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This work is classified as restricted. 

Readers under the age of 18 should not read it.

Chapter 9: Elder Brother Breaks Ye Chi 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo



When Ye Chi woke up again, he found that his wrists were tied, his legs were separated, and there was a hot body laying against his body. It seemed that he was covered with a black cloth and could not see anything.

Then, he felt a hot cock in his body, which hit his womb deeply, and pushed up vigorously.

“Aaaah!” Ye Chi was attacked by this sudden pleasure and couldn’t help crying out. His legs were tightly wrapped around the man’s waist. “Ha… Ah… You… Who are you? Uh… So deep… Ah ah, my womb is there…”

Even though he was scared of his environment, Ye Chi was soon confused by the madness of his body. The womb that hadn’t been moistened by a cock for a long time tightly held the phallus. With the insertion and soothing of his tight cave over and over, he shivered and secreted liquid. The moist, warm and tight cave made sure a man’s cock had an easy entrance. The harder the cock got, the more it hit him, and the more it slapped him. Ye Chi dropped all his vigilance and opened his legs to beg the man for help.

“So perverted. You’re worthy of the fact that you were hungry and thirsty enough to wear a chastity belt and walk about, so lecherous that even when raped, it still feels like gliding through water…” The man’s voice seemed to be processed, strange and fuzzy. As he spoke, he took out a jade dildo and slowly pushed it into Ye Chi’s ass.

Ye Chi’s hand was tied behind him, and one leg was powerlessly lifted by the man. He had been played with for a long time before he woke up. The white and tender body was full of traces of being loved. The womb that has been held for too long was sensitive and climaxed continuously, while the ass behind him was empty. After being filled with the cold jade dildo, the strong difference between the cold and heat made Ye Chi whimper.

Before he got used to it, the man began to work at a high frequency towards the deep part of the womb. The jade dildo also hit the deep part of his ass crazily. This was the reason Ye Chi was completely submerged by the lust. His waist and buttocks were bent to cater to the attack of the cock. Every time the man drew out of the hole quickly, the hole wanted him to stay. Every time he moved in deeply, Ye Chi was also very happy and incoherent. 

The man only thought that he was interesting, but the braver he became. When he later knew that the little man was really held by elder brother all the time, his face was the same color as the hat on his head.

Finally, at the moment when the man’s cock pushed hard to the womb, the ass behind him was also hit at the sensitive point. Ye Chi couldn’t bear it, and climaxed, his penis in front shaking before shooting out.

“Ah, ah, ah, I’m coming, I’m coming… This little bitch is going to shoot… The big cock is so good… ” During his climax, Ye Chi was weak, flushed and confused. He only knew that his mouth was open and he was barking. His eyes were colorless because of being covered by magic, but it felt different.

He almost sucked all of the Yang essence from his womb, and then the man absorbed the milk from his nipple. The man sucked out a mouthful of milk while listening to the satisfied voice of Ye Chi. Under the strong Yang nourishing of the milk, the magic cultivation was so high that he turned Ye Chi over and prepared to change his posture.

The quick rotation of the cock in his body suddenly rubbed against the sensitive points in the womb. Ye Chi’s cock that had just ejaculated flew up, and more liquid flowed out of his lower body. The wall of his uterus also trembled, inadvertently seducing the man’s penis.

The demon cultivator also sensed the emotion of the person under him. He chuckled and straightened his body. In exchange, he got a cry from Ye Chi.

“Too slow!”

Suddenly, there was a call outside the door. Duan Ziqing made a move, and saw a cool and arrogant handsome man break open the door. The intruder was furious at the scene when he saw that Ye Chi was bound and covered with love marks. He was about to rush up with a sword.

Ye Chi: Wait a minute. How come the demon was so fast?!

Duan Ziqing was worthy to have seen the great storm. Even though Ye Chi, who heard the voice, was frightened and shivering in his arms, his cock was not soft, but stood up straighter. Duan Ziqing took out the magic fan, and at the same time he easily escaped the attack from Ye Wenci, while holding Ye Chi in front of him.

Duan Ziqing’s sexual desire was excited by the tight womb because of his fear. While holding his movements, he used gravity to bump his cock deeply into Ye Chi’s body one thrust at a time. Ye Chi’s legs were tightly wrapped around Duan Ziqing’s waist for fear of being thrown, which unconsciously catered to his disorderly ways.


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