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Chapter 8: Using Two Jade Dildos while walking

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

When Ye Chi looked up, he saw a young man in a green shirt smiling gently at him. He was elegant, which made people feel good about him. Looking at him, Ye Chi felt his heart move suddenly, as if the red thread was wrapped around his heart, and the other end was connected to the young man in the green shirt.

He felt like he was falling in love…

In his past life, Ye Chi loved several lovers at the same time.

He was born to be promiscuous, and at last he was exposed. His lovers were affected and died in the war. In this life, he learned lessons and played tricks on the people he liked, just to make the lovers of this life endure each other and accept each other’s existence.

… But the effect of Gu was too damn good!

At first, Ye Chi was very satisfied with the fact that his elder brother, who was full of possessiveness, never let others touch him and forced him to be forced by others. Later, there were more and more people in the Sect, and he gradually became more and more unable to bear it. Finally, he ran away.

However, there was a very agreeable looking person here.

Because of his weakness, Ye Chi stood up and leaned on the young man in the green shirt. Now he looked pure and lovely, and he was very skilled in having a shy appearance. No one could guess that such a simple young man was hungry and thirsty and had to wear a chastity belt on the road. The small, pink and moist cave tried to contain the huge jade dildo, which must be satisfied all the time. As he walked, he climaxed constantly.

“My name is Ye Chi. What’s your name, young man?” Ye Chi fell into his arms and gave a very uncomfortable look. The man in green ran his hands over his waist, and when his legs hit Yu Chi, it caused the jade dildo to stab in deeper, hitting his sensitive spot. Yu Shi’s eyes were red and his legs were weak.

“My name is Duan Ziqing.” The young man in green smiled and kept Ye Chi in his arms. However, he accidentally kept bumping his hip into Yu Chi, which Yu Chi felt more and more frequently. “It seems that Cultivator Ye is not feeling well. Do you need some support?”

Listening to Duan Ziqing’s gentle voice, Ye Chi nodded.

The body that just orgasmed was extremely sensitive. Duan Ziqing’s accidental contact with his body made him itchy and edgy. The jade dildo constantly moved in his back acupoint and hit against the sensitive point which made him unable to stop shuddering. His consciousness became more and more vague, but he insisted that it would not show in front of Duan Ziqing.

He leaned against Duan Ziqing and walked slowly forward. The two also began to talk.

“Do you also want to join the Kunlun Sect, Cultivator Ye?” Duan Ziqing asked.

As he asked, Duan Ziqing stepped forward, walked a little faster, let Ye Chi’s legs move to match with the pace, and the jade dildo inserted in his womb hit deeper, which made Ye Chi’s lower body wet, enough to make even his pants wet.

His womb… his womb was hit!

Ye Chi shuddered and cried out subconsciously. His voice was soft, with a kind of seductive hoarseness. Duan Ziqing’s face remained the same, but his eyes sank, and Ye Chi did not know what he thought.

“Um… Yes… Ha… I also want to join the Kunlun Sect…” While breathing heavily, Ye Chi said that. His face was red and lust flashed on his face. It looked like he was suffering from pain and suffering from injury, but he had been moistened by men’s semen. Even if his face was more beautiful, there was seduction between his eyebrows and eyes.

Duan Ziqing naturally found something there, but even if he was very interested, he didn’t expose it. Instead, he deliberately used the opportunity to tease Ye Chi, watching the pure youth being polluted by sexual desire. Obviously, he wanted to have a man’s penis, but he was patient. When he was stuck in the climax, he bit his lower lip to make Duan Ziqing move faster and faster.

Duan Ziqing was using a disguise even though he was a demonic cultivator. He only intended to sneak into the Kunlun Sect, but since he met such beauty on the road, he couldn’t let him go. It was just that his identity couldn’t be revealed….

Thinking about it, an idea loomed in Duan Ziqing’s mind.

At this time, Ye Chi was still troubled by the uncontrolled jade dildos in his body. At the next moment, he only saw blackness in front of him and fainted completely.

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April 20, 2020 8:40 pm

Oh look, a plot! (I think)

July 13, 2020 1:22 am

Good, there is a story behind it, not just hump, hump, and boring hump…

December 26, 2020 12:18 am

Plot!! 😍👏👏👏

August 1, 2022 8:44 am

Editor Sulo already gave up on the plot. Yet, HERE IT COMES LOL

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