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Chapter 7: Two dragons and a leopard

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo has finally remembered the author said there was no plot

Full title: He saw two snake cocks and was stabbed by the leopard’s cock. He wants to die.


The swollen milk filled nipples were suddenly bitten, and Ye Chi started to rub the leopard’s waist with his two smooth thighs. “Ah… Um… This way, you need to suck… Ha… It’s good and comfortable…”

Seeing that he began to grumble again, the snake took out his two soft cocks and dawdled between the legs of Ye Chi, looking at his back acupoint, which was slightly swollen and red with white semen, when an idea suddenly came to his mind.

At this time, the male leopard was already stiff and painful. The monsters, who had always been the strong ones occupying the right partner, saw their leader had pulled out his cock and dared to come up. They couldn’t wait to put their sex into Ye Chi’s holes.

The hungry hole was crammed in with a new cock, and Ye Chi sighed with satisfaction. The wet female hole moved and surrounded the strange cock. The cock of the leopard was obviously thicker. Although it wasn’t as long as the snake chief, there were some soft barbs at the top. It was fine to insert them. Once pulled out, those barbs constantly scratched Ye Chi. The slight pain and the accompanying pleasure made Ye Chi unable to stop, and soon, he submitted to the beast’s penis.

“Ah, ah, pain… Don’t go there… Ah, ah! Mn! My womb is so sad… Deeper… How rough… How can it be so itchy… I’m going to be crazy from the leopard. Elder brother, whine… “

As the leopard moved deeper and deeper, the sensitive parts in the deep part of the womb were scratched by the soft and pricked barbs. However, the leopard was obviously cunning, and the womb was pricked until it was itchy, but he deliberately did not use his cock to bump and soothe the itch. The strong desire made Ye Chi become extremely coquettish, frantically wriggling to cater to the wild leopard’s cock. He just wanted to soothe those itchy places in his womb severely.

Those around him saw that he had just been fucked like this, but now they still couldn’t do it. For a while, they were very surprised. They said, “God, how could he be so lecherous…”

“I’m afraid this bitch can’t live without a man’s cock!”

“I’m going to take this mare for a good stroll later.”

Yeah… He can’t live without a man’s penis. He had to be used every day. He was the mare of the Sect. Anyone could ride him, Who would have known that the Sect Leader was such a bitch crying out to be fucked?

Hearing the words of the people around him, Ye Chi was finally brainwashed and groaned profusely. He called out to the leopard to fuck him mercilessly. At the same time, the back acupoint that hadn’t contained a cock for a long time was also empty. He just longed for something to plug in.

“Ah, ah! Mn! My back acupoint is itchy… Um… Ha… I have to wait for a big cock to come in! Ah! Mn! Leopard brother is great! It’s nice! Ha… It’s late… It’s coming… “

As the leopard’s cock finally got to the womb, he pricked the sensitive uterine wall, making Ye Chi itch enough to almost cry, while the strong impact and rolling of cock soon made the womb happy, and Ye Chi was almost driven crazy.

Finally, after several in-depth visits, Ye Chi was shivering and directly blown by the tide. He was soft and weak, with his mouth slightly open. Any saliva flowed out was licked by the leopard.

However, the leopard, who drank his milk, was affected like he was on an aphrodisiac. His cock was extremely hard, and it was difficult to ejaculate. Ye Chi’s momentary contraction of his womb made him gasp twice and slow down.

The snake, on one side, had been called by Ye Chi. When Ye Chi climaxed, he transformed into human form, inserted a cock directly into the back cave, and directly pushed against his prostate, and then pushed Ye Chi back into the sea of desire, making him unable to speak.

“Ha… Ah! No more! It’s going to break! No more… ” The tired Ye Chi was back. At this time, his two holes were slightly swollen, his limbs were limp and his eyes were watery. With the red marks and semen on his body, he looked pitiful.

However, the men who had been in heat didn’t pay attention to his words. After opening his back acupoint, the snake inserted a finger into the tight hole and began to expand it patiently.

Ye Chi, who vaguely understood what the snake wanted to do, trembled with fear and struggled to refuse. However, his womb was fiercely being thrust into by the leopard, which made him unable to say a complete word, and he was forced to bear it while sobbing. Even the shaking action was regarded as a grumble by them and ignored.

After the expansion, the snake, who had been unable to resist for a long time, slowly put his cock in. After the phallus entered, it straightened and was inserted into the deepest point, all the way to the base!

“Aaaaaah!” Ye Chi, who was filled with three cocks at the same time, screamed, and the painful little penis softened, but the leopard’s cock was still frantically drying the womb, and the lewd body was born to be inserted into. Soon, an unprecedented satisfaction and comfort completely defeated Ye Chi’s last sense.

The snake demon saw that his face was red. After he was moved again, he began to pull and insert slowly. The two cocks were wrapped in the same warm and humid cave, which made the snake’s eyes red. He just wanted to fuck the thing under him!

A pair of open jade legs began to tremble, Ye Chi was held by the two people, one behind and one in front, suspended in the air and supported by the three cocks in his body. Gravity pulled him down on the two people, and the barbs in his womb made Ye Chi numb. The pleasure of the filled back hole and the extreme joy of the sensitive points being fully soothed filled Ye Chi’s eyes with tears. He raised his head and could only moan intermittently. The sound of squelching from the impact on his body was obscene.

“Ah! Mn! Ha… Um! No… Uh… No more! Enough… ” Ye Chi’s body could only tremble, and the sexual secretions had already become a white foam when the cocks were pulling and inserting. Listening to his frail entreaties, the snake demon sneered and straightened out with a strong force, reaching the extremely sensitive point!

“Aaaah!” Ye Chi shivered and cried with his mouth open. His legs finally clung to the waist of the leopard in front of him. As the leopard went deeper, his hot semen sprayed on the uterine wall, washed the womb, and burned him. Ye Chi almost fainted.

Then, another monster with a hard cock came up…

On that day, Ye Chi was fucked by the monsters who came here. At last, he planted a Gu on the countless monsters, and subdued them completely with his body to convert them to the Sect, and live a more immoral life.

After the monsters joined in, not to mention the physical cultivators who wished they could fuck him, but also they were more vigorous and even used their animal forms to fuck his disciples. After a period of extremely wild days, Ye Chi gradually became a little bit overwhelmed and even began to be afraid. For a long time, when he looked at the Beast Peak, he felt soft all over, and countless memories came to him, which made him gasp for breath.

What’s more, Ye Wenci was very satisfied with this. He thought Ye Chi was not tolerant at all, so he should be well-tempered by these beasts.

In the end, Ye Chi made a decision…

He’s running away from here!

So, one night, he packed his things and fled to the East.

“Ha… Ah… Ha… “

In a small town not far from Kunlun Sect, the gate of cultivation, there appeared a sixteen-year-old boy with a pure and lovely appearance. His face was red, and he seemed to be enduring great pain. When he walked, his body was trembling, and his steps were not very stable. From time to time, others could hear his weak groans.

This was Ye Chi who came here. When he heard about the acceptance of the Kunlun Sect, he came to take shelter at the Sect’s gate. But because he hadn’t been done by a cock for a long time, he actually had to walk while wearing his elder brother’s special chastity belt under the desire.

The two jade dildos were extremely thick and long. They were deeply buried in his body as he walked. With each step, they thrust in and out. Because they were specially made, they barely touched his weak spot. The corner of Ye Chi’s eyes were red, so he could hardly see the road.

Don’t… Don’t go there…

I’m coming… I’m coming…

With a deep thrust from the jade dildos at his center, Ye Chi’s holes shuddered and let out a stream of liquid, which made his pants wet.

It turned out that he came from the jade dildos.

At the same time of reaching his climax, Ye Chi’s legs softened and he fell forward completely.

Suddenly, an arm appeared and held him steady.

“Are you okay?” A man’s soft voice came from above.

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Hahahahaahah Can’t believe I’m reading this, but it’s a good smut 😳

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