to get married before we had children, but now that we already have two children, they can be flower boys at our wedding,” Shen Fu grinned.

Lin ShuYi was already pretty content with their current state of affairs. He didn’t need a ceremony to prove how happy he was. He was already happy like this.

Shen Fu wasn’t troubled that Lin ShuYi didn’t replied. He was already slowly preparing for this anyways; there was no rush. “We’re going to be going back to S City tomorrow. My parents and grandfather would be reluctant to see them go. We even bought so much; what are you planning to do with all that stuff?”

Lin ShuYi was stunned by Shen Fu’s question.

That’s right. He had totally forgotten. He came here to adopt a child, but he didn’t live here.

Shen Fu smiled. “You didn’t even consider it, did you?”

Lin ShuYi agonized over it. They had already bought all that stuff, but he had never even considered this.

What were they to do know? Xiao Yu and TaoTao had only just gotten used to this place. Never mind a change of environment, if there was a change in the surrounding people, Xiao Yu would probably have a hard time settling in. Yet, they couldn’t leave the restaurant to itself. Tang Shuang wasn’t experienced enough to keep it running for more than a few days on his own.

Shen Fu flicked his nose, smiling. “Don’t worry over it. I’ve already arranged everything. Tomorrow, the babysitter won’t come here. She’ll head directly to S City. I’ve already asked Grandpa Yang to fix things up at home. Tomorrow if the others want to, they can come with. Mother has been waiting for a chance to stay over there anyways. As for my aunt, the other rooms might not be appropriate, but the loft should be fine for her to live in.”

The one with massive skylight? That’s true. That room had been aired out for the longest and had the best ventilation, so Aunt Shen should be fine living there. However, thinking of what they did in that room back then had Lin ShuYi’s ears going red.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already had all the sheets switched out. When the rest of the rooms are good, we can have my aunt move into one of the lower rooms and the loft will still be our private space.” Shen Fu had moved to sit right up against Lin ShuYi during their conversation, murmuring his words into the other’s ear, his warm breath fanning over Lin ShuYi’s cheek and causing him to flush.

Shen Fu’s eyes darkened and he buried his face against Lin ShuYi’s neck sounding a little chagrined as he said, “The kids are cute, but we’ll have less time to ourselves in the future. Whatever shall we do?”

The area Shen Fu’s breath fanned over felt hot and Lin ShuYi turned his head the other way in embarrassment. “It won’t happen. Xiao Yu and TaoTao are both very well behaved. They aren’t clingy.”

Shen Fu chuckled. “But what happens if they see something they’re not meant to?”

Lin ShuYi shoved Shen Fu to one side, face stormy.

Shen Fu’s brother came down looking for XiaoYu, ignoring the two husbands’ PDA with practised ease.

It was already seven in the evening when Xiao Yu and Shen Fu’s mother finished the desserts and placed them on the table, fresh out of the oven.

Golden slices of cranberry pound cake, with little cranberries encased inside. The cake was soft and thick, creamy aroma wafting through the air.

The other plate held a bunch of cute little matcha panda biscuits. Chocolate colored eyes and nose, cream and the light green of the matcha on the surface. Cute and delicious.

Shen Fu’s mother raised the biscuit in delight. “Xiao Yu helped a lot with these biscuits. He even made the shapes and design himself.”

Xiao Yu was a little embarrassed and offered Old Master Shen one. “Great grandpa, have a biscuit.”

Old Master Shen didn’t actually like sweet food that much, but he couldn’t resist this offered treat and broke of a piece to taste. “It’s delicious. Xiao Yu is so talented.”

Xiao Yu grinned, eyes turning into curves and distributing the biscuits for everyone. Afterwards, he looked towards the stairs. “Has TaoTao not woken up yet? This is my first time making biscuits, so I wanted TaoTao to try some.”

Lin ShuYi ruffled Xiao Yu’s hair. “I’ll go and check, yeah? If he’s still sleeping, then Xiao Yu you can save two for him. He’ll be able to try them first thing tomorrow morning.”

Xiao Yu nodded.

Lin ShuYi ascended the stairs. Their nanny was actually up there the entire time, carefully paying attention to what was happening in the room. The Shen Family house was huge. If there was no one nearby and the door was closed, they probably wouldn’t notice if TaoTao woke up. Their nanny didn’t say anything though, so TaoTao was probably still asleep.

Lin ShuYi quietly approached and opened the door. The room was dark so Lin ShuYi turned on a relatively less intense light and looked towards the bed.

TaoTao was so small that he could practically get lost in such a large bed. The quilt was still covering him, completely motionless. He was probably still asleep. Lin ShuYi tiptoed over, wanting to take a look. Suddenly the covers moved and TaoTao appeared from under them, rubbing his eyes. Seeing Lin ShuYi, he grinned, revealing his milk teeth, and sat up, reaching for Lin ShuYi. “Up~ Up~”

The cute, soft little kid sat on the bed, stretching out his little pudgy hands, trying to get Lin ShuYi to pick him up. Lin ShuYi’s heart melted, taking the child into his arms. TaoTao gave a big yawn, either because he hadn’t slept enough or just hadn’t fully woken up yet, and rested his head on Lin ShuYi’s shoulder, hugging Lin ShuYi’s neck. “Gege~ Gege~”

Lin ShuYi’s lips curved into an amused smile at this. “Not clingy to most, but your brother’s an exception, huh? Come on, let’s go find your brother.”

TaoTao started giggling in understanding. Lin ShuYi dressed TaoTao in a soft little tiger onesie, increasing the attack power of his cuteness, before taking him downstairs.

Seeing Lin ShuYi come down with TaoTao, Xiao Yu hurried over to them. “Awake now? TaoTao, look, look at what big brother has.”

TaoTao looked around with interest, eyes lighting up at the sight of the cute panda biscuits. “Cooo-keee~”

He knew quite a lot of words, but he usually talked in two syllables at a time. Thankfully, Xiao Yu was there to translate, otherwise everyone might be at a loss as to what he was trying to say.

Xiao Yu smiled and handed him the biscuit. TaoTao opened wide, his little powerful teeth quickly breaking apart the biscuit before he looked at the table, wanting more. After two more biscuits, Xiao Yu didn’t let him have any more.

“That’s all for today, ok, TaoTao? You can have some more tomorrow.”

TaoTao was a little disappointed, but didn’t object to his brother’s words, doing his best to ignore the remaining biscuits.

Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu exchanged a glance. Xiao Yu’s presence was definitely a huge help with TaoTao. Two cute kids, so polite and well-behaved, what else could a father want?

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