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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Oh! You are a dragon! It’s really a dragon! It’s the first time I’ve seen a living dragon!”

Antosa screamed like a fanatical little fan of a real idol. She’d been like this since she brought the whole roast lamb out on a broom half an hour ago. 

Prison Fire sat quietly at the table, gracefully tearing off the lamb and putting it into his mouth, while Antosa twisted her hands as she stood beside him. This scene made Augusta involuntarily associate it with lions feasting on the grassland and suspicious photographers, disguised as a bush, waiting to capture the breathtaking scene.

“Like it? That’s very nice of you! Oh, so this is what dragon’s hair feels like, so smooth, like scales! Can I touch your hand? God, this is the dragon’s paw! Can I have a clipped nail as a souvenir? No way? What a pity. What about taking pictures? Do you mean yes by nodding? Great!” Antosa said as she took out her mobile phone, glared at the camera and pursed her mouth. She leaned towards Prison Fire to take a picture of herself happily. Prison Fire’s action of eating meat was not affected at all, so anyhow, it was Antosa who was amusing herself.

Augusta and Kyfayar stood speechless, waiting for the farce to end. The unicorn hid warily behind the curtains, occasionally peeping out his head, and then quickly retracting back, as if no one else could see him. Augusta didn’t understand why he was so secretive. His hooves were clearly exposed under the curtain.

“Humph, it’s like jumping into a colosseum with tourists.” The unicorn breathed bitterly.

Yeah, like that. Augusta thought feebly. My family is not a magical creature farm. Why do they all come to my house? Who told them to come here? Ah, Cavaldien! It’s all his fault! The werewolf and also the dragon. It’s because of him that they came to my house. After all, the responsibility lies with Cavaldien!

He took out his notebook and wrote down a line of numbers. Kyfayar tilted his head. “What are you writing?”

“A bill. I’m going to write down the expenses and ask Cavaldien to pay me back.”

“…I think it will be more difficult to get money out of him than to break into the dragon’s den and plunder his treasure.”

“It won’t be more difficult than sending this dragon away!” Augusta stabbed the notebook hard, nearly breaking through the paper, and leaving an ugly ink spot on it. He closed his notebook in disgust. “Prison Fire, are you full? It’s almost time to go!”

Prison Fire grabbed the leg portion of the roasted lamb, “Mmm. I feel like I’m full but not full…”

“Seven percent empty is the most healthy! Let’s go!” Augusta grabbed the leg from him and threw it back on the plate. 

Prison Fire stared at him in shock, as if Augusta was a heinous robber who had just robbed him of his hard-earned money. “What are you doing?”

“It’s time to go!”

“I haven’t finished yet! Do you know what it means to disturb a noble dragon while eating?”

“It means Cavaldien is going to be expelled immediately.”

After a fierce ideological struggle, the dragon thought it was more important to take back his nest than just a meal, so he grabbed his napkin and wiped his hands. “For greater interests, we have to give up small profits.”

“I’m glad you have that kind of common sense. So, how did you get here?”

“If you mean flying, yes.”

Augusta glanced at Antosa, who kept taking selfies, “Did you come on a broom like that witch? No, no, you seem to have only one suitcase. Can your suitcase fly?”

“By plane, of course!”

“By plane?”

“Why? Can I not learn the means of transportation that you mentally retarded people take?” Prison Fire shook his head pitifully. In his eyes, Augusta had become the representative of the ‘mentally retarded human beings.’

“Aren’t you a dragon? You can fly yourself. Why fly in a plane?”

“You humans have legs. Why do you go by car or train?”

The unicorn poked his head from behind the curtain, “Or four hoofed creatures.” And then he went back in a flash.

Augusta put his hands on his hips, “Do you mean I have to book a ticket now?”

“Do you have a private jet? If you don’t, don’t talk nonsense.”

The magician grabbed Prison Fire’s chair and pulled it back. The dragon yelped in pain as he fell off the chair and landed on the ground.

“You! Man up, get back in shape, and fly back!”

Prison Fire kneaded his buttocks, “Dream on! I won’t let you ride on my back!”

“Silly, I can ride a unicorn!”

“You, you can ride a unicorn? How can it be? Are you still a vir —”

Augusta blushed, “So what! Shut up! One more word and I’ll freeze your tongue!”

Prison Fire covered his mouth and made a chuckle. He tried to hold it back but a wisp of smoke still came out of his fingers. It was the first time Augusta saw someone laughing and smoking simultaneously. It was like a scene from an animated cartoon. What if he suddenly laughed out a fireball?

“No laughing! Shut it! Unicorn, you too. Don’t stand there and be lazy! Kyfayar, you’ll stay at home!”

“Won’t you take me with you? Who will take care of you on the way?” Kyfayar enviously gouged out the eyes of the unicorn. Why can’t he fly?!

“Do you want to see Cavaldien?”

“…I don’t want to.”

“That’s it then! Clean up the house and tell Antosa to stop taking pictures of herself.”

Augusta pushed Prison Fire and the unicorn out of the house. Kyfayar and Antosa followed them to the door. Kyfayar clung to Augusta’s neck, “Have a good trip, my Lord.” His tail drooped listlessly. “I’m so worried about you. Can you handle Lord Cavaldien alone?”

“If I can’t deal with him alone, it’s no use having more people follow.”

“You must be careful, he… He’s bad!” Kyfayar shivered. “He also threatened me and said he would peel off my skin to make a neck collar…”

Augusta rubbed Kyfayar’s ear. Such soft fur, he was not willing to give it up to Cavaldien. Kyfayar gazed expectantly at him, hoping that he would change his mind at the last minute. Augusta coughed hard and moved past Kyfayar’s back, trying not to look at his wet eyes.

Standing behind them, Antosa quietly turned her mobile phone into photography mode.

Prison Fire made people retreat twenty meters away (using the speedy unicorn) and prepared to change. Augusta remembered Kyfayar’s transformation into a werewolf and tightly grabbed Kyfayar’s hand. Prison Fire knelt on the grass. A strong wind blew but Augusta didn’t react. When he looked again, Prison Fire was gone and there was a dragon on the grass that was bigger than his house!

The dragon was covered with black scales. There was a pair of ferocious horns on its head, and sharp spines growing from along its neck and down its spine, right up to the tail. When it opened its mouth, Augusta could smell the scent of sulfur, as if it was about to start spraying fire in the next second. Its golden, reptilian eyes indifferently annotated the tiny group of humans (and the werewolf, and the unicorn) at its feet.

“Oh, look at the panic on your faces.” It sneered, “If you’re that afraid, I’ll change back to human form, and then you can go and buy the ticket.”

Augusta swallowed hard. Don’t panic! He reminded himself, It’s just a dragon. Although it can beat you to pieces with one tail, it’s nothing to be afraid of! Cavaldien can trick it into bed. Are you still afraid of it?

“Who is afraid?! Let’s go now!” Augusta said boldly, “Unicorn, come forward, go — unicorn?”

He turned and searched for the unicorn. The unicorn shrank behind Antosa, shaking on his four legs. “I… I want to take a shower. Do I have time?”

“What’s that stink?! Can’t you just wait a moment for your cleanliness?”


Antosa raised her hand, “Reporting to Lord Augusta, the unicorn seemed to have pissed himself!”


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