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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The touch on the back of Jiang Ci’s hand was hard, not very smooth, with a special texture, and felt slightly cool to the touch.

An ordinary person being so close to a huge Black Dragon would definitely have an elevated heart rate by now, and Jiang Ci’s heart rate also increased a bit at first, but this was mainly due to the surprise of seeing such a creature with his own eyes.

Compared to other races, the appearance of the Dragon Race was undoubtedly more visually striking.

The Black Dragon’s scarlet eyes were frightening enough, and even if it did lower its head to the back of the young man’s hand, the image looked terrifyingly dangerous.

No one would trust the docility of a Dragon – and especially that of a Black Dragon.

Jiang Ci hesitated slightly, then tried to raise his hand to touch the Black Dragon’s head.

The Black Dragon deliberately lowered its head to the back of his hand, and Jiang Ci felt as if it wanted him to touch it.

Jiang Ci was not 100% sure about this guess, but after he touched it, the response he felt quickly proved his hunch.

As if worried about hurting the approaching young man, the Black Dragon did not make any major movement, but only rubbed its head back against Jiang Ci’s palm carefully.

It was difficult for the Dragon to control its strength; after all, even a slight flick of the tail by a full-grown Dragon would sweep anyone away.

The absolute power differential was inherent to this result.

Since it was innate, Dragons were certainly not actively aware of this aspect, and they could not constrain their power for it just because they were aware of the difference between themselves and other creatures. The only time Dragons would carefully control their power was when they were captivated by a beautiful treasure, which they cherished, and they would purposefully restrain themselves.

The degree of restraint depended on how precious the treasure was in the Dragon’s eyes.

The fact that a Dragon would sometimes accidentally destroy a guarded treasure because it has not restrained itself meant that the treasure was not important enough for the Dragon. In the case of a truly important and unique treasure, the Dragon’s self-restraint could reach almost to the point of being painful.

Noyes was now in the latter state.

The commotion around the Dragon’s arrival was so great that as soon as the Black Dragon hovered in the air above Phantom, all the inhabitants of the city were immediately on high alert. Normally, according to the default treaty between the races, a Dragon could not land in its original form in the city of another race without greetings.

This would cause damage to the city and was not a friendly act, to say the least.

Ivy was attending to city business; when he felt the ground shaking even from a distance, he immediately frowned and got up.

Luci arrived at the scene just as the Black Dragon landed in the city.

The request to follow God to Phantom was a bit excessive, and he had the knowledge that it was not an option for Luci to follow God at all times. Although he wanted to do so, he suppressed his desire.

A perfect creation should not have selfish desires, otherwise it would be unable to achieve perfection.

Unable to follow when Jiang Ci went out alone, Luci would use his magic to create a mirror, and he would stand silently in front of it, looking at God through it. Just looking at him from a distance like this should be allowed.

In this mirror, Luci saw the arrival of the Black Dragon, and of course, the Dragon’s head bowing to God’s hand, and God touching the Dragon’s head.

Luci instantly moved forward to separate the two, and he looked at the Black Dragon with a blank expression, “Noyes.”

Touching God at will.

—A rude and disrespectful act.

The Black Dragon’s self-restraint suddenly disappeared when confronted by anyone but Jiang Ci, and its vertical pupils contracted slightly as it stared at the six-winged Celestial before it, making a dull, threatening sound from its throat.

Its tail flicked at the same time, directly smashing a crater in the ground with a loud slam.

Had it not been for the presence of an important treasure, the Black Dragon would not have just drawn a growl out of its throat, but would have spat out its hot Dragon’s breath. However, the Black Dragon still could not tolerate not being able to get close to the treasure, so it first added the highest level of defense to Jiang Ci, and then used its Dragon magic to attack the silver-haired Celestial who was so abruptly in its way.

Dragon magic was very powerful, and it was an ability that no other race could learn, and could only be activated by those with Dragon blood. Even the weakest of adult Dragons, not to mention Noyes as the Dragon administrator, could initiate Dragon magic of considerable power.

The elements in the air were condensed and compressed to a terrifying degree, and the surging magical energy could be felt by people with normal perceptions thousands of meters away.

In the face of this Dragon magic, Luci’s eyes were indifferent, and with God behind him, he would not move a step.

Luci did not summon the same level of magic to counteract it, he only raised his hand to block his right eye, using only his golden left eye to see the rapidly forming Dragon magic. At the last moment of its formation, this terrifyingly powerful magic suddenly seemed to have a stop button pressed.

Then it began to reverse the process of formation, and finally dissipated into nothing.

The heterochromatic eyes of the Celestial administrator had different special abilities and this information was not a secret among other races.

There must have been a limit to this ability, just as there was a limit to the Shadow Race’s ability to control time, but in the war more than seventeen hundred years ago, they had not fully explored what the limits of Luci’s ability were.

Maybe it was the number of times, maybe it was the recovery time, but since peace had been maintained between the various races, the others had not had the opportunity to test it out.

The Black Dragon let out a deep roar as a result, and then it did not try to use magic anymore.

“Noyes.” Jiang Ci hurriedly called out the name he had learned from Luci, “Stop, don’t move.”

What had just happened was too fast for Jiang Ci to react at first, but seeing that the two sides would continue to fight, he decided to step out from behind Luci.

Now it was Jiang Ci who stood between the two, and the mediation effect was instantaneous.

The Dragon stared at Jiang Ci for several seconds in this state, but finally slowly lowered its tail and withdrew its brewing breath. When it returned to a stable state, the Black Dragon repeated its initial action, lowering its head to the back of Jiang Ci’s hand, like a huge domestic pet, waiting meekly for the young man to touch it.

While Jiang Ci felt the touch on the back of his hand, he also felt the sight of the silver-haired Celestial next to him, also staring at his hand.

Despite Luci’s faint glance, Jiang Ci’s hand was neither moving nor touching.

Jiang Ci thought about the fact that it was Noyce who attacked Luci first, and that it was not reasonable to attack first…

Although it didn’t look like it should have caused any harm, if he touched the Black Dragon’s head in front of Luci like he did earlier, then his behavior would objectively be unreasonable.

Thus, Jiang Ci chose to look at the silver-haired Celestial next to him first, “Any injuries, Luci?”

“No.” Luci was still looking at the spot where the Black Dragon was leaning against the back of Jiang Ci’s hand.

Jiang Ci was relieved to hear that, but the situation did not allow him to relax.

Because he had been waiting for Jiang Ci’s touch, Noyes made a low sound from his throat, not in a threatening way this time, only to attract Jiang Ci’s attention.

Jiang Ci was a bit helpless about this. He felt that the Black Dragon was, how to say this… very simple. But also because it was very simple, it was probably doing things based on instinct.

“Can you turn into a human form?” Jiang Ci asked, “Or at least get a little smaller?”

The black Dragon that heard Jiang Ci’s words made a little sound in response, and then, between the two choices, it chose the latter.

The Black Dragon’s incomparably huge body began to shrink exponentially, until it was about the size of two palms together, and could be easily held by Jiang Ci. It no longer looked like an adult Black Dragon at all, but a Dragonling instead.

Noyes didn’t like to be in his human form very much, having spent only a handful of hours in humanoid form over the past three thousand years. That form was inconvenient, and to use the Dragon’s wings and tail again required an extra step to transform, which Noyce found to be too much trouble.

After changing into its small form, the Black Dragon’s wings and tail looked quite small; it fluttered its wings and flew straight at Jiang Ci, who caught it subconsciously.

Letting out a cry only Dragonlings can have, the Black Dragonling nestled in Jiang Ci’s arms.

Jiang Ci was first stunned by this, and then he clearly felt that Luci seemed to be a little more expressionless at this moment than usual. Jiang Ci didn’t even know how to handle this situation, but Ivy happened to be there at that moment as well.

Seeing the Black Dragon as well, Ivy’s face almost immediately turned a little ugly, “Why are you holding it?”

Neither he nor Luci has ever had this level of favor from God.

Jiang Ci was speechless. 

God was tired right now.


His heart was tired.


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