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Chapter 20: Assessment

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to eat Gu Y


Since it was an audited live broadcast, the perspective was randomly selected by the system. This time, the system directly randomly selected the perspective of the panda cub.

“Hello everyone, judges. I’m Gu YuMian.” Gu YuMian briefly introduced himself, “Today’s live broadcast is to make afternoon tea for two little babies at home, and then take a bath after eating.”

The semi-open kitchen was in the living room. The assessor could see several boxes of milk powder, some bottles and cans, a few bamboo shoots, asparagus, synthetic shrimp, tomatoes and other things on the cooking table, and put them in different categories.

The snow leopard lay lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, and his tail swept over his neck. Since Gu YuMian had to deal with the ingredients, he couldn’t hold the baby panda, so he took a chair and put him on the cushion first. The baby panda sat on the cushion, and from time to time he would stretch out a paw to hold Gu YuMian’s hand curiously. Gu YuMian gave him a little bamboo shoot to peel and play with. His attention quickly shifted to it.

In the audit mode, the audience was only the judges, and there was no bullet screen interaction for the time being. The number of spectators was set at ‘10’. It seemed that there were ten judges in total.

Gu YuMian rinsed and peeled the synthetic fresh shrimp, opened the back to remove the veins, added half of the egg white and the raw meal, and grasped the processed shrimps directly in the ice. He then picked up the bamboo shoots and peeled off the shell, leaving the tender part inside. This bamboo shoot was hard to find on Star Network, fresh with mud at the root.

At this time, there was finally a bullet curtain passing slowly:

[Reviewer Number 03: Well, the anchor is very good-looking.]

Other reviewers: “…”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Number 03 was not really trying to express their preference.

Of course, Gu YuMian did look good. But what’s more, as soon as they entered the live room, there was no noisy background or various advertisements, the first feeling they got was that they were comfortable and practical, and they wanted to see more of it.

This was what they wanted to express when they said “good-looking”.

What was with the evaluation? Gu YuMian could not help but smile and nod, “Thank you.”

Now little Tangyuan mainly drank basin milk in his chair, and could eat some tender bamboo shoots. Basin milk was called so because it used to be packed in a basin, which referred to the milk powder carefully prepared with various kinds of milk powder, and was suitable for the baby panda.

Generally speaking, it was more appropriate to add the basin milk of a Mama Panda’s breast milk, but Gu YuMian had no way to obtain breast milk. Fortunately, his undergraduate thesis had been about the research of panda breast milk ingredients, and so he had managed to formulate it with various elements as much as possible.

As for the peeled bamboo shoots, Gu YuMian washed them directly, cut them into thin strips and put them on the plate. This was for the baby panda later. The asparagus was cut into two parts, one was put into the juicer together with the cold boiled asparagus, the other was stir fried with shrimp.

“Babies in the cat family can eat shrimp, but they must be cooked, and they can’t eat too much.” Gu YuMian said, “Frozen shrimps are crisper and taste better. It’s okay to add a little flavor with ginger powder, not too much, or it will choke the baby.”

Gu YuMian fished out the frozen shrimps and put them into the hot water in the pot. Cooked them until they turned red slightly and then fished them out. At this time, the shrimps looked crystal white, orange red on the surface, very good-looking. He added a small amount of olive oil to the hot pot, sprinkled a little ginger when it was three minutes hot, until the ginger and olive oil mixed together to give out the flavor of stir fry, and directly stir fried the cooked shrimps.

Since it was for the little snow leopard, salt was not good for the internal organs, and it was also a light and refreshing afternoon tea time. Gu YuMian didn’t add salt at all. He relied on the taste of ginger and oyster sauce.

Soon, the tender flavor of shrimps and the sweet fragrance of asparagus spread in the air!

The little snow leopard opened his eyes and moved his nose. He looked lazy and satisfied.

Even the baby panda, who only liked to drink milk and eat bamboo shoots, was attracted by the fragrance. He put down half of the bamboo shoot he had peeled in his hands, stretched his claws around Gu YuMian’s wrist, made a whirring sound in his throat, and coquettishly wanted Gu YuMian to pick him up.

For this dish, Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was enough to pass the qualified line. All of a sudden, several reviewers’ barrages were blown out!

In general, the reviewers would not issue a bullet curtain at all during the audit, let alone because they had a poor first impression of the human anchor, which was enough to show how tempting the color and fragrance of this small dish was to everyone.

Of course, it was an audit after all, and the words were implicit.

[Reviewer Number 03: Fragrant.]

[Reviewer Number 07: I haven’t seen this before. It’s very tantalizing.]

[Reviewer Number 01: The skill of the anchor is good.]

At this point, however, a line of black characters crossed from above:

[Reviewer Number 08 scores for the first time: Level F, unqualified. Reason: the content is unqualified. Please keep up your efforts.]

Gu YuMian was slightly shocked.

In the review room, Li Ran and the other eight reviewers and team were also surprised.

Each reviewer had a scoring opportunity, no modification opportunity, and a scoring would be directly finalized. As a result, most prudent reviewers would not score until the second half. If three reviewers gave unqualified scores, no matter what scores other reviewers give, the result of the audit would be a direct fail.

“Number 08, what are you doing?” Li Ran frowned.

Auditor number 08 was not serious when he was auditing, and often discriminated against the anchors of vulnerable groups. If it wasn’t for his family’s aristocratic relationship, Li Ran would not have wanted to bear with him for a long time.

“I didn’t comment randomly,” Number 08 said indifferently. “He’s a human. How does a human know what animals want to eat? In addition, you see the thing he gave the baby with mud? This is for the cub? Although I don’t know what kind of cub he is, he’s really bold. He’s not afraid to give his cub food that will kill him.”

Since the angle of view was the first angle of view for the baby panda, and there was no mirror around, they couldn’t tell what kind of cub it was. They could only see the short legs of pure black plush and the white belly.

Even if someone thought he looked like a panda, on second thought, the only panda family didn’t have any newborns in more than ten years, and so they would be mistaken.

“In addition, you can see that he just fried the root without putting salt. It’s okay to smell it, but it is definitely not good to eat this kind of low-level mistake can be made, which means that he shouldn’t be cooking or raising a baby.”

He put a lot of blame into the barrage.


After Gu YuMian looked at it, he felt helpless and a little sad. Before, in Takk, when he started the live broadcast, it seemed that he had met with similar situations. It was considered that he was familiar with both of them.

“This is a bamboo shoot. It was just dug out, the casing was peeled off and washed. The inside of the shoots can be eaten directly.” Gu YuMian showed the test results of the instrument, “The test results are really safe for my Tangyuan.”

The restriction that young bamboo shoots couldn’t be eaten raw was that it was very dangerous as it contained toxins for the human intestines and stomach. Pandas could eat bamboo shoots raw thousands of years ago, and their health in this era was better than before.

In a moment of silence on Number 08’s end, Gu YuMian just wanted to refute, but continued to explain, “I added no salt because there’s no need to have something salty in the afternoon. The flavor of oyster sauce is enough. Too much salt is a burden on the kidneys of kittens. As for how delicious it is… You want to try?”

The review room was also discussing.

“I’m a cat myself. My mother cooks heavy with salt. I found kidney stones two years ago, but it’s not serious.”

“I believe in him. And it does smell delicious. Why don’t you taste it first and then judge?”

“It’s really fragrant. Asparagus and fried shrimp are fragrant but not greasy.”

[Reviewer Number 03: Anchor, can we eat it now?]

“Just a moment. It’s still a little hot.” Gu YuMian explained, “This dish tastes better when it’s cool.”

The baby panda curiously put his round head to the edge of the plate to smell, and was soon pushed away by the little snow leopard.

This was what his human made for him. This stupid thing was taking liberties.

Gu YuMian saw that the snow leopard was going to bully Tangyuan again. He quickly fished up the snow leopard and let it sit on his shoulder, then held the aggrieved baby panda in his arms and touched his forehead.

“Yuanyuan don’t cry. Your brother TuanTuan didn’t mean to. Come on, let’s have a bowl of milk.”

The panda cub had a very good character, was cuddled by Gu YuMian, and immediately forgot what just happened. Gu YuMian gently held the baby in his arms. The round head of the baby panda arched into his arms again, making a little milk sound.

After a while, Gu YuMian handed him the milk in a bowl, and he immediately buried his head and drank it happily.

At the same time, the review room.

“… Ah, why does it feel like…” At first, Judge Number 03, who praised Gu YuMian’s beauty, murmured, “Is it my own reason? Do you feel it too?”

The evaluation room was quiet for a while, and soon sporadic harmony sounded.

“To tell you the truth, so do I.”

“What kind of human is this?? How is that possible? How could I? Ah, ah, I’m a little crazy.”

“Shit, brother send me a tissue. I may have a nosebleed.”

Reviewer Number 08 had just maliciously given him a low score, and had long removed the holographic device. At this time, he looked at his colleagues who seemed to be playing riddles, totally unable to keep up with their rhythm.

The nine other people didn’t care about his doubts. This was probably the most serious time they had watched a live broadcast since the beginning of the audit.

In the holographic state, Tangyuan had been sitting on the cushion on the edge. They could vaguely perceive the difference between Gu YuMian, but it was not as strong as it was now——

When little Tangyuan was held by Gu YuMian, they could feel that they were also held by Gu YuMian. The young man’s body temperature came from his shirt, and their ears could hear his regular breath and heartbeat. The feeling of being held by Gu YuMian gave one joy and satisfaction, as if there was a slight current passing through the scalp, making people attached to it.

It was hard to describe that feeling. It was not just comfort, but also emotional comfort. It was like really changing back to a baby. No matter what they did, it was all inclusive, accompanied, and the whole heart was in a safe place.

With the exception of Number 08, all the judges thought it was amazing enough.

They didn’t expect that the more amazing thing was still to come.

Looking at it, a judge suddenly shouted, “Switch to the other cub’s perspective. That dish is ready to eat!”

Gu YuMian worked hard to be a well-balanced parent. After drinking milk in a basin and eating tender bamboo shoots for the baby panda, the stir fried shrimps with asparagus specially made for the little snow leopard finally reached a proper temperature.

Showing off was enough to catch people’s eyes.

The bright and white shrimps were fried until they were slightly orange and the green asparagus slices were mixed in together. The color was bright and attractive. They could imagine the delicious and refreshing taste just by looking at it, let alone the attractive fragrance around the tip of their nose.

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian rubbed the paw of the snow leopard again, “it’s okay. Do you want a bite? Look at me.”

Just when Gu YuMian coaxed the baby panda, the little snow leopard tried to show indifference. In fact, his heart was sour. Gu YuMian coaxed him patiently and softly for a long time. He finally condescended and ate a chopstick of the asparagus and fried shrimps with Gu YuMian’s hand.

After one bite, the little snow leopard squinted.

And the judges who just switched their perspectives: “!!”

The chilled and directly cooked shrimp was smooth and delicious. The fresh and juicy asparagus and the smooth and tender shrimp were stir fried with ginger. The highlight was the flavor of the oyster sauce. Once again, the fresh taste of shrimp and asparagus was refined and sublimed, which was delicious, rich, fragrant, crisp and tantalizing.

As Gu YuMian said, there was no need to add salt after adding oyster sauce. The taste of the whole dish was fresh and natural. It was neither greasy nor light. Every taste was just right.

At this time, it was afternoon, the sun from the French windows came into the warm room. In the afternoon, on Capital Star, they were surrounded by gentle company. They could enjoy the Chinese afternoon tea with asparagus fried with shrimps and the fresh and sweet asparagus juice.

“It’s really unnecessary to add salt. It’s the first time I have had such smooth and tender shrimp. The anchor did use his mind.”

“Oh, it’s delicious. I’m going to swallow my tongue!”

“If I don’t say anything else, I’ll focus on this dish, at least the level of A-level food anchor.”

“The cooking skills are good, mainly the overall feeling and atmosphere…”

Li Ran was the leader of the review team, and had always been the most serious of all reviewers. But even so, he couldn’t pick out any mistakes. The content was rich, the rhythm was good, the host’s on-the-spot adaptability was good, and the direction was correct.

Besides, he couldn’t even get away from the atmosphere to watch the live broadcast objectively——

Li Ran was a serious insomniac. Anxiety and panic were old problems, but watching the live broadcast, he felt a little calm and sleepy.

And Number 08, listening to them, was really curious, he thought at the beginning that everyone was deliberately cheating him. After all, it was not salted, and it was just a human anchor. At last, it seemed that other judges were really showing their true feelings. He couldn’t help but put on the holographic device secretly and taste it.


Shit, it was fucking delicious!!

At the same time, he felt a bit embarrassed and slapped. And he could not help but live in the holographic live broadcast and taste one mouthful after another.

It was less than an hour old.

Five of the nine reviewers, including Li Ran, the leader of the review team, all gave super high scores of ‘A’! More than half of the high scores directly triggered the A-level anchor audit process then it became a public audit.

Within half a minute, thousands of Capital Star viewers were grabbed by the system and swarmed into the studio.


The live broadcast audit system was implemented in Capital Star half a year ago. The first layer was to screen out the low, vulgar and poorly directed live broadcast. The second layer was also to grade the anchor, from E-level to S-level. But in fact, ratings below B were meaningless and would not be displayed to the audience. Only hosts above level B would face a stage of ‘public audit’ during the audit, that is, the final decision would be left to the volunteer audience. The score obtained in this way was indeed objective and had reference value.

As for class A anchors, there were less than fifty on the Capital, and there were no one ranked class S.

Fifty may sound like a lot, but when the permanent population of Capital Star was 50 billion and the number of anchors was several hundred million, fifty was not a lot. This was not only because of the death of the assessor card, but also because an A-level anchor needed to pass the public review, and the public review audience came from volunteers of all ages, so it was always difficult to meet everyone’s taste.

Because of the new year’s activities of Starlight platform, many hosts from other stars had flocked to Capital Star. So far, only one of these hosts had been rated B, and none of them had been rated A.

[Vivian: Human anchor? The super remote Takk one? How did he start the mass audit of A-level anchor???]

[Cloud Clip: I’m surprised, too. The reviewers shouldn’t be releasing water, orz]

[Junior B: I don’t think so. This is from the 17th group of the evaluation team. If you remember correctly, the leader is Ran-ge. He is very strict.]

Gu YuMian, “?”

He was a bit confused. Just now, there were only ten assessors. Suddenly, there were thousands of more audience members and he didn’t understand what they were saying. Fortunately, at this time, the official side sent him a message explaining that he had “entered the public evaluation process of an A-level anchor”, and he thought it was not easy to understand.

At this time, the audience’s view was still from the perspective of the baby panda.

Little Tangyuan’s milk had been drunk and he was holding the bowl. He looked at the bottom of the empty bowl with round eyes, as if he didn’t know why he drank it all at once.

What the audience saw was also an empty bowl.

Audience: “…?”

What’s this? Everyone’s doubts had been deepened. Was this studio reliable?

“YuanYuan,” Gu YuMian was grabbed by the baby panda, adding some milk to the little Tangyuan’s bowl, “take a bath later.”

The baby panda embraced Gu YuMian’s hand with two claws, rubbed his round head against his palm, and made a little noise, which was also unknown. When the little snow leopard stepped into Gu YuMian’s arms, he first occupied Gu YuMian’s arms, and at the same time, he stretched out his paw pad and pressed it on Gu YuMian’s eyes to prevent him from looking at that stupid thing.

… Don’t look at it.

Look at me.

“TuanTuan won’t take a bath. You did a few days ago,” Gu YuMian misunderstood, holding the snow leopard and rubbing his paws. “Taking a bath often is not good for your health. TuanTuan is very clean.”

Snow Leopard: “…”


In half a minute.

The baby panda had finished the milk again, put down the bowl and slowly moved to Gu YuMian’s side. Gu YuMian asked the little snow leopard to sit on his shoulder, bent over and picked up little Tangyuan, “Are you full? If you’re full, let’s rest and take a bath. After that, we can take a nap.”

The seasons on Capital Star and Takk were not the same, and it was summer on Capital Star. There was an intelligent system in the room, so it wouldn’t be hot. In this season, it was best to take a nap with a mat beside the floor window.

Iced watermelon, cicadas, a nap, fireworks.

These were the key words of summer in Gu YuMian’s mind.

“It’s very comfortable to take a nap in the afternoon in this season. After sleeping, you can have dinner.” Gu YuMian held the baby panda, held his little paw gently, and said softly, “Do you want to eat watermelon? If you want to eat, we will watch the stars and eat at the same time at night.”

This was the hug.

Warm, clean, a nostalgic embrace.

Because in the beginning, facing an empty bowl, it seemed that the content was not the same as the regular live broadcast. Many viewers were ready to quit the live broadcast room. If more than half of the public chose to withdraw, the A-level review would automatically count it as a failure.

Gu YuMian stooped to pick up the baby panda and whispered in his ear——

But, as if they were all controlled by some devilish impulse… 1

Their hands stopped before pressing the ‘exit’ button.


Hey all, Addis here. I hope you are loving this series. Due to the length of these chapters from here on out, (around 3500 English words where a normal danmei chapter is around 1700 to 2200 words) I have decided to continue to do an every other day release for this series. I figured it would be easier for both you and me if the full chapter is posted in one day instead of split between the two. Hope you all understand my decision and continue to love this series. Here’s a couple pictures to soothe your souls.


HD wallpaper: Cats, Snow Leopard, Cub | Wallpaper Flare

HD wallpaper: snow leopard cub, wildlife, carnivore, animal ...

Also, as a side note, while most cat species have yellowish eyes, the snow leopard has grey, green, or blue eye color. This may help them see prey in the snow. Most adult snow leopard’s eyes change to a light green once they reach a certain age.

The majestic snow leopard is one of the most endangered big cats ...Trip Preparation | In Search of Snow Leopards February 2019

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Translator Notes:

  1. Original: 所有人,鬼使神差地.  Contains the idiom 鬼使神差. Literal translation: Demons and Gods at work.


Hey all, Founder and Creator of Exiled Rebels Scanlations here. I created ExR back in March 2017 which is when our first manga was released. We started doing novels in July 2017.

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