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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


In response to Luci’s request, Jiang Ci responded by saying, “I’ve been watching you.” After that, he added, “I don’t need you to be stricter with yourself.

Judging from his character, he could not persuade the other person to relax, so Jiang Ci chose to say this.

But Luci looked at him attentively, “If I just keep the status quo, I can’t meet your expectations.”

Jiang Ci was speechless. 

Luci continued, “You said ‘Lucifer’ was your vision of a perfect creation.” 

“Yes.” Jiang Ci nodded. He had just said this not long ago, so of course he could not deny it.

“If I could meet your expectations, you would no longer have to imagine his existence,” Luci said, his heterochromatic eyes silently reflecting the appearance of the young man in front of him.

Jiang Ci was, once again, speechless. He couldn’t explain it now, and he hadn’t actually imagined Lucifer at all, but this was made up in order to round out the previous situation, so Jiang Ci could only acquiesce to what the other party said.

Seeing that Jiang Ci didn’t say anything, Luci said softly, “Please give me some time to prove it to you.”

The feeling of jealousy had never been relevant to the Celestials; their arrogant and indifferent nature made them disdain it. However, when he first learned of the existence of ‘Lucifer,’ Luci felt this emotion for the first time. It was like being burned by flames, a strange emotion that spread like a vine from deep within, and soon wrapped around his heart in an airtight manner.

Even though it was a non-existent fantasy, Luci still cared. In God’s imagination, this creature was as perfect as the morning star that brought the dawn.

Luci was instinctively jealous of this creature who might not exist.

Jiang Ci was not aware of this, or else he would probably be racking his brain again to think of a solution.

Ivy was easier to appease than Luci.

When Jiang Ci went to see him the next day, Ivy handed him a flower with a blank expression.

“What’s this?” Jiang Ci referred to the type of flower.

It looked similar to lavender in appearance; it was deep purple in color and had a subtle fragrance.

Ivy looked away. “The nino flower.” Then, he said casually, “If you don’t like it, just throw it away.”

There was no way he could throw it away; after getting to know Ivy a little, Jiang Ci had fully understood one thing—to throw away the flowers would be a mistake. With Ivy, he sometimes had to listen backwards. The more carelessly the other person acted, the more concerned Ivy might be.

At the same time, the contrast between Ivy’s seemingly indifferent expression and his interior made Jiang Ci feel that there was something uncomfortably cute about him.

“This is the first nino flower to have blossomed in Phantom.” Arnold, who was standing beside him, couldn’t but interject, “Its flowering period is very short, and it just happens to have recently reached its time of bloom, so Lord Ivy went to the garden in the atrium to wait for it today.”

Ivy’s expression stiffened and he coldly denied, “I didn’t go there with that intention.”

“You didn’t?” Jiang Ci said, looking at him. “I’m happy, though.”

Ivy trailed off, his words becoming more careless, “There are so many things to take care of in town that I don’t have the time to waste on this kind of thing.”

Jiang Ci nodded, as if accepting the other’s words, “That’s true.” 

But Jiang Ci accepted it so easily. Instead, Ivy pursed his lips, and Jiang Ci wanted to laugh. He couldn’t help smiling.

Ivy, seeing this, lowered the corners of his mouth even further. He was reluctant to show any concern until he was sure he had enough weight in God’s heart, but he was not unaware that perhaps his disguise was poorly concealed in God’s eyes.

He felt ridiculous.

Jiang Ci reacted quickly, reassuringly saying, “Don’t think about it.” Then he approached Ivy and reached out and touched the silvery white mask on the left side of his face, “Can’t you take it off yet, you should have been able to do it yesterday, right?”

Other Shadow Race members with similar conditions recovered immediately after Jiang Ci’s treatment, and Jiang Ci was puzzled as to why Ivy continued to wear the mask.

Ivy stood silently but did not turn his head to prevent Jiang Ci from touching the mask.

Arnold had been Ivy’s lieutenant for hundreds of years and was well aware of his arrogant personality. Arnold was already familiar with Ivy’s sarcastic tone, and it was difficult to get personal recognition or praise for a job well done.

However, in the presence of God, Ivy seemed to have a hidden emotion other than obedience, and to put it simply, he was not confident. Arnold didn’t see anything wrong with the arrogance of the administrator of his own race. Ivy had been doing his job as an administrator and had managed the Shadow Race well. Even in the face of God, he should be able to be very sure of himself.

Jiang Ci thought about it and asked him, “Let me take it off and see how it is recovering?”

It took a few seconds for Ivy to respond with a monotone, “…… mm.”

So Jiang Ci carefully removed the silver and white mask, and then leaned closer to examine Ivy’s left cheek.

Very close.

The faintly audible breathing made Ivy stiffen up, and for a moment he was unsure whether he wanted to move away or keep still.

“It’s completely fine,” Jiang Ci confirmed after taking a step back. “There’s no need to wear this anymore,” he said as he shook his head. Then, he added as he waved the object in his hand, “You look good without it.”

Without the half of the mask, Ivy’s face was fully visible, and one could see that his features were very solid and deep, and even when glancing at others with cold eyes, he looked handsome and reserved.

Only when Jiang Ci stood a little further away did Ivy’s stiff body regain the ability to move, and when he heard Jiang Ci say that he ‘looked good’, his eyes shifted between looking at the other man and looking away, and finally stopped a little to the side.

Ivy took back the mask in Jiang Ci’s hand without looking away, and then easily destroyed it in his hand. Regardless of his inner thoughts at this moment, the fact remained that he was unable to reject Jiang Ci’s expectations.

Because of this realization, Ivy became subtly irritated with himself.

Why did he have to do what the other person wanted him to do? If the God in front of him commanded him, why would Ivy do it in order to satisfy Him?

In this subtle mood of annoyance, Ivy said, “You haven’t fully answered the question I asked you before.”

Jiang Ci was confused.

“I asked you why you only named Luci, and then you just said that you wanted him to be perfect as the first creature.” Ivy didn’t let that go. “And you didn’t have any expectations for the other creatures, including the other administrators?”

Jiang Ci was silent, and had to scrape for words again with great difficulty, “Every creation is not the same as each other, and I don’t want to set the same standard for you. I think even if it’s different from the direction I want it to go, it can still be another kind of perfection, and that’s what I expect from you.”

Jiang Ci was really impressed with himself at this moment, that he could round it all up.

Ivy then looked him in the eye, and it was easy to see that he was convinced by the explanation.

As the environment gradually returned to normal, life in the City of Night, of course, got back on track, but on one fine afternoon, a Black Dragon suddenly arrived to Phantom and cast a huge shadow over the city.

It arrived very openly, high in the sky, and immediately caught sight of the treasure it was looking for.

Then it landed in front of this treasure.

The Black Dragon stopped in the air and descended to the ground, and the moment it landed, its huge body sent a tremor through the city streets, and its huge wings created a strong wind that could have blown down thinner trees.

Jiang Ci reflexively raised his hand to shield his eyes from the wind to avoid getting dust in them. When he felt the wind stop and lowered his hand, he was confronted with a stunningly, astonishingly large creature.

Next to a Dragon, all the creatures of this world would seem small.

The Dragons were the second race created by Gods after the Celestials; they had a longer lifespan than the Celestials, unique magic in their language, and powerful physical abilities. To the Celestials, the Dragons were the race that they felt most threatened by.

Compared to other Dragons, the Black Dragons were often too lazy to regulate their emotions, destroying anything they didn’t like with their Dragon breath. The administrator of the Dragon tribe was also a Black Dragon.

Jiang Ci was facing a pair of scarlet eyes with vertical pupils, and even without looking at the Black Dragon’s huge body, these crimson eyes were enough to make one feel terrified. Even if it did not move, it would still give the person it was staring at a strong sense of pressure, as if it would crush his body in the next second.

Jiang Ci didn’t move, didn’t even take a step back, and he returned the dragon’s stare.

Under his gaze, the Black Dragon gradually lowered its head to the staring young man, and finally gently rested its head on the back of Jiang Ci’s hand, which was hanging at his side.

It was the Dragons’ nature to love treasures.


Upon meeting a treasure precious enough and beautiful enough, the Dragon would be captivated by this treasure and then guard it forever until the end of its life.


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January 12, 2021 11:32 am

I really like this story! What is Jiang Ci going to do about Luci??? He really goofed up with him. Jealousy is very destructive!
Thanks for the translation!

January 12, 2021 12:23 pm


dragons are so cool…

thank you for the chapter!

January 12, 2021 9:48 pm

whoah a dragon!

January 21, 2021 10:34 pm

I love dragons sooooooooo much. This whole novel is a real feast for us. All the admins so far are tickin’ the right boxes for role models and we have them all together in one novel.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

March 13, 2021 1:34 am

Thank you for the chapter.
Easy conquest, bad God. So loose with the loving. -This is coming from a polyamorous person.-

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The Black Dragon so cute😍😍

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So, that’s 3. This one’s pretty formidable and pretty committed… like a lifetime committed!
Thank you for translating and editing.

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Aaand the huge dragon that scares everyone goes down with one glance! Total K.O.! Ahaha!

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