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Chapter 3: Orgasm, oral sex and injection into the womb by elder brother and strangers

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo still believes there is a plot


“Ha… Slower… Quick… Come… Say hello to this cock…”

While Ye Wenci was doing Ye Chi, he went to the young man. Now his mind was completely immersed in lust under the influence of the Gu. He only thought that he was forcing his simple and ignorant Ye Chi.

After the death of his parents, he adopted his infant brother Ye Chi, raised him up, and finally enjoyed him. In order to let Ye Chi accept the fact that he had committed adultery with his only relative, he decided to let Ye Chi completely degenerate in lust…

Ye Chi was put on top of all kinds of meat and vegetables, and couldn’t hear what his elder brother was talking about. His body floated and swayed with the cock. Before turning to him, there appeared the cock that made his mind float. It was too thick to be feared. It was dark purple, with a vicious appearance and slightly curved top, swollen to an unimaginable degree.

“Ah… Ha…cock… Uh… Come on, come on… Ha… My womb is itchy… Ah, cock come in… Ah… So deep… Ah! Mn!”

He was pressed on the ground by Ye Wenci and then entered. His back hole was wet from his older brother’s semen. His sensitive point was hit and crushed in various angles. His nipple was kneaded mercilessly by his older brother. The grass on the ground gently caressed his naked body, making him itchy and painful, even more sensitive. His limbs were soft and he almost turned into a pool of water.

But, from his womb, this strong stimulation appeared to be nothing.

Ye Chi couldn’t help but look up and gasp. His eyes were full of physiological tears. He looked at the strange young man’s cock and licked it without hesitation.

The young man looked at him with a silly look and a flush on his handsome face. Different from Ye Wenci’s slightly soft appearance, he was an extremely masculine man.

Very good… This length, shape, strength, Ye Chi needed an apprentice. This young man was very close to his perfect looks. Although he was stupid, he had great talent. He also had a later stage foundation cultivation base even though he was young.

It was up to him.

Then his mouth couldn’t hold the cock any longer. After licking it for a while, Ye Chi reluctantly put it down and held it by his hand. And the young man also felt the happiness from his lower body, and could not help but move.

At this time, Ye Wenci changed his posture and exposed Ye Chi’s deepest parts to the young man’s eyes. Ye Chi shrieked out because he was hit deeper, and at the same time, with his feeble fingers he carefully expanded his second hole, the one that led to his womb.

“Ha… Ah, Come over… Uh… Ah, ah. So deep… Come… Put your cock… A,h ah! Mn! Insert it… Uh… Ah…” Ye Chi intermittently moaned, holding the young man’s huge phallus, and letting it probe into the wet and soft hole in front of him.

The young man finally understood his intention and knew that the small hole overflowing with juices could bring him extreme happiness. Without hesitation, the savage man directly thrust his hard and painful sexual instrument into the second hole which connected to the womb!


Ye Chi was so excited by the violent collision that he immediately screamed out. The pleasure of his two holes being rubbed, caressed and pressed against, and the feeling of his womb finally being used, made him reach his climax directly. His little penis in front of him spewed out a little cum in an instant.

His mouth was open and saliva dripped down, his eyes were glazed, and he had almost fainted under the extreme pleasure.

After shaking and ejaculating, Ye Chi’s consciousness faded, causing the front and back holes to shrink a little, and the other two people gasped for breath. The twitching action was even more fierce. At the same time, they thrust hard into Ye Chi, falling into the abyss of desire together in joy and pain.

“Ah, ah, ah! My ass… Ha… Got fucked up! A,h ah! Mn! My womb has opened! Ah… older brother… Good. Ah, ah! Mn! My womb is going to be filled… Mn.. Ah… It’s too deep! Ha… Going crazy…”

The two cocks pumped in and out at the same time inside Ye Chi, his sexual secretions from his lower body overflowing. He couldn’t stop the thick cocks. He was crushed by the ferocity of the cocks, which made him gasp and turn speechless. The strong stimulation of his womb being opened made Ye Chi scream and moan. His legs swayed until they clenched tightly around the young man’s waist, thinking of being held deeper and harder.

“Ah… Bitch… Ha… Look at you… Born to be fucked by men… Mn… Can’t live without semen. It’s so lascivious that you can take two cocks… “

After listening to his elder brother’s words, Ye Chi was ashamed and happy, and repeated with a trembling voice, “Ah, ah! Mn! Slower… I was…Ha… Born for men! Ah! Mn! Woo… Slower… Ha… Can’t do without cocks! Ah! Mn! This bitch wants to eat semen! Ah, ah, ah!!!”

With the last thrust from Ye Wenci, his cock ejected a hot white liquid into the deepest part of the back acupoint, the hot Ye Chi turned, and his front womb contracted, which made the young man roar and violently thrust deeper into the womb. Ye Chi’s hole clenched unbearably, and he screamed, struggling to swing his lower body, hoping that the two balls could also be put into his own body.

Ye Wenci pulled out his flaccid cock, admired the shuddering Ye Chi. He suddenly walked over, and directly put his cock into Ye Chi’s mouth. Without hesitation, Ye Chi opened his mouth and tried to swallow all of it. At the same time, his tongue began to move, making the cock in his mouth hard again within a short time.

Looking at the beautiful scene of Ye Chi’s white, tender, pure face with a purple and ugly penis in his mouth, the young man finally bumped into the deepest part of Ye Chi’s uterus, and spewed out his first concentrated essence under the frightened eyes of Ye Chi. The hot refined semen made his uterus burn and Ye Chi’s legs tightly clasped the young man’s waist, enjoying the supreme pleasure of the impact of the hot semen in his uterus, and shuddered again as he reached his climax.

At the same time, he saw a flash of dark light in his eyes, and used his lower body to plant a Gu into the body of the young man in front of him.

Then, after a short rest, there was another sound of fornication. The three people quickly rolled into a tangle, and their bodies appeared and disappeared in the grass…

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