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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Silver hair, left eye a vibrant gold, right eye a cerulean blue, and six wings. Based on these three characteristics, Jiang Ci instantly knew the identity of the Celestial before him.

“Luci.” Jiang Ci unconsciously called out the other’s name.

Adoration of God was the instinct of all creation, and it was difficult for the creation to resist the call of its Creator. Hearing the call, Luci continued to approach the Tree of Life, and when he reached a suitable distance, he knelt down on one knee.

He bowed his head and said, “My God.”

The pure white six wings on his back naturally lowered in this posture, and their tips touched the ground in an obviously respectful and submissive gesture.

Jiang Ci was overwhelmed; at that moment, the other three Celestials in the distance also rushed to the Tree of Life and prostrated themselves to him with one word.


Compared to Luci’s low voice, the voices of these three Celestials were much more joyful and excited, and their joy was almost overflowing.

Jiang Ci smacked his lips, this wouldn’t do, this wouldn’t work, he couldn’t take this.

“There is no need to kneel,” Jiang Ci said quickly.

Jiang Ci immediately met three shining gazes from the three Celestials standing behind Luci.

Their eyes were very pious, and their instinctive, unadulterated admiration made it difficult for them to take their eyes off Jiang Ci, but at the same time, their hearts were filled with a desire to be noticed by God. They hoped that God would take notice of them, that God would take a look at them…

And when Jiang Ci really did look at them, the intense longing inside was instantly appeased, easily turning into satisfaction and joy.

In contrast, Luci’s appearance was not warm, his light-colored eyes were extremely calm, so calm that one might even find them a little cold, but his gaze did remain on Jiang Ci.

He gave instructions to the garrison at the same time he teleported to the courtyard so that no more guardians arrived at the outer perimeter.

Anyway, Jiang Ci needed to get down from the tree first…

Although Jiang Ci felt embarrassed that as a “god” he couldn’t even get down from a tree by himself, the situation called for desperate measures, and he really couldn’t handle the height. He cleared his throat and said, “Luci, use magic to send me down.”

“Yes.” The other party did so, and Jiang Ci reached the ground in a blink of an eye.

The Celestials tried to find a spot where Jiang Ci could easily notice them and waited expectantly for him to look over.

They seemed really very young, about fourteen or fifteen-year-olds in humans, and most importantly, they looked almost identical.

Jiang Ci had an innate sensitivity to the emotions of others, and although he didn’t intentionally take advantage of it himself, or even realise it, he always made people feel naturally comfortable in social situations.

Now, for example, Jiang Ci looked over at the three of them as they wished and said with a slight smile, “You three are brothers, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” The three of them, though geniuses who could even control the school’s teachers, were now standing properly and blushing a little from nervous excitement.

If one were to say who was the most outstandingly qualified person in the new generation of the Celestial Race, it would be the triplets from the Horan family. The report from the evaluation agency clearly stated that the three of them would be able to progress to having four wings by the time they reached adulthood, something that many Celestials would not be able to achieve until the end of their lives.

Celestials were considered adults at the age of 220, and even for the most gifted Celestials, it took more than 400 years to reach this goal, which showed how good the three brothers were in comparison. So, they were exceptionally qualified to become guardians of the Tree of Life before they even graduated, and although it was limited to this vacation for the time being, it was already a great honor.

Shaya was the youngest of the three brothers, and he was a bit more proactive than his two older brothers.

“My name is Shaya.” He gave his name with bright eyes.

Though he told his name to God, Shaya didn’t think that God would remember him right away.

However, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t remember this time. Everyone said that he and his two brothers would become more powerful than many people in the future, that they would be better able to fulfill any expectation of God, and that they could always make God notice them one day if they tried hard enough.

The two brothers, on the other hand, seemed much more steady, bowing slightly to Jiang Ci, with their left hand behind their backs, and their right hand raised and resting lightly on their chests, in one of the noblest ritual greetings in the Celestial Race.

“Shavi, Shay.” They said their names, then bowed their heads and added, “It is a great honor to meet you, please forgive us for not being able to restrain ourselves in your presence.”

Believing that they had been affected by their emotions and had not acted more appropriately, the two were now nervous, and they did not want Jiang Ci to get a bad impression of them in any way.

After all, they were two immature Celestials, and although they were trying their best to act calm and reserved, their eyes were similar to Shaya’s, with a bright light of obvious apprehension and joy.

Jiang Ci clearly saw the light in their eyes, and he had no experience in being gazed at with such eyes.

The emotion expressed in these three pairs of eyes was pure and undisguised admiration, and no one would doubt the importance revealed in their gaze, a gaze which treated the person being looked at as the most unique and important being.

This level of attention existed only between very close people and was theoretically most likely to be found in family members, but Jiang Ci had not been exposed to it. So, he responded less readily, and after some consideration, he said in a softer voice than before, “Mn, I’ve already remembered your names.”

This instantly made the eyes of the three underage Celestials widen in surprise, and Shaya couldn’t help but ask, “Can you stay in Arsène, then?”.

It was okay to stay only for a day, and they hoped that God would not leave immediately after His coming.

Arsène should be the name of the city.

Thinking about it, Jiang Ci nodded his head lightly. He thought this was the best choice for now.

Luci, who had been waiting quietly beside him, then took the initiative to ask, “What kind of residence would you like?”

Jiang Ci, of course, wouldn’t ask for more, “You can make the arrangements yourself.”

“The palace on the upper level near Mount Elan, if you wish, will be your living quarters,” Luci quickly gave his choice.

Jiang Ci was ready to accept without even thinking about it. Shavi, one of the three brothers, hesitated briefly, but then he opened his mouth and said, “But Luci, wasn’t this palace built a thousand years ago?”

According to what they had heard, this palace had always been Luci’s property in the eyes of the Celestial race who knew about it, and it was originally built by him, and from the location of the palace, only Luci, as the administrator of the Celestial race, was qualified to live in it.

The point that Shavi was trying to make was that with their ability of the Celestial Race, they could have built a brand new dwelling for God immediately, and should not have let God live in an old place.

“No one has set foot in it since it was built,” Luci stated flatly.

Magic was able to keep the palace in a brand-new condition, so it was not an aged building.

Jiang Ci didn’t mind the old or the new at all, he just needed a quiet place to sort out his current situation, “Then this is it.”

The three brothers looked at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes. They couldn’t quite understand why Luci had deliberately had it built a thousand years ago if he himself had never lived inside the palace.

If Luci didn’t like it after it was built, he could just tear it down by magic and redo it, and it wouldn’t have been there for so long. To say he liked it, yet never set foot in it…

At that time, after the dark clouds were dispelled, the sunlight poured down on the ground through the dense foliage, and the starlight fell to the ground from the gaps between the branches and leaves, and the three brothers were almost curious to squat down and take a closer look at these points of light as if they had seen some magical treasures.

In their minds, the sky was already dark in color, and even when the adults told them that the sky was actually blue, they couldn’t imagine what it looked like. But now, it could be seen without relying on imagination. Only now did the three young Celestials think to look up at the sky, and for a split second, an incomparably vast and beautiful azure blue sky filled their vision, and the shock and wonder were indescribable.

Jiang Ci was taken by Luci and transported directly to the palace. Jiang Ci walked to the terrace of the palace, which could be said to be very close to the magnificent palace, and looked out into the distance to see a very modern city.

There were cast-iron street lights, planned city roads, all kinds of advanced transportation, and in the palace where Jiang Ci was staying, there was an “elevator” driven by something unknown.

The level of civilization development in this world was many times more advanced than that of Jiang Ci’s game. This palace was built thousands of years ago, so how many years has it been since the world was created…?

Jiang Ci had already realized what the problem was, and then, without warning, a voice rang in his head – voice only Jiang Ci could hear.

“Three thousand, one hundred and fourteen years.”

Having accepted the crossover, Jiang Ci had no reason to be frightened by a voice, and he looked around, “Who are you?”

The voice sounded again, “Hello, esteemed host, system A508 is reporting to you.”

Jiang Ci’s eyelashes moved, and he quickly realized that his arrival in this world was probably due to the other party.

The object of the task was so clever that the system had nowhere to go, “It is indeed the system that brought you to this world.” 

“Why?” Jiang Ci asked.

“Because you personally have a very powerful mind, you have created an identical bit-world without realizing it yourself – specifically, while you were playing the game Creator’s Internship.”

Only one such person could appear in a billion, and every time they did, it was basically time for the system to work. “The world is falling apart, and only you can stop that outcome. The system’s mission is to maintain every bit of the world as best it can, and that’s why it brought you here.”

Jiang Ci quickly grasped the point, “What is the cause of this world’s collapse, and why do you say that only I can stop it?”

System explained, “Because the host, when creating the world, set up the rule that a world without God’s blessing will probabilistically have all kinds of natural disasters, and if you are absent for a long time, the world will suffer more and more serious natural disasters.”

When he first fell from mid-air, Jiang Ci did see a dark sky, and the weather was very bad as far as the eye could see, but now that he looked carefully into the sky, he could actually faintly see a translucent cover that looked like a defense barrier.

The city was protected, and there was an unknown amount of land outside of the city that was ravaged by natural disasters.

Jiang Ci was at a loss for words. The rule that the system was referring to was in fact the game’s setting, but now it meant that when he unintentionally created the world, he had added the game’s own pokey setting to it.

Then this really can’t be said to have nothing to do with him.

“So that means I have to stay in this world as a mascot all the time…?”

“No,” the system denied. “The host can choose one of the six administrators of the race you created to hand over the throne, and when they accept it, the system can send you back to the original world.”

Jiang Ci raised his eyes, so simple?

“But I hope the host can choose carefully. Time flows differently in the two worlds, and even if you stay here for decades, only one day will have passed in your original world, so you don’t have to worry about time.”

Even if the system didn’t say so, Jiang Ci was not such an irresponsible person. He thought of the bright eyes that the three child-like Celestials looked at him.

As soon as Jiang Ci thought that, one of the three people he was thinking of appeared in front of him.

“God.” Shaya sneaked into the palace and ran over happily the moment he saw Jiang Ci.

The news of God’s arrival in the city had spread from the upper levels, and the Celestials who heard the news could not be calm at all.

They longed to see God.

Among the six races, the fact that God chose to descend on the territory of the Celestial Race was in itself enough to make them feel happy. God preferred the Celestial Race, and wasn’t the fact that He chose to come to their city first the best proof of that?

Sneaking up to Jiang Ci, Shaya held up a potted plant with flowers, “This is for you.”

In a world ravaged by natural disasters, the price of ornamental flowering plants was much higher than of many other things, and Shaya could only afford to buy this one after scraping together the pocket money he had saved.

It was originally saved up to buy a game that had been on his mind for a long time, but God was certainly more important.

Under Shaya’s expectant gaze, Jiang Ci took the flower pot, then reached out and ruffled his hair, “Thank you.”

Having been touched, the young Celestial could hardly move, and after Jiang Ci removed his hand, he scrambled to protect his hair as if it had become very precious.

I’ll never let anyone else touch it again, Shaya thought at that moment. With his hands on his hair, he suddenly asked, “Do you like the Celestial Race the most?” He really wanted to know the answer to this question. “Although you descended in human appearance, your favorite really is the Celestial Race, right?”

I don’t know why God came in human form, but how could God prefer a race as mediocre and short-lived as humans?

Even though he thought it was impossible, the fact that the question was asked showed that Shaya still cared about it.

Jiang Ci was slightly stunned, he never thought he would face such a question.

And then the system came to add to the confusion, “Tick, tick, tick! Please answer this question carefully.”

Jiang Ci was confused.

System explained, “This world is already too spent and is not fit to experience any more wars.”

Jiang Ci questioned, “More?”

System explained, “About seventeen hundred years ago, the six races in this world quarreled over who your favorite race was, and that led to an extremely large-scale war.”

Jiang Ci was dumbfounded. He pursed his lips, feeling at once that it was not a good question to answer.

If he answered “yes,” what would he say afterwards when other races came over? If he answered “no” …

He couldn’t answer now, could he?

Jiang Ci immediately spun his brain to think of an answer other than these two, but the good news was that Luci’s arrival saved him from answering the question.

Shaya, who had sneaked in, caught a glimpse of Luci coming to the palace after finishing his business, and he chose to slip away in a state of respect and fear.

Jiang Ci was slightly relieved when he saw the Celestial administrator with an indifferent expression approaching him, and he also thought that the other party should have heard the conversation between him and Shaya just now, but he was still quite relaxed.

Jiang Ci felt that Luci would not pursue this question with him.

Although their time together until now had been very short, Jiang Ci felt that the silver-haired Celestial in front of him should be the type who did everything in a logical way, did everything perfectly and never made any mistakes, and his personality should also be cold and restrained, so he would not express his emotions too obviously.

But in the next second, Jiang Ci flipped a table in his mind.

Luci came to Jiang Ci’s side, restrained the innate arrogance of the Celestial Race, and obediently bent his knees before God. He looked at Jiang Ci and asked, “Are humans special to you?” 


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noname but i'm cute
noname but i'm cute
January 19, 2021 3:53 pm

War is bad but the cause of their war is pretty cute 😅

January 21, 2021 6:39 pm

Jiang Ci’s situation is not easy. Being quite interested how he is going to answer. No one would like to be responsible for a world war. Liking the layout of Luci and his personality. This will be fun.
Thanks a lot for this chapter.

February 7, 2021 8:46 pm

His best best is to answer “I love you all” or something and if pressed on his appearance just say “This is closest to my original appearance” or something.

March 12, 2021 11:14 pm

Thank you for the story. I feel like the system is the robot in Lost in space. “Danger Will Robertson, danger!”
-The System is like, “Hush, don’t start a war AGAIN.”-

September 7, 2021 3:31 am

Hahaha….table flipped sooner than expected🤣🤣🤣🤣

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October 25, 2021 1:36 am

Ahhhh, religion (together power/wealth), the biggest cause of war in reality.
If the Celestials are like angels, is Luci like Lucifer, who was cast out of heaven for hating humans, whom he saw as God’s favourites & was jealous?! (Also thinking he was more capable than God.) 😬
Thank you for translating and editing.

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