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Chapter 15: I grow hot!

Auguste wasn’t surprised. He calmly tuned the projection to the , where he was playing [How to Take Care of Your Plants While Traveling]. Auguste watched the show over breakfast, regardless of the eyes of others.

Carl:… He is still too young.

Hai’an was curious about this projection. In Nore, there was a type of magic that could see other people’s activities. There were also magic phantoms that could tell the truth from lies. But at the moment, he could not feel the slightest magic fluctuation. How did these people do that?

Carl felt that his eyes were about to fall out. “Hey.” Carl glanced around at Auguste and then at Hai’an. Hai’an was stared at furiously by his feirce eyes. “Why didn’t I find out that you had such a talent before?” Carl watched Auguste bring up the small plant these days. It was a wonderful feeling to see such green leaves. “I can see you like JianJian a lot.”

Carl absolutely refused to admit that he had an itch to scratch and wanted to raise a potted plant, then Carl thought of Lydney’s pot that contained the teardrop tree. He could play with potted plants, so he didn’t need to raise one himself. But Carl didn’t understand why the teardrop tree would cry, but since its eyes would not close, it could be used as a surveillance device. What could this pot of grass do besides shake?

“What’s so good about it?” Carl tried to touch Hai’an and was blocked by Auguste.

Auguste gave Hai’an a stab with his forefinger.

Hai’an shivered, What is this about?

“Touch it.” Auguste spoke these two words calmly, and after Jamie listened to them, he sprayed out his mouthful of water.

“Ha-ha-ha, I’m sorry…” As soon as Jamie saw the crowd’s eyes move to him, he quickly wiped off the water that he had spit out. Who could blame him?

Oh, oh, Hai’an saw Auguste’s index finger stretched out and finally understood. His owner wanted to be spoiled again.

So Carl saw the trembling grass on the table tremble before a vine emerged from its roots and slowly wrapped around Auguste’s finger.

Never had he heard of plants being able to play like this! Carl was shocked.

Lydney was also surprised; he had read many plant descriptions at the exhibition before as an auctioneer, but none of the plants showed such great wisdom in their infancy. The trembling grass did not show such an ability in its given data.

For example, the teardrop tree and the rosette reacted to the outside world because they were mature.

Hai’an should not have been auctioned that day. The plants on display were all mature because the plants in their mature period had strong survivability and a certain amount of wisdom, but it was difficult to breed trembling grass. Hai’an was the only surviving one among those saplings. The boss was afraid that Hai’an would be carelessly killed. He had intended to raise quickly without spending a lot of money so he had decided to try the trembling grass. However, there had been no profit from that action.

But he didn’t expect it to be raised so well after Carl bought it and gave it to Auguste.

“Sir, it should be growing soon.” Lydney interposed a sentence. Seeing Auguste turn his eyes to him, a little nervous, he continued. “Plants need a lot of sunshine when they grow up. But since there is no sunshine on the way, you can put YangYang flowers near him.”

Auguste looked away and then teased Hai’an, “Thank you.”

Carl patted Lydney on the shoulder, “Relax, you don’t need honorifics here, just think of it as your home.”

“Well.” Lydney lowered his head. In fact, if he hadn’t left Freeport, there would be no freedom at all. Instead, he was able to stay here and be more relaxed. When he thought that Carl had brought him here, he looked up and smiled. He sincerely thanked him.

“Thank you.”

Carl looked at Lydney who had given him a brilliant smile. His beautiful face suddenly became clear and a feeling of indescribability burst into Carl’s mind.

“… You’re welcome.” This time it was Carl’s turn to bow his head. Lydney looked at his closed off face and felt that he was shy so he didn’t speak again.

Hai’an was shocked when he heard Lydney say he was about to grow up. He recalled his situation in the past few days. He was not as tired as before when he mobilized the force of elements, and he was free to make more vines. He was no longer as uncontrollable as before either.

It turned out that he was about to grow.

To tell the truth, he still had a little expectation of what he would become when he grew. Suddenly, he changed from a flexible and free man to a shaking grass. Hai’an still felt a little trapped. If he hadn’t been able to mobilize the elements, he might have been drowned by Auguste a long time ago.

With the growth of his own plant body, he could mobilize more and more elements. So when he grew into a mature body, how much magic power could he use? By that time, could he change back into his human form?

In fact, it was very uncomfortable to keep the appearance of a plant all the time. He couldn’t eat, move, talk or do anything else.

Oh, the plants in Elune Forest were so pathetic.

Hai’an had raised his own plants, and found that when the plants were not happy, they became more and more fond of the trees and flowers.

After the show was over, Auguste decided to let Hai’an bask in the sun. He went back to his room and turned on the luxury version of the YangYang flower he had bought before he left. He turned on the switch and put it above Hai’an’s head.

The yellow flower circled a few times and floated over Hai’an’s head. A small ray of sunshine came down and covered the whole pot. Hai’an was so comfortable with the sunshine that he could not help writhing his leaves.

It was not a bad purchase. The quality was really good.

As soon as he looked up, he saw the universe outside the big window in Auguste’s room. He stretched out the vine and plucked at the edge of Auguste’s clothes. Auguste immediately lowered his head and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Hai’an pointed the vine in the direction of the window.

He wanted to see the scenery?

Auguste took out the small hanging basket, directly stuck it on the guardrail next to the window, and then put Hai’an in. Hai’an finally saw the scenery outside as he wished.

It was better than the night sky in Freeport!

The landscape of the universe was always infinite. Countless nebulae were different colors, offsetting the shining planets. Some galaxies formed whirlpools in the distance, surrounded by scattered stars, which also emitted a soul-stirring light. At this time, they were sailing along an arc of a galactic whirlpool, just like they were in the orbit!

Nearby there was a comet, dragging its tail and moving slowly. Of course, there were a few meteorites floating, the ship carefully moved around these stones to avoid hitting them.

Beauty and death coexisting.

That’s what the universe looked like.

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I really love this one

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beauty and death coexisting. wow i love that line

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Arlene Griffiths
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Ahhhh the fluff! 😀 This novel is awesome. Thabk you so much for your hard work!

July 1, 2019 10:29 pm

Thank you for the chapters. I love the communication between them. Also the crew now knows that Auguste’s plant is special. Well, that “disturbing fetish of dating plants” didn’t come out of nowhere.

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This is a beautiful world haha
I like how the Freeport looks, I like how it could exist because of the ruins beneath.

Looking forward to this novel more and more haha

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