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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The fact that a Dragon would voluntarily offer its treasures to someone else was remarkable, and it was a testament to the Dragon’s captivation and taming. Dragons were passive when they were captivated, but they did this kind of thing voluntarily when they were tamed because Dragons could only be tamed when they were willing.

Jiang Ci didn’t realize until now that he had captivated a Black Dragon, but in his eyes, Noyce only wanted to get close to him because of its natural instincts, and since the Black Dragon had always been particularly purely obedient to instinct, these feelings were amplified.

Thus, when he heard the Black Dragon’s words, Jiang Ci dispelled the idea of pushing the Dragon away and chose to touch the hard horn on his head first, “I don’t need this treasure.” Then, probably because he found it funny, Jiang Ci put on a smile and reasoned with the other party, “Also, you can’t give yourself away.”

I don’t know who taught this Dragon such things, Jiang Ci thought to himself.

The Black Dragon was like a problematic baby at this point.

“Why don’t you need it?” Noyce asked.

Jiang Ci thought about it and said, “They look pretty good here.”

This reason did not seem to fully convince the Black Dragon, and he stared at Jiang Ci silently.

This was how the Black Dragon behaved whenever he didn’t understand but didn’t argue because he was being submissive. The two of them were now too close together for Jiang Ci to resist shifting his gaze a little to avoid the Dragon’s stare.

“Or I can choose one.” Jiang Ci sat up on his elbows, then looked down around himself and smoothly touched a red jewel beside him, “Just give me this one.”

Noyce hummed affirmatively.

As opposed to when Jiang Ci didn’t want anything, this was obviously more acceptable to the Black Dragon. Then, however, he asked, “Why can’t I give myself to someone else?”

“Do you really know what that means?” Jiang Ci was skeptical. “Giving yourself away means to become someone else’s possession.”

“Hmm.” Noyce responded in a low voice. He didn’t see any problem with this. If a Dragon was captivated, it would naturally become that person’s property, right?

Jiang Ci heard him respond, thought he understood, and couldn’t help but say, “So from now on…”

Jiang Ci wanted to say, ‘Don’t ever say that to anyone again,’ but as soon as he started to speak, the Black Dragon in front of him moved closer to him, and then took his left hand and brought it to touch his throat.

Jiang Ci’s fingers touched something hard, a little rough, and slightly cool to the touch. It seemed to be… Dragon scales?

When he had touched the Black Dragon in its original form before, Jiang Ci was quite impressed with how the scales felt to the touch. It was only then that Jiang Ci noticed with hindsight that the Black Dragon, in his human form, had a Black Dragon scale still growing on the lower part of its throat.

The throat was a very sensitive location on the body, and Jiang Ci thought of ‘reverse scale’ almost immediately after he noticed it. Then he reflexively tried to pull his hand away, but because he was being held, he couldn’t do so.

“You can touch it,” Noyce said in a low voice, his red eyes reflecting the young man sitting on the pile of treasures, “I am your property.”

Jiang Ci was stunned and at a loss for words. It was as if he couldn’t get his mind together, and he was confused by the Black Dragon’s simple instincts. After thinking about what to do, Jiang Ci gave up the option of convincing the other party on this matter, and chose to save himself, “In short, don’t say this to anyone else in the future.”

If you only say it to him, the follow-up was at least manageable, and Jiang Ci wouldn’t use it to get the other person to do anything. But if said to someone else, the consequences would be different, and he couldn’t rule out that possibility.

Noyce frowned lightly at that.

“No one else,” he said. The Black Dragon instinctively sensed that the young man in front of him still didn’t really seem to be receiving what he was saying. Not knowing how to express himself in a way that would convince the other, following his instincts, Noyce leaned in to rub against Jiang Ci’s cheek.

In the Dragon Race, this gesture was a sign of affection. But doing so in human form felt a little different.

Jiang Ci had the feeling that the Black Dragon was showing him affection, so he hesitated to say anything this time, and during his brief hesitation, the Dragon backed away from him after gently rubbing his cheek.

Noyce looked at him without blinking, “I will collect more treasures to put here later.”

This was because Jiang Ci just said that the treasures look good here.

Jiang Ci also understood the reason; this kind of simple and direct gesture made them a bit closer, and he started to feel as if he did not really mind that the Dragon liked to rub against him.

It was probably common in the Dragon Race, and perhaps he shouldn’t have to make the other Dragon act in the social manner of other races.

“Take me out to see the rest of your people.” Jiang Ci didn’t forget what he came to Dragon Island for, then he looked at the ruby he held in his hand and smiled at the Black Dragon that was watching him, “I like this gift very much.”

Noyce, on the other hand, looked at Jiang Ci’s hand, and in the eyes of the Black Dragon, the deep red gemstone suited the youth’s complexion, and it made him want to take hold of the other man’s wrist.

And so he did.

Jiang Ci looked over quizzically and saw Noyce’s eyes downcast as if he was thinking about something.

In Noyce’s eyes, the wrist he was holding was so thin that it looked as if it would break with the slightest effort.

He could see the faint blue veins on Jiang Ci’s wrist, and while feeling them pulsing, Noyce also felt a sense of vulnerability. It might have come from the youth’s human appearance.

Compared to that of a Dragon, the human body was too small and fragile, and the arrival of Jiang Ci with a human appearance naturally induced the Black Dragon’s protective desire to the maximum. Even in protection, he was worried about whether Jiang Ci would be harmed by carelessness.

After waiting for a little while, Jiang Ci could not help but speak, “Noyce?”

The Black Dragon whose name was called answered, “Yes.”

Then he let go of Jiang Ci’s hand and went to the side to change back into his original form again.

Jiang Ci went up to the Dragon in the same way, this time remembering to take a look at the communicator he wore on his right hand.

Since he left Arsène, Jiang Ci had been receiving pictures of the city from time to time from Shaya.

Shaya was reporting to him the progress of the city beautification construction works, and Jiang Ci could see new changes in the city every time. This time, when he decided to go to Dragon Island on a whim, Jiang Ci sent a message to Luci shortly after he left Phantom, saying that he was going to the Dragon Race’s territory and that he would return soon.

The shortest route from Dragon Island to the human territory would be through Phantom anyway. Jiang Ci was actually a little worried about Luci’s reaction to leaving without saying anything, especially since he was leaving with Noyce of all creatures.

Jiang Ci knew that the administrators he created were not on good terms with each other, but when comparing them, Luci and Ivy at least didn’t do anything.

Luci and Noyce, on the other hand, have already clashed twice by now.

It was obvious from the results who Luci was more incompatible with.

Jiang Ci clicked on the unread message on his communicator and saw Luci’s simple reply of “Right.”

Jiang Ci didn’t have time to think about it right away. The Black Dragon carrying him started to move, and after leaving the treasure trove, it flapped his wings and started to fly. When Jiang Ci landed, he looked upwards and saw a large number of Dragons circling in the sky.

At such a far distance, Jiang Ci could not see clearly with his normal human eyesight, but he could still feel that the eyes of these Dragons seemed to be looking at him. Being gazed at by so many Dragons, normally one would feel a great sense of oppression, but what Jiang Ci felt was nothing like that – instead, it was a very gentle and bright emotion.

The eyes of the Dragons were curious, loving, and eager to get close, but they hovered in the sky, just staring at him, not daring to land and approach him. Their administrator lay down quietly beside the human-looking youth, and the Dragon’s tail circled the area in which the youth was, both for protection and as a subtle warning to the other Dragons.

They were told not to take this lightly.

Only when the excitement in their minds was reduced to a minimum did one of the Dragons try to land on the platform and approach Jiang Ci.

Soon, Jiang Ci experienced the sensation of being surrounded by a group of Dragons at close range. These Dragons barely moved when they got close, even the sounds from their throats were low, and they tried very hard to look docile and harmless. Despite their intimidating size and appearance, these Dragons did not seem to be aggressive at this time.

A few Dragons lowered their heads to Jiang Ci’s side, and he raised his hand to touch them. From a high platform, even some of the Dragonlings flew closer to him.

It was hard for the young Dragons to be as cautious and careful as the adult Dragons, and Jiang Ci caught two blue Dragonlings in a row, and then one red Dragonling flew over with its wings even though he was holding two in his arms.

“Squeal.” These Dragons made this soft call when they were in Jiang Ci’s arms.

The sound of a Dragon’s cry when it was a baby really made one wonder what it would be like after becoming an adult, and yet even such a powerful creature was something that one wanted to take care of when it was small.

“How old are they?” Jiang Ci asked about the three young Dragons he was holding in his arms.

An old Red Dragon answered him, “In Dragon time, they are two years old.”

Jiang Ci was slightly puzzled by this statement, “Dragon time…?”

“Yes.” The red Dragon lowered its head, “A hundred years of other races’ time are only one year for us.”

Jiang Ci was silent but accepted it quite quickly. After all, the Dragon Race was one that could sleep for decades in the eyes of other races, so it was normal for them to have a different concept of time.

Jiang Ci lowered his head to look at the three young Dragons in his arms. As soon as he lowered his head, the three young Dragons immediately moved their wings and mumbled to him, their eyes pure and bright.

They were really just babies, Jiang Ci thought to himself.

At this time, Ivy’s airship, which was headed to Dragon Island to collect a debt, was already halfway there, except that he had one more person on board that he didn’t want to carry.

“I’m on my way to claim reparation fees from the Dragons, and you shouldn’t have any reason to be on this trip to Dragon Island.” Ivy glanced at the silver-haired Celestial standing a few meters away, “If it’s for God, then you’re following too closely.”

Luci looked indifferent, and even his deep voice showed that he was not taking it seriously, “Are you talking about yourself?”

It was hardly even a question.

“I’m talking about you.” Ivy was not at all provoked by the words, and he raised his eyebrows to show equal indifference while speaking with a hint of sarcasm, “So what you’re doing now is also in line with your standards of order?”

That the Celestials were described as the perfect creation, the embodiment of order, was now questionable to Ivy. Ivy used to find Luci’s display of indifference and devotion to order as proof that he was indeed God’s most perfect creation, and he resented both.

When he discovered that this ‘perfect creation’ also possessed desires, Ivy’s first reaction was to think that it would have been better to maintain the so-called perfection. A collapsing order was much more difficult to deal with than a complete one.

By the time the airship was two-thirds of the way there, it was already the next day. At just the right distance, Luci stood on the balcony of the airship looking directly in the direction of Dragon Island, and then used his right eye.

He teleported himself directly to Dragon Island.

Ivy had to hold back, and had to extinguish at least a hundred thoughts in just a few seconds to stop himself from using his natural ability to rewind time to interrupt Luci’s teleportation.

Ivy himself grunted in annoyance; the other’s eye-related ability was so damn convenient.

It was childish to fight over such things, and he didn’t want God to think of him as childish.

As mentioned before, Luci’s eyes did have their limitations. Both the use of reversal magic and teleportation had a limit on the amount of magic that could be consumed and then restored according to time.

The last time Luci teleported the Black Dragon on Jiang Ci’s shoulder to a very distant place, half of the teleportation amount had been used directly. However, this did not affect Luci at all, and he showed no sign of it.

Jiang Ci really didn’t expect Luci to follow him, but his message should have meant that he would wait for him in Phantom.

Jiang Ci blurted out, “Why did you come all of a sudden? Didn’t I say I would be back soon?”

Luci replied, “Because I wanted to see you very much today.” Jiang Ci opened his mouth but didn’t have time to speak before heard Luci say in the same light tone, “I missed you very much yesterday.”


He missed him a little more every next day than the last.


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