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Creator’s Internship

Creator’s Internship Guide

by Jiyu

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, short, fantasy, romance

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 37 Chapters (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editor: Rattie

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Jiang Ci created a game called “Creator’s Internship Guide. He first created the Celestials, then the dragons, Shadow Race, and last, humans. An accident makes him travel into the game world he created. He is told that the six races went to war 1,700 years ago over which race was his favorite.


For the sake of world peace, Jiang Ci works diligently to calm down the tides of war, with his ultimate goal of choosing one of the six races administrators to become the new God so he may go back to his original world.


By the same author as “I’m Not Human” and “King’s Game.”


Chapter 1: The First Day of Being God

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Early spring.

The air carried a slight chill with the last remnants of winter, cool and crisp, the city was just after a light rain and was filled with a faint earthy smell.

“A-Ci, the short-haired girl at the next table, as well as the girl at the table to the left against the wall, and a guy at the table against the door all asked me to ask you if I could pass on a message to you, do you want to hear it?” Lin Ze was taken aback; every time he went out with his brother, he was 100% likely to meet this standard ending when he walked around.

How in the world could there be such a person who attracts everyone like flowers attract bees and butterflies? 

They flocked to him regardless of gender, which was amazing.

The dark-haired young man whose name was called was sipping from a cup of Starbucks coffee, biting on a straw. He said, “No, I don’t want to, why would you ask?”

Lin Ze shrugged his shoulders, “Just in case you suddenly want to find someone to fall in love with. But if you really want to look for someone, please give me a heads-up. I’ll have to send a message to my friends that I will uninstall all SNS, so as to avoid people coming to me crying.”

Jiang Ci smiled at the other’s words, but before he could open his mouth, Lin Ze began to sigh dramatically, “Please don’t smile all the time when you go out with me, you know that every time you smile, a few more people ask me for your WeChat.” After saying that, he added, “It’s fortunate that I’m a straight man of steel, otherwise I would have been cut off from the eighteenth generation of the Lin family.”

The smiling young man was very good-looking indeed, with the kind of eyes that were slightly curved at the end, like a peach blossom, and when he smiled, he appeared both gentle and brilliantly bright. Beautiful was not the right word to describe a man, but it did not seem out of place for Jiang Ci.

Jiang Ci gave him another smile and replied, “It’s expensive to fall in love, and I don’t want to fall in love. I’m an original artist, not a master of time management.”

“Who can you blame when your parents call you with money, and you insist on returning it?” Lin Ze still remembered the several million remittance SMS he saw on Jiang Ci’s cell phone last time, and it hurt him to think about it.

Jiang Ci looked like a rich young master in both appearance and temperament, and his family was indeed rich and powerful, but as far as Lin Ze knew, Jiang Ci’s family relationship was rather complicated.

His parents had split up, and Jiang Ci was an unneeded person no matter where he went. After his parents divorced, his mother was given custody of Jiang Ci, but his parents were both busy with their careers and new families, so they didn’t care about him at all.

Although Jiang Ci was not materially disadvantaged, their love and attention towards Jiang Ci were close to none. Jiang Ci’s relationship with his parents was cold. When he graduated from university, he accepted an offer from a game company and came to work in Lincheng, A city.

When he thought about it, Jiang Ci seemed pitifully unloved in Lin Ze’s eyes, which made him feel a surge of fatherly love. Lin Ze quickly shook his head to get rid of this terrible feeling and then said, “I still support you; if you don’t want the money, then you don’t need it. It’s just a few million.”

In fact, Lin Ze knew that, with Jiang Ci’s ability and fame in the industry, he was not bad with money himself, and no companies could try to poach him with a better offer of more money.

“It would be more convincing if you didn’t force yourself to say that,” Jiang Ci retorted.

Having returned to the apartment he was renting at the end of the afternoon, Jiang Ci drew the curtains, went to his computer desk and sat down. When the computer booted up, Jiang Ci moved the mouse and double-clicked a game icon on the desktop – “Creator’s Internship” – to start the game.

This game was a sandbox game released by Jiang Ci’s company half a year ago, and as the name implied, it was a game in which the player played the role of a creator to create a new world.

Jiang Ci, as the original artist, was, of course, involved in the production. When the game was officially released, he was interested in being one of the first players, spending some time constructing a rough outline of the world, and seriously creating the six races that lived in this virtual world.

After playing for some time, the progress of the world’s civilization advanced to a stage where thermal weapons were about to be developed. Jiang Ci felt that, given more time, it was not impossible for him to create something more modern and even better with future technology.

However, Jiang Ci put the game on hold because he had to finish the drawing again.

Today, he remembered to open the game because Lin Ze wanted to borrow his account to play.

Jiang Ci used to use several sets of passwords, he had forgotten which one he used when he registered the game account. When the game login screen appeared, Jiang Ci’s fingers tapped on the keyboard, making a crisp clicking sound.

After trying three times in a row, Jiang Ci raised his eyebrows, typed in the last password he used for common accounts, and pressed the Enter key.

Ding dong.

–The log-in was successful.

Okay, it was his common account password, then.

Jiang Ci thought of sending Lin Ze his account password when he heard the login sound, but almost at the same moment, his body suddenly couldn’t move.

Time seemed to slow down, and Jiang Ci could feel his consciousness slowly slipping away. He tried to resist but to no avail, and soon only a dot of light remained before his eyes until finally, his vision turned black.

When he came to, it was a strong sense of weightlessness that woke him up. As soon as Jiang Ci opened his eyes, a vast sky full of dark clouds crashed into his eyes, and the sound of the wind filled his ears.

He was free-falling from the sky!!!!!

Jiang Ci’s pupils dilated reflexively, and his heart thumped uncontrollably, so violently that it seemed as if even his eardrums were vibrating together.


That was impossible.

When people faced danger, their over-stimulated senses would continue to transmit information to the brain, and this level of reality did not allow the brain to misidentify.

To Jiang Ci’s own surprise, he was able to continue thinking under such circumstances. It was as if his mind had divided in two, with one half overtaken by uncontrollable physical fear, while the other half was calmly continuing to function normally.

At this height, even if he fell into the water, he would die.

Assuming that this was a height of several thousand meters, he would be dead within half a minute, based on gravity’s acceleration.

Jiang Ci, who calculated the time in his mind, was not happy about that at all.

He turned his head to look at the ground, resisting the reflexive urge to close his eyes, and tried his best to keep them open as the landscape grew larger and larger.

It was a bit like looking at a picture on a computer and zooming in.

The only difference was that the visual impact of such a magnification was terrifying.



He was already picturing himself crashing into a tree at high speed.

It was an ancient tree with dense foliage and a very large trunk, the branches around its edges seemed to be trying to reach the sky, and its leaves were a beautiful light golden color that seemed to glitter like gold flakes.

It was nice to look at, but…

He was going to crash into it!!!

The distance was so close that Jiang Ci finally lost control of his reflexes, and he instinctively closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, Jiang Ci felt his body slammed into the cascading foliage of the treetops. Jiang Ci instinctively tensed every nerve in anticipation of the severe pain that was to come, and his mind had to go blank for a moment at that point.

The object hitting the tree caused a loud noise, but Jiang Ci’s brain didn’t feel any pain, not even when the sound stopped.


Jiang Ci was confused; slowly, he opened his eyes. As soon as he did so, he was taken aback by the impossible view before him.

He was floating in mid-air as if inside a huge bubble, which slowly transported him to the top of one of the sturdy branches of the tree, and then disappeared with a “boing” sound.

Jiang Ci sat down safely and smoothly on the trunk of the ancient tree.

Newton couldn’t manage the world, could he?

Jiang Ci’s breathing and heartbeat were calm, and he had realized that he was not in his original world.

It was one thing to realize but another to accept.

Jiang Ci pinched his cheeks hard.

Could this be more terrifying than the Iridescent Black incident demanded by Party B, who had never seen a big storm before? 1

Iridescent Black… Iridescent Black…

Jiang Ci recited the word in his heart twice before he became relatively calm and observed his surroundings. The moment his fingertips touched the leaf, he felt that the branches and leaves of the whole tree seemed to sway gently.

It was not because they were being blown by the wind, but more like they were actively expressing some kind of joy to him.

The Tree of Life.

This term popped up in Jiang Ci’s mind.

The appearance of the ancient tree in front of him was identical to the Tree of Life in the game that Jiang Ci had logged into before he lost consciousness, Creator’s Internship.

If the tree really was the Tree of Life, then he had crossed into the game world he had created.

Jiang Ci could not convince himself right away, but the readily available evidence soon made him accept the truth.

In this world, every tribe had their own Tree of Life, and each tribe has its own area and guards dedicated to the Tree of Life. Jiang Ci’s sudden intrusion obviously alerted the guards on the outskirts.

Three young Celestial Race members with pure white wings behind them came this way quickly, and their faces were all extremely unsightly, changed with anger. In the eyes of the Celestial Race, the Tree of Life was a gift from the gods, and its significance was clear.

As much as the Celestial Race worshipped God, they were infuriated in this situation. Anyone who knew a little bit about the Celestial Race was aware that the wings of the Celestial Race were the part where their magical energy was stored.

When a Celestial fully deployed their wings, it could only represent a battle signal meaning a threat. If one didn’t duck and cover, one had to be prepared for the Celestial race to bombard him with magic.

But when the three Celestials arrived at the center of the courtyard with angry faces, their anger did not peak at the sight of the intruder at the tree. Instead, when they saw the foreign being from a distance, they sagged their wings instantly, though they had been fully extended.

This was the creatures’ instinctive reaction to seeing their creator.

Natural feelings of admiration sprouted from the bottom of their hearts, and the buds burst out of the ground and grew like gigantic trees in the blink of an eye, crushing all the anger they had just felt.

No other emotion now had space in their hearts, just as they could not avert their eyes and could only see one thing in their wide vision.

In Jiang Ci’s eyes, the scene above was like three grandiose white birds coming toward him with their wings spread out in anger, but when they came closer, they suddenly snapped their wings and drooped them down, then stayed there motionless.

The inhuman race appeared before his eyes, and it was one of the races that Jiang Ci had personally designed and created when he was playing the game.

This world was indeed the world he created when he played Creator’s Internship.

So what was his identity in this world?

… God?

Jiang Ci was stunned.

The strength of an individual’s perception of God depends on their ability, and the stronger the individual was, the farther away they could perceive God’s existence.

At this time, in a towering building on the upper floor of Sky City, the Celestial sitting in his study seat moved his wings. His six wings distinguished him from all other Celestials and symbolized supreme power in the Celestial Race.

The deputy officer who was reporting on the city’s affairs next to him misunderstood, thinking there was something wrong with his report, and he couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive, “Lord Luci?”

But he didn’t get a response, and at the same time, the head of Sky City suddenly disappeared in front of him.

What just happened?

The deputy froze in place, startled, but before he could think of anything, a ray of sunlight coming through the window forced him to look away. The light looked warm and genial, and with the monochrome gray sky as a backdrop, there was a sudden and violent sense of separation.

In a world without God’s blessing, with all the natural disasters happening frequently, sunlight was now something that only existed in their memories.

Since a long time ago, not once had they seen a sunny day.

The sky had been shrouded in layers of heavy clouds that had trapped the sun and wouldn’t let in any warmth. But now, the sky, which had been painted dark for years, was showing signs of clearing.

The inhabitants of Sky City noticed this one after another, and they stopped to look up at the sky, talking about it in wonder.

Luci followed the guidance of his perception and teleported himself to the vicinity of the Tree of Life.

The sudden appearance of his figure drew Jiang Ci’s attention; the first thing he noticed was the beings’ overly superior posture and appearance. Probably not even the most discerning sculptor would be able to find a single flaw in his facial features, the Celestial’s face was very handsome.

The six wings behind him were not to be overlooked, making his figure look divine and powerful, standing silently with more artistic beauty than any statue made by a master sculptor ever could have.

Noticing the other man looking up at him, Jiang Ci subconsciously smiled back.

At this moment, the dark clouds that had covered the sky were finally gently lifted, and the daylight that had been absent for eons for the creatures of this world fell, and all the inhabitants of Sky City noticed.

But in Luci’s eyes, the God who came here, who sat on the trunk of the Tree of Life and watched him, who smiled at him silently, was even more dazzling than the light of the sun that had not been seen for centuries.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Iridescent Black: the word originated from a Weibo blog post in May 2017, complaining about the customer’s demand – “can the logo be zoomed in while being reduced a bit”, which aroused the resonance of designers. “Iridescent Black” is well-known as a top-voted comment on this blog post. It is used when mocking customers who don’t understand design at all.


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