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Chapter 89: Cranberry Chiffon Cake

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

They quickly got used to the new home, especially TaoTao. He was still pretty young and grew up in an orphanage with a lot of people so he quickly adapted to his environment. In just an afternoon, he got familiar with all the grandparents, aunts and uncles of the Shen household. Everyone could hold him and he loved them equally.

Mom Shen couldn’t let go of this white and puffy little grandson, carrying him everywhere. Dad Shen picked out a few stuff that TaoTao could play with out of the massive pile of toys mom Shen bought and played with TaoTao with a smile that couldn’t go down.

Both Shen Fu and Lin ZhiYi were extremely happy. They didn’t think Shen’s parents would love children this much.

Shen old man didn’t have much experience with taking care of babies so he contend for it. Instead, he called over Xiao Yu, this little Shota and hearing him call him great grandpa, he loved it, even though he didn’t show it. Aunty Shen also wanted to hold TaoTao but due to her condition, no one would let her, thus she also gathered around Xiao Yu, asking about his time in the orphanage with Shen old man.

Lin ZhiYi and Shen looked at each other. This scene was truly heartwarming.

The stuff mom Shen bought was still on the sofa. Lin ZhiYi looked around and discovered that there was still a few things not bought. Due to the fact that the gender and age of the children was unknown no clothes were bought. The two decided to go to the supermarket again and buy some more necessities.

Xiao Yu decided to go with them. As for TaoTao, mom Shen wouldn’t let him go, so he’s going to stay behind.

Seeing how his grandparents were treating TaoTao, Xiao Yu had nothing to worry about, but for TaoTao’s illness. Thus, he asked for Lin ShuYi to squat down and whispered, “Daddy, have you told grandma and grandpa about TaoTao’s illness? TaoTao can’t get too excited, he needs to sleep after playing.”

Lin ShuYi reached out to rub his hair and praised him, “We told grandpa and grandma over the phone and I’ll remind grandma later. Xiao Yu is really a great brother.”

Xiao Yu smiled shyly. Shen Fu smiled as well, “Don’t worry Xiao Yu, daddy hired a doctor-caretaker just for TaoTao. She’ll arrive tomorrow and will take careful care of TaoTao.”

Xiao Yu held onto Shen Fu’s fingers tightly. He felt really really happy.

“I like daddy, I like grandma and grandpa. I like great grandpa and aunties and uncles. I like this new family.” Xiao Yu whispered to himself as the corner of his mouth slowly raised up. Then, he held tighter onto the hand that covered his.

Lin ShuYi walked in front of mom Shen and TaoTao was still giggling at the jade stone necklace on her.

“TaoTao can’t be too excited, he needs to rest a little afterwards.”

Mom Shen took a look at the white, puffy, milk bun in her hands and turned serious, “Okay, I won’t tease him anymore. I’ll get him to sleep soon.”

TaoTao was so excitable that they almost forgot about his heart condition.

“What about the doctor-caretaker Xiao Fu talked about? When are they coming?”

“Probably tomorrow, after breakfast.”

Mom Shen nodded. After all, they weren’t professionals, having an actual professional around TaoTao would put them at ease as well. They really couldn’t tolerate painful things happening to such a cute little milk bun.

“Then we’ll take Xiao Yu shopping.”

Mom Shen nodded again, “Go, go, we’ll take care of TaoTao.” Then turned around and smiled while waving at Xiao Yu, “Yu Yu bye bye~”

Xiao Yu smiled, showing his tiger’s tooth, “Grandma bye bye, grandpa bye bye~”

Then after saying goodbyes to old man Shen, Aunty Shen and the likes, they left.

Shen Fu drove while Lin ShuYi and Xiao Yu sat in the back.

The Shen family was beyond what Xiao Yu had imagined but when he stood in front of mother and father Shen, he wasn’t very nervous or awkward, instead, he was very polite and never asked more than necessary. For children his age, they were at their most curious, but Xiao Yu looked as if he wasn’t curious at all. He never asked anything he shouldn’t have and even when he was curious, if Lin ShuYi didn’t tell him, he would just look carefully. In conclusion, his ‘politeness’ made Lin ShuYi’s heartache.

“Xiao Yu, you don’t need to restrain yourself. This will be your house from now on, you will have your own room. If you like anything, you can tell daddy. There’s no need to be shy or be scared to ask. If you do something wrong, daddy will teach you what’s right. I want you to know that we will be a family from now on.”

Xiao Yu turned around and hugged Lin ShuYi, “Does daddy want Xiao Yu to say what he actually thinks?”

Lin ShuYi nodded, he didn’t want Xiao Yu to feel restricted, after all, he was going to take on the last name Lin ShuYi and be part of the family.

Xiao Yu’s eyes sparkled. His mouth curled up, showing his bright teeth. Burrowing his face deep into Lin ShuYi’s embrace, he said, “I know everyone really likes me and TaoTao and I really like everyone too. Like really, really like them. I know Shen daddy’s family has a lot of money, but I don’t care about money, as long as TaoTao can be cured. After that, I just want to live with daddys and i would be very happy. I already feel like today was the best day of my life.”

Lin ShuYi finally smiled as he pinched his cheek, “How big do you think you are? You got a whole life ahead of you, you will have plenty more happier days.”

Xiao Yu smiled but didn’t say anything. He knew that even if he have happier days later, he wouldn’t forget today because he knew that all of those happiness would be biased on this day. The rest of his happiness would be linked to this day.
H City had a lot of massive shopping malls, taking up a huge amount of space. They included furniture stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, drug stores, food courts etc. Usually by the end of the trip, they would have anything they needed.

Shen Fu parked his car at H City’s biggest and most famous Yun Shang Shopping centre. Although it had the most variety, it also had the best brands in H City and thus the most expensive pricing. Normally Shen Fu wouldn’t have considered these factors but now that he had two sons, he wanted to give them the best stuff.

Shen Fu’s car parked inconspicuously in the parking lot. Then with one hand holding onto Xiao Yu, while Lin ShuYi took the other, they walked into the elevator, going straight to the fourth floor. The whole floor was decided to baby stuff, so everything they needed was there.

The odd but handsome combo of the three grabbed most people’s attention the moment they walked in. For a moment the salesperson was stunned, unable to figure out the three’s relationship, however, if they came to this floor, then it must be for the shota in the middle. Although the clothes on the shota was nothing noteworthy, the salesperson immediately realized that the other two were wearing high end brands, even if they appeared plain. The salesperson’s eyes sparkled, looks like the bonus is in sight.

Thus, they started to praise the shota in the middle, “Ah you’re so handsome! His eyes are so round and what long eyelashes, so handsome. Are you two here to buy him clothes?”

Even though the tone was a bit of an overkill, the praise was well placed on Xiao Yu. Even without dad filters, Xiao Yu’s handsome features would definitely grow into a handsome gentleman in the future. The two on the side, whether it’s brother or father were also super handsome that the salesperson formed heart shaped eyes. However, in such a high-end store, these people have seen stuff and so they stare at them. Instead, they focused their attention onto Xiao Yu. After all, it was directly related to their pay this month.

Shen Fu nodded. Since they were already here, they might as well buy clothes first. For someone of Xiao Yu’s age, they already needed to try on clothes, where as for TaoTao they just needed to give a rough estimate of his height, then they can go from there. The rest they could leave to the salespeople.

As if they just had a red bull, the salesperson give piece after pieces of clothes, saying that they all looked good on him. Lin ShuYi felt that they were right and Shen Fu simply waved his hand and told Xiao Yu to try them all on. Xiao Yu minced his lips together and tugged on Lin ShuYi’s clothes, “I don’t need this much, it’s too wasteful.”

Lin ShuYi smiled, “You have too little clothes for the season. Even washing them frequently would be difficult, so buying a bit more is fine. Being conservative was important and one shouldn’t be wasteful but being warm, eating nice was the priority. Don’t worry, they won’t go to waste.”

Only then did Xiao Yu nod, still half confused but went in to change nevertheless.

At first Shen Fu only thought to buy everything that fits but after hearing Lin ShuYi, he felt a little like he didn’t know who to take care of children.

Lin ShuYi knew what he was going to say and smiled at him, “You are a good father but that’s not how you teach children.”

Shen Fu held his hand somewhere the salesperson couldn’t see and said, “Well, I have you don’t I.”

Lin ShuYi rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything as Xiao Yu already came out.

A mini black, slightly tall necked sweater, a long dark orange down jacket with a light blue jeans and a pair of dark brown martins boots, he looked as if he just came out of a men’s fashion magazine. With his bright red lips and bright teeth, he could totally model for a children’s fashion magazine. The salesperson didn’t stop with the compliments, saying Lin ShuYi has good taste and that Xiao Yu looked nice in everything.

Xiao Yu was comparatively taller than people his age and his ratio was nice. With his thin waist and long legs, any clothes looked extraordinarily nice on him. Looking back between him and Lin ShuYi, Shen Fu felt the proud stirring of ‘these are my kids’ well up inside him. Lin Yu and Shen Tao, these were his and Lin ShuYi’s sons.

Old habits die hard, Shen Fu almost said it again, the ‘pack everything’ statement.

Lin ShuYi looked at him and he quickly shut up.

From a huge pile of clothing, Lin ShuYi picked out a few sets of good looking yet also warming clothes for the salesperson to pack up. The rest he had them reshelved. With sparkling eyes Xiao Yu looked at Lin ShuYi as he felt daddy did the right thing. He didn’t need that many clothes, the money saved was needed for TaoTao’s surgery.

Even though they didn’t take everything, it was still a lot for a one time purchase and the salespeople also saw how Lin ShuYi handled Xiao Yu’s education so they didn’t promote more stuff. Instead, they smiled and told them to come by next time.

After that, it was for TaoTao.

Right now, TaoTao didn’t really know how to walk so the children’s room was patted with soft carpets for him to play around. Thus, when his at home, he didn’t need thick clothing, or they could limit his movement. Thinking about the stuff he was wearing right now, Lin ShuYi bought a few animal onesies with tails on them for him to crawl around in. There was also a few cartoon characters in the mix. Just thinking of him wearing these clothes made their hearts melt.

After that, they bought a few pieces for the outdoors and soft shoes that are easily to take off.

Then, the three arrived at the babies section for toiletries, like TaoTao’s bath bowl, Xiao Yu’s toothbrush toothpaste, and TaoTao’s rubber spoons. Lin ShuYi made sure to remember the stuff mom Shen already bought as to not buy repeats.

When they finally came out, both Lin ShuYi and Shen Fu had their hands full with bags while Xiao Yu carried a little bit of TaoTao’s stuff.

The store did home deliveries but since most of the stuff they needed immediately, they were afraid of it not being delivered on time so Lin ShuYi decided to carry them back themselves. After all, the car was completely empty, since he planned on filling it up in the first place.

The two went down and put everything away in the car before coming up with Xiao Yu to the supermarket.

Hearing that Lin ShuYi was a great cook, Xiao Yu’s eyes sparkled. Then after hearing grandma’s baking skills, he almost jumped in happiness. He finally acted like someone his age.

“Can I eat three cakes?” Xiao Yu asked with sparkling eyes.

Lin ShuYi replied, “If you brush your teeth like a good boy.”

“I’ll definitely brush my teeth! Daddy I love you.” XIao Yu jumped up and kissed Lin ShuYi on the cheeks. Lin ShuYi was completely stunned.

Shen Fu was a bit jealous, partially because Lin ShuYi got kissed and partiallly because Xiao Yu didn’t kiss him too.

“You can only kiss Shen daddy, only Shen daddy can kiss Lin ShuYi daddy…”

Before he could finish, Lin ShuYi interrupted him with a darkened face while pulling Xiao Yu, who was confused along, “Let’s go buy some cranberries so grandma can make us a cranberry chiffon cake.”

Instantly Xiao Yu’s attention swayed and happily went along with Lin ShuYi.

Lin ShuYi turned around and glared at Shen Fu. Shen Fu rubbed his lips then when Xiao Yu wasn’t looking, walked up and took a quick peck at Lin ShuYi’s face. It was on the same spot that Xiao Yu kissed, it was very quick and with a smile he added, “Now I’m satisfied.”

Lin ShuYi just wanted to throw this shameless man out the window but the face that got kissed when bright red.

“Daddy are you hot?”

Seeing Xiao Yu’s innocent face, Lin ShuYi could only swallow all of the emotions boiling back into his stomach. So with a smile he replied, “No, I’m fine, lets get going, after this, we’ll go home. TaoTao’s still waiting for us.”

Xiao Yu nodded heavily, he would definitely share a bigger slice of his cake to TaoTao.

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