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This work is classified as restricted. 

Readers under the age of 18 should not read it.

The Cultivator’s Peerless Sex Life

 by 加 ❤ 微信 ❤ 看片

Genre: BL, SMUT, M-Preg, incest, bestiality, threesome, foursome, gang bang, S&M, (Kinda shota con?)

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 13 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


This work is classified as restricted. 

Readers under the age of 18 should not read it.

MC is a total cum bucket, hermaphrodite, bearing a son, fucking his adoptive brother, father and son sex, bestiality, loud sex, gangbangs, threesomes, foursomes, everything somes.

In the cultivation world of immortals, there is a little famous delayed love Sect run by Sect Leader Ye Chi. His real identity is unexpectedly the meat toilet of the five grand elder’s, and he is also the favorite of the whole Sect’s crotch…

To get started:

① One must have a thick and long cock and good cultivation talent.

② One must successfully ejaculate into the deep recesses of the Sect Leader, and use the lewd streaming semen to fill one small cup for the Sect Leader to use.

③ One must be able to share the Sect Leader with at least two other disciples, and not restrict him, and also make the Sect Leader completely become a bitch.

This smutty, kinky text does not need logic!!!! Please ignore any mistakes. There is NO PLOT!!

Chapter 1: Preface

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Ah, uhn… Um… Ah, it’s so big! MN! Ah, ah! No, don’t go in further! It’s too deep! Um… Ha… No more! No more…”

In an immortal’s cave, on a big bed of jade, two figures were tangled up in sex. The young man on the bed had a beautiful and lovely face, and it was full of lust. He was afflicted by the pleasure coming from his lower body, and could only moan intermittently.

At this time, he was sitting completely naked on another handsome man. His body trembled slightly when the other man stood up. His voice echoed throughout the entire immortal’s cave. The young man could hardly bear the wild, continuous thrusts of his subordinate. Even his moans were filled with a trace of a sob and hoarseness.

“Brother… 1 Ah, ah! Brother… So deep… Uh… Ha… Good! Ah… It’s too deep! No way! It’s too fast! Ahn! Ah… So good…”

Ye Chi could hardly stand up and circled his legs around Ye Wenci’s waist for support. However, under the influence of gravity, he sent Ye Wenci’s cock deeper into himself, hitting his back acupoint harder, which made him more sensitive and moan lecherously.

He… He couldn’t control his own sexual secretions. It was too much, too much!

“Slower… Ha… Look… Every place of Brother’s immortal cave… is dripping wet with your sexual secretions…” Ye Wenci, who knew what he was thinking, said into his younger brother’s ear, “It’s so lewd… Brother… Do you want older brother to block that hole with my cock?”

As he said this, he grabbed Ye Chi’s waist, and suddenly increased his strength and speed to pull and thrust in further. It was so forceful that Ye Chi let out a screaming, “Aaaaah,” and was unable to close his mouth. He only knew to cater to the action and to let the cock thrust in deeper to send him to a blissful place.

Finally, with the last deep burial, the three-month long act of sex was over. The scalding semen sprayed onto Ye Chi’s body, which had cooled down again. It was a pity that Ye Chi’s little dick couldn’t shoot anything anymore, and even his breathing had started to stutter.

His back acupoint greedily swallowed his brother’s semen, and Ye Chi’s face flashed with satiety, before it turned into a fragile one. He lay in Ye Wenci’s arms, whimpering, with tears from climax still remaining in his two lovely round eyes.

Ye Wenci kissed away the tears on Ye Chi’s face lovingly, and Ye Wenci’s always indifferent face showed a very gentle look. If it was seen by outsiders, it was bound to surprise everyone that the famous cold faced sword cultivator had such a tender side.

Ye Chi’s back passage still had big brother’s cock inside. Ye Chi hummed twice and looked at Ye Wenci pitifully. As a result, Ye Wenci looked up at his younger brother. Even his cock had a faint sense of looking up, which made Ye Chi cover his mouth quickly.

Although he had a strong desire, he still only had a foundation cultivation base. And now he was really tired from three-months of sex.

However, doing double cultivation with his older brother was enough to increase his cultivation.

Ye Chi was a smart little baby brother. When he was ten years old, he was almost accidentally killed by Ye Wenci’s enemy. After he was secretly poisoned with an aphrodisiac, not only was there now a womb inside of him, but his back hole had also become extremely itchy. It was hard to endure it by not doing anything, and there was always a lot of fluid flowing out. No one could help him.

Five years later, which was just three months ago, Ye Wenci couldn’t help his lust and started to have sex with his long coveted younger brother. Ye Chi was forced to bear all kinds of tricks inside of Ye Wenci’s immortal’s cave.

But what Ye Wenci didn’t know was that Ye Chi himself was a reincarnation of an immoral devil. In his last life, he had finally died because of a fight between his lovers. After his reincarnation, he was adopted by Ye Wenci. Although he was an immoral devil, he was innocent and lovely.

At the beginning, he seduced this cheap brother secretly, endured an empty cultivation for fifteen years, pretended to be ignorant and was then ‘raped.’ In the past three months, he tasted all kinds of positions, ate an unknown amount of semen using his front and back holes, and succeeded in building a foundation from gathering Qi.

Ye Chi had always been smart. He knew that he could easily be punished by the Heaven’s for the way he was the sucking essence from other immortals. So he paid more attention to quality than quantity, understood the principle of reincarnation and regeneration, carefully selected several lovers, and thanks to dual cultivation, he also succeeded in a high cultivation in his last life. Unfortunately, paper can’t contain a fire. 2

It seems that in this life, he had to find another way, and never repeat the same mistakes as before.

When Ye Wenci ejaculated, Ye Chi took advantage of this opportunity to put a harmless Gu 3 in Ye Wenci’s body.

Under the influence of the Gu made from demonic cultivation, from then on, Ye Wenci’s lust would become stronger and stronger, and his cock would grow rounder and longer. Ye Wenci would not stop until Ye Chi came several times and he would lose all control because of the Gu.

At the same time, Ye Wenci’s jealousy over Ye Chi’s other lovers would drop to an incredible level. Even if Ye Chi intended to, Ye Wenci would take the initiative to share Ye Chi’s body with others.

This kind of bug could only be killed by people with the same cultivation base and immortal level.

In this life, Ye Chi did not want to succeed in crossing over to become an immortal, but only to enjoy the pleasure of lust in this world.



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Translator Notes:

  1. Not his real brother, but a brother of the sect. Xiongdi (兄弟)
  2. 纸包不住火 = The truth can’t be kept a secret.
  3. Gu are an ancient Chinese parasite. There are many different fantasy versions of Gu, some that can cause mind control, some that can basically be a GPS and some that are completely poisonous and will kill the intended person with just the sound of a special whistle.


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Wow, what a hot story! Looking forward for more hot interesting story. Thanks for the translation.

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Whoa! I started reading out of curiosity and whoa!

Ye Chi is a big lusting devil… So it seems no one should feel Bad for him. I’m in for the smut.

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Fatheemat Sulayman
Fatheemat Sulayman
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The all time I was like wtf am I even reading LMAOOOO

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I mean, the title and the literal warnings at the top of the page should have been enough of a clue, but my jaw still dropped! 😂

Thanks for making this story available to readers!

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Succubus mc really planned ahead in this present life~~

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