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This work is classified as restricted. 

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Chapter 2: In front of others, Elder Brother holds his climax, and the womb yearns to be severely trampled

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo believes there is a PLOT


Half a year later, Ye Wenci took him to the uncivilized wilderness in search of treasure.

This Savage Land, as the name suggests, was a place where no one wanted to go because of the lack of spiritual power. The environment there was desolate, ignorant and backward, and most of the cultivators here were the physical cultivating human beings.

Ye Chi didn’t have the talent for cultivation. He relied on other people’s spiritual power to advance. In order to help him widen his meridians, Ye Wenci had been searching for treasures for him all these years.

Thinking of the strong body-building body he saw outside, Ye Chi licked his lips, and felt that his lower body was a bit sore, and his lust was surging again.

It had almost been three days since he was last fucked.

Ye Chi hugged Ye Wenci’s neck, pretended to be at a loss and asked, “Elder brother, when will you go out?”

Brother… my back hole is wet…

At the same time, Ye Chi used a mental skill to inadvertently improve the activity of the Gu.

“Out?” Ye Wenci subconsciously repeated it, and the insect controlled by the mind began to become restless.

For a moment, Ye Wenci’s eyes were clear.

While Ye Chi waited, he was suddenly held by Ye Wenci from behind. At the same time, his lower body clothes were completely torn away. A purple black ferocious cock was directly inserted into Ye Chi’s ass from behind without any warning. Once it was thrust in, right up to the hilt, it directly hit his chrysanthemum heart. It began to move in and out like a storm, which made Ye Chi feel that it was painful, causing him to pant, and made his little cock stand up tremblingly.

“Go out… Ha… Go out and let others… Mn… Look at your unrestrained appearance… Ha…”

Then, with such a standing posture, Ye Wenci walked out of the immortal’s cave while doing Ye Chi!

“Ah, ah! Older brother, no, it’s too deep, no, ah! Mn, it’s so deep, so big, so big…”

He didn’t expect that the effect of the Gu would be so good. Ye Wenci had to hold him directly, as he, step by step, went out. Every time, his cock would move into the deepest place, deeper and deeper. Interwoven with fear and desire, Ye Chi was unable to help shaking.

His sensitive point was mercilessly pounded by the cock. Ye Chi’s sexual secretions slid down the hard cock as it hit him and he could hardly say a complete word. The pleasure from his back hole flooded him like a tide, and his womb gradually emptied.

“Older brother… Ah! Mn! Slower… My waist is too sore! Um… Don’t… Don’t go any deeper Ha… Front… Mn… In front of us…”

Tortured by the itching of his womb, Ye Chi began to beg for his elder brother’s comfort. However, the Gu didn’t fully listen to his instructions. At this time, Ye Wenci turned a deaf ear to his words, and his hand lowered down to grasp his erection.

Under the double attack of desire and pleasure, Ye Chi gradually became more and more unbridled, and began to twist his waist to cater to Ye Wenci’s actions. He actively asked for a kiss, and the moist and warm back acupoint swallowed the cock deeper and tighter. Ye Wenci could not help but suck in a breath.

By this time, Ye Wenci had already walked to the outside of immortal’s cave with him, and a strong young man with wheat skin appeared beside him. His muscles were bulging and he looked very handsome, but his face seemed to be dull.

This strange young man was picking herbs at the same time. When he heard the voice, he turned and saw such a sight. He froze there and kept looking at Ye Chi’s lustful face and the hungry hole with sexual secretions following out in front of him.

“Ha… Slower… We… Seen by others… You’re stuck in an orgasm from your own older brother. Your juices are flowing… Your hole is wrapped around my cock… It’s so perverted… Even passers-by are stunned…”

Ye Wenci naturally saw the man. He sneered, insulted Ye Chi with vulgar language, and showed off like a show off. He raised one of Ye Chi’s legs to show the young man the part he was entering, while his hand stayed wrapped around Ye Chi’s dick.

Ye Chi was already confused from the orgasmic tide. When he heard that someone was peeping on the side, he was even more excited and shook his waist crazily to swallow the cock deeper.

“Ah, ah! Slower… Um… Ah… Being seen… Ha… Seducing elder brother… Uh… Ah… my womb itches… I want a big cock to fuck! Mn… Ah! Stop itching…”

The pink and lovely little hole devoured the thick and ugly cock, Ye Chi’s pained expression was mixed with his happy pure face, with little white stains around his mouth, and he moaned in incomparable waves, accompanied by a squelching sound that appeared when the cock popped out. The strong contrast made the young person more fascinated, his breathing also intensified, and his lower body gradually rose.

That silly young man had a giant thing that didn’t lose to Ye Wenci. It was purple and ferocious. It even bent slightly at the top. Yen Chi thought it would be able to scrape the top of his womb.

Ye Chi looked at the cock obsessively, his thirsty womb called out, and he was eager to be comforted.

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I’m hoping Sulos right tbh, but i can’t see it 💀

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We need a manga of this

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The reason I keep reading is because I am Curious as to how bad this sex stuff can get,

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just a passerby
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This is the first uncensored danmei that I’ve read 😃

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