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Chapter 17: The Seventeenth Day After Becoming God

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Jiang Ci was calmed down by these words from the silver-haired Celestial in front of him, and he couldn’t help but blink to make sure he had really heard correctly. How… the other party seemed to have learned from the Black Dragon next to him, and was so sticky that he even spoke more sweetly. He went as far as to say that he especially wanted to see him today and missed him a lot yesterday, making Jiang Ci unable to react for a while.

The system felt like it was going to faint, “Dear host, look what you’ve done to a good Celestial.”

Jiang Ci couldn’t refute that.

The system added, “If the administrators have too much affection for you, the system feels that it will be more difficult for the new god you choose to be recognized by the others.”

A508 didn’t want to interfere with Jiang Ci’s actions, but it had to give pertinent advice beforehand about the direction of the situation.

Jiang Ci echoed, “Okay.”

Jiang Ci knew that this was the case, but when it came to the actual implementation, this was something that could not be done in a step-by-step manner. The main reason was that Jiang Ci found it hard to be deliberately indifferent to the people he approached.

In addition to the difficulty of recognizing a new god, the fact that the six races might strife again after Jiang Ci’s departure was something the system didn’t talk about. It did not notice the problems early enough, and when it found out that the situation had already reached this stage, it was very sad.

After the conversation with the system, Jiang Ci looked up and saw Luci still quietly looking at him, as if waiting for his response; he had to say in a gentle voice, “I know.”

Given Luci’s indifferent character, when the other party said such words to him, Jiang Ci really couldn’t choose to ignore him at this moment. In response, Luci moved his wings slightly, and then swept his eyes lightly around.

There were many Dragons around. They were all attracted to this place by Jiang Ci, and they were all staring at the administrator of the Celestials who had suddenly come to Dragon Island. The appearance of a Celestial on Dragon Island, which was obviously full of Dragons, was not at all fitting.

At one point, there was a dispute between the two races over whether the Celestials were the first to be created or the second, but also whether they were more powerful in terms of their individual abilities. As they came, Jiang Ci couldn’t get rid of them, and he acquiesced to Luci following him.

Noyce was present at the same time, and even if they did not talk to each other, Jiang Ci felt that they did not get along well.

Dragons thought their treasures very precious and had an instinctive desire to be exclusive, so the Black Dragon who stayed by Jiang Ci’s side did not want others to get close to him.

Luci did not allow anyone to do anything offensive to Jiang Ci, including the Black Dragon’s casual approach. It was strange that the atmosphere between the two of them would be harmonious.

Jiang Ci forced himself not to care too much about the atmosphere and asked the other Dragons there first, “Haven’t the natural disasters over the years affected you?”

After yesterday’s initial tour, Jiang Ci could see that the environment of Dragon Island was not too affected by the disaster.

Unlike Shadow Race, the Dragons did not get sick from too many dark elements in the environment, which was quite reassuring for Jiang Ci. The Dragons who heard the question bowed their heads to Jiang Ci, and made a muffled sound in their throats to confirm.

The gigantic trees in Dragon Island acted as a natural barrier, blocking many disasters from reaching the island, and those that could not be completely blocked were weakened and could not do much harm to the Dragons.

Jiang Ci was about to feel relieved when a Blue Dragon not far away suddenly said, “More than a dozen Dragon eggs were injured due to a natural disaster when a part of the incubation chamber collapsed, and they were crushed underneath. Although their vital signs are still there, they have not hatched.”

Jiang Ci immediately raised his eyes, “Take me there now.”

The dozen or so Dragon eggs were placed in the new hatching room, and Noyce carried Jiang Ci over there.

When entering the hatching room, the Dragons would use their human forms to avoid accidentally harming the eggs.

“Are they the ones?” Jiang Ci looked at the dozen or so eggs that were specially placed in the corner, and could intuitively feel the difference between them and the other eggs around them.

When a Dragon was still inside its egg, it already had a certain degree of self-awareness.

When Jiang Ci walked into the incubator, the healthy Dragon eggs could be seen to be in a very active state, and even when Jiang Ci walked to a certain place to stand, a few Dragon eggs rolled towards him.

Several Dragon eggs rolled all the way to Jiang Ci’s legs, which made him not dare to move for fear of accidentally bumping into them. Those who couldn’t react so much were at least shaking in place, showing that they wanted to go over.

Only the dozen or so Dragon eggs specially placed in the corner did not move at all.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to roll over to Jiang Ci like the other Dragon eggs, it was just that they couldn’t move.

“It is them.” One of the humanoid Dragons who followed him in answered Jiang Ci’s question and then said, “The small ones are very fond of you.”

Jiang Ci looked at the Dragon eggs at his feet and crouched down, gently picking them up one by one and putting them farther away so that he had a way to walk – but it didn’t work, because Jiang Ci had just carried one away, and when he went to pick up the next egg, the egg he had just carried away rolled back.

Jiang Ci was quite helpless. He reached out and touched the shells of these Dragon eggs and coaxed, “Don’t follow me yet, I’ll come and visit you later.”

It seemed to really have understood his words, and the Dragon eggs which had been picked up and put in another place did not roll to his feet again, but stayed there nicely.

Jiang Ci finally had a way out. He walked to the left corner of the hatchery and looked down at the dozen or so Dragon eggs that had remained unresponsive.

Compared to other races, the population of the Dragon Race could be said to be at an extremely low level.

When Jiang Ci touched other Dragon eggs, he could feel the pulse of life through the egg shells, but when he touched the baby eggs in the corners, he could only receive very weak feedback to his palm.

The dozen or so Dragon eggs were still alive, but in a weakened state and hadn’t been able to break their shells for hundreds of years.

“How can I help them?” Jiang Ci interrogates the system. Jiang Ci can move the elements of this world by will, but the composition of life was much more complicated than that, and Jiang Ci can’t do anything about it.

The answer given by the system was not optimistic. “There was no effective way. God is not omnipotent. Just because He can create life doesn’t mean He can interfere with the process of life. The system paused and continued, “If you have to say how you can help, then maybe you need your own self.”

Jiang Ci was confused, “My own self?”

“The instincts of creation will make them strive to break out of their shells and be born,” The system stated, “in order to see you.”

Jiang Ci did not ask any more questions, his hand was still on the egg shell, and he remained silent for a while.

It was at this moment that the Dragon egg he was touching suddenly gave him a rather clear stirring of life in response, although only for a moment, and then again very faintly, but this time it was as if the baby egg was trying to show its vitality to Jiang Ci.

“Maybe it is possible.” Jiang Ci suddenly said to the system.

Just this one response also made Jiang Ci feel it was remarkable.

Jiang Ci watched from this corner for a while, and Cheryl, the Blue Dragon, asked him, “Will they get better?”

The Blue Dragon’s eyes were filled with eager anticipation, and among the dozen or so Dragon eggs, two of them were her babies.

Jiang Ci could read the emotion in the Dragon’s eyes; he hesitated for a second or two and finally put on a smile and said, “Yes.”

Hearing Jiang Ci’s answer, the blue Dragon’s pupils filled with a kind of wet brightness for a moment; she was extremely happy. Then, with eyes full of love and hope, she looked at the two Dragon eggs lying quietly not far away.

Jiang Ci did not interrupt her, but turned to Luci and Noyce, who were following him, and said, “I will stay here more often in the next few days.”

The Black Dragon in front of Jiang Ci just gave a huff, not knowing if he would agree or not.

And Luci looked at Jiang Ci and said, “I want to be by your side.”

This was what he wanted to do.

Jiang Ci could not find a reason to refuse.

For the rest of the day, Jiang Ci spent most of his time in the incubator, moving the dozen or so Dragon eggs he had specially placed in the corner to a different place. He asked for several soft blankets to be spread on the floor, and carried the eggs to them, then sat on them himself, and placed his hands on them one by one, waiting for them to respond.

According to the system, he should have more contact with the dozen or so Dragon eggs. Thinking about more contact, Jiang Ci decided to sleep here at night.

That was why there were so many blankets spread out – so he wouldn’t have to lie on the ground.

The Black Dragon who was with Jiang Ci left to deal with the compensation for Phantom. Now, except for the eggs that were not yet hatched, only Jiang Ci and Luci were left in this incubator. Jiang Ci could feel the other’s gaze all the time, and he also noticed that when he was there, Luci would only look at him.

This was the same with Noyce, but when the Black Dragon did this, Jiang Ci would think that he did it out of pure instinct. Luci’s actions could not be explained by instinct, and Jiang Ci felt seriousness and devotion from his gaze.

Thinking about what the system had said before, Jiang Ci could not help but want to test the other party’s attitude at this moment. “Luci.”

The silver-haired Celestial, who heard the call, raised his eyes, his posture as if he were waiting for Jiang Ci’s instructions.

“What if…” Jiang Ci paused, “I mean what if, what if one day, the god of this world is no longer me, but another person, how would you feel?”

This hypothesis instantly made Luci grimace, and the wings behind him even spread out to the sides a bit. This was an aggressive gesture of Celestials to express threat, and Luci’s hostility was not directed at Jiang Ci, but at the fictional ‘other.’

“Why do you say that?” he asked.

Jiang Ci made a sound, explaining slowly, “Because the throne can actually be changed, not by me, but also by someone else… If someone gets my throne, he can become the new God.”

“I will not let anyone take your place.” Luci half-kneeled down to Jiang Ci and looked up at him, “Anyone who has such an intention, I will remove him for you.”

Luci’s expression and tone of voice were very cold as he said this. No matter for what reason that person wanted to take the throne, no matter how positive the reason was, Luci could not understand. The Celestials’ noble character made him look at everything justly, but if this happened, Luci would not hesitate to remove all those who stood against Jiang Ci.

“Someone isn’t taking it from me.” Jiang Ci hesitated on what to say. “If there is someone who can do better than me in every respect, wouldn’t it be good if he became the new god…?”

Luci showed a rare stubbornness, “No one can do it better than you.” Then he asked, “Who asked you to do this?”

Jiang Ci resolutely denied, “No one.” Though he said that, the face of the silver-haired Celestial in front of him was still cold. Jiang Ci couldn’t help but reassure him, “I only said if, it’s all hypothetical.”

When the other party’s demeanor softened a bit, Jiang Ci asked him warmly, “Why is Luci so resistant to a new God?”

Jiang Ci wanted to find the crux of the matter.

Luci looked him straight in the eye, “I will not believe in anyone else but you.”

Jiang Ci froze slightly, and then his hand was pulled up by Luci and put on his head. Jiang Ci passively touched his silver hair. Then he saw Luci lower his eyes, “Don’t make me leave.”

Who could resist this? Jiang Ci even felt a little guilty for a moment, and he had to answer, “I won’t.”

The system’s heart was cold anyway. When the fish cries, the water knows, when the system cries, who knows.

Jiang Ci also found it difficult to test out the result. Luci’s attitude seemed irrevocably firm, and he could not be convinced. Jiang Ci could only tell himself to take one step at a time.

“Go back to your room and sleep, I’ll stay here tonight,” Jiang Ci said, patting the several layers of soft blankets on the floor.

Luci didn’t leave, and said, “I want to stay.”

Jiang Ci only nodded again, and when the time was almost up, Jiang Ci lay down on the several layers of blankets. The dozen or so Dragon eggs that he carried from the corner to here were now placed next to Jiang Ci, close to him.

Positioned this way, Jiang Ci patted the large empty space next to himself, “If you want to sleep, you can sleep here.”

Within two seconds after saying that, a silver-haired Celestial was lying next to Jiang Ci.

Caught off guard, Jiang Ci should have turned his head, but he saw the corner of Luci’s right eye, which was slightly red, and asked subconsciously, “What’s wrong with your eye?”

Luci didn’t want to tell Jiang Ci that he partially overdrew his strength, so he just said, “There was dust blowing into my eyes.”

Jiang Ci asked again, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Luci responded in a low voice, “Yes.”

Jiang Ci immediately made a move, he approached the other party, at close range said, “Don’t move, I’ll just blow on you.”

The youth’s body was suddenly close; Luci could smell the other’s faint cold fragrance on his body, and the white skin he saw was like fine jade, porcelain white and delicate, unable to find any flaws. Luci watched as the young man’s lips drew closer and closer to his, and as if controlled by some inexplicable force, he couldn’t move a muscle at that moment.

Luci blinked unconsciously when a warm, gentle stream of air blew gently into his right eye.

“Is that better?” Jiang Ci asked him.

Luci was silent for a moment, and then he replied, “I still don’t feel well.”

When Jiang Ci heard this, he repeated what he had just done. Luci didn’t move. Jiang Ci finished blowing this time and asked again, “Better?”

Luci responded, “Yeah.”

Jiang Ci pulled back and prepared to lie back down, but his elbow was too sore to hold on, and his upper body tilted directly toward Luci. Although it was accidental, it looked like he took the initiative to kiss the silver-haired Celestial on the cheek.

Jiang Ci crashed.


The system crashed.


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