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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Realizing what his lips had just brushed against, Jiang Ci opened his eyes slightly and backed away, embarrassed, he said immediately, “Sorry.” 

After Jiang Ci said that, he saw that Luci’s expression didn’t change at all, the silver-haired Celestials still looked indifferent.

The silver-haired Celestials’ beautiful face was flawless from any angle, while Luci’s indifference looked as if he had not even realized the kiss, or had no idea about such a thing as a ‘kiss.’

But of course, this was impossible.

Jiang Ci didn’t see that Luci reached up to touch his face where his lips had gently brushed; he showed no emotion on his face. Then, he looked at Jiang Ci and suddenly asked, “Have you ever done such a thing to anyone else?” 

He didn’t sound as if he was only asking casually.

Such a thing?

Jiang Ci had a sneaking feeling that this description was wrong, but his first reaction was to deny it without even thinking about it, “How could it be?” 

This time it was accidental, how could he have done it to someone else?

Then he heard Luci continue, “You should not do this to anyone else in the future.”

Jiang Ci choked. He felt as if he needed to explain himself, but he had to nod his head first under Luci’s direct gaze. The other man’s eyes now looked as if he must say yes.

Although Luci’s tone of voice was light, Jiang Ci could still sense a certain insistence in his expression. When Jiang Ci nodded his head, he saw Luci’s eyes dropping, and the gaze that was originally directed at him shifted down.

Then Jiang Ci could feel that Luci’s gaze seemed to stop on his lips.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t aware of the kiss, or didn’t have any idea about it, but when he felt the soft touch on his cheek, a thought was born in Luci’s heart that should never have come to life.

He wanted to kiss his God.

From the beautiful corners of the young man’s eyes to his cheeks, and even to the corners of his lips and his jaw, he wanted to touch him carefully. This desire was immediately suppressed by reason, but when Luci looked at the God in front of him, the opposite of reason was easily revived in his heart.

Jiang Ci couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch his lips, “What’s wrong?”

Luci raises her eyes again, “It was very soft.”

Jiang Ci was briefly confused. When he came to realize what Luci was referring to, he was perplexed. The other person said this in a light tone, like he was just saying what he was thinking, but it made Jiang Ci choke up and he didn’t know what to say.

After a short time, Jiang Ci said, “Of course, everyone’s lips are soft.”

Luci didn’t say anything right away, he looked at Jiang Ci quietly for a few seconds, then took Jiang Ci’s hand and touched his lips, “Mine, too?”

The scene, if viewed from a third party’s perspective, would probably look more like the silver-haired Celestial was kissing the young man’s fingertips.

Jiang Ci’s finger touched the other’s cool, soft lips, and he unconsciously pressed down lightly. Luci didn’t resist, and only maintained this position, waiting for Jiang Ci’s response. Although he didn’t take the initiative to touch him, the light pressure still made Jiang Ci feel guilty, “Yes.”

Right after, Jiang Ci pulled his hand away and said casually, “Go to sleep.” 

Luci obediently closed his eyes, although he was not sleepy at all.

Jiang Ci turned to check the condition of the dozen or so Dragon eggs, reached out to touch the shells of some of them, and whispered in a warm voice, “Work harder, and you should be able to come out.” In order to stimulate the system’s creation instinct more, Jiang Ci finally added, “I also want to see you.”

Jiang Ci waited, but the eggs were still quiet and did not show any obvious reaction. Jiang Ci was not anxious; he was confident, for some reason, that the dozen or so Dragon eggs would all hatch successfully.

After doing so, he lay flat on his back and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

At that moment, in a place that Jiang Ci could not see, there were a few eggs that were shaking very slightly.

Jiang Ci was fast asleep, and Luci opened his eyes when he heard his breathing becoming gentle. It was difficult for Luci to fall asleep when he was in such close proximity to Jiang Ci.

Luci did not particularly need to sleep, so he opened his eyes to look at Jiang Ci sleeping next to him.

The sleeping young man seemed a little softer than when he was awake; his beautiful eyes were gently closed, and in this state it looked as if anything could be done to him without being refused. He did nothing, but still seduced Luci.

Given the choice between closing his eyes to cut off this temptation and keeping them open, Luci chose the latter. He wasn’t easily swayed, but then Jiang Ci suddenly leaned to his side.

Jiang Ci unconsciously rubbed his cheek against something.

It was Luci’s wing.

Luci lowered his eyes; his expression looked the same, but his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down, proving that he was not truly indifferent.

“My God.” He called in a low voice, as if to remind himself.

But then, Jiang Ci made it worse; as he found the thing against his cheek soft and comfortable, he snuggled closer, burying his face halfway in the feathers. As he did so, his lips would of course also touch the other’s wing, sometimes rubbing against the wing as though he were giving it light kisses.

Kissing the wings was a very effective way to provoke Celestials, whose wings were very sensitive, and it was easier to provoke them like this than in any other way.

Luci’s eyes were half-hidden under his drooping eyelashes, and he pursed his lips in patience.

However, Jiang Ci seemed determined to break the mask of indifference on his face. His breath lightly spilled over the other man’s wing, and his lips kept on kissing the same part of the wing intermittently because of his restless rubbing.

He had indeed made a crack in this mask of indifference.

Had Jiang Ci been awake now, he would have seen Luci’s eyes darken, a look they would usually never have had.

Celestials were difficult to seduce, because they were mostly emotionless, but in his unconscious state of sleep, Jiang Ci did succeed in seducing the silver-haired Celestial beside him.

“My God.” This time, Luci whispered, and he turned on his side to cover Jiang Ci with his other wing. Thus also holding the young man with his wing, Luci’s resolve was somewhat restored, and a certain unconscious possessiveness he had been induced to feel was relieved at that moment.

The left wing was being caressed and kissed, and it was impossible for a Celestial to fall asleep in such a situation. Closing his eyes would make him even more sensitive, and Luci could only keep gazing at Jiang Ci.

Then, in the midst of his reverent, prolonged gaze, his eyes moved as though being dragged by something invisible, and reason pulled him back and forth, and finally, as if this invisible something became less difficult to handle, the swaying of his eyes suddenly stopped.

After a few seconds, he lowered his head and placed a soft kiss on the youth’s cheek.

At this moment, the chain of order appeared to be partially broken.

When Jiang Ci woke up the next day and opened his eyes, he was stunned by the pure white wings covering his body, and when he turned around, he found that he had almost rested his head on Luci’s left wing as well.

“Did I… move around after I fell asleep?” Jiang Ci was very determined to find problems with himself.

Why else would we be in this situation? Jiang Ci even wondered if he felt uncomfortable without a blanket after sleeping yesterday and forcibly pulled Luci’s wings over to cover himself.

This image made Jiang Ci’s eyelids flutter when he thought about it. But the reality was often much more difficult than one might think.

“No.” Luci replied.

The system responded at the same time, “You kissed his wings.”

Just sitting up, Jiang Ci’s expression froze slightly in confusion.

The system said in a dry, declarative voice, “After that, he kissed you on the cheek.”

When Jiang Ci fell asleep, he was in an inactive state of consciousness, and the system could not have a normal conversation with him. Even if it could, the system had no foresight, and it would be useless to wait for something to happen and then try and stop it.

That was why the system was so frustrated.

Jiang Ci didn’t even know which sentence to listen to more carefully.

In the end, Jiang Ci still felt that the latter sentence was more important, “Luci did that?”

Hearing Jiang Ci’s tone as if he didn’t quite believe it, the system numbly said, “The system doesn’t want to believe it either.”

How in the world did its host provoke a noble Celestial into doing such a thing?

It wasn’t an issue of kissing alone, but the fact that the other party knew that Jinag Ci was “God” but still did it was completely inconsistent with the indifferent and orderly character of the Celestials.

Hearing the system’s reply, Jiang Ci stopped talking. Did Luci kiss him on the face because he was interested in him…?

It was not that Jiang Ci didn’t think about liking him at all, but considering Luci’s personality, and considering that it might be partly a creature’s instinct, he was not so sure. In Jiang Ci’s eyes, it was hard for him to imagine that Luci might ever come to like someone, because he always acted too indifferent.

This kind of affection was very passionate, and it was hard to imagine Luci having this kind of personality. Jiang Ci felt this way. However, kissing him on the cheek was clearly not explained by the natural affection of a creature towards God.

Jiang Ci could only be in a state where he felt it might or might not be true.

“You don’t have to doubt.” The system looked like it was tired of being tired, “Ivy and that Black Dragon, the system thinks they all feel the same way about you.”

Jiang Ci twitched his eyes slightly, “You’re reading too much into it.”

Ivy resisted him at first, but it was only later, thanks to his efforts, that he gradually changed his attitude and was willing to let him approach him. As for Noyce, it’s true that the Black Dragon liked to be near him, but it was obvious that he was following his instincts.

The system found its host’s naturally provocative attributes impressive, and thought they might be attracted by his looks as well.

Most of the beings with advanced intelligence were also visual creatures, and if the system were to analyze the data, Jiang Ci’s appearance was exactly the kind of creature that was most likely to capture the affection of others.

He was clean, pretty, and liked to smile.

“Ivy’s personality can only show candor because he likes you so much.” The system had already finished its analysis, “Also, the natural affection of a creation for God is not enough to make a Dragon voluntarily become your possession.”

The system didn’t need to understand their feelings; these behaviors could be judged through analysis. Jiang Ci sat in silence for a while after listening to the explanation. 

A Dragon egg moved very slightly near, Jiang Ci noticed it, and his attention was immediately drawn to it.

This Dragon egg was probably the healthiest of the dozen or so eggs. It tried very hard to move a little bit, and moved again and again, and seemed to be trying to roll over to Jiang Ci. It only moved a little distance, but Jiang Ci was already surprised.

He held the egg up, and when he touched its eggshell today, he felt the feedback coming in stronger than yesterday. These eggs have really worked harder to hatch and to see Jiang Ci.

“Do you like Dragons very much?” Luci asked him.

For the dozen or so Dragon eggs that were not born successfully, he specially slept here at night. Jiang Ci listened to Luci’s deep voice and thought about what the system had told him about what happened last night, and his expression was inevitably a little unnatural.

“I do,” he replied, “But don’t I also like Celestials?”

Thinking his expression was natural, Jiang Ci said again slowly, “No need to compare.”

Luci was quiet for a while. He didn’t actually want to compare the two races, but probably asked because he wanted to know indirectly what God thought of him and the other administrators. Jiang Ci was actually a little sensitive to the word ‘like’ now. He didn’t fully accept what the system said, but he had the intention to verify it.

After gently putting down the Dragon’s egg he had picked up, Jiang Ci took a slow breath and asked Luci, “Why did you say yesterday that I shouldn’t do that kind of thing to other people?”

Without waiting for an answer, Jiang Ci then asked, “Would you care if I did that to someone else?”

Jiang Ci just hypothesized, and almost immediately he saw Luci become expressionless and cold-looking, not unlike how he had behaved before when he brought up the new gods. Luci didn’t say a word, but Jiang Ci already knew the answer from his reaction.

He was very concerned.

Luci didn’t answer the first question because he found it difficult, but for the second one, he lowered his eyes and replied, “I care a lot. This kind of thing…” Luci paused to clarify the word in question, “kissing.”

Jiang Ci blinked involuntarily when he heard that word.


“I wish you would only do it to me.”


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noname but i'm cute
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