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Chapter 5: Pregnant with a child, a whore who devours sperm

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo thinks there is probably no plot to this now

Being planted with a Gu would only make the brain circuit of the host be filled with an abnormal desire, but they could still think normally. Maybe it was Ye Chi’s words about the womb that stimulated Ye Wenci. He turned crazy at the thought of making Ye Chi bear his baby that he no longer pitied his younger brother. He just wanted to fuck into his hole and make him suck up everytihng, so that his semen could be completely absorbed by Ye Chi.

Speechless, Ye Chi was suffering. He passively bore the crazy thrusting of cocks from the front and back. It was not enough for the cock in the womb to move into the deepest place. It was rubbing against the uterus again and again, harder and harder, deeper and deeper… Ye Chi’s legs were shaking wildly, and the extreme joy of being rubbed came from his sensitive uterus, which made him want to die on the man’s penis, and he almost wanted to escape.

“Wuwu… Umn… Ah… Um… Hmmm.”

The cock in his mouth began to poke into his throat. Ye Chi couldn’t hold it for a moment. He wanted to enlarge his throat and scream loudly. He was blocked by the phallus and licked it with great effort, as if he was tasting some delicious food.

After being played with by several people, Ye Chi also felt some fear. Ye Wenci’s dick almost penetrated his whole body. The barbaric attack and smell of male pheromones of the group behind him made him feel queasy. The joy from his womb being constantly hit and crushed made Ye Chi feel happy. He shuddered and leaned back but instead the cock behind him lodged in deeper. He was strongly pressed into, and his pleasure, like an electric current, stimulated Ye Chi’s brain, making him almost suffocate in the sea like tide.

It’s so big… So good…

His little fleshy penis had swollen. He had been playing too much lately and he could hardly shoot anything.

But… I really want to shoot something!!

I can’t help it!!

With the sharp impact on the sensitive spot behind him, Ye Chi finally couldn’t help spraying out a light yellow liquid. He laboriously held the purple black cock, and his delicate white face was full of pleasure and obsession.

He was directly incontinent!

Startled by the lewd scene, the strong man behind him growled a few times, pulled out his cock, and let his semen spray on Ye Chi’s white and tender body, and two small pink nipples. Ye Chi’s whole body was sensitive, the coquettish hole contracted as it yearned for the entry of another phallus. And the man also ejaculated semen, which made Ye Chi, a lascivious little bitch, covered with semen.

Ye Chi, who swallowed the semen, couldn’t help but look hungry and thirsty under the influence of the nature of his devil past.

Ye Wenci who saw him yearning for cock like this, sneered, picked him up harder, and started the last sprint towards the womb!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Great! How deep! Ah, ah!” Ye Chi was so speechless that he could hardly speak. He loudly moaned and clenched his legs around Ye Wenci’s waist, tightening around the big penis of his elder brother. This time, his uterus was finally opened by the thick cock. The sexual secretions were spewed out at will, and the sound of squelching was getting louder and louder.

Several people, who had been planted with Gu, retreated, and some new strong men joined in. They played and pinched Ye Chi’s whole body, and the two small nipples were sucked and bitten until they grew larger. Another cock was inserted into his back hole, and it began to thrust harder after being given a satisfied look from Ye Chi.

All these cultivators knew was that the harder they worked, the tighter the small hole became, the more liquid that flowed, and the better it was.

“To be fucked! Ah, ah! Mn! I’m so rotten! Ah! Mn! Older brother! Try again! Give the semen all to me! Ah, ah!”

“Really… Ha… Clenching so tight, you can’t do without a man’s cock?” Ye Wenci was almost disarmed by the mouth of the soft womb. He paused, let his glans directly stick in the womb mouth, and finally sent out a burst of rapid cum!

“Ah, ah, ah, my womb! My womb is going to die! Ah! Mn! It’s going to break…” Ye Chi, who was delirious, cried out and grabbed his elder brother. The whole man trembled. “Give me! Ah, ah! Mn! Give it to me! My womb needs to eat semen! It’s itchy… Stop it…”

Ye Wenci clasped Ye Chi’s waist with both hands, and thrust violently into his deepest place. Ye Chi opened his mouth and his eyes rolled back. His saliva was too much to swallow. Liquids from both holes gushed out one after another, making the cocks in him feel like they were in warm water. With a few low growls, Ye Wenci’s eyes turned red, and thick semen was spewed out into the deepest part of the uterus.

“Ha… It’s hot… So good…”

Ye Chi’s eyes burned with tears, his toes curled up, and a red light flashed through his eyes.

He had conceived… It was successful…

During pregnancy, the baby needed more semen to be nourished. At the same time, the whole body would become extremely sensitive. The oestrus period would be prolonged and the nipples would gradually enlarge. During orgasm, milk, with the function of promoting emotions and strengthening the Yang, would be sprayed out.

Ye Wenci retreated from his body, and then some barbarians took over. Soon, Ye Chi was immersed in lust. His beautiful face was limp and so were his legs. He let the white semen fall on his body and face. The men’s semen were mixed, part of it was absorbed by him, part of it flowed slowly down through the almost rotten two acupoints, fell on his lips and landed on the ground. It wet the grass and the blankets.

The men who were bewitched were refreshed one after another. Ye Chi’s slightly open mouth was blocked by cocks one by one, and the obscene scene continued. The smell spread, and finally attracted the attention of the injured patriarch of the Ya tribe.

The patient with a strong body was supported by Ao. Looking at Ye Chi in the center of the field, the ferocious and ugly cock shivered and stood upright.

“You! Ah… Your cock is hard! Ha… Ah. You’re sick… Uh… Ah… And have a sexual disease… Ah… Let this little bitch… Ah, ah! Mn! Treat you with his ass… Ha… Ah…”

After the womb had been completely opened, Ye Chi’s womb refused any other cock. He would even cry and couldn’t break open his womb to insert a cock. He could only point his buttocks like a bitch, and greedily enjoy the bliss brought by men’s phallus.

When the patriarch of the tribe sent his cock into his body, Ye Chi was instantly probed by his huge cock. Before the patriarch started pulling and inserting, he could hardly speak completely. It was a pity that the patriarch of the clan was weak but had a famous instrument. Finally, Ye Chi lay there, and he took the initiative to clamp the cock and deliver it to himself. The slippery hole was tight and coquettish, and the patriarch of the clan gasped.

This promiscuity lasted for a long time, until everyone had a Gu. Ye Chi finally had indigestion due to eating too much semen, which seemed to make his stomach bulge slightly as if he had been pregnant for a longer time. His breasts were bigger from the fondling of the men. And his pair of jade white legs were covered in liquid, and his always lovely face was not as pure as it had been.

Ye Wenci finally walked over to insert his cock into Ye Chi’s womb, lifted him up and walked while keeping it in, before slowly going back to the room prepared by the tribe for them, knowing that Ye Chi’s body couldn’t live without cock now. After cleaning him, the two people held each other in this position and fell asleep. At the same time, Ye Wenci had a strange smile on his mouth.

Even if there would be countless people to share him with later, he was the ultimate winner.

The pregnancy period of a cultivator had always been very long. It was very difficult to conceive, and the belly would not show the pregnancy. When the delayed pregnancy was found out, the real father of the child in the belly would only ever be him….

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time for a break, 😵

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lol, Sula thinking there may be a plot or maybe not is cracking me up. Love the little side comment about it above.

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Even Sulo has lost faith in the inexistent plot… Then things go downwards from now on, huh?

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Fatheemat Sulayman
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