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Chapter 4: Played with by Older Brother until Climax

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo declares the Gu is the plot

When the three had finished their orgy, Ye Chi lay in the arms of Ye Wenci, with two cocks still in his body, enjoying the aftertaste of his climax, and began to question the origin of the strange youth.

After a long time of questioning, Ye Chi could only come to know that his name was Ao. He was a member of a tribe that lived nearby called Ya. He came out just to find herbs to cure the patriarch. It was not hard to see that the people of this tribe were as stupid as him. The people of his tribe were often bullied by other tribes, and even the women who could have children were taken away. The main perpetrators being the people of the Manchu tribe who were only men.

This group of crazy children cultivated in their spare time, but they lived like barbarians.

So older brother Ye discussed for a moment, and immediately decided to go to the Ya tribe to help, and inquire about the secret place. Of course, Ao was also accepted as an apprentice by Ye Chi.

When the three arrived at the tribe, Ye Chi was totally fascinated by the people. The tribe was full of muscular men. They were naked, with wild animal skins around their waist. They had strong physiques and brute force. When they were horny, their sexual organs turned a deep purple in color. Their appearance was thick and ugly. In a flash, they showed a terrible girth and length.

Although the patriarch was over 100 years old, he still looked like a middle-aged man. His cultivation base had been in its infancy, and he was a man with a certain sense. Although he was injured, he was still steady and strong. His penis was even thicker and longer, which made Ye Chi’s two holes instantly wet, and even his legs went soft.

The reason why the cultivation base of these physical cultivators had increased dramatically was that they lived in the secret place Ye Wenci had been looking for. Their bodies absorbed a huge amount of spiritual power and they advanced rapidly, but their brains were duller with gains and losses.

Looking at these people, Ye Chi’s heart was moved. He wanted to fuck each of these strong men. It was better to build a small sect here with the spiritual aura and treasures of the secret place, and put them all under the same Sect!

But before that, he decided to plant Gu in these people.

Thinking about it, Ye Chi’s mind moved, and he started to agitate the Gu within Ao and Ye Wenci.

“There’s a lot of liquid dripping from your hole… “

Ye Wenci was moved by the Gu and his lust surged up. There was a sneer on his always cold face, and his fingers began to knead mercilessly inside Ye Chi’s womb.

“Why didn’t you say anything to elder brother? Why hide it?”

Ye Chi was suddenly inserted into. Even though it was just Ye Wenci’s fingers, it made him soft all over. He leaned powerlessly against his elder brother’s arms and listened to the squelching sound caused by the semen stirred by his elder brother’s fingers in his womb. His pretty face immediately turned red.

He opened his mouth, held back his groan, and tried to push his elder brother away with trembling arms. “Woo… Slower… Ah… To be fucked by older brother… Ah… Ha… No more… Ah… It’s itchy…”

The group of strong men around watched Ye Chi gasping for breath with a dazed face. His face was red and fragrant.

When Ye Wenci heard this, his face grew colder. As soon as he put his finger into the deeper place, he pulled it directly out, which made Ye Chi moan aloud, and more juices flooded out of his lower body.

“If you are not obedient, you will be taught a lesson.” With another finger inserted, Ye Chi could hardly bear it. Ye Wenci was very familiar with his body for a long time now. His fingers rubbed at will, which made Ye Chi’s holes twitch badly. He just wanted to use a cock to stop the itching.

Meanwhile, Ao, who was watching, came up and rubbed Ye Chi’s body with his swollen lower body, licked and nibbled at his slightly swollen nipple, which was painful and refreshing, and stimulated Ye Chi to be extremely sensitive. His back hole began to secrete liquid, preparing it for lubrication.

“Ha… My nipples are itchy! Ah… older brother…… Don’t touch it! Uh… Ha… It’s hard! Itchy… Ah… For cock! Put it in! Ah, ah!”

The only cloth he was wearing was barely on any longer, the lower part of his body was naked, and three of Ye Wenci’s fingers had already penetrated into him. Ye Wenci thrust them violently and rubbed against the womb constantly. Finally, he let Ye Chi directly cum when he was only touched with fingers!

As a stream of lustful liquid flowed from his womb, Ye Chi moaned loudly, and made the group of strong men around him rock hard, each swelling incomparably, as they looked at Ye Chi covetously.

In public, he was played with by his elder brother’s fingers until he climaxed.

Looking at his brother, who was paralyzed in his arms, Ye Wenci no longer felt pity for him. He raised Ye Chi’s leg directly and exposed the lewd holes to the strong men. At the same time, he said mercilessly, “Cultivator Ye is really not obedient. Today, help me teach Cultivator Ye a good lesson and let him understand my sincerity.”

He used to love Ye Chi with all of his heart. Considering that he had just built a cultivation base, he restrained a lot. As a result, he still disliked him for asking too much, and was often reluctant to continue to love him.

This time, he would fuck Ye Chi completely, and let him understand how gentle he used to be!

After listening to his elder brother’s words, Ye Chi trembled violently and made a pitiful look with tears, pleading with Ye Wenci. However, Ye Wenci was under the influence of the Gu, and not only had no heartache, but also sent his hard and painful cock into his younger brother’s small mouth, forcing him to suck it.

And the strong men around, also reflected on the meaning of Ye Wenci’s words, and rushed over with ecstasy. Ao ravaged Ye Chi’s chest with his rough hands, and at the same time, he and a clansman, one after the other, fiercely put their cocks into Ye Chi’s body. Before he could tell them to slow down, the rampage began.

While swallowing his older brother’s cock, Ye Chi whimpered and suffered attacks from the front and back from two strong men. He was intoxicated by their unskilled thrusts. A moment later, the man hit his weak spot crazily, making his eyes roll back in pleasure, and then he bypassed those sensitive points, making Ye Chi itchy, swinging his waist and crying to cater to the insertion of the cock.

“Wuwu…. Hmmm… Uh…”

With a cock in his mouth, he couldn’t scream loudly, but swallowed it deeper and deeper, his tongue still moving and licking. However, Ye Wenci could not help but bury his cock directly into Ye Chi’s throat and began to thrust.

The clansman was obviously green and a virgin. He hit the mouth of the womb in the deep of the cave wildly and ground it with his glans. The extremely sensitive womb was held. Ye Chi dripped with fluids, and his legs were shaking feebly, he just wanted to be held deeper and harder.

But the mouth of his uterus was very difficult to open. It had only opened a few days ago, and so far, only Ao and Ye Wenci had been in the womb. The opening to the womb was like a wetter and softer mouth sucking a cock, which made the strong clansman quickly cum the moment he entered it, pouring out his extremely hot semen. The clansman’s body was light red, and he ejaculated hard.

While ejaculating, Ye Chi’s throat moved, swallowing Ye Wenci’s cock tightly. His older brother’s cum was released instantly and sprayed into his mouth. Ye Chi gulped it down, as if he was swallowing some delicious food.

He did not have time to swallow all of the white liquid, and could only let it fall on his face and drip down the corners of his mouth. With a look of intoxication, it seemed that the beautiful and simple face was extremely lewd.

“Ah, ah!! My uterus was scalded by semen. Ah… So good… Ha… And ah… Big cock, ha… This little bitch wants a big cock in my womb! Ah, ah! Mn! It’s going to be carried away…”

As soon as the cock left his mouth, he began to scream loudly. He secretly tricked the strong man. His legs were wrapped around the strong man, so that cock was deeply embedded in his body, and he would not release until the strong man finished spraying.

The lecher, who was covered with semen, sighed with satisfaction and pulled out his flaccid cock. Semen and sexual secretions flowed out of the pink and red womb together, down the base of his thighs, and on his messy clothes, appearing obscene.

But before he could do anything, the pleasure from his back acupoint being hit violently made him fall into a lustful state again. Ye Chi clenched his buttocks and cried out to take Ao deeper, but Ao’s breathing started growing faster, obviously it was almost time for him to shoot.

Just as the cock in his womb left, a new one rushed in. Ye Chi looked up and saw that it was Ye Wenci who came in this time.

“Ha… Slower… Mn… How about I give you a baby, brother? Mn… A child carried in your womb from older brother. Older brother’s child… Mn…”

When Ye Wenci heard the lewd cry from Ye Chi, he realized the younger man was sober and wanted to fuck him.

Behind him, Ao sprayed his semen into the deepest part of the back acupoint after the last crazy exercise. Ye Chi was hot and numb. His eyes rolled back before he hugged his elder brother and screamed, “Ah, ah”. Ye Wenci considered that he had agreed with his request.

“Ha… Older brother… Fuck me! Ah, ah! Mn! Fuck me hard! Ha… I want older brother’s baby! Ah… Deeper! Ha… Good.”

“Bitch! Even if you’re lewd like this, would you kneel and beg your own son to fuck you?”

Ye Wenci was furious with Ye Chi’s lewdness, and slapped him on the butt, making his little fleshy penis tremble and straighten again. Thinking of his elder brother’s insulting words, Ye Chi was ashamed and happy. The fantasy of being fucked by his own son made his soul tremble. That kind of pleasure made him more excited.

The other people gradually gathered around, and his back acupoint and mouth were filled with cocks. Ye Chi continued to shudder, twisting his waist and devouring the phallus around him, holding two cocks in his hands, and his nipples swollen by the biting and sucking. This time, Ye Wenci’s cock no longer showed mercy, but directly attacked the uterus violently!

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