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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


If the Celestial Race were to kneel down, the image would be extremely contrasting.

Among the six races in the world, the Celestial Race was the most outstanding race in all aspects – their magic control was the best, their physical ability was just as outstanding, their lifespan was second only to the Dragon Race, and even their appearance was excellent.

Therefore, they were born proudly.

Their innate power made it difficult for the Celestial Race to look at the weaker races as equals, and their pride and self-esteem made it impossible for them to bow to any other race.

As the administrator of the Celestial Race, the contrast between Luci’s submissive behavior and Jiang Ci’s would only be more intense.

Although he was very respectful and obedient, the questions he asked were clearly not questions that could be answered in any way by Jiang Ci.

In the eyes of the Celestial Race, the human race was not worth mentioning. The Celestial Race had paid no attention to the human race for so many years because the human race was too weak in their eyes to be of any interest to them. But if it was said that humans were favored by God and had a special place in God’s heart, the Celestial Race would think of humans in a completely different way.

Specifically, they would go from not bothering to pay attention, to directly locking up their targets, and they would look at them in a very unpleasant way.

Jiang Ci received a silent stare from the silver-haired Celestial since he hadn’t answered the question for several seconds after hearing it.

“God?” Luci’s voice was very soft.

The system was also quite anxious at this time, and it thought that its host probably really didn’t know how to face this situation.

If he wanted to get a passing grade, just say that you like them all the same. It’s barely a pass, although it is probable that he would have to be questioned later – but he could get over this hurdle first.

A508 was about to give Jiang Ci a hint, but it didn’t expect that the object of its task would directly launch a set of smooth operations then…

“If humans are special to me, then isn’t Luci special to me too?”

Jiang Ci’s mouth was slightly curved at the corners, the slight smile on his face gave people an exceptionally gentle feeling, and when his eyes were slightly curled at the end of the peach blossom eyes tinted with a smile, it was so beautiful that it was hard to look away.

The system froze and started to analyze, this wave of operation was not to dwell on the two races, the topic simply led to the person who asked the question.

After the analysis, the system exclaimed.

K.O.! K.O.!

But Jiang Ci didn’t think about it that much, he just said what he thought, “After all, Luci is the first creature that I created.”

The Celestial Race was the first race that Jiang Ci created when he built this world, so of course, Luci, as the administrator of the Celestial Race, was Jiang Ci’s first creature.

Luci was silent for a moment, during which the six wings behind him lowered a bit, showing a natural relaxed state. Then he asked in a low voice, “Am I special to you?”

Jiang Ci nodded.

His first creation. Jiang Ci thought, how can this be called special?

As if tracing with his eyes, Luci’s gaze went from the young man’s dark hair to his beautiful eyebrows, and finally stopped at the corner of the young man’s lips, which were slightly curved as he smiled.

God was very good-looking.

Luci would not remember the face of any human being, even the administrator of the human race, but Jiang Ci was different. God still seemed noble to Luci even if He appeared as a human.

“What you just did to Shaya, can you do it to me as well?” Luci asked again.

Jiang Ci was stunned at first, not realizing what he was referring to, but after careful recollection, he remembered that it should have been the action of touching his hair.

It was not difficult to do.

Jiang Ci reached out his hand and gently touched the silver hair of the Celestial Race in front of him without much consideration. The touch was slightly cool, giving Jiang Ci the feeling that he was touching precious silk.

Luci seemed to be satisfied with this and was not prepared to ask Jiang Ci any further questions, including the question of whether humans were special to him or not.

Jiang Ci took some time to roughly finish sorting out the known information, and when he was almost rested, he volunteered to go out to see the city.

The system only gave him an overview, but he had to find out some specific details about this side of the world on his own. Getting to know the Celestial Race was the most convenient first step.

Luci asked, “Do you need a guide?”

Jiang Ci saw the faces of the three brothers flash in his mind, “Only if Shaya and the others are free now.”

The city built by the Celestial Race, “Arsène”, was a sky city that sailed in the sky, powered by an energy core. This sky city was prosperous and magnificent, the city’s architectural style was very classical, but every aspect of the city was very modern except for the architecture, and even Jiang Ci found some products that were even more high-tech than his modern world.

Just the energy core that drove the city’s navigation – its structure could not be made with the technology level of his previous world. It was also from this that Jiang Ci had a clearer understanding of the level of civilization development here.

“Do you like this city?” The three Horan brothers, who had been named as guides, followed Jiang Ci, and Shaya’s expression was both expectant and a little proud when he asked, “We are on the upper floor of Arsène, and the city also has a middle floor and a lower floor.

The upper city was the residential and administrative district, the middle was the commercial district, and the lower had public spaces such as museums and libraries.

Jiang Ci’s answer was standard, “Mn, I like it very much.”

This was not a lie; anyone with a normal sense of aesthetics could appreciate the beauty of the city.

Jiang Ci felt stares from almost all directions when he answered. Knowing that God was going to visit their city, how could the Celestial Race miss the chance to see God? It was the natural desire of creations to see God.

But the Celestials did not come too close, they only gazed with joy from afar, knowing that if they all ran to God regardless, they would certainly block the way He wanted to go completely.

They did not allow themselves to do this.

And when they heard Jiang Ci say that he liked the city, the Celestials felt joy from the bottom of their hearts.

The word “Arsène” in the language of the Celestials meant “gift to God.”

God said he liked their gift, and that was the best compliment for them.

Jiang Ci looked around, but there were so many Celestials gathered around that he couldn’t respond to them all and could only curl his lips and smile back silently.

A smiling God attracted the eye more than anything else, just like the attraction of gravity to an object was natural and irresistible. All Jiang Ci had to do was just stand there, and they would be satisfied.

However, Jiang Ci succeeded in keeping Luci from asking questions about the human race, but it did not stop Luci from silently writing the word “human” in his hearts and circling it when he finally saw him.

He subconsciously put two marks on the human race:

① Needs attention later.

② Humans are annoying.

Jiang Ci didn’t go to the middle and lower parts of the city for the time being, but he looked up at the translucent barrier that covered the entire city from above and asked, “Is that a defensive wall?”

“Yes.” Shavi then replied in detail, “It is mainly used to protect against natural disasters, such as storms or meteorites caused by the unstable elements in the environment. Meteorites, sky fire, and the like. We need to regularly transfer magical energy to the device that forms this defensive barrier. In addition to the defensive barrier, the energy core that drives Arsène’s voyage also needs energy supply, and in both cases, Lord Luci provides at least half of the energy. One year, natural disasters were so frequent that the entire Sky City’s defensive barriers were maintained by Lord Luci alone.”

When Shavi said this, the three brothers all had obvious respect and admiration for Luci on their faces.

Luci’s power and prestige in the Celestial Race were absolute; just like the three brothers, the Celestial Race was still eager to get close to God but also looked up to Luci in awe.

Probably because the smiling God seemed very gentle, Luci was more like the equivalent of order in this sky city.

“Wouldn’t it be too much of a burden for Luci to maintain by himself?” Jiang Ci sighed, “Lord Luci is very powerful.”

Shaya did not hesitate to say, “Lord Luci is very good!” After saying that, he added with shining eyes, “He is your most perfect creature.”

God’s first creature, God’s most perfect creature.

In the eyes of the Celestial Race, Luci had always existed like this.

Even when compared with the other administrators of God’s created races, the Celestial Race believed that Luci was the one who was most favored by God.

Therefore, Shaya, like other Celestials, perceived Luci to be able to do almost everything. As long as Luci was around, Arsène would always stand high in the sky, and no natural disaster could invade their city.

Jiang Ci blinked softly.

The energy supply of the city’s defensive barrier should normally be maintained by many Celestials, after all, it was a barrier that covered an entire sky city, and the energy consumption was huge. Even if it was Luci, Jiang Ci felt that it should not be something that could be done so easily.

“Where would Luci be now?” Jiang Ci looked at Shaya and asked.

Shaya thought about it and said, “Lord Luci should be in the central control room connected to the barrier. In fact, the day before you descended to Arsène, there was a disaster of a meteorite cluster impact, and Lord Luci was most likely transmitting energy to the device.”

Jiang Ci listened and quickly made a decision, “Then you can take me there.”

Shaya quickly answered yes, and dragged his two brothers together to happily lead the way for Jiang Ci.

As Jiang Ci walked forward, he looked up at the sky again. According to the system, when he came to this world, those serious natural disasters that keep occurring frequently would gradually stop, right?

The Celestial city could remain prosperous and beautiful under protection, but Jiang Ci could imagine that the world outside of this Sky City must be full of pain. If it was to recover, there was no telling how long it would take.

After reaching the target location, Jiang Ci asked Shaya and the others not to follow him anymore. The expressions of the three young Celestials were a little disappointed, but the next moment, they said with hesitation, “Thank you for your gift to the Celestials.”

“The sky… is blue, and the light, it’s so beautiful.” They had never seen such scenery before, and all the Celestials in the school who were similar to them in age had the same feeling. They had to give their thanks because God bestowed this upon them.

Jiang Ci touched their heads one by one, “The sky will be blue from now on, except when it rains sometimes.”

“Really?!” The three brothers’ eyes lit up.

Jiang Ci smiled, “Yes.”

Jiang Ci waited until the three of them had left, then he headed to the building that said it was the central control room. As if Luci had made it unnecessary for the others to stay here, and Jiang Ci didn’t see any other Celestials all the way in.

Luci had been putting his left hand on the floating metal plate for more than an hour, and his magical energy was constantly being drawn from it. Usually, a Celestial could only maintain the transmission for about ten minutes, and the magical energy being extracted from the body would not be pleasant at all.

The location where the Celestial Race stored their magical energy was their wings, and when this power was being extracted, their wings would ache. It should be noted that the wings of the Celestials were inherently very sensitive, and any slight pain would be magnified.

A ten-minute extraction would cause mild pain, and an hour’s extraction would result in a dull pain that would be very distinct. However, the silver-haired Celestial standing in front of the device still had the same expression, and his eyes were indifferent as if he could not feel any pain.

Theoretically, even if Luci did not show it, the other Celestials should have known about the pain, but no Celestial had ever noticed it.

It was a kind of natural neglect.

Perhaps it was because in the subconscious mind of the Celestial Race, Luci was not like them.

In terms of appearance, most of the Celestials had blond hair, sky-blue eyes, and could only advance to four wings at most. Luci, on the other hand, had silver hair, a gold eye on the left, and blue eye on the right, and he had six wings. Of course, his appearance was not the root cause of this subconscious differentiation.

The root cause was that, as the administrator of the race created by God, Luci had eternal life, and with that overwhelming power, he was almost deified in the eyes of the Celestials. When someone was thought to be almost omnipotent, neglect came naturally.

If Luci was sick at the same time as another person, then people would only care about the other person and not notice him. If Luci was in danger at the same time as another person, people would only think about saving the other person, thinking that the danger was nothing to him.

An administrator with eternal life was still made of flesh and blood, and his heart did beat like that of a normal person, so he had feelings. Luci was not completely indifferent to this neglect, and after getting used to it, he occasionally thought—

Is there a person who would see him?

Is there one person who would, between him and another, choose him without hesitation?

“Luci.” Jiang Ci walked through the last door and immediately saw the silver-haired Celestial standing in front of the huge device.

As soon as he heard Jiang Ci’s voice, Luci interrupted the transfer of magical energy. He walked up to Jiang Ci and fell on one knee. “Why did you come here?”

Jiang Ci replied, “Just wanted to tell you that natural disasters shouldn’t happen too often these days, so you don’t have to push yourself too hard when it comes to the defense of the city. You can take a proper rest.”

The silver-haired Celestial who heard Jiang Ci say that didn’t say anything for a moment, and only after a while did he respond, “Yes.”

Luci used magic to create a seat with a backrest and asked Jiang Ci to sit on it, “There is one last point to complete, please wait for me for a moment.”

Jiang Ci didn’t know what else to do, so he sat and watched Luci go back to the same place he had just been and lift his hand to touch the metal plate.

After a few minutes, Luci came back to him and on one knee, he asked, “Can I lean on you and rest?”

Jiang Ci never expected this question.


In this position?

“But it’s not comfortable.” Jiang Ci hesitated to speak, but sensing the silent insistence of the other man, his words trailed off, “If you want…”

This sentence represented consent.

Jiang Ci was sitting, but Luci was kneeling on the ground, resting his head down gently on Jiang Ci’s lap.

“My God.” Luci whispered in an inaudible voice.

Jiang Ci still heard it, and he subconsciously stroked the other man’s hair in a soothing manner.

Was this favoritism? Luci wasn’t sure.

When the Celestials living in Arsène said that he was God’s most perfect creature, that God favored him, Luci thought, “Is that so?”


God favors him. Favors… What kind of feeling is that? Does it mean that God would see him at once, among the countless creatures, and choose him firmly? It was because he wanted to know the answer that Luci was now testing his God over and over again to confirm this.


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noname but i'm cute
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