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Chapter 12: The Twelfth Day After Becoming God

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


With Ivy and Luci’s personalities, they had always had the idea that God was easily touched by the will of the individual. God was noble and supreme in this world, so they did not have the right to act on their own unless they had God’s permission or unless God took the initiative.

Ivy came a little later so he did not see the Black Dragonling fly into Jiang Ci’s arms by itself, so he had a preconceived notion that Jiang Ci did so on his own initiative.

Jiang Ci stood still, his eyelids starting to twitch again with the familiar slight tick.

“Then, you also want me to…” Jiang Ci said as he thought, and paused before finishing his sentence, “hold you?”

This question directly caused Ivy’s body and expression to freeze together, and his face, which was a bit upset until now, seemed to show an unexpected hint of panic.

Perhaps it was because he was reminded by Jiang Ci that he suddenly realized that he really had such a thought inside himself.

However, Ivy couldn’t admit it honestly. Although he heard no answer, Jiang Ci looked at him, and after a moment put the Black Dragonling in his arms on his shoulders first, then approached Ivy and gave him a generous hug.

That whole action was done in one go.

Jiang Ci’s hug was brief, but despite this, Ivy’s expression changed dramatically. He pursed his lips and remained silent, seemingly almost completely calmed by Jiang Ci.

In terms of the degree of coaxing, Jiang Ci found that although Ivy was very unapologetic and often showed an indifference that did not allow people to get close to him, he was also really easy to calm down…

In contrast, Luci, who remained silent even when he was unhappy, was indifferent all the time, which made Jiang Ci feel he was difficult to deal with. Jiang Ci walked up to Luci, thinking of doing the same thing again, and as soon as he approached, he was suddenly confronted by Luci’s slightly lowered gaze.

Speaking of which, Celestials seemed to have an advantage over humans even in terms of height.

If it were an adult male Celestial, all of them would be taller than 180 cm. 1

But Jiang Ci was only 178 2, which didn’t even meet the minimum standard of Celestials.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ci could not help but slightly raise his eyebrows.

In his original world, Jiang Ci was really much taller than the average, and because of his proportional body, he looked tall as well.

Luci’s height, Jiang Ci estimated visually, was more than ten centimeters above him… 3

If Luci were not in a half-kneeling position, he would have had to lower his eyes slightly to meet Jiang Ci’s when he approached him.

Tall and handsome, Luci fit the image of a Celestial administrator very well. Jiang Ci only looked at him for less than a second before taking a step forward and reaching out for him.

Because of the height difference, Jiang Ci’s gesture didn’t look like he was hugging the other person, but more like he was being hugged. Luci didn’t move at first, he just stood still, but when he actually felt the physical contact, a certain image suddenly flashed in his mind.

It was the night of the banquet held by the townspeople of Phantom, and after the young man drank the glass of fruit wine on the table, he leaned back on the seat with his eyes slightly red at the end.

This appearance of God made those who see him want to embrace him, but if anyone were to act in such a way, it would be more than disrespectful. It would be a form of blasphemy against God.

Luci’s faith in Jiang Ci was unquestionable, and he believed in his God with great devotion. Therefore, he couldn’t accept that he could recall that image of himself in his physical contact with God. He couldn’t accept the thought that came to him at that moment – that he wanted to use his wings to cage God in his arms and trap Him in his wings to prevent Him from leaving.

Jiang Ci had just hugged Luci when he saw the wing behind him move very slightly. Noticing this, he took a step back after the hug and observed the other man’s expression.

“Not used to this kind of physical contact?” Jiang Ci reflected to himself, “I should have asked you first.”

To Ivy it was possible to sense that he had not answered frankly, so it was no problem to give him a hug, but Luci was different.

Luci gazed at Jiang Ci, and the things that shouldn’t have been there for a moment were gathered back together, and he replied, “I’m not uncomfortable. I was just surprised that you would do that.”

Jiang Ci hummed, but from Luci’s emotionless look in his eyes, it was really hard for him to see whether the other man really was surprised.

“I’ll have Arnold calculate the maintenance costs of the city’s destruction, and the compensation for the city’s citizens being frightened, the double-count kind, of course.” Ivy narrowed his eyes, glaring at the Black Dragon in its shrunken form on Jiang Ci’s shoulder. “The compensation should not be a single gold coin less.”

When Jiang Ci heard this, he was worried that they might have some kind of conflict because they couldn’t agree, so he took the young Dragon lying on his shoulder into his hands, “Promise him, you did wrong this time.”

The Black Dragonling cried out again, lying obediently on Jiang Ci’s hand, and even the Dragon’s wings were gently hanging down.

And after the cry, a magic phrase of the Dragon sounded.

[Not right now.]

Even though it was in Dragon language, it could be understood naturally by those who heard it.

This sentence was a very thorough statement.

Ivy frowned, but since he knew that it was probably just an objective proclamation, he endured it and returned to his normal expression.

The streets of the city which had been damaged to a certain extent were dusty when the wind blew, and the citizens of Phantom, who had been frightened by the appearance of the Black Dragon, were only slightly relieved when the huge figure of the Black Dragon disappeared.

Almost every race had a bad opinion of the Dragons, except for the Dragons themselves.

The Dragons were very strong and their destructive power made other races fearful, and the common people of each race were even a little afraid of such a Dragon.

That’s why, when Jiang Ci went to reassure the people, he saw many Phantom’s townspeople showing fear and worry regarding the Black Dragon on his shoulders.

The Shadow Race people were more worried that the Black Dragon might harm Jiang Ci than they were afraid. Even if God was truly omnipotent, this did not stop his creations from fearing that he would be harmed.

Knowing that the Black Dragon’s small form was only a disguise, one of the Shadow Race townspeople spoke up and said, “The Dragon does not know how to control its power.”

The next townsperson also said, “Please don’t let this Black Dragon get too close to you.”

The Black Dragonling on Jiang Ci’s shoulder had little reaction to these words, and it obediently did not move.

Jiang Ci replied firmly, “It won’t do anything.” 

But even though Jiang Ci said that, Shadow Race’s vigilance was only slightly reduced.

In response, Jiang Ci could only touch the back of the young Dragon on his shoulder.

Jiang Ci had not been in this world for long, but he had already noticed the isolation and barriers that existed between the various races. There was little communication between them, and it was not uncommon for them to be prejudiced against each other.

“In the future, when you let your people go to cities of other races, try not to go in your original form.” Jiang Ci didn’t use a reprimanding tone but asked more mildly.

“Squee.” The call of the young Dragon was not as powerful and oppressive as that of an adult Dragon, but sounded quite soft.

Hearing the response, Jiang Ci smiled slightly, “Then it’s a deal.”

The Black Dragonling lying on Jiang Ci’s shoulder made a little low sound from its throat in response, its vertical pupil staring at the slightly curved curve of the young man’s lips, and it never took its eyes off him.

Dragons had an instinctive fascination with the treasure that captured their sight. And the Dragons were not only willing to guard it, they were willing to give much more than that.

Jiang Ci had now met three administrators, but he did not feel that any of them were fully fit to take over the God’s position.

Luci was disciplined enough and capable enough, but just as Jiang Ci had felt before, he was too indifferent – the only thing lacking in his perfection and divinity was compassion.

Ivy, on the other hand, was just not frank enough, and Jiang Ci had reservations about whether this personality would bring any misconceptions because of his words and deeds when he became a god. However, Ivy could be a candidate, relatively speaking.

Before deciding on a candidate, Jiang Ci felt that he also had to reconcile the relationship between the various tribes, which was in a terrible state.

After pacifying the people, Jiang Ci was ready to go back to the city to rest and think about how to get the races to interact normally.

Ivy and Luci were both looking at the Dragonling on his shoulder when he reached the door of his apartment, especially when Ivy frowned unabashedly, “Are you going to let it in with you?

Jiang Ci was now calm, and he was especially calm, “If you want, you can come with us.”

Ivy stopped talking.

Jiang Ci felt that he had mastered exactly how to deal with Ivy, and that all he had to do was to say something to him that the other party could not admit frankly. But in doing so, Jiang Ci had the feeling that he was bullying him. But this method was really effective.

Because he felt like he was bullying the other person, Jiang Ci reached out and touched the little crook on Ivy’s head when he pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.


This name came to Jiang Ci’s mind.

Ivy always frowned or looked indifferent at every turn, looking like “I am not happy”, but every time Jiang Ci saw him like this, he felt he was a little cute. Sometimes he even wanted to bully him on purpose, but his conscience made Jiang Ci hold back.

Jiang Ci found a cushion on the floor and put the Black Dragonling on it, then he found another cushion to sit beside it. After sitting down, Jiang Ci lowered his head and asked, “Do all Dragons dislike to move in their humanoid form?”

The young Dragon on the soft cushion squeaked softly in response.

“So you also don’t interact with other races at all, do you?” Jiang Ci reached out and touched the Dragon’s wing with his finger, “If I can convince the other races first, would you be willing to contact them?”

The young Dragon moved its hanging wings, rubbed its head against Jiang Ci’s fingers, and then, without knowing what it was thinking, moved its body to press Jiang Ci’s hand underneath it. This was one of the most standard ways a Dragon collected treasures.

Only after it had done so did the Black Dragonling give a squeak.

Jiang Ci blinked and touched the hatchling’s back with his other hand, though he did not press down.

Sufficient contact must be a prerequisite for normal relations, and if the various races could interact with each other in a friendly manner, the civilization of this world would develop better than it did now. If this could be achieved, Jiang Ci would feel more at ease when he returned to the original world.

The Black Dragonling, which was being stroked on its back and was pressing the right hand of the youth with its body, slightly contracted its pupils in an instinctive reaction, but it did not have any intention to attack.

The Black Dragon only thought of the image of the youth embracing the other administrators, and would not have been able to have such contact if it had not appeared in its humanoid form.

So, while touching like this, a change occurred, and Jiang Ci was caught off guard and tackled to the ground.

The man on top of him had dark hair and red eyes, and his features were generally good-looking, together resulting in a very handsome appearance. As he rarely used this appearance, Noyce wasn’t comfortable with it, but now something more important caught his eye.

Although it was Jiang Ci who had overpowered him, Noyce didn’t really press down on the other man, and now he maintained this position looking directly down at the young man.

Jiang Ci, who had been confused when he was first pinned to the ground, realised in hindsight what those eyes that seemed not to be thinking about anything but were simply watching him really meant.

It was the gaze of looking at a precious treasure, and anyone who was a Dragon could know the meaning of that gaze.

“Noyce.” Jiang Ci gently pushed him instructively, “Don’t press me like that.”

The Black Dragon in human form tilted his head, and he asked, “No?”

“Hmm.” Jiang Ci nodded. “No.”

Not understanding why not, Noyce followed up with another question, “Not even if I like you…?”

Jiang Ci reconfirmed the Black Dragon’s character, and he patiently repeated, “No.”

“Oh.” Noyce liked being this close to Jiang Ci, but he was more compliant with Jiang Ci’s words, so he backed away.

Realizing that the Black Dragon didn’t seem to have any concept of normal social interaction, Jiang Ci quickly patched it up, “Not just for me, but for everyone else, too.”

Noyce didn’t want to get close to the others, but Jiang Ci said that, so he responded, “Oh.”

Jiang Ci sat up again, and before he could say anything else, the side of his neck was gently rubbed by Noyce’s approaching head.


Like a marker, the Black Dragon marked his scent on his prized treasure.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 5’9”
  2. 5’8” The average height for American men is 5’ 7.6” (175 centimeters). The average height for Chinese men is 169.4 cm (5′ 6.7″).
  3. 188 cm (6’ 1.6”)


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noname but i'm cute
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